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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



Don Juan then paraphrased his teacher, telling me that the story referred to a man suffering from profound melancholy. He went to see the best doctors of his day and every one of those doctors failed to help him. He finally came to the office of a leading doctor, a healer of the soul.

The doctor suggested to his patient that perhaps he could find solace, and the end of his melancholy, in love. The man responded that love was no problem for him, that he was loved perhaps like no one else in the world. The doctor's next suggestion was that maybe the patient should undertake a voyage and see other parts of the world. The man responded that, without exaggeration, he had been in every corner of the world. The doctor recommended hobbies like the arts, sports, etc. The man responded to every one of his recommendations in the same terms: He had done that and had had no relief. The doctor suspected that the man was possibly an incurable liar. He couldn't have done all those things, as he claimed. But being a good healer, the doctor had a final insight. "Ah!" he exclaimed. "I have the perfect solution for you, sir. You must attend a performance of the greatest comedian of our day. He will delight you to the point where you will forget every twist of your melancholy. You must attend a performance of the Great Garrick!"

Don Juan said that the man looked at the doctor with the saddest look you can imagine, and said, "Doctor, if that's your recommendation, I am a lost man. I have no cure. I am the Great Garrick."

      --Carlos Castaneda, The Active Side of Infinity

In the Flying Air Game Manual  contrary beings are defined as individuals who choose to enter Earthville undeluded and aware of what's going on, then proceed to get the unignorance beaten out of them by parents, siblings, friends, and the rest of the human race. To enter the game as a contrary being can be the fast road to enlightenment or it can lead to early death due to fast living, suicide, murder, etc. Those few who are lucky enough to enter Earthville by way of an environment that is not hostile to enlightened beings are often remembered as saints and incarnate gods. The others are generally stuffed into crazy suits and barely tolerated or just hit with rocks and sticks till they expire and the file closes. We humans like our chimpanzee suits and most humans don't want to be tempted away from the status quo.

What is it about physical reality that's inherently unfair?

The answer is simple if you expand the above sentence: What is it about physical reality that's inherently unfair to certain individuals . And "certain individuals" translates to "certain distinct personality types."

There's a subcategory of human personality type running around on this planet causing itself  all kinds of mischief. Currently we have some favorite epitaphs for those who belong in this category, such as "He's a ticking time bomb," or "She's a drama queen," or "He leaves a string of broken relationships in his path," or "He has no social skills," etc. Plenty of simpler descriptions too, such as "whiner". There are even pseudo-technical frameworks for this class of person: "schizoid" is an older description, and "asperger syndrome" is a newer one, and there are plenty more where those con games came from.

I pity the fool who accepts any of these diagnoses and walks around telling everybody "I have [fill-in-the-blank] mental disease." The world loves to throw stones. Contrary beings must learn to keep their counsel. The religion of psychiatry is devolving more by the day into a drug-pushing cartel and that's all I'm going to say about it except that aspergers in particular is a dead-end field of quicksand, so play there at your own risk. We are not diagnoses . We have personality traits like everybody else, and that pinheaded psycho-clown psychiatry/psychology  should be afraid to come near us for fear of getting its pin head blown off by the facts. Unfortunately, the asperger 'diagnosis' plants misfits into a peer group, giving many people a sense of belonging for the first time. Score ten points for psychiatry; they've learned a lot of public relations BS since the days of the 'refrigerator mother' bald-faced truth which kept the unprofitably undiplomatic shrink from getting paid by mothers who were not going to pay some creep to tell them that they didn't love their own child. Love sells soap, and no one wants to hear the truth.

Be that as it may, in the past, someone who was always complaining and trying to set the record straight, someone who was always correcting the views of others, would be called a "prophet" and summarily stoned to death or crucified. People don't want to know what's wrong with the world. They find soothsayers to be the most annoying breed of pest on earth, and unfortunately, they're easier to catch and kill than some mosquitoes, because they don't have the social intelligence to stay out of harm's way.

I'm here to set the record straight, not as an objective outsider, and not because I'm a member of the category trying to get justice and fairness for a downtrodden minority.

I'm here to say that it's normal for life to be unfair. When you live in a mental institution and you're born with abilities that other people don't have--such as, for example, not liking people who don't deserve it--others will be jealous and try to punish you.

Coming from someone who is in  the category in question, that's an unusual position to take. Am I a masochist? Maybe, but it's irrelevent to the present discussion. Am I of the opinion that every possible form of bad treatment somehow builds character? I doubt that very much, although some members of the bully class would disagree. But then fighting one's way to the top does't make people objective.

This is about learning how to get unworlded and motivating that practice, especially if the achievement of unworlding doesn't come naturally to you.

Many unworlders have a deep-to-obsessive interest in getting unworlded. OK, well, many stamp collectors are obsessed with stamps. Is there a difference? Why?

We want to escape the physical, some of us, even worse than an avid skier wants to fly down that impossible slope. From my perspective, who wouldn't want to escape so-called 'reality'? But not everyone feels that way. In fact, it's supposedly a minority viewpoint, the perspective of one who literally doesn't like it here a fair proportion of the time.

Not that all unworlders are like that. There's a class of unworlders--the Naturals--who find unworlding relatively easy because they have balanced personalities including a lot of skills in diverse human arenas. Bob Monroe is the perfect example. These playful, discipline-loving, participation-oriented individuals, it seems to me, don't conform to the minority viewpoint that life is unfair  and that something needs to be done about it.  They are leaders among the Typicals. And if they somehow miraculously get interested in unworlding, they can get unworlded by deciding to go into that special place Intopia,  that magical mindset they know about, where just by relaxing they can step over the borderline of sleep into the Unworld and continue playing, like they do in Earthville. Some people are born naturals and some become naturals after a certain number of years. Their strong egos don't seem to cause them a lot of trouble. Of course there are also a few natural unworlders who are just unhinged, which is a completely different way of getting unworlded without effort.

In my opinion, those who do fit the angry prophet  category are not going to find it very easy to escape the physical. It seems like contrary beings have been pushed from their enlightened birth into a deep reservoir of self-doubt from which they must escape. Intopia recedes from them when they approach it. Everything is harder for them except that they often focus better on mental work than on physical drudgery.

The physical world is created by and for the majority. This is not some accusation; it's a fact that has to be recognized in order for a contrary being to let go of enough of his clinging to blame and emotionalism to enable possible flights of freedom. It doesn't matter whether this world is considered a tough school for evolution or a completely amoral playground for pure experience, the point is that those of us who want to take on the challenge of trying to escape this place have to accept certain things. Namely, that the actual phenomenon of solidity, physicality, recurrence--the fact that we wake up in the Dayly Dreame each morning--is caused by this very thing, solidity itself, being agreed into existence  by multitudes of entities, our co-inhabitants, whether we agree with them or not. Coming to this place with knowledge of how deeper reality works is not an advantage for everyone who tries it.

A lowest common denominator or Collective Average being my main point, let me repeat it: agreement of the others with each other and without the participation of the holders of minority viewpoints  creates the reality that the contrary being then inherits and must deal with. So fight consensus at your peril, because it makes the whole world your enemy.

This is not so much about becoming easier to get along with, being happier, blah blah blah. It's about not wasting your precious energy. You need lots of extra energy to achieve escape velocity. Attachment to how people treat you, trying to force justice and fairness down the throat of the Collective Average... it will just get your teeth knocked out one or two at a time. I've tried it and I have plastic teeth to prove it.

So get out of the body the right away: alone. Or the bad, bad meanies will get you out of your body their way, by beating you to death.

In an unworlding, the experiencer is alone in the choosing of whatever world he chooses. While unworlding philosophers can argue till hell freezes over that some Unworld environments are more real than others, nearly all of them would agree that the Unworlds are fair. Reflectivity rules. You want a monster to fight, you get a monster to fight. You decide you like the monster, it stops fighting you. You think nasty thoughts, they're written on your aura for all to see. You try to tell a lie, everyone laughs at your transparency.

Besides that, you apparently can't be hurt in the Unworld. You can't be damaged in any way. How fair is that???

So if you're tempted to be obsessed with the inequity of physical existence, just remember and remember, and remember some more: caring too much about the physical makes it impossible to get out of the physical.

If you think you're not well-loved, that's a clue: get away from those people who do not love you well, and find something better to do than complaining about how idiots and assholes treat you. This world is a storage facility for idiots and assholes, so what are you doing here? You can't get out by caring about what's wrong. You get out by relaxing no matter what . Then you will no longer be one of the idiots or assholes, and you can leave.

Frank Kepple taught us what's so great about the physical world. Consensus reality is created by agreement among the many. He spent the first five years of his unworlding career fighting monsters in the Unworld, monsters which only existed to him, till he realized his urge to fight them is what kept them coming back. He figured out that the physical world is a place where you can think about monsters without monsters immediately manifesting and jumping on you. So you have time to think this through and talk yourself out of wanting  to fight monsters. I think it was Frank who figured this out. Or was it me? I can't tell the difference sometimes. Forgettory is the best part of getting old. Anyway...

Life is a dream; now do something about that. 

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