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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



How many of these curls are gonna think they're channeling me... starting in... five... four... three... two... one... BLAST OFF!

      --last words spoken by Robert Monroe... to himself

PRESENTING... The Flying Air Game... in which infinite intelligence gets to play dumb while pretending it has to escape the clutches of death just to see how the game plays out. The purpose of the Flying Air Game, like weather, is to express existence of energy in an infinite variety of forms.

The Rules

Pure infinite awareness pretends it's made of game pieces called files, each of which begins with a birth and ends with a death. The nature of the game is such that in order to begin play, the file volunteers to become unaware of the rules of the game. The file--alternately spelled 'life' or 'fly'--will interact with other files on a gameboard called 'Earthville' in order to stay in the game long enough to figure out the rules of the game so he can win. The object is to choose identities, memories and values during the first rounds of the game when the file doesn't have a clue, until one becomes an individual--a prisoner of one's own choices in a body of meat --and then to earn one's freedom from that prison by changing the body of meat into a body of air . The body of air is able to gain its freedom, allowing it to live with relatively few restrictions in the Unworld, visiting Earthville only voluntarily. During a file's game time in Earthville, it may visit the Unworld, but for most files this is an uncontrolled and nearly unconscious experience until the file begins to learn how the game is played.

Winning the Flying Air Game amounts to changing the body of meat into a body of air and flying across the finish line while one's identities, memories, and values are still able to work together coherently. There is no limit to how many files can win since one is competing only against one's own Hopefully Shrinking Pool of Ignorance (HSPI), however the commonly-held illusion that one is competing against other files could keep a file from ever seeing the finish line for what it really is. Groups of files cannot win or lose, only individual files.

Losing the Flying Air Game amounts to a file's allowing all the awareness to leak out of its identities, memories, and values, and thus crawling, stumbling, or falling across the finish line incoherently.

Winners who fly across the finish line with awareness get to continue as individual entities--continuing the game in the Unworld as a separate file with memories, identity, and a sense of value and/or time--while losers return timelessly and without repercussions to the pool of undifferentiated pure awareness while the karma they've generated as files lives on in the belief system territories as storage devices for unusable energy or ghosts. Ghosts are simple images that can be fed the energy of an observer in order to seemingly bring them to life while being observed, but in fact they have no sense of time whatsoever so they don't suffer or accumulate knowledge or experience. When the file that generated a ghost is closed, it is closed.

All files start out energized by fear due to being separated from the rest of the universe in order for their identity to exist. If we didn't believe in our birth and our death, we would realize we are infinity and stop playing the game; in fact some files choose this route, but it is unpopular. Therefore it's generally necessary to experience the fear of being isolated in the game without assistance from the rest of the universe, in order to find the motivation to continue to acquire the skills needed to change the body of meat into a body of air. Paradoxically, it's impossible to win the Flying Air Game without transforming the energy of fear into the energy of laughter. Relaxing the stress of existing as a human being thus represents the file's pinnacle of success.

Contrary beings exist on Earthville who choose to be born unignorant and thus unafraid. This is the harshest path, because other players don't know any better than to try to beat the unignorance out of them. This generally succeeds to some extent, so the fate of contrary beings is always insecure. However, some see the path of the contrary being as a sure route to winning the game and can't be talked out of entering the Flying Air Game prepared to beat off the devil with laughter. These individuals seldom stick the game out to the bitter end. When they do, theirs is the greatest reward: freedom to come and go as they please.

How to Play

Awareness selects any two filters or parents with which to create a body of meat for itself to pretend to be. The body of meat combines features of these two filters. For more entertaining results, some bodies of meat are brought up by files that are incompatible with each other. Optionally, adopted filters can be chosen which also will tend to complicate the resulting file. Another popular way to complicate the resulting file is for the two filters to separate from each other before the file is completely raised to maturity, ensuring that the file will be lacking role models and might never mature completely. The extra challenge can be motivating or defeating, depending on the individual's choice of replacement role models.

During their first several rounds, most files will experience the companionship of competing files which chose the same two filters. Once the first few rounds have been completed, if the file survives the companionship of these siblings, it can then select companions that originated from filters not common to itself, which it will call 'friends,' 'enemies' as well as hybrid entities called 'lovers' or 'spouses' which function as both friends and enemies. The two unrelated filters then begin to merge their unique configurations, threatening to swallow the file in the meat body game.

The file will either extricate itself from the meat body or end the file at some point when the player has lost its desire or ability to play, or when the player has won the game and loses interest in Earthville.

Some winning players choose to remain indefinitely in Earthville or else to return to the Earthville playing field as a new file with partial access to the body of air, for the purpose of trying to inspire other files to keep trying to win. However, it is expected that in most versions of the game, only a few files will win while most will redissolve into the infinite pool of pure awareness upon their arrival at the finish line.

How to Win

Energy or awareness initially channeled through the lower chakras identity, memory, and value into a body of meat must be selectively borrowed from the so-called lower chakras and handed over to the Dream Usher which is the center of the file's being and the moderator between lower and higher energy centers or chakras. Most files are born with extreme fear of the Dream Usher which makes it impossible for most files to win the game. One complicating factor of the game is that only the file subject itself can have a parasitical effect on its own energy. In this sense, it's possible for one's lower chakra body, the body of meat, to commit loosh on itself, in an endless feedback loop of overconsumption so that its higher chakras never have enough energy to get off the ground. On the other hand, overcoming fear, which masquerades as any number of so-called emotions including the biggies--such as the thousand faces of love and the ten million ass-cheeks of the fear of death--enables the file to hand over enough of the body of meat's awareness or energy so that the Dream Usher or Moderator can pass this energy on to the upper chakras. Since the Uppers don't live in Earthville but in the Unworld--where completed bodies of air may live relatively free of physical limitations if they win the game--the shared energy is used by the file's Uppers to begin the file's re-education in the use of energy. In this way, a body of air is gradually constructed.

The Long Version of the Flying Air Game involves greater inundation in the various illusions such as religion, science, politics, reincarnation and other group illusions. There is no shame or glory in choosing to play the long version. Most files are simply recycled with no repercussions.

The Short Version of the Flying Air Game is a more individual affair with the file emulating a 'contrary being' i.e. someone with unusual talents, but unusual handicaps to balance the unusual talents. The net result of playing the short version is more concentrated suffering but often with less time spent playing the game. There is no shame or glory in choosing to play the short version. Most files are simply recycled with no repercussions.

Methodology differs vastly between the Short Version and the Long Version. Long Version players will be more like each other and will be carried through to the finish line by fixed beliefs and more rigid attachments to fixed beliefs. Short Version players must display an unusual talent for cutting through methodology. For example, the many purposes behind the many varieties of methodology can be collapsed and funneled through a single focus activity such as 'breathing' or 'meditation'. Singular focus tends to result in fewer associations with other files, less attachments to other meat bodies, and quicker access to the Unworld. The Long Version is more popular since the player typically has more access to a greater number of other players to commiserate with in regards to the vicissitudes of life as a file. But in fact there is no useful methodology other than that which supports the attainment of a balanced and harmonized interaction among the file's seven energy centers or chakras.

NOTE: pure infinite awareness cannot be harmed in any way. This is just a game. Births and deaths are staged for the entertainment of the emotional/physical/temporal bodies of the other participants, in order to solidify the illusion that the playing field comes with repercussions such as reward and punishment, sickness and health, wealth and poverty, etc. Most files do not experience their own birth or death in objective physical terms as their companions will see them, but in subjective geographically symbolic terms not much different from going down a corridor and through a door in a near-sleep condition. Some files operate without awareness during the first and/or last rounds of the game, while voluntarily returning Masters of the Game might have the ability to consciously experience their own birth, death, and time spent in sleep. The object is to bring as much awareness as possible through both doors: into the file at birth and out of the file at death. No matter what happens during the game, no harm can come to awareness, which either moves on as a body of air without the typical limits of enforced physicality, or else returns unharmed to the greater pool of undivided awareness.

In the latter case (the loser), the body of meat and all its appurtenances are left behind to dissolve in earth time, but any file can be revisited by awareness for the purposes of replay. A file can be replayed any number of times. Since infinite awareness is indivisible by nature, all files are technically incarnations of the same single spirit or awareness. However, for those files who become severely addicted to the game and the notion of progress through time, it's possible to develop an illusory notion that one file is unusually associated with a number of other files through a process of reincarnation which is just another illusion like birth and death. Since there are an infinite number of versions of each file, and an infinite number of possible files, it's only natural that this mistaken perception should occur. Like everything else in the game, a belief in reincarnation is harmless, despite the fact that its purpose is to pretend that files are unnaturally co-identified with disparate files.

There is nothing positive or negative about awareness; such illusory halls of mirrors are just part of the labyrinthine, carnivalesque Flying Air Game. The only thing that matters in the end is crossing the finish line with awareness so that the game may be continued in less limiting environments. All winning files eventually realize that there is no Earthville and no Unworld, because all experience is equally a dream.

As to the accuracy of this Flying Air Game Manual, no guarantees are expressed or implied. Any file can win and any file can lose. Only one thing is certain: it's just a game.


Like musical terminology, there are two numbering systems for the basic elements that make up human reality. Oneness thru nineness are the harmonics of reality or existence or awareness or infinity. Twoness through eightness are the overtones of reality or existence or awareness or infinity. The overtone numbering system applies to chakras and the colors of the visible spectrum. The nine-digit system corresponds to the digits used in generic modern numerology, a system which inspired Synfonemia, although I never could drink the kool-aid. The body of air, which I call nineness or the mythical 8th chakra, is the ultimate human achievement, merging the physical world and dream world into a single coherent experience of reality as an individual. This is kundalini fully risen.

The body of meat is a composite of twoness, threeness, and fourness which hogs all of the file's energy in order to create the conscious mind as we know it, the physical world, and what most people consider 'real' reality.

Oneness: infinite pure awareness, existence, reality, the source, the Tao, the fundamental

Twoness: 1st overtone or root chakra, breath, creation, invention, identity, emotion, parents, desire, lust

Threeness: 2nd overtone or belly chakra, attachments, memory, likeness, siblings

Fourness: 3rd overtone or solar plexus chakra, values, pattern, system, framework, time, work

Fiveness: 4th overtone or heart chakra, change, flow, Intent, the Dream Usher, the void, transition to altered states of being

Sixness: 5th overtone or throat chakra, Noticing, appreciation, gratitude, interest, enthusiasm, group activity, religion, obsession, coupling, stand-alone positive, nondualism

Sevenness: 6th overtone or brow chakra, 3rd eye, intuition, wisdom, discernment, knowing what's going on beneath the surface

Eightness: 7th overtone or crown chakra, expansion, freedom, relaxation

Nineness: the body of air, the Miruvor, the Ride, the Higher Self, the Future Self, the Moment, harmonized synthesis of bodies 2 through 8

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