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Why another new set of terminology? I create worlds of words for fun, and a big part of my practice is mapping out the territory. Everyone should map out their own dream worlds in their own way. My interest is in terminology and a unifying theory of everything.

To turn that magnificence out there into reasonableness doesn't do anything for you. Here, surrounding us, is eternity itself. To engage in reducing it to a manageable nonsense is petty and outright disastrous.

--Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

If you read all the intros first, you'll be able to skip around and read the chapters in any order. There's a context-sensitive glossary so you don't have to memorize the new terminology. The definitions below are the same as the ones you get in context by pointing at the green words on the other pages.


1BCAVNMB9 is just a memory aid for the nine Frawmbickly Acts: 1) Dream Recall, 2) Blaffinveigle, 3) Chaining Moments, 4) Awakenings, 5) Veraspect & Vac-U-Move, 6) Nubberzuck, 7) Metsuke, 8) Breathing, and 9) Denormopia.

2-3-4 BODY/MIND/WORLD or '2-3-4 mind' for short, is a conglomeration of the lowest three chakras which comprises and spontaneously creates the conscious mind, the physical body, and the real world simultaneously moment by moment. Everyone has a different configuration, for example someone who is extremely unorderly and has no concept of time might be low on 4ness. But in general, 2ness and 3ness have long since merged in the human form while most of us are now stuck in 4ness which has merged into the human form in recent millenia or centuries. While some people are comfortable with their 5ness dream body, most of us are stuck at this point. The main theme of learning to get unworlded at will is to borrow energy from the 2-3-4 and give it to 5ness. 5ness is the Dream Usher and the center of our being, and it knows how to distribute energy to the Uppers (6ness, 7ness, and 8ness) which accelerates progress in this practice. Escaping the whirlpool of 4ness is the most difficult step since it involves turning over control, which 2-3-4 thinks will cause its death.

3D BLACKNESS is another word for the Nowhere or the void. The Nowhere is often perceived as being dotted with tiny white lights which many unworlders mistake for stars, thinking they've flown into outer space when in fact they've ended up in the Nowhere, the door to anywhere. This is a natural misapprehension since the whole notion of outer space in the physical world is due to the fact that our physical world is a reflection of the Unworld, of which it is an offshoot. This causes the phenomenon of certain people convincing themselves that we've never been to the moon, for example. Which isn't that unreasonable, considering we've never been anywhere; within infinity there is Nowhere else to go.

5+ SENSES are seeing, hearing, and feeling, which account for almost everything we perceive. Touch, taste, smell, and balance are all part of the sense of touch. Sensations of pain and temperature are also part of the sense of touch. Do not confuse the outer skin's sense of touch--the feeling of the bed against your bottom--with the feeling of your body from the inside out, which is a kind of vibration or sizzling if you stop to notice it. The senses are of utmost importance as they report the experience of the Moment to us, and the Moment is the only experience we actually have. So in order to increase lucidity, engage any or all of your so-called physical senses during an unworlding or Noticing session, and this will make your dream body more real.

1NESS or oneness, the fundamental, the 1st harmonic of awareness, pure awareness, potential energy, Existence Itself, infinity, the color infrared, cannot be described well but many names for it exist including those just listed as well as Source, the Tao, the universe, the whole, God, etc.

2NESS or twoness, the 2ness body, the 2nd harmonic of awareness, the 1st overtone of reality, the 1st chakra or root chakra, the color red, can be described approximately by any number of conceptual terms including the following. Separation, identity, emotion, definition, difference, duality, dichotomy. 2ness is a large part of the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World which makes reality inescapably physical by hogging all the energy that should be shared equally among all Seven of the dream bodies.

3NESS or threeness, the 3ness body, the 3rd harmonic of awareness, the 2nd overtone of reality, the 2nd chakra or belly chakra, the color orange, can be described approximately by any number of conceptual terms including the following. Attachment, connection, memory, Chaining, relationship, communication, joining, solidity, 3-dimensional reality. 3ness is a large part of the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World which makes reality inescapably physical by hogging all the energy that should be shared equally among all Seven of the dream bodies.

4NESS or fourness, the 4ness body, the 4th harmonic of awareness, the 3rd overtone of reality, the 3rd chakra or solar plexus chakra, the color yellow, can be described approximately by any number of conceptual terms including the following. Order, time, value, logic, framework, reason, system, arrangement. 4ness is a large part of the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World which makes reality inescapably physical by hogging all the energy that should be shared equally among all Seven of the dream bodies. 4ness is the currently active trap of a large proportion of humanity which is reaching out toward 5ness, which is the antidote to 4ness.

5NESS or fiveness, the 5ness body, the 5th harmonic of awareness, the 4th overtone of reality, the 4th chakra or heart chakra, the color green, can be described approximately by any number of conceptual terms including the following. Change, flow, motion, Intent, the Dream Usher, the Nowhere, the void. 5ness is the center of our being and is capable of balancing the other chakras. Once the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World learns to stop monopolizing all our energy, the freed-up energy is delivered to the 5ness body which redistributes it to all Seven of the bodies evenly. This is how we get unworlded, and how long we stay unworlded depends on how long we keep our chakras balanced.

6NESS or sixness, the 6ness body, the 6th harmonic of awareness, the 5th overtone of reality, the 5th chakra or throat chakra, the color aqua, can be described approximately by any number of conceptual terms including the following. Noticing, appreciation, gratitude, interest, enthusiasm, obsession, group activity, sexual desire, Cwahacoy. While the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World represents the prison of physicality, the Uppers or 6-7-8 represent guidance within the Unworld.

7NESS or sevenness, the 7ness body, the 7th harmonic of awareness, the 6th overtone of reality, the 6th chakra or brow chakra, the color blue, can be described approximately by any number of conceptual terms including the following. Intuition, true wisdom, information, knowing what's going on behind the scenes, patternspotting, fluency. While the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World represents the prison of physicality, the Uppers or 6-7-8 represent guidance within the Unworld.

8NESS or eightness, the 8ness body, the 8th harmonic of awareness, the 7th overtone of reality, the 7th chakra or crown chakra, the color violet, can be described approximately by any number of conceptual terms including the following. Expansion, relaxation, freedom. While the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World represents the prison of physicality, the Uppers or 6-7-8 represent guidance within the Unworld. While fear and stress make the world more real, the vaporization of this tension can make you fly in the Unworld.

9NESS or nineness, the 9ness body, the 9th harmonic of awareness, the 8th overtone of reality, the 8th chakra or air chakra, the color ultraviolet, the Miruvor, the body of air, the future self, the higher self, can be described approximately by any number of conceptual terms including the following. Synthesis, cooperation, harmony, sharing.

360 DEGREE VISION refers to the ability of the dream bodies to see with the mind, not with the eyes. This kind of vision is not limited to seeing what's in front of the body. This is the visual counterpart of telepathy, which is the standard means of communicating in the Unworld, instead of speaking in word symbols. Therefore it could be conjectured that 360 degree vision communicates meaning directly instead of with symbolic pictures. And from that it follows that abstract experiences could be had which have no symbolic counterpart, and are therefore able to be experienced but not described.

ACRONYMS are the bane of my existence. Please spell out my words. I make them long and strange for a perfectly good reason, a reason which is secret. You could call that 'RWIS'. But I wish you wouldn't.

ADA or All Day Awareness is supposed to be able to take the place of doing waking reality checks. It does this by putting the practitioner in the habit of paying attention. ADA is just a matter of paying attention all the time to as much present-time sensory input as possible, as well as mental and emotional context taking place in the Moment. I prefer the term Continuously Paying Attention.

ADDICTION is routine that orbits around expected relatively effortless pleasure and then the addict's life orbits around the addiction. It's an animalistic impulse that grows like a cancer out of the perfectly normal impulse to not do stuff that feels bad. Problem is that some of us have places to go, sights to see, and things to experience that do not necessarily orbit around the next fix of relatively effortless pleasure. Allowing one's life to revolve around mindless pursuits takes all one's energy, because society punishes people who take the 'let's act like animals' thing too far. Some of us would like to take a chance on not being animals eternally. For this reason, the entire self-improvement industry has sprung up in order to take our money while we blindly grope our way toward goals we barely understand. The way to break any addiction is to utterly stop talking to yourself about the thing that's craved. It's highly recommended that one try to overcome only one addiction at a time. This is because we rely on an internal structure, and the structure comes to rely on the addiction. Therefore, when one habit is overcome, a new one-or-more habits adjust the framework so that one's life does not dissolve into chaos just because that daily box of donuts suddenly comes up missing.

ADDICTION TO UNCONSCIOUSNESS also known as addiction to deep unconsciousness or just 'going into that nightly coma' is caused by the 2-3-4 Mind's reflexive fear of going to sleep, which the 2-3-4 mistakes for its doom, i.e. death. This is due to the fact that in order to give up control of the body's semi-autonomous life-promoting processes such as breathing, and ignoring or swallowing saliva instead of choking on it, many people must self-induce a delirious, coma-like condition in order to forestall panic, since panic would keep the person from being able to sleep at all. The problem can be turned into chronic insomnia by parents who force children to sleep when they don't want to, parents who send their children to their room as a form of punishment, etc. with the whole prospect of sleep therefore taking on the most negative possible connotation. The solution to being able to go to sleep without losing awareness is Daytime Practice at the borderline of sleep, since we are aware of our goals at this time, vs. trying to force yourself to learn anything when you're already semi-unconscious with deep unconsciousness calling to you. The fear barrier, i.e. intolerance of going through the Urumara consciously, can be overcome by relentlessly chipping away at it: through experience. Each person has to find his own way.

AFFIRMATIONS are statements, assertions or hopeful, optimistic predictions repeated mentally, out loud, or in your dream journal which attempt to help focus your intentions on the goals of the practice. They are like mantras with meaning, trying to entrain the thoughts and mental focus in order to use mental energy as a tool to help achieve goals and build a confident, productive mindset. Some affirmations I've used include 'I can handle all the magic I have to offer myself,' and 'Retain awareness through the transitions to and from sleep.' The difference between affirmations and positive thinking is that positive thinking is really just resistance and denial of negativity, while affirmations are pro-active energetic thrusts related to manifesting specific goals or desired attitudes.

AIKIDO is the not-doing of self-defense, also known as the Art of Peace. It has been described as a 'martial art from Japan' but is more like a kind of practice in harmonizing and cooperating with one's own innards using circular physical motions that do no harm and teach you where your center of gravity is. As a form of self-defense, Aikido is designed to protect the attacker from being hurt so that he doesn't get pissed and kill you, while hopefully neutralizing the attack. The school where I practiced was called New School Aikido which was founded by John Smartt in Stockton, California.

AIR ADDICTION Becoming addicted to air is not as easy as it sounds. Most of us breathe only enough to stay alive and make up the difference with a variety of casual 'addictions' such as junk food or whatever we use to make us feel normal. When you breathe so much that you catch yourself each time you stop breathing, then you are getting addicted to air. When you never stop breathing and don't want to, then you are addicted to air.

ALIASES of this author include Luther Rangeley, Luther Limberluck, Luther Limbolust, Gunther Germley, Unc, Uncle Buddy, Buddy, and currently I am using W. H. Early which stands for 'work hard early' but you can just call me Whirly which is the name of my higher self or future self. My legal name is Scott Robertson in case you'd like to report me to my parents.

ALTERED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS are represented by different bodies, minds, and worlds, not to mention different organs, attitudes, and places within the larger 'states' or 'provinces' of reality. All unworldings are altered states of consciousness. You are unworlded right now, but for the most part, people seem to prefer the altered state of consciousness that they're usually in. Unworlders reject this sort of thing because they find it boring and non-productive. Getting unworlded to the same place every single day is called the Dayly Dreame, or as some ignorantes call it, 'the real world'. The real world is in fact the one you can't describe because you don't know how to get there yet, and that's the most desirable condition for an unworlder to find. If not for curiosity, the term 'altered state of consciousness' would have no meaning or usefulness.

AMERIKKKA is a large provincial sector of the Earthville Mental Institution that has inherited most of what was wrong with the Roman and British Empires, except for the Christian Religion, which has been inherited by the Philippines. I have to assume the rest of the world is OK since I haven't been there yet to find out what's wrong with it.

AMNESIA is a state of selective forgettory which can be programmed into an experience by an unworlder's Remote Mind or by a skillful hypnotist. When you go through the Urumara, there's a switch to select whether or not to have the following experience with or without amnesia. Remembering later that this switch exists is nearly impossible. I was allowed to experience it for myself, but when I read the entry later in my dream journal I realized I would have completely forgotten the whole experience if I hadn't written it down. Amnesia is a characteristic of deep hypnotic trance. Anyone who claims to have remembered past lives or any deeply buried information without having been in a very deep trance might be confusing guided imagery for hypnosis.

ANAL is short for analytical. It has nothing to do with whether or not anyone is an asshole. Really.

ANCHOR has too many meanings in this field, one of which is an object or event that reminds you to consider your relationship to unworlding, do reality checks, etc. For example, I have five objects around my desk which are meaningful to me in regards to dreaming and unworlding. One is a lucidity hat that I only wear while recording lucid unworldings in my journal. Another is a special piece of rose quartz that reminds me to look for the color pink in dreams. Another is a drawing I made of my higher self from a special meeting in a special unworlding. When performing the What-Just-Happened reality check, I look from one to the next of these five items to make sure they are there, because if they're gone, distorted, or out of place, then I must be dreaming. And just looking at them helps keep unworlding on my mind.

APNEA (THE) is what I used to call the Urumara when I first discovered it. I named it this because I was always waking up in a choking panic instead of going through it.

APPRECIATION of the spontaneous variety--I'm not talking about some forced new agey glop--is evidence that the 6ness body is part of the proceedings. Obsession is evidence that 6ness has stolen the show.

AQUA also called cyan or turquoise is the color of the 5th chakra, the throat chakra, 6ness, the 5th overtone of reality, the 6th harmonic of awareness. If you look at a natural light spectrum or a rainbow, the traditional view of the spectrum colors is wrong. Most people can't differentiate the color indigo in a rainbow, but they can identify green, aqua, blue and violet. The reason for the confusion is that some of the color names have changed meaning since the spectrum colors were first set in stone by a textbook writer, and no one who writes about chakras has looked at a rainbow since then to check this eminent scientist's work. From Wikipedia's article 'Visible Spectrum': '...evidence indicates that what Newton meant by indigo and blue does not correspond to the modern meanings of those color words. Comparing Newton's observation of prismatic colors to a color image of the visible light spectrum shows that indigo corresponds to what is today called blue, whereas blue corresponds to cyan.'

ASPERGER SYNDROME is a set of personality traits often mistaken for a form of autism in which the aspergeroidal individual learned no substantial social skills as a small child, a process which is often blamed on genes in order to prevent refrigerator mothers and absentee fathers from refusing to pay the shrink who provides the diagnosis. Actually there is no such thing as mental illness, and while aspergers is not a mental illness, once you tell someone that you 'have asperger syndrome,' good luck getting them to grok the subtlety of the notion that it is not an insidious mental disease. It's basically a form of social immaturity and incompatibility with one's social environment, and this is understandable since the Typical social environment is a form of mass insanity, and this explains why so many aspies have a high intelligence but can't keep a job or establish a career. The 'refrigerator mother' was no longer blamed for autism and its supposed cousin aspergers after initial attempts to collect psychiatric fees from parents failed due to the parents having been told that they didn't love their children. I believe that severe, truly debilitating autism is probably not autism and neither is aspergers. Whatever the case may be, aspergers is not something you have but rather something you are. There is no advantage in most situations of mentioning your 'diagnosis' if you are an aspie because it will put you into a category that most people will typically associate with psychosis. Since most Typicals are latent psychotics due to selling themselves to slavery, they are dangerous to our well-being and freedom, so we must try to humor them by appearing to value their eccentric systems when absolutely necessary. After all, we are outnumbered. But our numbers are growing quickly. Aspergeroidalism is the natural reaction to the mass insanity that results when a species as overpopulated and mentally undernourished as the human species is still living out the hormone-driven fantasies of their instinctual primate pecking order.

ASTRAL PLANE(S) or THE ASTRALS are parallel worlds which are a lot different from the worlds we've come to expect by long contact with Earthville. Experience in the astrals is considered more revealing than experience in the real time zone, and visiting them often generates more euphoria and potential insight than visiting your own bedroom. This is because we're bored with Earthville; the place makes us sleepy and dull. While there's nothing wrong with visiting the astral realms--and I for one would prefer to do so--not everything that happens there is going to make you some sort of mystical superhero with access to infinite intelligence and mastery of the wisdom of the universe. The purpose of existence is to entertain infinity with itself, so enjoy the astrals because that's what they're there for.

ASTRAL VISION in the Unworld is not like seeing with the eyes. The physical eyes focus on small things at the expense of defocusing everything else. But the mind's eye sees in 360 degrees and in complete focus. If you focus down on one thing when seeing non-physical images, the whole scene will disappear. This is a function of the so-called 3rd eye or the brow chakra, the 7ness dream body, wisdom or intuition.

ASTROLOGY is something that didn't interest me in the slightest until I found out that it works. It doesn't work according to the way it's described by its detractors; the positions of the stars have no influence on our personality, behavior, or fate. Rather, the personality, fate, and positions of the stars are all caused by the same thing: templates, filters, or configurations through which infinity shines the light of pure awareness, and then the worlds of experience and phenomena express those filters or configurations. The template of humanity, the human form, is a Spforildewitt. Aspen trees have their own Spforildewitt. The template of the individual, the Troovammickle, is based on the human form with individual tweakings so that each person is different from the next. A person's astrology chart or numerology numbers do not make him who he is. These patterns of behavior, personality, stars, and numbers all express his Troovammickle and the underlying Spforildewitt, the human form.

ATTACHMENT is a basic description of 3ness. While oneness is the whole and 2ness is the parts, 3ness is the rejoining of the parts. Attachment generally has a negative connotation which indicates that it can be an overuse of 3ness, i.e. using 3ness as a self-indugence, as a toy instead of as a tool. This would cause 3ness to monopolize energy that could better be used by its Uppers. Someone with too many attachments will be overly concerned, worried, and will have a rigid mindset and rigid expectations. This sort of approach to life has to be slimmed way down in order to get unworlded.

ATTENTION is the energy of awareness channeled through a lens or device that focuses and filters awareness. Attention is the use of awareness. Since awareness is the basic energy of the universe--Existence Itself--Attention is the most basic tool there is. It's so basic that it's hard to place within my Synfonemia arsenal at this time so I'll have to get back to this definition after going over my notes. Hint: if Attention is something that we pay, then it's probably a reflection of 4ness, since value is a reflection of 4ness. This seems to correlate with how energy in potential is one thing, but energy in use is work. Yeah, that's it. Attention is the work done by pure awareness.

AUDITORY HALLUCINATIONS are part of the experience of consciously being in the Projection Room proper, which is beyond the Urumara and beyond Noticing aurages. In the Tunnel side of the Projection Room which is pre-Urumara, there can be voices but mostly it's visions considerably more distinct and self-generating than Forced Noticing. Once in the Projection Room proper, the unworlder is subject to every possible kind of full-blown sensory hallucination. I grew up with a babble of many indistinguishable voices that would come to me in the wee hours when my nightly bout with insomnia was almost over, and I had forgotten about this until I restarted my unworlding practice.

AUTHOR is someone who must describe things and tell stories in order to keep his internal dialog from driving him bananas. A professional artist is someone who vents for a living.

AWAKENING or [AWK] in my dream journal is when you suddenly change scenes, such as when you find yourself out of a dream scene and back in your bed, or when you find yourself in darkness and assume you are in your bed and even 'in' your body. This is an unusually potent time to do a reality check, preferably one you can do without moving or opening your eyes, such as trying to see through your supposed eyelids. Much of what we experience in our beds, especially upon Awakening in a just-changed state, takes place in the Nowhere, and is just outfitted to seem like a standard in-bed wakeup scene because that's what we expect. The other thing to do upon Awakening is to ask yourself, 'What just happened,' since quite often you will recall having just interacted with your dream bodies, but tiny unworldings fade quickly. Awakening sessions should be done daily while lying down and doing some sort of breathing exercise to cause momentary lapses into altered states, which are always followed by Awakenings unless the breathing kills you or puts you into a coma. Awakening sessions will introduce you to your dream bodies, especially motions of your dream bodies which are consciously designed by those bodies to wake you up, which to them simply means to make your real or physical body lucid, whether in this dream or that. This motion falls on a spectrum between Raduga's 'phantom wiggle' and the well-known 'hypnagogic twitch,' which I just call 'the Jerk'.

AWARENESS in the sense of pure consciousness, undifferentiated and undefinable, is the same thing as all of infinity, reality itself, existence itself, etc. It is the first harmonic of awareness, the energy that underlies all of creation. Religion and philosophy have given oneness many names including God, the Tao, etc.

AWK see Awakening, Little Sleep, NLOBE.

BABBLE (THE) We build a world for ourselves using the internal dialog as one of the tools. The internal dialog is also called the monkey mind in general, while the Babble of the human race as a whole is called the Froth. The ability to stop the internal dialog, an act which I call Blaffinveigle, is the most important task a practitioner can take on.

BALANCED By 'balanced' I don't mean the typical current tendency for society to automatically reject anything that stands out from some norm of behavior. I'm talking about something very specific that is not subject to anyone's judgments. Balanced means all Seven of your dream bodies are sharing your energy equally. This isn't as easy as it sounds as the typical physical world is upheld by the 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World hogging all your energy. Balancing the energy from a single chakra or dream body amounts to not letting that dream body (that part of your whole being) monopolize all your energy. Balance can thus be seen as the opposite of obsession.

BEANSTALK, BEANPOLE Climbing the Beanstalk, a.k.a. the Beanpole or Bob Monroe's 'rundown,' is a Daytime Practice you can use to keep you focused on what you're doing when lying down trying to get close to the borderline of sleep. Your Beanpole should be just interesting enough to keep you from falling asleep easily, while not interesting enough to send you off into the monkey mind. Most so-called techniques of unworlding, such as the rope trick, are not techniques of unworlding at all, which is why they don't usually work: someone sets out to use a technique to pry himself out of his body when the technique has no magical abilities at all, unless it hits the right nerve and then it might work a few times due to the placebo effect. It's important to realize that we don't have a body and unworlding is not about leaving or getting out of something (which doesn't exist anyway). All experience is a configuration on a multidimensional spectrum, so to get from this 'body' to that 'body' or from this state of consciousness to that one or from this dream place to that one, it's just a matter of tweaking a few knobs and you're there. The mechanism for doing this is not accessible to the conscious mind if you're inexperienced in lucidly unworlding, and each of the so-called techniques is just a way of keeping the conscious mind awake long enough for its usual configuration to drop off. Noticing makes it possible to realize that you are somewhere else, even someone else. Which will "wake" most people up immediately, i.e. shoot them right back into their so-called physical body: their usual configuration. Those knobs we're tweaking have inertia, so we come back to the same place by habit. With experience, the recognition that you've lapsed into a so-called non-physical reality does not shock you back to the usual configuration, but it takes a lot of practice. The time to practice is when you're wide awake.

BEDTIME and the amount of time spent asleep have been a thorny issue my whole life. I was a childhood insomniac because my mom was a hobby person with four kids and no time for her hobbies, so she put us to bed way too early and I was never sleepy when I was abandoned in a dark room. So throughout my childhood I didn't have enough sleep; just too much time in bed with eyes open. Unworlders need more sleep than other people in general, and there's always the prevailing notion that we would be wasting our time to attempt unworlding before having had four to six hours of sleep. This is poppycock believed by masters of unworlding who've forgotten what being a beginner is all about; beginners must discover this sort of thing for themselves, and many people find that one or more unworlding techniques--such as WILD--are only usable by them at bedtime. I have had several fascinating experiences, including my first WILD, at bedtime. But the right thing to do is to go to bed an hour or two early and plan on spending an extra hour or two in bed. On the other hand, sleeping 11 or 12 hours each day will put most people into a stupor 24/7, in spite of its occasionally helping to generate an unworlding. As for why we need to sleep at least 8 hours a night, some people have discovered that deep meditation, with enthusiasm, will remove the need for so much sleep. These people report that they can drop immediately into unworlding and/or REM sleep upon going to bed, or sleep only four hours a night while able to unworld lucidly the whole time.

BEGINNER SINCE 1970 is someone who first heard of astral projection in 1970 and has been beating his head against the astral wall ever since. Many long interruptions have kept me a beginner, but have also given a lot of people time to get the literature caught up so I'd have more to study instead of just rereading Journeys Out of the Body two or three times a year.

BELIEFS are influenced by terminology, so some of the pitfalls we find ourselves in if we carry on using traditional terminology are self-perpetuating assumptions in a quickly changing and subjective field. But I disagree with those who say one should have no beliefs at all. Rather, we should be willing to change beliefs and be able to recognize when this needs to be done. The ability to do this is one of the useful functions of the internal dialog: when a belief needs to be changed, you need to have a talk with yourself about what that belief has done for you, and how you can change the belief and still get that need met in another way. Beliefs and opinions are reflections of 3ness, agreements with yourself and others about what is real.

BIG DREAM is more than detritus from the day or psychologically dealing with the guy who cut you off in traffic. Big Dreams are about major life changes, metaphysical transitions, etc.

BIRTH is the opening of a file wherein awareness takes on an identity and proceeds to lose itself in that identity. Taking on an identity invokes Narxing, the nagging feeling that one is separate from the whole, a feeling which will be the individual's constant companion throughout the duration of his life. Human babies are born helpless because if they weren't, they'd immediately jump out the window and try to fly back to pure awareness where they came from.

BLAFFINVEIGLE is one of the Frawmbickly Acts, the balancing of twoness, the counteracting of our tendency to play life as a melodrama, an emotional indulgence. It is the act of shutting down the internal dialog or chattering monkey mind. There are three kinds of Blaffinveigle: positive, negative and neutral. Negative Blaffinveigle is deep meditation, the direct shutting off of the Babble, generally with eyes closed, sitting down. But if you can't close your eyes and sit down, don't let that stop you from shutting off the Babble; as soon as you do, you'll feel like you're in a lucid dream and that's a good time to do a reality check. In Positive Blaffinveigle, the practitioner turns something on instead of turning something off. He reminds himself that only the Moment actually exists. Again, this will make you feel like you're dreaming, so do a reality check. Neutral Blaffinveigle is when the practitioner sets out to indulge in neither attraction nor aversion to the people, attributes and events inside and around him. Neutral Blaffinveigle is best described in a wonderful book by the Tibetan guru Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche called Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep.

BLINDNESS in the Unworld is the lack of astral vision. It is very common and should not be resisted directly. Instead of resisting blindness, just intend to look at something you find interesting, and ignore the blindness. This should be planned in advance. For example, you should plan on teleporting to a mirror anytime you find yourself blind in the Unworld. This method goes around resistance, because if you focus on the blindness you'll just make it more real.

BLUE is the color of the brow chakra or third eye, the 7ness dream body or 6th overtone of awareness, which involves intuition or true wisdom, the ability to know what's going on behind the scenes. The deep iridescent blue color is easy to generate behind closed eyelids by doing breathing exercises, in my experience. It is an unmistakable shade of blue.

BOCCAPERTA Stephen was the religious name given to the monk Giuseppe of Copertino who later became known as the flying monk St. Joseph of Cupertino who performed more miracles than any other saint in history, and tended to fly into the air during ecstatic trance so often that he had to be moved from town to town to keep curiosity seekers from overrunning his home. When Stephen came to me in a dream just before I had my first conscious exit to the Unworld, I had a picture of St. Joseph on my wall, but did not make the connection at the time because I had not yet read The Man Who Could Fly: St. Joseph of Copertino and the Mystery of Levitation. St. Joe was also the patron saint of idiots and mouth breathers. Please refer to the entry for 'idiot'. As a youngster, Giuseppe was nicknamed 'Boccaperta' or mouth breather because he walked around with his mouth hanging open in awe of Existence Itself. Since he was raised in the Catholic tradition, naturally his mystical tendencies took the route of religion.

BODY OF AIR It stands to reason that if the Breath of Flight can increase your lucidity to approximate escape velocity, then it does this by means of some unknown process that dissolves the rigid mindset of the parts of you which prefer to grapple with the worms of the earth when you could be free in the Unworld. The resulting non-earthbound vehicle could be called the Body of Air. If you lie down and instantaneously evaporate all the pockets of stress and tension in the meat body,the result is a localized environment surrounding your Attention that's made of gravity-altering pseudo-gas which can instantly teleport you in a state of bliss to anywhere you want to go, where you can experience the infinite sides of existence personally instead of reading about them on some website.

BORDERLINE OF SLEEP Spending time daily at the borderline of sleep or the Urumara should be a number one goal of beginning unworlders. This will teach your 2-3-4 Mind or conscious Attention to Notice phenomena, abilities and sensations unique to that state of mind so action can be taken to get unworlded.

The BOSS is a member of my Soul Retinue, my 3ness dream body. In my dreams the Boss is personified by various ex-employers such as Mr. Murray and others. As a leader and supervisor it's his task to hold things together.

BREAKFAST should be delayed till you are wide awake, preferably after doing morning chores and even physical exercise. This will get you out of the habit of thinking of food immediately upon waking up. This is important because early morning is the most natural time for spontaneous unworlding, especially using the Indirect method, all of which could be blanked out completely if your first thought upon waking is food. Exercising before breakfast is also the best way to lose weight.

BREATH OF FLIGHT is the same thing as the Buzz Breath and closely related to traditional forms of pranayama yoga such as bhastrika, the bellows breath, fire breath, etc. Similar breathing techniques along with associated dogma and belief systems are taught by instructors such as Leonard Orr, Alan Dolan, Stanislav Grof, and Wim Hof. The most productive of these teachers appears to be Wim Hof. Here at, we strictly forbid you to perform the Breath of Flight, as we do not consider it any of our business how you use your lungs. You must make your own decisions and do what you want, and don't blame us if you fall under a bus or off a bridge, or drown in your bathtub.

BREATH HOLDING as taught by Wim Hof's style of breathing and some of the old-time pranayama practices is a good opportunity to give the conscious mind direct experience with choosing to relax about whether or not it has control of the intake and exhaust, instead learning to trust the machine since the physical body will continue breathing without the conscious mind's participation. But the conscious mind must be shown this, not just told. Due to the loss of the conscious mind's part in the control of breath and swallowing at the moment of sleep, the mind tends to go to sleep at the same time the body does. Since it equates going to sleep with death, it just gives up the ghost and is surprised later on to find itself in a 'dream' or other experience. The conscious mind is specially configured to cling tenaciously to physicality, mistaking it for reality, due to the fear of death and the associated fear of going to sleep with awareness.

BREATHING isn't just something we do or something we have to do. It is the most essential bodily process to sustain life, equal to a beating heart. By the breath we create the body, mind and world at the same time. Unlike the heartbeat, we have a lot of control over how we breathe. It is recommended that you learn many ways to breathe and learn the Buzz Breath (breathe more air than you want) in order to change your state of mind any time you want. Then with this experience, go to the Breath of Flight, which is a day-long meditation in which you maintain awareness of your breathing at all times.

BREATHWALKING is absolutely forbidden. Don't you dare try it. You have to be lying down, not in water, not cold or hot, not drunk, stoned, crazy, considered mentally ill by those who love or hate you, smoking anything, uncomfortable, sick, etc. when you do any kind of breathing exercise.

BROWN is the color of Smudgely, a composite of my dream bodies who is responsible for getting me to see that I'm dreaming.

BUZZ BREATH is the same thing as the Breath of Flight. I do it to get high since I don't take drugs, at all, ever. Don't do the Buzz Breath. It's immoral and dangerous.

CALMING DOWN quickly is prerequisite to prolonging the unworlding experience, especially on those frequent occasions when realizing you are unworlded or becoming lucid is attended by a rush of excitement. This is another application of Metsuke or the ability to balance focus and detachment, in which the greater goal of learning how to prolong the experience is more important than streaking through the sky screaming in ecstasy, wasting your energy all at once.

CANNONBALL EXIT a sudden change of state which is perceived as a high speed transfer of consciousness into an unworlded environment, often brought on my an induction technique or dream scene that invokes the sense of motion. Frank Kepple gives a good description of this, and Phase Evolution on YouTube has a video on the roller coaster induction which, for him, tends to induce a cannonball exit.

CAPITALISM is the practice of trying to create perpetual motion machines or 'profit centers' that create more energy (money) than what goes into them. Capitalism is a violation of the first and second laws of thermodynamics since it hopes to create energy (money) from nothing and reuse the same energy over and over to create even more money. The deficit of real energy is supplied by slavery since money itself has no value. Slaves are now paid more than they were 200 years ago but this trend is reversing. Since all money is loaned into existence, it is only fake energy, therefore this system folds every so often, at which time the headquarters of global illusion-generating monetary concerns relocates from one empire to another while Capitalism itself never loses its grip because greed centers just shift around like weather patterns. Due to the fact that it is a pack of lies, capitalism destroys its host like a mentally retarded parasite and moves on to a new host. This is OK, because capitalism exists only on earth. It is illegal everywhere else in the universe. One of the reasons for the Earthville Mental Institution to exist is so that greedsters will have a nice place to live, and a large supply of people who are satisfied with being slaves.

CASTANEDA, CARLOS was a Peruvian immigrant to Los Angeles, USA who obtained a doctorate in anthropology when in his 40s. His theses were about obtaining training in the use of hallucinogenic plants as an aid to unworlding, and he was able to sell the theses as mass market philosophy books. The books became best sellers and he wrote several more books. His unworlding experiences and theories seemed profound and extensive, and he was a great storyteller above all else, but no one knows to what level the experiences and characters he described were fictional. Castaneda had a large influence on New Age philosophy. He was a sociable and humorous man of great intelligence but his obsession with keeping his personal life a mystery, which he claimed was a central method of unworlding, thrust a shadow on his work, since we never know when he is telling stories or relating factual experiences. Those who study his work carefully can't even agree as to whether his theories and methods work or not.

CATALYST is a category of phenomena in the Unworld which act as a trigger to make you more lucid and/or as a gauge to indicate your level of lucidity. The category consists of (1) General Lucidity Triggers which are general phenomena such as 'unusual vividness' and (2) Personal Lucidity Objects such as 'guitar', 'books' or 'the color pink' which are catalysts for some people but not for others. Other words for catalysts fogjogger, dreamsign and lucidity cue. In the waking dream, catalysts are used here which remind us to get lucid in dreams later. This is called anchor. For example, you might remember to do a reality check every time you walk into another room. Or wear a Lucidity Hat every time you get to write a lucid dream in your journal.

CHAINED CONTENT applies to any unworlding including non-lucid dreams. Upon Awakening from a dream, if you fix in your mind the contents of the dream you just had, you will usually go back to the dream scene again very soon, or one similar to it, containing some of the same plot elements, settings, or characters. Recurring dreams work on a similar principle, chaining content that is of general interest to you or symbols representing something of importance to you.

CHAINING is the balanced use of 3ness as a tool. It involves training the memory to be of use in learning to unworld and stay unworlded. Chaining applies to all levels of the unworlding practice. Here are some examples of Chaining as it applies to seemingly unrelated areas. Chaining dream content: if you wake up from a dream, lucid or not, and go right back to sleep while mentally going over the details of the dream, one or more of the dreams that follow will usually use some of the same dream symbols, characters, plots, and places. Chaining lucidity: if you wake up from a lucid dream and force yourself right back to sleep while remembering that you want to get lucid some more right away, the chances are high of having two or more lucid dreams in one night. Chaining awareness: also called 'All Day Awareness' but I prefer to call it Continuously Paying Attention, this practice is said to do more for lucidity than reality checks. Engaging all your senses, remember to Notice everything around you, all your physical and mental experiences. Since Chaining is pure 3ness, it's a powerful tool for unworlders in every part of the practice.

CHAKRA is an energy center in an underlying reality which we perceive as a part of us. Working together, more-or-less, the seven main chakras create the body as we know it. Working together well, in true harmony, the seven chakras synthesize an unknown eighth chakra which is the higher self, the Miruvor. Each of the seven chakras is also called an overtone of awareness according to the chakra numbering system or a harmonic of awareness according to the numbering system used in conventional numerology with its nine digits.

CHAKRALICIOUS is not a word.

CHANGE is a basic reflection of 5ness. Intent is another. This means that change and Intent are the same thing. If not for change, we would not recognize this world. Change is a basic element of our reality. Intent is the power that makes change possible and inevitable. The conscious mind has no power over change because the conscious mind is a monopolization of twoness, threeness, and fourness over more of one's energy than the 2-3-4 should have coming to it. Learning to slim down the 2-3-4 is a matter of enabling change. But the 2-3-4 cannot hope to control this process so it takes a lot of trial and error before one can learn to keep the conscious mind out of it and let change take its course. Change knows where your energy needs to go. You might as well trust change because it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

CHOKING PANIC is part of the Urumara for some people. During the transition from waking to sleeping which most people go through unconsciously, when the 2-3-4 Body gives up the massive monopolization of energy it needs to maintain stable physicality--i.e. when you go to sleep--the breathing process transitions from partially autonomous to fully autonomous. At this point, if the 2-3-4 Mind has not shut down completely, it might think it's about to suffocate because of saliva trickling down the throat or a sudden change of breathing pattern or loss of sensations normally associated with control of the breathing process. The 2-3-4 thinks it's dying and/or going crazy because it's used to being comatose already when the autonomous breathing takes over. For this reason, some practitioners think they've developed sleep apnea when they've never had it before, probably because so many people try sleeping on their back in hopes it will help them retain consciousness longer. For me, the solution seems to be constant repetition and hovering near the Urumara, the borderline of sleep, for up to an hour or more each day. This will help you get used to the sensation of losing what we typically perceive as mental control of physical reality. This phenomenon is the same thing as the 'old hag syndrome' sometimes experienced during sleep paralysis, when people who remain aware while their body is falling asleep often sense a weight on their chest.

CHOLINE BITARTRATE is a supplement which seems to pump up the dream bodies quite a bit. I recommend not using supplements to pump up the dream bodies. It does nothing for your intent if you're not in the mood. If you haven't been getting any results lately, maybe you're just not in the mood. You have to fix your intent, not take pills.

CHRISTIANITY was a crowd control device created by the propagandists of the Flavian Roman empire since the rebellious Jews awaiting a Messiah (military savior) would not accept Titus as God. The Romans got their idea for Jesus from the Gnostic Christ which--like Hindu god images--was an image or allegory to support one's religious pursuit of focusing one's priorities upon earning one's freedom from the bonds of earthly passion in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven. The turncoat Jewish historian Flavius Josephus documented the crushing of Jerusalem and the Jews by Titus, who was to be considered a god and the son of a god since Roman emperors were to be worshipped, but Jews were forbidden to worship statues or images. To fulfill and replace the rebellious Jewish Zealot expectation of a conquering, militaristic Messiah, and inspired by the ascetic Gnostics who were the true early Christians, the Christ figure of the Gnostics was elevated to human status and given life events paralleling the military campaigns of Titus, the life of Moses, and various pagan myths. The result was a hodge-podge of inconsistent tall tales which served as scripture for a new religion whose aim was to pacify the masses, Jew and Gentile alike, since the invented Jesus was all about 'turning the other cheek' and 'giving unto Caesar'. The Christian bible was written by Jewish scholars, traitors to their own culture, 40 years after the supposed facts that the gospels report. The bible's purpose was political propaganda, which succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams, giving birth to a political power, the Christian church, which is still being used today for control of the masses and especially to gain support for political military operations. The opposition to this was the early Christian church, the Gnostics, who never heard of Jesus since he didn't exist, but who worshipped a Christ figure as an allegory, an image. The Roman Christian church crushed the underground church many times throughout history including the Inquisitions. The underground movement resurfaced a final time as the American revolution, but the freemasons who coordinated this effort were influenced and corrupted by the European banksters and the result was a pseudo-revolution which made way for the existing corrupted offspring of the Roman Empire--European banksterism--to move peacefully to the New World under a new flag within a few decades of the revolution. On the other hand, the past does not exist, and history is a reverberation from your mind and mine. The real purpose of empires and propaganda and conspiracies is to provide structure for the barely conscious kneejerk sheeple of earth at the enforcing hands of the cunning bull goose loonies in charge of the Earthville Mental Institution. The Gnostics had part of it right: our passion to be here is what keeps us here suffering, instead of freely roaming the Unworld-at-large.

CLEARSPEAK is any instance of words, numbers or other symbols being seen or heard so clearly in an unworlding experience that the practioner is able to remember the exact words upon awakening, or else at least remember having heard any exact words at all. It's relatively rare for numbers and language to be unambiguous in the Unworld, so it is a sign of relative lucidity when it does happen. Clearspeak is a member of the 'General Lucidity Triggers' category.

CLIMBING THE BEANSTALK, a.k.a. the Beanpole or Bob Monroe's 'rundown,' is a Daytime Practice you can use to keep you focused on what you're doing when lying down trying to get close to the borderline of sleep. Your Beanpole should be just interesting enough to keep you from falling asleep easily, while not interesting enough to send you off into the monkey mind. Most so-called techniques of unworlding, such as the rope trick, are not techniques of unworlding at all, which is why they don't usually work: someone sets out to use a technique to pry himself out of his body when the technique has no magical abilities at all, unless it hits the right nerve and then it might work a few times due to the placebo effect. It's important to realize that we don't have a body and unworlding is not about leaving or getting out of something (which doesn't exist anyway). All experience is a configuration on a multidimensional spectrum, so to get from this 'body' to that 'body' or from this state of consciousness to that one or from this dream place to that one, it's just a matter of tweaking a few knobs and you're there. The mechanism for doing this is not accessible to the conscious mind if you're inexperienced in lucidly unworlding, and each of the so-called techniques is just a way of keeping the conscious mind awake long enough for its usual configuration to drop off. Noticing makes it possible to realize that you are somewhere else, even someone else. Which will 'wake' most people up immediately, i.e. shoot them right back into their so-called physical body: their usual configuration. Those knobs we're tweaking have inertia, so we come back to the same place by habit. With experience, the recognition that you've lapsed into a so-called non-physical reality does not shock you back to the usual configuration, but it takes a lot of practice. The time to practice is when you're wide awake."

COLLECTIVE AVERAGE is the human hive consciousness which, due to its obsession with 3ness, develops its own gravitational field and sucks in all ideas from all directions and mixes them together and outputs average pre-digested swill for everybody to believe in together. The unfathomably nonsensical acts of the Collective Average are to thank for the growing number of unworlders today who stay as far away from this ever-more-powerful gravitational field as possible in order to keep their paranoia as pure as the driven snow, with the result that no one will listen to them. See also: Propaganda, Re-education, and Educationism.

COMEDIANS in my dreams tends to signal impending lucidity or at least a pre-lucid condition. A sense of humor is the distinct trait of my 8ness dream body Limberluck, who has no worries, also known as the Imp which stands for 'instantly malleable personality'.

COMPRESSED AIR was going to be how I manage to save the world, since it is a source of mass-consumption solar energy, but after 37 years of this research I decided the world could use my info and just save itself, so I would have time to do unworlding before I get too old. For more information, see my website Since I was fascinated by air cars for so long, I will always dream about them. See also 'Bob Neal' who is one of the dead inventors I gave my life to.

CONNECTED BREATH or circular breathing means you don't hold your breath between inhale and exhale or vice versa, unless you intend to. We humans act like our lungs are the enemy, holding our breath in fear and in thought, while the fears and thoughts are mostly a bunch of rubbish and our energy level sags and our health retreats as if in preparation for death. Connected breathing is also called conscious breathing and has been taught by various people including Wim Hof, Leonard Orr, Sevan Bomar, Alan Dolan, and Stanislav Grof. All meditation teachers at least mention that you should be aware of your breathing, and it is said that the Buddha became enlightened this way. It gave me my first conscious unworlding experience. Related to bhastrika or bellows breath and other pranayama techniques.

CONSCIOUS MIND is the part of you that goes to sleep when your body does, and has relatively unlucid experiences in the Unworld, generally not even knowing its name. The part of you that seems relatively unconscious while the conscious mind seems to be awake is the remote mind. The conscious mind is basically the ego (emotions, attachments, and mental habits) trying to avoid death, and generally due to overindulging itself during the day it becomes almost comatose at night. This is the mental deficiency that unworlding seeks to correct and that must be corrected in order for you to become proficient at unworlding.

CONSENSUS REALITY is caused by agreement among a number of people, including various ways of agreeing to gloss over and deny the existence of disagreements and to reinforce or just plain enforce agreements. The more individuals join in a consensus belief system or other agreement, the more undeniably solid the reality that is generated. Consensus realities are greatly assisted in their formation by gravity and other forms of violence. The Earthville Mental Institution is not the only example of a consensus reality, it's just an extreme example, especially due to the large numbers of individuals on earth today using the same monopolized business structures, languages, religions, education systems, etc. Consensus realities also exist in the Unworld, but there is a trend among earthling unworlders these days to consider 'consensus realities' to be 'real' while one's personal symbolic Unworld experiences such as 'non-lucid dreams' are just dreams or fantasies. Actually the word 'consensus' just implies agreement and not solidity, physicality, proof of undeniability, or the intelligence of the masses who voted yes. It is hard to believe that so many unworlders are obsessed with proving things when the whole point of experiencing unworlding to begin with is to learn how to have real experiences that could never be proven and that's what's so desirable about those kinds of experiences to begin with. Leaving the trap of physicality must be scarier than people think, if they can't wait to get back from the Unworld to find out how many of their Facebook friends are willing to vote on whether they really experienced what they remember experiencing. Also called 'the Collective Average'.

CONTINUOUSLY PAYING ATTENTION is a Daytime Practice and one of the Frawmbickly Acts, the balancing of threeness or attachment vs. memory, two competing reflections of 3ness. By getting into the habit of Noticing what's going on around me and engaging all my physical senses instead of chattering to myself about junk that doesn't matter, I hope this skill might also transfer to the equally difficult process of going to sleep without giving up awareness and retaining awareness for a long time in a lucid unworlding. Also called ADA or All Day Awareness.

CONTRARY BEINGS are a minority in Earthville which accounts for such classes of being as prophets, revolutionaries and annoying twits on soapboxes including, in our times, the class of beings who are taught to use 'assburger syndrome' as an excuse for always wanting their whiny minority vote to be counted twice. While Typicals enter life without a clue, Contrary Beings enter life without ignorance, and the Typicals who surround them make a point of trying to beat the unignorance out of them. The purpose of being born a Contrary Being instead of a Typical is that knowledge of the greater reality is supposed to keep us from getting stuck here. Contraries come here to learn a set of skills called unworlding and then use Earthville as a launching pad to something better. Unfortunately many of them don't live long enough to get these lessons learned. That's OK because there are infinite versions of each of us.

CRAWLING is one way of getting around in the Unworld. Flying is not the only thing we can do when unworlded. Since I've been having flying dreams my whole life, I devoted several lucid dreams to breaking the pattern of venting all my energy at once with a few seconds of soaring.

CROWN CHAKRA is the 8ness dream body, the 7th chakra, the color violet. This is the energy center of expansion from the human form outward into the Unworld. Upon escaping the human form through the crown chakra, the practitioner should be able to merge all his chakras or bodies into a single entity, the higher self or air chakra, which is the vehicle of the Miruvor or fully awakened being no longer trapped in the whirlpools of Earthville.

CURIOSITY and a sense of wonder or even awe are a part of the Magical Mindset. Curiosity is a sign that you're not dead yet. When Typicals spout nonsense like 'curiosity killed the cat,' they are just airing their fears. Of course curiosity did in fact kill the cat, but the cat didn't feel a thing and ended up in a better place, so what's there to complain about? Just because we have to go out with a shovel and scrape the poor thing off the highway doesn't mean the cat is suffering. Death only happens to others. Curiosity is a driving force, it is fuel. Get some and use it.

CWAHACOY is my personification of the 6ness dream body. 6ness can be described as noticing, appreciation, interest, enthusiasm, obsession, sexual desire, religious feelings, ecstasy, group activities, fun, etc. Cwahacoy stands for 'Crush Who Also Has A Crush On You.' Everyone has a 6ness dream body, generally of the opposite sex or whatever gender appeals to you. The feeling of being in the presence of Cwahacoy is unmistakable. Cwahacoy often appears in dreams to attract your attention and try to pull you into a more lucid plot. Sex appeal may or may not be involved, or it might start that way with the sexual interest becoming sublimated into more transcendent experiences. The overconsumption of energy by 6ness results in religious experiences without balance, addiction to peak experiences, addiction to anything pleasurable, etc. It's necessary to escape the whirlpool of 6ness, same as any other trap, so that your energy can be divided evenly among all the dream bodies. In this way, the future self can become your body of air which you can use as a vehicle for freedom.

CYNICISM is hoping to fail in order to get even with the jerks who don't believe in you. Not recommended. See also: Cut_Off_Nose_To_Spite_Face.

DANGER OF UNWORLDING There is only one known way to die physically in the Unworld, and it has to do with a place you can go, but it requires an expert unworlder to know about this place, find it, and get there. Read this account of a journey so deep that Monroe's heart almost stopped working while he was gone, in Robert Monroe's book Ultimate Journey. Kepple mentioned this phenomena several times near the end of FranksPosts but didn't reveal much about it. It's not a state one can go into by accident.

DAYLY DREAME is the act of waking up in the same recurring dream in the Earthville Mental Institution day after day and mistaking it for reality.

DAYTIME PRACTICES are preparatory for the real thing but can turn into the real thing spontaneously. The skills needed for unworlding are not easy to learn when your body is exhausted and your mind can't wait to drop the ball and forget. Nighttime is the worst time to learn anything because unconsciousness is needed in order for most people to rejuvenate. Daytime Practices revolve around the Frawmbickly Acts such as Blaffinveigle and Versapsect, i.e. shutting down the internal Babble and developing an attitude toward life and existence as an individual which might support rather than repel the Magical Mindset. Specific acts besides meditation and journalling include, most importantly, the Breath of Flight, Awakenings and Climbing the Beanstalk. All techniques should be practiced with a view to making them second nature so that when you get into the zone, you can robotically do the right thing and experience that conscious, controlled, extended unworlding you've always wanted. These techniques should be practiced as a dry run with no expectations. Such is Metsuke applied to the practice in general and one's attitude toward it; the balance between focus and detachment. Awakenings are also called microsleeps or little sleeps. Climbing the Beanstalk or simply practicing your 'Beanpole' refers to the sundry techniques which are supposed to pry you out of your body (and don't, unless you're ready to have that experience for some other reason). The purpose of the Beanpole is to keep your conscious mind occupied in a way that doesn't engage its usual Babble while your body becomes more and more irrelevant to what you're experiencing, so that you might lapse into so-called sleep and find yourself experiencing another place. Awakenings are similar and the two practices--Awakenings and Beanpole--will overlap. It's possible to experience a dozen or more Awakenings in one hour, and this will quickly increase your confidence in the existence of the Unworld, especially if you use the What-Just-Happened reality check in order to recall experiences outside of the usual configuration, lucid or not, which take place during little sleeps.

DEATH is the end of a life and life is 'file' spelled wrong. Outside the first-person experience of the file's contents, time has no strong hold, it's just used as an occasional tool as needed. So the notion that a person dies and then has various non-physical experiences and then gets reincarnated as a different person are wrong because they're based on human life as if time-bound human life was the be-all and end-all of experiences. We all have the same soul, which is pure awareness, and it does not enter or leave bodies; it opens and closes files. Life is a game in which awareness attempts to secure extended i.e. beyond-earth or even 'eternal' existence for a file, by playing that file or Troovammickle in a way that makes the file worth extending. But truly there is no need for any file to be extended indefinitely because playing files i.e. living lives is just a form of entertainment by the ultimiate connoisseur of fine entertainment: pure awareness, which Hindus call 'God'. Death, therefore, does not involve the ending of awareness and depending on the results of the game, some files can be extended such that death is like walking through a door into an unexpected reality. For example, science invents immortality and in your personal reality, death is not experienced, while in parallel realities they could be sobbing at your funeral and stuffing you in the ground. But for most files, death is a welcome release of unbesmirchable awareness. On the other hand, due to the turn of events or what people call 'karma,' things can go sour during the playing of a file and it's entirely possible to rerun the game and make different decisions while playing the same individual file or Troovammickle. The most general statement that can be made factually about death is that we don't experience our own death; other people experience our death: we suddenly go missing from reality. Awareness is infinity and there's only one soul, so we are not damaged or traumatized by death, and certainly not killed by it, so death does not in fact have any great hold on anyone. It's just the bugaboo of the human form.

DEEPENING and MAINTAINING--also called stabilization--are any methods used to make the unworlding experience longer and more vivid, detailed, and realistic. Most of the techniques involve engaging more of the 5+ senses including sense of motion, or other means of participating in the action including leaving the scene and creating a different one or changing some part of the scene or a dream character. The most obvious way to start deepening and maintaining once you realize you're unworlded is to start touching things, looking briefly at different parts of the scene, and according to the principle of Metsuke, keeping an even keel, not focusing too much on any one thing, and keeping a panoramic viewpoint.

DEILD or Dream-Exit-Induced Lucid Dream is the act of waking up from a dream, remaining as motionless as possible while keeping the mind quiet, and going back to sleep quickly while reviewing the last dream you had or another pre-planned dream scene. The result is almost always a dream with content similar to the one you kept in mind while going back to sleep, and experienced unworlders claim a high rate of lucidity from this routine also. I believe that the universal power of Chaining or 3ness is the active ingredient of DEILD, so I just call it Chaining.

DENORMOPIA is the loss of identification with the usual conscious mind and physical world memories, loss of connection from thought to thought, and loss of logicality/orderliness in the thought process. This loss of lucidity allows the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World to dissolve into a disassociated dreamworld where nothing matters. Denormopia is a signal that an unworlder will watch for, knowing that within seconds after Noticing the first illogical thought appear, he could slip into unconsciousness without warning. Watching for this illogicality of thinking is as easy as any technique and easier than most, so it should be practiced with enthusiasm as it should help to build the skill needed to go through the Urumara with full consciousness.

DETACHMENT is a balanced 3ness, since attachment or joining together of separate things is 3ness and since we humans take attachments to an extreme. In particular, a phenomenon or skill called Metsuke is the balancing of focus and detachment which helps practitioners hold an image for a longer time when learning to interact with images in altered states of consciousness. An obsession with detachment, on the other hand, might be called apathy.

DILD or dream-induced-lucid-dream is a lucid unworlding which starts from a non-lucid unworlding. DILD is not a technique, for example, like MILD or FILD; it's a starting place like WILD or DEILD. DILD starts from a dream, WILD starts from a waking state, and DEILD starts from having just woken up.

DIMENSIONALITY is one of the most basic neutral descriptions of 3ness. While pseudo-scientists argue about whether there are four, seven, eleven, or infinite dimensions, those of us who pay Attention to what's going on around us are well aware that there are only three dimensions: length, height, and depth. Time is not a dimension; if so, where is it on the ruler, yardstick or any other device that can measure the other three dimensions. Threeness or dimensionality is the world of objects, and dimensions are measurements for objects. Anything that can be measured is an object. Even a so-called two-dimensional image such as a picture on a screen is really a three-dimensional object with a thickness or depth of zero. Dimensionality is another word for solidity or physicality.

DIRECT METHOD of unworlding or phasing as termed by Michael Raduga is the same thing as WILD or wake-induced-lucid-dreaming. This is when you get unworlded from a waking state, while in contrast, for example, DILD is getting unworlded from a non-lucid dream state and DEILD--Raduga's indirect method--is getting unworlded from a dream exit, or having just woken up. WILD takes longer to learn for most people than the other unworlding techniques but the basic skills are the same, it's the starting place that's different. As with any other starting-place, mindset takes precedence over method. Once it's mastered, WILD is the easiest and most natural method since it doesn't rely on chance as much as getting unworlded from the dream state. Those who have taken the trouble to learn WILD usually find it the most reliable place to start from, while many also report that the experience is more vivid and satisfying. Like most or all of the techniques, WILD is said to more likely get results if practiced after some restful sleep instead of at bedtime. However, my first WILD took place ten minutes after I lay down, on a night when my body was subject to REM rebound due to sleep deprivation. I have seldom practiced WILD when I am supposed to--in the wee hours--because I find it easier to achieve the right balance of sleepfulness and wakefulness if I go to bed early than if I wake up early. But most important is unbending enthusiasm.

DISCOMFORT of the physical body in choice of sleeping position should be adjusted so that you're comfortable enough to go to sleep, but uncomfortable enough to remain vigilant instead of dropping off into a deep sleep. Mental discomfort as well as physical discomfort, depending on the level of discomfort, the situation, and the individual, can also result in vigilance. For example, sleeping in a bed, chair, position, building or room you aren't used to sleeping in can act like a sort of soft alarm clock, keeping the conscious mind from going to sleep all the way.

DISTRACTIONS when trying to get unworlded should be welcomed as exercise machines. If there is noise, and you mentally convert the children playing noisily outside your window into a herd of unworlding sprites singing you unworlding lullabies while they sprinkle you with pixie dust, then your chances of getting into the Magical Mindset and getting unworlded are greater than if the distraction had not existed. I have found that unworlding practice is greatly assisted by adopting the attitude that other people's noise is never your problem. I don't use earplugs, but sometimes if I'm not in the mood to ignore noise, I will put on a sound loop of shamanic drums at 4 beats per second, waterfall or rain sounds, or all three. White noise is OK too. I don't get too involved in binaural beats but I listen to them from time to time. Listening to sounds with headphones works better than just using earplugs because it takes a pro-active part in your practice by not only covering up distracting sounds but also keeping you somewhat mentally engaged and even waking you up from time to time, like a ramp timer. I also like to wear a sleep mask if there's any light in the room. The other cool thing about distractions is that an inner distraction can pull the ever-grasping conscious mind away from its normal meddlesome activity of keeping you from lapsing into the first person perspective by always drawing Attention to itself. The Dream Usher is always trying to distract the 2-3-4 without putting it to sleep all the way. Distractions are the demonized, underrated secret tools of the unworlder who is not fooled into training himself to be incapable of achieving success when others are around.

DO SOMETHING when you find yourself unworlded. You should have an Intent Agenda well in place before you go to sleep, and you should write it in your dream journal regularly so you will remember it when you need to. Trying to remember what you were supposed to do doesn't usually go too well, because the conscious mind functions in a slimmed-down version in the Unworld in order to share awareness with the other members of the Soul Retinue. Sitting around thinking will usually land you back in the Nowhere thinking you've woken up in your bed. If you can't remember your Intent Agenda, don't worry about it, just start moving around and looking at things in brief glances.

DON JUAN MATUS In Castaneda's books, Juan Matus is the full name of Carlos' teacher whom he usually calls 'don Juan'. The word 'don' preceding a name is a title of respect for males in the Spanish language. It is widely thought that don Juan was more or less fictional.

DOUBLENESS It was dreaming coach Patricia Garfield who first pointed out in her classic book Creative Dreaming that our dream scenes are often tinged by a sense of doubleness, the feeling that we have already done something and are now doing it again. This is probably the same thing as deja vu, and my guess is that when we dream, our parallel selves in the parallel worlds closest to us will be having very similar dreams. Sometimes a dreamer will remember more than one version of the same dream, making it impossible to record the dream in a logical time frame without cheating and imposing one. This just means we can and do dream more than one version of the same basic theme 'simultaneously,' although using time words to describe things that happen outside of time is kinda hopeless. Robert Monroe wrote about being given dream assignments in which he would be given a problem to solve in a dream, and each time he solved it wrong, his memory would be blanked temporarily and he would start over, repeating the lesson till he got it right. This sounds to me like he has forced a narrative description on what happens to all of us--basically a kind of deja vu in the Unworld--with his predilection for interpreting everything as schoolish in some way. My opinion is that doubleness and deja vu are just slippings out of time into a perspective that can view a timeline from outside. See J. W. Dunne.

DREAM BED is a special place to perform unworldings. I am told that recliners are the best, but there's also something to be said for not developing dependencies without which one has a reverse placebo effect lying to him and telling him how hard it is to get unworlded.

DREAM BODIES are personifications of the energy centers or chakras. There is a body corresponding to each of the Seven harmonics of awareness 2ness through 8ness, as well as the body of air or the higher self which corresponds to 9ness. These are the overtones of awareness or oneness, and it's convenient to call them 'bodies' since they can be personified as entities in dreams and other unworldings, either as your own dream body having the first person perspective, or one of your other dream bodies in an OBE which you can merge with and separate from, or as dream characters. The goal is to merge the Seven which synthesizes the transcendent air chakra, the mythical 8th chakra, the Miruvor, and use that body of air as a vehicle to freedom.

DREAM JOURNAL is a prerequisite for most people in order to wake up the dream bodies and get them organized and watching out for each others' common interest, which is lucidity. Being able to Pay Attention Continuously while the physical reality is shut down doesn't happen automatically because we go to sleep for a reason and we assume that our minds will not be needed til we wake up. By keeping a detailed journal of everything that can be remembered from the night's unworlding activities, lucid or not, the dream bodies are put on notice that their comings and going are of interest to each other. Sensing the potential of merging into one being--the Miruvor--they get focused on this task. When you keep a dream journal, your dream recall improves dramatically, along with the vividness of your dreams, the coherency and relevance of the plots and symbols, even the lucidity of the other characters in the dream, because for the most part these characters are your dream bodies interacting with each other.

DREAM NOUNS are people, places, events, objects, attitudes, etc. encountered in the Unworld. These things are generally your dream bodies trying to communicate with you, trying to help you gain your freedom. Your task is to recognize them as such.

DREAM OF THE DAY is a method I thought up for staying in the dream recall business while I was temporarily burned out on the whole idea of dream journalling: choose a single dream scene from the previous night's unworldings and recall it with single-pointed focus, over and over during the day. This was supposed to replace dream journalling, and it worked as long as I remained enthusiastic, but the sheer bulk of the experiences that I was ignoring and forgetting kinda got to me, as well as the fact that the method no longer had any benefit to me once I lost my initial enthusiasm for it, which is typical with new techniques due to the Placebo Effect. I have now returned to Dream Recall itself as the goal, and any way of making that happen is OK. I consider Dream Recall the most important part of my practice.

DREAM RECALL is hard for people who don't practice unworlding because we remember experiences we have in configuration z while we're in configuration z, but when we return to configuration 'make money, go to work, feed kids, get laid' etc., somehow dream recall suffers mightily. The solution is to keep a dream journal, read it, transcribe it, study it, classify it, read it again, type it again, and most of all, upon awakening, go over every detail of your dreams. Expert unworlders can also tell their experiences to other dream characters before waking up. Lack of dream recall is a symptom of lack of interest in the Unworld. It's OK to take a break from unworlding, and if you stop recording your dreams altogether, you probably will take a break from unworlding.

DREAM USHER is your fiveness dream body, also called the heart chakra, which in Synfonemia is the fourth overtone. The Dream Usher is often experienced as a place or a state of being with many names such as the Nowhere, the Void, the 3D Blackness, etc. It is the way out of the prison of earth life, despite the automatic fear that it seems to engender on sight. It is the intermediate state that leads to all other states, thus the glue that holds alternate realities together. The Dream Usher is the personification of the Nowhere. As the guide to anywhere, it is the center of our being, and often pops up at the end of a dream before we wake up in the Nowhere ready for the next dream.

DREAMS are unworldings. Non-lucid dreams are non-lucid unworldings. Lucid dreams are lucid unworldings. Life is a dream; for most people it's a long, ultra-recurrent, non-lucid dream heavily influenced by consensus reality. I say that life, as a dream, is generally non-lucid because we generally don't realize we're dreaming, but this varies from person to person and from time to time. At one time I wanted to find a word to replace the word 'dream' but gave up on that.

DRINK THE KOOL-AID (DON'T) refers to the process by which a naive or gullible practitioner accepts the bad with the good from a philosophical system instead of taking what he can use and leaving the rest. Related to lock-stock-and-barrel or non-critical acceptance of the whole ball of wax and going the whole hog. 'Don't drink the kool-aid' is a reference to the Jonestown suicide of 900 people by drinking poison kool-aid at the direction of the cult leader Jim Jones. Jones was a charismatic individual who was corrupted by the power he had over people and by the prescription drugs he was taking.

DRY RUN is a practice of Metsuke in which you do a method such as Vac-U-Move with no attachment to results (not emotional about whether or not immediate unworlding results) while fully occupying the Moment, taking full responsibility for what you have decided to do with your time, and enjoying the experience for its own sake. In this way, you can teach yourself how one might behave when you do find yourself in the zone and ripe for unworlding, instead of worrying about whether you're getting your money's worth or not, for the time spent in practice. As a practice of Metsuke, approaching techniques as a dry run is not apathy, but rather a balance of focus and detachment which leads to the ability to see the big picture. Otherwise you wouldn't know a sweet spot if it slapped you in the face.

DRY SPELL is the length of time between noteworthy unworldings. It's a term I don't like, but I haven't replaced it yet. It's OK to refer to a dry spell of the past, but to say that you are currently having a dry spell is not a good idea, especially if you are counting the days, weeks, or months that the dry spell has lasted. This is the wrong attitude. I have no proof for this, it's just an intuitive hunch. For one thing, all dreams are unworldings, but with less lucidity. So to say you're in a dry spell indicates a lack of appreciation, which means you need to turn up the 6ness in your practice and stop thinking so much.

DUAL CONSCIOUSNESS is a common experience when unworlded since we are always trading first person perspective back-and-forth among our various dream bodies. In order to prevent dual consciousness, two or more of your dream bodies can merge. This is a common experience since most people experience the human form as a merging of 2ness, 3ness, and 4ness or the 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World.

DUALITY is a reflection of 2ness. Some example of dualities are black and white, good and bad, happy and sad, here and there, capitalism and socialism. People often assume that something must fit one category or the other, when in fact--as my mentor Mr. Murray used to tell me--the world is really shades of gray, not black and white at all, i.e. multifaceted and fluid. But duality is always a temptation to fall into because it's an easy answer, and it's easy because the world, thus the body and mind, are in fact created by duality, by 2ness, by the division of pure awareness or oneness into parts. Other reflections of 2ness include separation, emotion, and identity.

EAGLE (THE) was Carlos Castaneda's regurgitation of the Catholicism he'd been taught as a Peruvian youth. Essentially the idea was that anyone who doesn't learn to assemble his own worlds with his own Attention while he's alive on earth will be 'eaten by the Eagle' at death, i.e. his consciousness will be mixed back into the consciousness-at-large that is the undifferentiated infinity or oneness from which everything is made. This isn't far from the truth since we all have the same soul; there is only one soul and it is pure awareness or infinity, while our identities are just files that infinity opens in order to take a look at itself. The problem with the Eagle as a philosophy is the same as the problem with the philosophy of reincarnation: these notions assume that time has some power over infinity. Which it doesn't; infinity owes allegiance to nothing including time. So the fact is that 'when we die' has no meaning as a notion because death is only an illusion local to earth reality systems while awareness cannot be damaged or killed. The real purpose of the Eagle was to scare people into buying books so that Carlos could continue the lifestyle of a cult leader supporting a harem of amazon warrior women living at his compound in the wilds of Los Angeles.

EARTHVILLE is a cosmic mental institution where individuals not suited for freedom in the universe at large the Unworld are able to freely explore the human form instead. Also known as the 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World because the solid, time-ordered reality we return to upon each Awakening from the Unworld is addicted to overconsumption of energy and thus functions as a trap, a series of whirlpools that traps our Attention. There is a reason for the Earthville thought prison to exist. In the Unworld, uncontrolled thoughts and emotions immediately manifest as your environment, your reality setting, so if you think about a monster attacking you, a monster will attack you. But here in Earthville our thoughts don't manifest instantly because we are trapped together with a great many other individuals and solidity here is a matter of agreement among many intersecting worlds. This is all motivated by the panicked condition of the 2-3-4 who thinks it must monopolize as much energy as it can find for use in sustaining solidity, or else it--the individual--will no longer exist. Therefore, due to time, solidity, and identity being turned up so high that our 5ness body or Flow can't get its hands on our energy, we are prisoners of our own conscious minds until we irreversibly retrain our conscious mind to share its hoarded energy with 5ness so that 5ness can do its job, as the Dream Usher and the heart chakra and the center of our being, by redistributing our energy evenly among all seven dream bodies. When this is finally accomplished, the 9ness dream body, our higher self, is synthesized into the body of air, our vehicle of freedom. Thus we are fortunately imprisoned here by our thoughts because outside of this place is no place for prisoners of their thoughts to be. We wouldn't like being imprisoned in the Unworld, which is exactly what Earthville is: a prison within the Unworld, literally an offshoot of the Unworld. So our goal is to become Prisoners Nowhere, or Miruvors.

ECSTASY can take place in the physical configuration, but it's likely to make you dizzy and unstable, and may even result in flights of fancy and/or physical variations in the force of gravity in your general location. The word, from ekstasis, means 'cause you to stand outside yourself'. Oddly enough, the word 'exist' comes from a very similar root meaning. Ecstasy also tends to be accompanied by flight and other gravity fluctuations in the Unworld.

EDUCATIONISM is what happens when education is besmirched by its ties to capitalism. In the context of a perpetually failing economy where rich people are getting richer and richer, fear is used more and more to preach louder and louder that an education is all that's needed to procure for a slave the high wages that all slaves think they deserve. Meanwhile, since parents don't have time to raise their own children, mass hypnosis through the news and entertainment media raise children to be mindless consumers. With no parenting being done, education takes over to mold character badly and without passion. This in turn displaces basic teaching of actual skills from education's priorities and makes education unattractive to anyone who doesn't like the feel of the slimy, clammy hand of the Corporatocracy fiddle-fucking with his mind.

THE EIGHTH CHAKRA is my newest synonym for the higher self, the future self, the body of air, the 9ness body, 9ness, the 8th overtone of reality, the 9th harmonic of awareness, the Miruvor, etc. Since this body is really the synthesis of the seven chakras working in cooperation with each other, I'd guess that the so-called physical body is created by the seven chakras not working in harmony with each other, that is, with the 2-3-4 combo hogging most of the energy.

ELEMENTS OF REALITY is another name for harmonics of awareness. Like water, which breaks down into the elements hydrogen and oxygen, reality is composed of elemental notions which then combine and recombine in complex patterns to form a reality which is made of thoughts.

EMOTION is a reflection of fear, the primal emotion. If a feeling is not based in some way on fear, it is not a dualistic emotion, but something else. All emotion is 2ness. In general, emotion is a reaction to the difference between one's should and one's is, and the intensity of the emotion is the amplitude of that difference.

ENERGY is such a basic thing in the world that when they make a strong assertion about it, they tend to call their assertion a 'law'. Energy comes in many forms. When it transforms from one kind of energy to another, it's called 'work'. Undifferentiated energy is infinite so it can't be created or destroyed, but due to the fact that limitation itself, or twoness, is what creates worlds, in any given place or form there is only so much energy actually available for use. Energy is a reflection of oneness, just as pure awareness is, while the harmonics of awareness reflect and distort this pure energy as its various forms. The harmonics of awareness are the most basic types of energy while physical forms of energy such as kinetic and potential refer mainly to the solid world. Underneath it all, it seems that everything in the human world is a vibration of some kind.

ENLIGHTENMENT is when you stop seeking answers externally and develop a relationship among your seven dream bodies such that all seven of you have the nourishment needed and can learn how to cooperatively discover the answers you need for yourself. The commercial version(s) of enlightenment sold by gurus and teachers exist because people are naive enough to pay for them.

ENERGY DRINK or energizing liquid nourishment is straight from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, where it was called 'Miruvor'. I accidentally adopted this term as a composite of 'mirror warrior' when I needed a name for the future self or higher self or ideal transcendant version of the practitioner. So in my books, Miruvor can have two meanings, depending on context.

ENERGY SENSATIONS such as the Vibes, sleep paralysis, the Vertigo, the Floating Yawn, visual and auditory spillage from the Unworld to your bedroom, fear of not being able to sleep, the Intruder Alert, etc. are normal symptoms of being in the Projection Room, especially during and right after going through the Urumara into the Projection Room proper. In the intake chamber of the Projection Room--the Green Room--these sensations are usually limited to detailed hypnagogic images and Screenshots.

EQUANIMITY is a balanced, non-reactive state of mind which seeks to remain at peace and unruffled instead of using the many excuses that are available to get sucked into the maelstrom of the human experience with all its melodrama and emotionalism. Maintaining equanimity at night when you plan to get unworlded is obviously essential, but maintaining equanimity the rest of the time is the more powerful practice since it rubs off on the nighttime practice, while trying to learn new habits in your sleep is nearly impossible.

ERICKSON M.D., MILTON H. was the founder of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He was a psychiatrist who had a large influence on modern forms of family therapy and brief psychotherapeutic maneuvers focusing on quick or pragmatic change of behavior vs. the more typical analytical or Freudian long-term therapy that was more common in his day. The belief that Erickson could induce instant change in anyone by simply observing them for a few minutes is a myth propagated in part by followers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, which was a popular attempt to formulize Erickson's mysterious techniques. Erickson was the sort of hypnotherapist that could, for example, induce deep trance without the 'you are getting sleepy' cliche routine, or train dentists in how to do their work without anaesthesia. He custom-designed approaches specific to each individual who came to him. He was a one-of-a-kind, and developed his deeply intuitive and often obliquely applied skills despite physical handicaps. He lived in or near the Sonora Desert of Arizona.

ESCAPE VELOCITY is Robert Monroe's term for getting off the Earthville spacetime merry-go-round. While Monroe and many others believe that we are either enrolled or trapped in cycles of reincarnation from which we must 'graduate,' I disagree. I believe that we ended up trapped in Earthville due to weather patterns and can leave any time we develop the needed skill to get unworlded at will. At this point, we experience the Miruvorning Vroombelleration: we don't have to come back. While others could experience this as our death or disappearance or turning into a ball of light and flying away, the experiencer might just find himself walking down a road somewhere, open to the unknown and no longer held back by fear. What happens next is all conjecture. It's extremely unlikely that our unworlding experiences are accurate forays into an 'afterlife' because outside of Earthville you can't even stay unless you turn down time in order to be there, and turn down time some more in order to stay there. So the 'after' part of 'afterlife' is incongruent and the 'life' part isn't much better since life is physical... and weren't we talking about non-physical experience? What unworlders and mystics and NDE'rs mistake for reincarnation is really the merging of one's Attention into a life or file other than the one you're accustomed to lately. Since it's possible to merge with any file--especially one that you resonate strongly with--it's easy to be fooled into thinking that you're also someone else once you've experienced their life. But in fact there is only one awareness, so we are all reincarnations of each other. Take time out of the equation, and there literally isn't such a thing as velocity or momentum, either one.

EUPHORIA in dreams is evidence of a strong connection or merging with 6ness, of which appreciation, enjoyment, and Noticing are reflections. It's possible to feel no euphoria in an unworlding or after one, but this is rare, especially for beginners, unless the lucidity is very tenuous.

EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS is one of those things that we don't see for being in the thick of it, but if you look back at what sort of artifacts were left behind by deceased cultures, it should be obvious that the human of today developed from something that was not a human of today. Best to study The Evolution of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes.

EXIT is the experience of seeing, feeling or otherwise sensing yourself leaving your physical body and/or merging with a dream body. This is the classic interpretation of unworlding. The sensation makes such an impression on people that unworlding has been divided into two categories of phenomena, the out-of-body experience or OBE which usually includes a conscious exit, and the lucid dream which doesn't. Except that WILD or wake-induced-lucid-dream is identical to OBE exit directly from a waking state, in all respects, which is someone that true believers on both sides of the fence refuse to look at. In my case, my first classic OBE exits came in a logical order of difficulty: unconsciously (I woke up in the unworlded state and saw my body lying in bed), falling out of bed and surprisingly not hitting the floor, rolling out, shooting out at high speed during a dream, and finally the more sophisticated Just-Stand-Up exit technique. Please be aware that we are not in a body because it will just slow you down to try to get out of your body. But at the same time, do not make the mistake of not using an exit technique when one is called for. These phenomena are all reflections of underlying realities which should be used as tools when the opportunity presents itself, but obsessing on achieving any particular exit technique is almost a guarantee of failure. Exits happen effortlessly when you are in the right mindset, because unworlding is the most natural thing in the world.

FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE is awareness because everything is made of awareness and only awareness is real. Awareness is also called pure awareness, Source, the Tao, Oneness, God, infinity, etc. I say "universes " (plural) because it's obvious to anyone who's paying attention that an individual can only perceive his own universe, which is evidence enough that we all exist in our own separate universe. Your universe and mine only intersect, they don't necessarily share any more reality than what they co-perceive during and due to interaction. The fact that your universe and mine are separate is the basis of the notion that death is a mental invention to explain someone's disappearance and/or expiration from your universe, but you, as an individual, don't die or cease to exist based on what we think we perceive about other peoples' tendency to wear out and go away.

FACTS are simple and facts are straight. Facts are lazy and facts are late. Facts all come with points of view. Facts don't do what I want them to. Facts just twist the truth around. Facts are living turned inside out. (Talking Heads, "Crosseyed and Painless")

FALSE AWAKENINGS are not really false, but they are awakenings from dream to dream, with either, both or neither dream being lucid. Like awakening into your physical bed, a false awakening represents a trip through the Urumara, the borderline between sleep and waking, non-lucid and lucid, lucid and more lucid, etc. When you realize that 'waking up in bed' is always a false awakening, then you are a Miruvor and ready to make your get-away.

FAMILIARITY is a Fogjogger in unworldings designed to make you lucid or more lucid. It is a reflection of 3ness since 3ness is about memory, similarity, likeness, attraction, attachment. In the Unworld we tend to remember people, places and events because we resonate with them. We are all a reincarnation of everybody, since there is only one soul, and since memory, likeness, and attraction are all reflections of 3ness, there is no important difference between remembering some stranger in a dream and being drawn to them for any conceivable reason.

FEAR is born from the separation of one's identity from the undifferentiated raw awareness that attempts to describe oneness. All emotion is born from fear. Narxing, which is the ongoing sense that something is wrong or missing, is related. This is really a large topic. I wish I hadn't even brought it up.

FEAR BARRIER is a phenomena discussed by Robert Monroe in his first book, Journeys Out of the Body. It is the equivalent of our overreaction to sleep paralysis and other unusual and unexpected energy sensations and hallucinations that we experience when learning how to alter our own state of awareness.

FIELD EFFECT is still another way that the Dream Usher or heart chakra or the Nowhere appears in unworldings. Any extended area of homogeneous visual effect, large or small, can represent an experience or confrontation with the Nowhere. This can include a wall, a floor, rug, ceiling, sheet of plywood, side of a building, lawn, field, sheet of glass or water, a window, an aquarium, a glass jar full of little beads, etc. Additionally, staring at a field of any kind can help induce direct experience of the field effect as a form of Metsuke. Defocus the gaze and use a panoramic point-of-view, and nothing can be turned into anything.

FILD or Fingerwiggling-Induced Lucid Dreaming is a form of Chaining since the finger motion used while going to sleep is so small that the intention to wiggle the fingers overrides the physical motion, and this intention carries over into the unworlded state. If you've trained yourself to ask yourself 'What Just Happened?' upon awakening from small lapses of sleep, you can experience many remarkable phantom wiggles (Michael Raduga's term) and Jerks and/or 'hypnagogic twitches' when practicing FILD. Like DEILD this technique is said by unworlders to trigger an unusually large number of lucid episodes.

FIRST-PERSON PERSPECTIVE is the Attention of the individual as a location. Since individuals are separate from the whole, awareness is perceived as their own and used as a tool for gazing out upon the phenomena of the Moment. But since the individual has seven dream bodies, first-person perspective can be passed from body to body like a ball. The phenomenon of dual-consciousness can take place when one's bodies are merging and unmerging with each other.

FLYING AIR GAME is an attitude toward the practice of learning unworlding which tries to see components of the practice in a balanced light by recognizing the seriousness of the endeavor of discovering step-by-step how to escape the Earthville Mental Institution in a self-made Body of Air. The game is taken seriously by the practitioner's trying to win; while taking it all with a grain of salt and a sense of humor and recognizing that we are ultimately not prisoners of time or belief systems. This leads back to the balancer of all belief systems: the universe is not broken and we are pure awareness which cannot be damaged.

FLYING DREAMS are dreams of transcending the prison of the human form. Dreaming of flying or riding in a machine or any kind of conveyance is symbolic of this. All these vehicles are symbolic of the experience you are having of being merged with dream bodies whose abilities transcend those of your typically trapped solid body. Generally there is no distinction between you and the vehicle, as your body and the vehicle it rides in are symbols of the same thing.

FOCUS 10 is Robert Monroe's name for what he also calls 'mind awake, body asleep'. This is a pre-transition or pre-Urumara zone which I liken to the last part of the Tunnel in which Spontaneous Noticing of images can occur. I don't recall learning from Monroe's books or TMI manuals that one can re-enter the Tunnel, by going backwards through the Urumara, without physically waking up. This is non-REM or NREM sleep and the charactaristic unworldings of this type of experience will be thought dreams, or dream plots with little or no visual and other sensory component. It's also unlikely that REM atonia (experienced consciously by some as sleep paralysis) will be in effect during non-REM sleep.

FOCUS 21 is Robert Monroe's name for the Nowhere or the void, the door to anywhere. The Nowhere is also the heart chakra, which is the central member of the chakra family and thus the center of our being. The Nowhere is also 5ness, the fifth harmonic of awareness a.k.a. the 4th chakra or the fourth overtone of awareness. The color of the Nowhere in dream symbology is often green, such as a green wall, door, or carpet. I often experience the Nowhere as beige, gray, white or black. Clouds or fog or large homogeneous surfaces such as a sheet of plywood painted white or a concrete wall. Screens, mirrors, sky, picture windows. Shiny things.

FOCUS LEVELS including Focus 3, Focus 10, Focus 12, and Focus 21 were created by Robert Monroe to refer to landmarks on the way to the Unworld. His other focus levels were places within the Unworld and Monroe's personal experience of these places has unfortunately been adopted as a religion by TMI followers (TMItes). Monroe gave his focus levels vague, meaningless names on purpose as a way of penciling-in these places on the map, but this kind of subtlety doesn't catch on with the crowd, which is after easy answers and final solutions. For this reason, based on Frank Kepple's descriptions of Monroe's focus levels which were much more detailed than Monroe's, I have renamed Focus 3 as 'Forced Noticing', Focus 10 as 'Spontaneous Noticing', Focus 12 as 'the Projection Room', and Focus 21 as 'the Nowhere' in hopes that my names will be more self-explanatory than Monroe's vague names. For some reason--probably in order to avoid discussing sleep paralysis very much--Monroe did not include his 'fear barrier' in his focus levels, but I have renamed this 'the Urumara'.

FOGJOGGER is a phenomenon that tends to get us lucid, such as odd or out of place things, anything that makes us wonder and question, detailed interactions or reading material or pictures; also called General Lucidity Triggers or lucidity cues. As opposed to Personal Lucidity Objects which might make me lucid but have no meaning to you. In either the personal or general category, the level of lucidity can be either indicated or caused to increase, so the trigger could be just a gauge or both a gauge and a catalyst. I think the best term for this category is catalyst but lucidity cues is commonly used.

FORCED FALLING ASLEEP is one of Michael Raduga's many contributions to the field of unworlding. It's a practice whereby you pretend you're falling asleep very quickly for a few seconds, and then carry on with whatever other induction you're doing. It has the tendency of augmenting the power of any method that follows it, so you should use it if you lack confidence momentarily. Just pretend to go to sleep for a few seconds, and then mentally turn around and intend to stay at the borderline of sleep instead of disappearing over the horizon. If unworlding is the train, and you get the feeling you've just missed the train, forced falling asleep is the ticket. It's like a magical binoculars that helps you catch up with--for example--a retreating REM state that you botched when you woke up by moving around too much.

FORGETTORY is like memory, and is just as useful. I'll let you try and figure out what it is, as its meaning has apparently slipped my mind and landed in more fertile soil.

FRACTIONAL GRADUATED INDUCTION is a term in hypnosis referring to the practice of taking the subject to a light trance, bringing him part of the way out, then taking him deeper, bringing him part of the way out, taking him deeper, and repeating all this over and over to eventually induce a very deep trance. There is no difference between unworlding and self-hypnosis, so serious students of unworlding might learn more from studying master hypnotists like Milton Erickson than by studying the repetitive literature on OBE and lucid dreams.

FRAWMBICKLE or Frawmbickly Act is a non-routine act that requires effort in order to overcome interia. Compare this with a Frumbessle which is an act that is done automatically under the power of inertia or habit. The purpose of making an effort is to break out of the Earthville prison or the human form.

FREEDOM is not what we think it is. It is certainly not privacy. It is certainly not unending indulgence. When you learn what freedom is, and what it's good for, you might be the first to know. One thing we can be sure of: freedom, like regularity, is neither well understood, properly appreciated, nor predictable.

FROTH (THE) is a place on the map of mental states that is equivalent to Earthville or the 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World, i.e. the conscious mind with its babbling monkey mind internal dialog. In order to enter the Tunnel that leads to the Urumara and thence to the Unworld, you have to leave the Froth behind, that is, stop talking to yourself. You can't Notice images if you won't leave the Froth behind. The Froth can also be seen as the planetary version of the individual's personal internal chatter. Robert Monroe said he experienced this while unworlding and called it the H Band noise. He had to get through it quickly in order to visit deeper parts of the Unworld. I experienced something similar as a child with chronic insomnia. I learned that when I started to hear the ceaseless chatter of an infinite crowd of human voices, I was about to fall asleep.

FRUMBESSLE (THE) or Frumbessly Acts are routine, thus relatively effortless actions taken out of habit. Frumbessling has its own inertia or momentum; it requires effort to interrupt what we normally would have done anyway in order to plunge into the unknown in spite of the fear and loathing that this might represent to the cowardly conscious mind. The hard work of breaking free of habits that own you is to be considered an investment, as energy is not destroyed; in some cases, this energy is stored and becomes available later when you need it, because you can generate Frawmbickly momentum, which is the opposite of Frumbessly momentum. Since learning to unworld at will is hard for most people, requiring power over one's mental habits, one method of unworlding is to tackle one's addictions, whatever they might be. This should normally be done one addiction at a time, unemotionally for the most part, and having infinite patience, knowing that it is not the habit itself that makes unworlding inaccessible, but the weakness sustained by walking through your day with the crutch of routine bearing you up most of the time.

FUNDAMENTAL vibration or tone is the frequency or pitch for which the vibration is named. In music it would be the lowest pitch of the complex sound heard and the loudest of the harmonics. For example, a piano string makes a complex tone, but it's named after the fundamental such as 'middle C' because the pitch of middle C is the loudest sound you hear. The fundamental is only the first harmonic of the tone. Tone quality differs due to varying volumes of the different harmonics. This is why an oboe and a flute sound so different, yet metaphysics has all but ignored harmonics while talking about vibrations all the time.

FUTURE SELF is another name for the higher self, the Miruvor, the synthesis in balance and harmony of all the Seven dream bodies and all their abilities. The future self isn't sitting around in the future waiting for you to get your act together and become him or her [sic]. The future self has no fixed gender or time orientation, no fixed anything, because he is also called the Freedom Ride: the Moment. When you learn to ride the Moment, you have total freedom to go anywhere, do anything, and not come back to your prison cell called 'life on earth' till you want to. The future self is also a useful image for the practitioner to look at in present time as a means of focusing his intentions, beliefs, and desires on goals of an unworlding nature. The Future Self is transcendant in the sense that he is not trapped anywhere, but he doesn't transcend the individual obsessions of the separate dream bodies such as identity and attachment and time, so much as he balances their various and varying energy requirements with his very being. Assisting greatly in this process is the 5ness dream body, the center of our being, the Dream Usher who moderates between the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World and the Uppers since these two factions of the being can get involved in dualistic territorial disputes over energy distribution, the money of the Unworld. All in all, the future self or Miruvor can't survive until all seven of its constituents are ready and able to harmonize and merge with each other.

GAMING THEORY of unworlding might relate to unworlding in at least three ways: 1) the literal belief that we are prisoners of the human form due to diabolical treachery like the movie Matrix, 2) the analogy of our quantum physics world resembling a video game as taught by Tom Campbell, and 3) my viewpoint which is that life is a game called Flying Air which involves making the right moves and trying to win, i.e. escape from the Earthville Mental Institution where we are temporarily retained by our own habitual configurations and for our good until we learn how to control our vehicles adequately to navigate the Unworld with some degree of volition and control.

GENERAL LUCIDITY TRIGGER is a phenomenon that tends to get us lucid, such as odd or out of place things, anything that makes us wonder and question, detailed interactions or reading material or pictures, anything of a general nature, also called Fogjoggers or lucidity cues. As opposed to Personal Lucidity Objects which might make me lucid but have no meaning to you. In either the personal or general category, the level of lucidity can be either indicated or caused to increase, so the trigger could be just a gauge or both a gauge and a trigger. I think the best term for this category is catalyst but lucidity cues is commonly used.

GLANCE OF GRACE is an event celebrated by some ancient traditions such as Sikhism in which the guru can induce a transcendent experience in the disciple just by looking at him. In my experience, my higher self, when I encounter him during a dream or other unworlding, tends to be close-lipped but every subtle expression on his face entrances me. He is silent and inexpressive in a way that makes me think that there is so much there that balance and control will prevent anything from spilling out by accident. Nothing said or done or looked at, etc., by the higher self should be considered random.

GO-TO-SLEEP-RIGHT is my new terminology for what used to be called the 'direct induction of OBE' (Raduga) or 'Wake-Induced-Lucid-Dreams' (WILD). This refers to getting to the Unworld using techniques that start from a fully awake state. This also applies to inductions that include a short lapse into unconsciousness while the practitioner transits the Urumara.

GRALTHY is a Frawmbickly Act, the balancing of expansion. Gralthification deals with the human need to accumulate and climb and gather by learning how to do it in a relaxed, detached way vs. the screeching neediness of the perfectionist or self-improvement addict who doesn't realize or appreciate that we have our ups and downs, and should, and need to. While Gralthy is a positive force, it doesn't try to delete negativity from the world, knowing that positive plus negative makes the world go 'round. Gathering momentum toward achieving our goal, i.e. gralthifying a miruvorning vroombelleration, is not the only thing we do, because that wouldn't work. A one-dimensional life doesn't fit a multi-dimensional goal. The rebound effect of all-out obsession is obnoxious to all who must witness and experience it, and the collateral damage is vast. Gralthy is somewhere between spiritual materialism and giving up; as far from these extremes as possible; thus, what we are really gathering is equilibrium.

GRATITUDE is an intensification of 6ness, which is in equilibrium at Noticing, increases to appreciation, gratitude, and escalates up to various levels of obsession. 6ness should be plain enjoyment without becoming the energy-wasting bottomless pit of addiction to a person, place, thing, sensation or activity.

GRAVITY The reason scientists can't figure out what causes gravity is that they take themselves too seriously. All kidding aside, gravity is just 3ness, the tendency of things to come together. Since 3ness is also solidity, physicality, and memory, no other explanation is needed.

GREEN Bright neon lime green in my dreams, as well as miscellaneous shades of green, are often associated with the Dream Usher, who is the personification of the Nowhere a.k.a. the heart chakra or 5ness, the power of Intent to create change.

GREEN RIPPER is how the Dream Usher formally introduced himself to me when I was in the hospital for two weeks with dengue fever. I had headaches 20 hours a day and wore a dark mask most of the time. I figured I should get my money's worth out of this enforced vacation so I practiced Noticing most of the time. One experience I had involved a little mechanical man with metal fold up legs who sucked the life out of me, and my departing essence appeared as a lime green fog passing between us. As my essence was removed, I saw myself turn into a large rubber man which wilted and then liquified and ran down a bathtub drain. Soon I was meeting the Dream Usher in dreams all the time. At first I generally met him with hostility, but I'm getting used to him so he generally appears to me as normal-looking folk. The color green is often associated with him and he is often driving some sort of get-away car or ambulance. I don't call him 'the Green Ripper' anymore since I think the name 'Dream Usher' sounds better and he is, after all, the center of my being, so why not be nice? His main job is to strip the conscious mind of wasteful bad habits that keep me stuck in the Earthville Mental Institution.

GREEN ROOM is the first part of the Projection Room, before exiting the Tunnel through the Urumara. In the Green Room you will see images very distinctly including Screenshots. On the other side of the Urumara in the Projection Room proper you will also hear aurages, feel feelages, slippages, movages, etc. The Projection Room is a reflection of fiveness, the heart chakra, and like the heart, it is a two-part pumping mechanism with an intake chamber--the Green Room--and a discharge chamber--the Projection Room proper. This mechanism is what pumps you through the Urumara if you get close enough to it or pushes you back to Earthville if it's time for the unworlding to end. That's why there's a point of no return as you get too close to the Urumara and literally fall into the Unworld, which is why we are said to 'fall' asleep, complete with the Vertigo felt as large amounts of energy are physically felt being distributed to the Remote Mind.

GUIDE is a dream character that should, in my opinion, be considered one of your dream bodies, a conglomeration of your dream bodies or members of your soul retinue, or even your higher self, which is a harmonized conglomerate of all your dream bodies. Same thing as spirit guide, guardian angel, etc. Since we are all of a single soul or oneness (pure awareness), there's no advantage in seeing ourselves as separate from other people. We are each reincarnations of everybody else. A guide might take on a persona with a purpose such as my brown dog friend Smudgely whose task is to try and get me lucid. Such guides are conglomerates of our own energies and energy configurations, such as the silent companion who accompanies me in almost all dreams but is rarely seen just noticed as a presence.

HABITS are a reflection of 4ness. While oneness is the whole, 2ness is the parts, and 3ness is the connection of the parts, 4ness is how those reconnected parts are then arranged in relation to each other. Habits are just behavior patterns that are repeated over and over. The personality is just a cluster of habits. Our habits are an expression of our Troovammickle. While an individual is stuck with his Troovammickle, that Troovammickle can be expressed in more than one way. So in order to change a habit, the conscious mind must let go of the controls and let 5ness or Intent reconfigure the way that his Troovammickle is expressed. The 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World is absolutely helpless to change its own habits for the simple reason that it's lacking something very basic: 5ness is the power to change. Since 2ness is identity, 3ness is attachments and 4ness is habits, to change a habit it's necessary to slim down one's identity and attachments to give 5ness something to work with.

HANDS Remembering to see your hands and/or rub your hands together when you find yourself unworlded or on the verge of becoming unworlded is one of the most common tactics among beginning unworlders for the simple reason that our hands are one of the most common sightings in our physical experience. Using the hands for a lucidity cue was popularized by Carlos Castaneda.

HARMONIC--in wave sciences such as acoustics--is one of any number of tones which are produced simultaneously by the founding tone, i.e. the fundamental or the first harmonic. The energy for sounding the harmonics or overtones all comes from the fundamental. The 'second overtone' is another term for the 'third harmonic' etc. The 2nd harmonic is twice the frequency or twice as high-pitched as the 1st harmonic. The 3rd harmonic is three times higher than the 1st harmonic, etc. Piano tuners somehow adjust the tension of over 300 stiff steel wires to sound good together by listening to harmonics within the tones of two notes at the same time, and setting the frequency of a resulting interference wave or beat made by two different frequencies interacting.

HARMONICS OF AWARENESS is a system of philosophy known also as Synfonemia  which purports to break all of human reality down into harmonics instead of dimensions since the universe we know is said to be based on vibrations, and harmonics tend to exist based on any kind of fundamental vibration. The fundamental is oneness and the second harmonic or first overtone is twoness, etc. It then remains to define the special twist given to pure awareness or oneness by each succeeding harmonic or mode of awareness.

HEADPHONES are better earplugs than earplugs, and they help hold my eye mask on since my mask is just a wide strip of dark cloth folded over on itself and wrapped around my head. Headphones can pump white sound, pink sound, or brown sound into your ears and even better, they can pump wonderful noises of nature instead: waterfalls, steady rain, shamanic drumming at 4 cycles per second, the babble of a large crowd, it all works and it covers up the distracting noises around you better than any earplugs. I prefer not to use anything more intrusive or scientific than that, because if something alters my brainwaves like binaural beats and Hemi-Sync are supposed to do, then I'm afraid I won't bother to learn how to alter my own state of consciousness the natural way. As for finding the sounds, they are free online and the software to manipulate them is free and easy to use. Try and

HEART CHAKRA is a traditionally-recognized version of the 5ness dream body or the Dream Usher. The heart chakra is a pump that creates the Suction of Sleep and accelerates your Attention through the Urumara into other states of awareness i.e. places in the Unworld. As a pump of energy, the heart chakra is able to detect where energy leaks and hoardings are taking place. It is concerned with trying to get all the dream bodies to share and harmonize with each other, so it is sometimes the subject of mutiny and compared to the Dream Police. When it comes down to it, you have to recognize, in your unworlding experience, that the Dream Usher is your dream police... Good luck!

HEAVEN AND HELL or the new age version, 'heavens and hells' or 'the belief system territories' as renamed by Robert Monroe, exist in the reader's mind for the purpose of selling books down at your friendly neighborhood new age bookstore. The same old fear is being tapped into that has always been tapped into by pushers of religion: what you do in this life will haunt you through eternity. Even Hindus and Buddhists believe it takes thousands of lives on earth to learn how to be a proper spiritual being like the shiny glowing ones in the movies. Actually what happens when (if) we die is that a time-dependent file closes and time dependency stops. It takes some thought to think this through. Based on real experience, many unworlders believe that entities who die as bad people (to oversimplify) live on as bad people in the afterlife. Those who die as religious people go to the heaven or hell they deserve and/or expect. Then unworlders, being infinitely smarter than these poor, stuck, dead people since they read the right books (and bought them in hardback), come along and retrieve them and take them to the real heaven, the officially TMI-approved one called the Reception Center in Focus 27. These experiences are real for the retriever. The entities are real. Real 2-dimensional reflections with no awareness of time. The Reception Center sends everyone back where they came from. Our emotionalism and karma and obsessions and addictions and nasty smarmy personalities go to hell and heaven and haunt houses etc. Our being is pure awareness which neither lives nor dies nor has any interest in time's constraints.

HIGHER SELF is a composite of your seven dream bodies or chakras or the seven overtones of awareness, merged into a single entity. This is not just a paste-up job, it is a complex bit of metaphysical multi-tasking that seldom holds true for long, and when it does, the entity, whose perspective you then can share, has total freedom to go anywhere in the Unworld and do anything you want. Other names for the higher self include the future self, since this synthesis of your harmonics is potentially you if you ever develop the ability to cooperate with yourself and make key sacrifices at the right time while learning to look at the big picture when making decisions and change goals correctly and as often as is needed. Another name I use for the higher self is 'the body of air' vs. the body of meat. Another name is 'the Miruvor' vs. the practitioner, the Miruvor being a realized practitioner who has learned everything that's needed in order to maintain existence in a totally free condition. The higher self is an elusive and fleeting condition or state of being in which all seven dream bodies or chakras cooperate with each other for the greater good, the result being a vehicle that your Attention can ride to freedom. Theoretically this could be possible permanently, but also theoretically such freedom would take place outside of any rigid time structure, so time words like 'permanently' would not be applicable.

HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE The notion that the universe is a hologram or like a hologram is appealing. My way of saying this, in short, is that 'Everything is a symbol of everything else.' One interesting feature of holographic film is that the entire picture is encapsulated in every piece of the film; even if you cut it up with scissors, each piece will still project the whole picture, just with less definition. For the whole story see the free videos at Holographic Universe Video.

HOVELTONGUE (THE) is the voice of the Slumgrovel: 'Remain in your shacks where it's safe! Fear the unknown! Do nothing unusual and attempt nothing unique! Do not attempt to adjust your TV set! Do not listen to the conspiracy theorists! The banker and lawyer and insurance pusher and real estate salesman and politician are your friends, they want to help you! Think like everyone else!' etc. The purpose of this nomenclature is not to get anyone obsessed with conspiracy theory since paranoia serves no useful purpose. But we do have to know what it is we plan to escape from and why we want to escape from it, because there are a lot of great things about earth living, especially in these days of comfort and easy living. Escaping to the Unworld at large is not for everybody. If it's for you, then know what you will miss about it and know what you won't miss about it. This will help motivate you. The proper sadness of missing a good thing is not an emotion based on fear, like regret or jealousy or the other emotions. If you know why you want to leave and what you will miss when you're gone, then you'll know before you leave that this sadness will read like a beautiful poem; it will soften the lights but it will not kill you.

HUMAN FORM is a term I first read in Carlos Castaneda's books. His books use the 'confusion technique' to generate curiosity about things so I've always been curious as to what he was talking about. In the meantime I made up my own definition. As humans, our common Troovammickle or configuration generally involves some degree of energy-hogging by the 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World so that our higher chakras or dream bodies are starved for fuel and can't help us much to get unworlded till we slim down the 2-3-4 and send some of that needed energy to the Uppers. This all starts to make sense when you start to lose the human form which just means you've stopped believing everything you're told about reality. In other words, if you lack the human form or are in the process of losing it, most people will just think you're crazy. Which is a fortunate predicament to be in since all of us, including the Mind Police are living here in the Earthville Mental Institution, which means the same thing as 'human form'. As an unworlder you are ahead of the game since you know what you're doing on a planet that is a nuthouse, while your tormentors will still be here long after you have escaped.

HYPERVENTILATION is caused by taking in more air than is being released, which changes the blood gas mixture and causes you to pass out and twitch for a few seconds if you do it in a certain way. It is part of some panic attacks and is a potentially dangerous form of entertainment for bored teenagers. The result of doing the Buzz Breath or the Breath of Flight wrongly, such as not lying down, when hypoglycemic or otherwise in bad health mentally or physically, when in water, when hot or cold or otherwise uncomfortable... not my problem, not my fault. I hereby forbid you to do any of the breathing exercises mentioned in my writings. I've been doing them since the late 1970s and only passed out in public once, but that's my problem. And if you do breathing exercises, that's your problem, because I forbid it.

HYPNAGOGIC TWITCH OR JERK is an involuntary twitch we experience as we are falling asleep. It's hard to tell whether the body part that's twitching is the physical body or another dream body. If I Pay Attention, I find that it usually starts in the dream body and creates motion of the physical dream body also. I've had Awakenings when I recalled a dream body making a gesture toward me, anything from a kick to a nod, that resulted in my slamming into the physical configuration almost violently. I have renamed this phenomenon the Jerk. This is one of the Noticings we have to learn about by Paying Attention, so it is also called a Wigglage, or as termed by Michael Raduga, a phantom wiggle. 4, 5,

HYPNAGOGIC, HYPNAGOGIA Hypnagogic images are seen whenever you close your eyes and step out of the Froth, but you have to learn how to Notice them. Some unworlding teachers consider them 'just noise' or another form of mental babble, i.e. just more Froth, but to many, these images are a doorway to the Unworld. The 'just noise' camp is trying to tell us that hypnagogia is not the goal, a valid enough point, but to call it noise is misleading, the perspective of an expert who has forgotten that most people need to practice being beginners before they can just start tossing things out. The Noticings or images become more distinct and self-sustaining as you proceed deeper into the Tunnel, and once you enter the Projection Room, they take on a life of their own. By interacting with the Noticings it's possible to get sucked through the Urumara straight into the Nowhere, so some preach that paying attention to the images will just 'put you to sleep,' but in that case what's needed is more practice maintaining stability of Attention at and around the Urumara. The key to using the images as a tool for transition is Metsuke, the act and art of balancing focus with detachment. I prefer to not use the term 'hypnagogic' as it is not descriptive enough. The term Noticings works for me, and its various subtypes include images, aurages, feelages, movages, slippages, deliriages etc. Any of the supposedly physical senses can convey non-physical information on the way to the Unworld, not just in the Unworld proper; that's how you know you're on the way.

HYPNAGOGIC WORDS are Noticings in the Tunnel including disconnected words and phrases, whole sentences, entire lectures, and even words read off the back of a truck or the side of a building in a more complex hypnagogic dream sequence. Some or all of the words can often be consciously recalled upon Awakening, but generally during a complex scene, I find that I understand and remember a sentence only long enough for the next sentence to take its place in conscious memory, apparently displacing the words that came before it, bumping them into long-term storage in the Remote Mind. While some say these arcane and coded strings of words are just noise, it's a fact that they become more coherent if you pay attention to them, so naturally if you'd prefer your Remote Mind to feed you Just Noise, then it would be happy to comply. This category is in contrast to intense self-sustaining experiences in the Projection Room proper since hypnagogia takes place in the Green Room, the waiting room of the Unworld which is at the end of the Tunnel.

HYPNOSIS is unworlding induced by someone else including yourself. Most hypnosis and self-hypnosis is not related to hypnosis. The crux of hypnotic trance is one-pointed focus of awareness guided by the hypnotist, to the exclusion of all else. Hypnosis is not about getting relaxed or going to sleep, although these props can be used by beginners. There are specific signs of trance such as catalepsy and amnesia. Lost memories can be retrieved in deep trance, so a lot of beginners who don't know anything about it are claiming to be able to retrieve lost memories including past lives. I've seen evidence that this whole field of inquiry is polluted by results-bound pseudo-practitioners who plant ideas in their subjects' responses. One problem is that hypnotizability and suggestibility are two different things. Some people can go into a deep trance but do not easily accept suggestions, and vice versa. Truly great hypnotists like Milton Erickson are able to use trance by establishing a strong rapport and going into trance with the subject. Erickson was able to do this because he was a masterful observer who could intuitively decode microbehaviors that other people would never notice. Almost everything popularly considered to be hypnosis is either just plain old guided meditation or else if it's the real thing like retrieving lost memories or forgetting to smoke for the rest of your life, chances are there's no one in your town who knows how to do it. Milton Erickson's suggestion about self-hypnosis is to sit down and look in a mirror and turn it over to your remote mind. People have lost a few days in this way because the remote mind is not necessarily in a hurry to design solutions.

HYPOGLYCEMIA is low blood sugar and is a precursor of diabetes which is high blood sugar. Blood sugar levels are regulated by the pancreas. The ability of the pancreas to function properly is destroyed by a high carbohydrate diet, especially such mind-altering substances as sugar, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and marijuana. As a child I had both insomnia and hypoglycemia which made me too tired to deal with the human race, so I was considered crazy and stuffed into a crazy suit to live my life there. This was due to well-intentioned but ignorant parenting, but don't tell my parents I said that. If breathing exercises make you too dizzy to walk in a straight line, you will have to eat some protein before doing them, but preferably cut out the sugar, alcohol, caffeine, etc. and that should cover it if it's not too late for you. If you are already diabetic and/or obese, consult the writings of Dr. Jason Fung and others who specialize in low-carb, high-fat diets and intermittent fasting. Some types of diabetes can be cured without insulin. If you are considered mentally ill, and you have a bad diet, tell your shrink to go stuff himself into a wormhole, then just change your stupid habits on your own for free. Before doing any fasting, read Fiber Menace by Konstantin Monastyrsky.

IDENT is a term invented by Robert Monroe. He discovered that you can find a person you know in the Unworld by sniffing out their ident, which is sort of like a psychic footprint. Places in the Unworld are states, and each discrete state also has an ident. To return to a state or place in the Unworld, recall the feeling of that place.

IDENTITY is the world seen as parts, or 2ness. One learns to identify with a collection of some of the world's parts and call that one's 'self'. In fact, the personality or self is just a collection of memories and habits which wouldn't exist without awareness. Other reflections of 2ness include separation and duality.

IDIOT'S GUIDE TO IDIOCY Don't take this personally, you fool! I'm just trying to filter out self-absorbed nitwits whose sense of dignity overrides their so-called sense of humor. And I happen to like the way it sounds: 'Idiot's Guide to Idiocy...'   how it plays upon my lips! Seriously though, the technical term for an 'idiot' in the field of unworlding is 'idiossitard,' which refers to someone who believes what he's told by the Voice of Idiossification, therefore making no progress due to thinking only of how much progress he is not making.

IMAGE CONSCIOUSNESS is a side-effect of capitalism and whatever causes capitalism--that being fear--which attempts to convert the most important things in life into advertising entities so that the greatest possible number of people will buy into the imageer's lines of BS. In unworlding we don't need image consciousness since the truth can't be sold anyway, in fact it's the least marketable thing on earth since Earthville is here for the purpose of keeping dishonest people from inhabiting the greater Unworld.

IMP or instantly malleable personality is a balanced 8ness body. This is about relaxation, freedom, cooperation or the final whirlpool to escape from in order to synthesize the Miruvor or Body of Air.

INCUBATING a dream scene is a type of Chaining. What's being Chained is earthwhile imaginings to unworlding experiences. Since we tend to effortlessly dream about what we think about all day, the goal is to think about what you want to dream about instead of thinking about stupid stuff you can't do anything about anyway. The nice thing about the Unworld is that if you accidentally incubate a monster, chances are you can dissolve it with a mental effort, the same way you gave birth to it. Our dream bodies enjoy entertaining us with the exact things we've been trying so hard to incubate while we fastidiously ignore them and go out of our way to explain them away.

INDIRECT method as termed by Michael Raduga, author of The Phase, is the act of unworlding immediately upon waking up after a period of sleep. This is the easiest time to get unworlded, since the practitioner is probably about half unworlded already. My first two conscious unworldings from a conscious state in my bed were due to intensive practice according to Raduga's instructions for the indirect method, including learning to wake up without moving.

INDIVIDUAL is a part of the whole. The whole is oneness and the individual is twoness. It's the nature of identity or indivduality to be wavelike: it has its ups and downs and covers up a silent background of pure stillness. An individual can be described as a 'life' or 'file' depending on how you spell it. Soul is oneness, the source, there's only one of them, and it's infinite and eternal. It pre-exists any sense of individuality. Files generally have beginnings and ends, which upsets us so that we've invented heavens, hells, and reincarnation so we don't have to face up to the notion of not existing as individuals. These beliefs are unnecessary because oneness or awareness can't be damaged or killed, is not subject to time, and has no beginning or end. Lives or files are just flights of fancy for pure awareness to entertain itself with. All storms must play themselves out at some point, and we are just weather.

INFINITY is oneness, pure awareness, existence, Reality Itself; undefinable, indivisible, etc. I first discovered infinity as a young boy forced to sit through 50-minute-long church services whose highlight, the sermon, was the least interesting part of the proceedings and gave me plenty of time to ask myself how the heck I got here and what could possibly be done about it. In an effort to figure out how to define infinity, it became obvious that this was impossible because if it can't be measured and it has no boundaries, then by definition it has no definition. Paradox is thus built into our reality and it can't be gotten rid of. Paradox creates the world by splitting the indivisible whole into parts, we wake up screaming bloody murder in blind panic and 'life' proceeds from that point until we get it figured out. What we consider to be death is an illusion, because it only happens to others. We cannot die. As Frank Kepple so aptly put it, 'You are as dead as you are ever going to be.'

INNER SOUND CURRENT or 'the Sounds' are considered tinnitus by the medical establishment, so some unworlders recommend not paying attention to them, because always being distracted by the Sounds is a bad habit. The Sounds are always there. They are usually covered up by other sounds. They are the sound made by 2ness creating the world on an ongoing basis. To me, they sound like a high-pitched electrical sizzle. As a child with insomnia, I learned how to hear the Sounds as a cacaphony of people all talking at the same time, none of the words distinguishable. When I could make this happen, I knew I would be asleep soon. So the Sounds are one of the constants in our world which we rarely notice except in the transition zone between waking and sleeping, the Urumara. The OM of ancient tradition is the same thing as the Inner Sound Current which turns infinite awareness into the limited perception we call 'the world'. In Sikhism, the same can be said for their 'one God' slogan Eck Ong Kaar  which translates literally as 'oneness sounding form' into existence. The singer Snatum Kaur has a beautiful song called 'Ek Ong Kaar'. A religious organization built around unworlding was named Eckankar, which is the same thing spelled differently. Nada Yoga is a contemplation practice in which the meditator can eventually turn the Sounds into any manner of noise or music. In practice, if you Notice the Sounds suddenly getting stronger, you are close to the Urumara, so pay attention.

INTENT is an absolute, in fact it is another facet of fiveness or the Nowhere itself. There is no necessary correlation between one's intentions and one's Intent. While we can usually say what we 'intended' based on whatever we like to tell ourselves that we think we want, what happens is a 100% accurate reflection of our true Intent. And yet we don't often know what we Intend until it happens, while we're able to go on and on about what we 'intended' to have happen even though it happened differently. True Intent is the power to make something really happen, so it is always capitalized, while lower-case intention or intent refers to the standard muddy human emotional whim.

INTENT AGENDA is your plan of action, what you plan to do once you find yourself unworlded. Wondering about this only when you get there is a day late and a dollar short. Your Intent Agenda should be one of the last things you think about when you close your eyes to go to sleep. It's even better to write it in your dream journal repeatedly.

INTENTION is generally a common noun unlike Intent which is generally capitalized. Intention is an attachment of the 2-3-4 Mind while Intent is 5ness itself, the ability to change something, to create given circumstances.

INTEREST and enthusiasm, or 6ness, are prerequisite to getting unworlded unless you're one of those people who get bumped into the unworld at the slightest nudge. All the techniques in the world, repeated endlessly, won't get you anywhere but bored with the topic. A good way to get out of the doldrums is to give up unworlding completely for a period of days, weeks, or months. This will allow the Dream Usher to reconfigure your motivational structure and you can get a fresh start when you're ready to really want this experience.

INTERNAL DIALOG We build a world for ourselves using the internal dialog as one of the tools. The internal dialog is also called the monkey mind in general, while the Babble of the human race as a whole is called the Froth. The ability to stop the internal dialog, an act which I call Blaffinveigle, is the most important task a practitioner can take on.

INTRUDER ALERT is evident from first person or third person perspective. In the vicinity of the Urumara (point of entry into the Nowhere), fear of intrusion can be extreme. People experiencing sleep paralysis often feel so strongly that there is an intruder that hallucinations of such an entity will ensue. In non-lucid dreams, the Dream Usher (personification of the Nowhere) is often treated with fear and loathing, as an intruder. Also in various unworldings both lucid and non-lucid, the unworlder will find himself and dream partners (members of his Soul Retinue) intruding where they do not belong. All of this is caused by changes to the typical configuration that defines who the individual is. By trading in part of the energy normally hoarded by 2ness (identity) and giving it to the Dream Usher (5ness) for redistribution to the Uppers, and thus becoming able to get unworlded, the practitioner becomes unfixed as to his own identity. This is the cause of the intruder Alert outlined above. When one's typical identity overlaps its usual boundaries, that is a violation of the ego. Members of his Soul Retinue become visible and might be perceived as a threat, since the ego of the beginner is easily threatened. As beginners, we don't know the difference between the death of the ego (identity) and the death of the whole being. The whole being is just pure awareness. When the Dream Usher manages to redistribute the finite energy of an infinite being, the result can be confusion with blame going to whatever happens to stand out from the norm. The Intruder Alert should be seen as an opportunity for becoming lucid, a Fogjogger or General Lucidity Trigger.

INVENTOR is my 2ness dream body, the personification of my root chakra, the 2nd harmonic of awareness, which creates me by providing me with an identity separate from infinity. The inventor is of interest to me personally since I've studied inventors all my life, whereas your 2ness dream body would probably be personified differently. The root chakra is our creator and a major energy grabber, so there's no way toget unworlded without getting the 2ness dream body to slim down its energy usage and let go, allowing its normally hoarded energy to rise up to the higher chakras where it is needed. In my case, the task of the Inventor is to reallocate what might otherwise be emotional excess so that the energy is not wasted.

ITCHIES are part of the Go-To-Sleep-Right method of getting unworlded. The practitioner has been lying still for a while and feels that bugs are walking on him or the like. I found that if I focused on the Itchies too much, they would become the Ouchies. I have four methods of dealing constructively with this. 1) When the itch starts, immediately pretend that it is somewhere else on the body and try hard to imagine and feel it there. This dissolves the old itch since it wasn't there to begin with, and now you can get on with moving the new itch somewhere else. 2) Scratch only the first itch that comes up. This usually helps a lot, by putting me to sleep instantly. 3) Scratch every itch that comes up, if it becomes distracting, and just go back to lying still. This is the 'don't give it your energy' approach. 4) Applying a liniment to parts of me that were already itchy before lying down is usually all I have to do anymore. If you don't know which parts of you not to put BenGay on, maybe there's a Wikipedia article or something on the topic that you can read before you rub heat juice into your balls or whatever. On the serious, practical side, however, if you did this, truly all over, it would kill any life-threatening invisible parasites that are causing you real itches. PS, the worst approach to the Itchies is to believe in them. While most people say the Itchies are caused by your higher self testing to see if your body is asleep yet so it can pour on the sleep paralysis juice, I doubt this very much. In my opinion, the Itchies are caused by something invisible that's living in your yoga mat.

JESUS was an image created by the propagandists of the Flavian Roman empire since the rebellious Jews awaiting a Messiah (military savior) would not accept Titus as God. The Romans got their idea for Jesus from the Gnostic Christ which--like Hindu god images--was an image or allegory to support one's religious pursuit of focusing one's priorities upon earning one's freedom from the bonds of earthly passion in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven. The turncoat Jewish historian Flavius Josephus documented the crushing of Jerusalem and the Jews by Titus, who was to be considered a god and the son of a god since Roman emperors were to be worshipped, but Jews were forbidden to worship statues or images. To fulfill and replace the rebellious Jewish Zealot expectation of a conquering, militaristic Messiah, and inspired by the ascetic Gnostics who were the true early Christians, the Christ figure of the Gnostics was elevated to human status and given life events paralleling the military campaigns of Titus, the life of Moses, and various pagan myths. The result was a hodge-podge of inconsistent tall tales which served as scripture for a new religion whose aim was to pacify the masses, Jew and Gentile alike, since the invented Jesus was all about 'turning the other cheek' and 'giving unto Caesar'. The Christian bible was written by Jewish scholars, traitors to their own culture, 40 years after the supposed facts that the gospels report. The bible's purpose was political propaganda, which succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams, giving birth to a political power, the Christian church, which is still being used today for control of the masses and especially to gain support for political military operations. The opposition to this was the early Christian church, the Gnostics, who never heard of Jesus since he didn't exist, but who worshipped a Christ figure as an allegory, an image. The Roman Christian church crushed the underground church many times throughout history including the Inquisitions. The underground movement resurfaced a final time as the American revolution, but the freemasons who coordinated this effort were influenced and corrupted by the European banksters and the result was a pseudo-revolution which made way for the existing corrupted offspring of the Roman Empire--European banksterism--to move peacefully to the New World under a new flag within a few decades of the revolution. On the other hand, the past does not exist, and history is a reverberation from your mind and mine. The real purpose of empires and propaganda and conspiracies is to provide structure for the barely conscious kneejerk sheeple of earth at the enforcing hands of the cunning bull goose loonies in charge of the Earthville Mental Institution. The Gnostics had part of it right: our passion to be here is what keeps us here suffering, instead of freely roaming the Unworld-at-large.

JUST-GET-UP is the simplest and thus the most sophisticated of the so-called exit techniques. We strongly resist doing this because we sense that in doing so, we must face the undeniable fact that we can't tell the difference between real reality and real reality, i.e. there is no difference, reality-wise, between being unworlded in the unworld and unworlded in the physical world. Everything is a dream and all dreams are lucid, the realization of which stands between beginning and advanced ability to get unworlded. Just-Get-Up will often lead to a False Awakening since it can feel identical to physically getting out of bed. This was a favorite technique of Samael Aun Weor.

KARMA as taught by ancient Tibetan Bon Buddhism is just the eternal chain of cause and effect. Western new age philosophers have endowed karma with the western notion of reward and punishment, which is just an offshoot of capitalism (institutionalized greed), which in turn is a result of living in cold places where survival is all about making a three-month growing season provide food for a twelve-month year. As for its metaphysical meaning, your karma can go to heaven and hell based on your emotions and beliefs, but emotions and beliefs are two-dimensional reflections that do not possess awareness. No one suffers eternally for anything anyone ever did. But the notion that such a strange thing might be true... still sells books, because we are motivated by fear of death.

KOCCy attitude is based on the acronym KOCC which has personal meaning to me only--'king of clubs consciousness'--so I no longer use the term. I used it in early dream journals. Many years ago I induced a certain card to appear without any trickery by combining full-on concentrated attention, unquestioned confidence, total detachment from results, and absolute silence of mind. This was the only time I have induced an overt ESP experience by effort, although I've had several ESP experiences spontaneously.

KUNDALINI RISING is part of an unworlder's re-education, if not the same thing. Dreams about snakes often are relatively lucid unworlding experiences. The traditional 3-1/2 coils of the sleeping serpent of the spinal centers represent the comatose condition of the 2-3-4 Body due to hoarding all your energy in the lower chakras and not sharing it with the Uppers, the higher chakras. Even a short unworlding is a matter of energy running up the spine which is not really a bag of bones but that's how we see it in the 2-3-4 World. Various energy sensations accompany and change in the adjustment of the relative energy use of the seven chakras. The '3-1/2 coils' of the serpent represent the lower chakras creating the physical world/prison by trapping all your energy. Kundalini Rising is the process of releasing the energy so that all your dream bodies have access to what they need in order to express their unique abilities. One useful practice is spinal pranayama breathing (five minutes prior to each meditation session) in which you feel energy being lifted from perineum to crown/brow chakras during inhale and returning to perineum during exhale.

LAPSE into sleep is one method of direct unworlding or WILD (wake-induced-lucid-dream) since some people have not learned how to go through the Urumara directly. Daytime Practice of Awakenings or little sleeps is the best way to become familiar with the vicinity of the borderline of sleep, and upon Awakening, the practitioner should ask himself What-Just-Happened since these tiny non-lucid unworldings will be quickly forgotten if they are not quickly recalled.

LAST THOUGHT before sleep should be your Intent Agenda: what you plan to do when you get unworlded. So writing your Intent Agenda in your journal before lying down is also a good idea. Meditating right before sleep is a great plan, and doing so after four hours of sleep is even better. Since thinking and meditation are sometimes at odds with each other, you could work out a compromise between them such as a mantra which helps stop thoughts during meditation, while also making you think about getting lucid. Good luck.

LAUGHTER It just occurred to me that maybe laughter is really a vibration, an interference wave between the first and last chakras, for example between emotion and expansion. Just a thought.

LEAD BLANKET is under review at the present time. I was calling it the Gravity Blanket until I started to experience it for myself in a conscious approach to sleep paralysis. I used to think it was the same as the Old Hag Syndrome and this is possible; it comes before sleep paralysis and when it reaches your chest you might be afraid of losing conscious control of the breathing apparatus. Which you might, if you don't panic and turn around. The Gravity Blanket is not the normal heaviness and numbness that comes with extended relaxation and lying very still. So far the way it feels to me is not so much heaviness or lightness but what I might call Unibody, which is a rather sudden and distinct change in body perception. Instead of a collection of parts with individual sensations, the body as a whole reports to the perceptions as a single sizzling or electrically galvanized entity. An energy sensation, and an interesting one. I hope to fill in the blanks as I get more experience with Going-To-Sleep-Right.

LIFE (as in human life or the life of a human) is FILE spelled wrong. As individuals we accumulate memories, habits, personalities etc. based on our heavy use of 2ness, 3ness, and 4ness to create our experiences. Life is treated as an addiction and we therefore obsess about whether or not the individual survives physical life. The fact is that when we lose the focus on this life, it is because we stop using 4ness so heavily, which is a drug called 'time', a substance which is optional to our existence. Outside of life there is still time, but we can use it as a tool, not a toy or overindulgence, once this file ends. Your current existence is a sort of lock-up or trap which you want to escape from, thus you seek information about unworlding, but you also rebel against that information by refusing to give up who you think you are. Actually you are not the life you're living; you are pure awareness, and there's only one of those. We all have the same soul, and that is pure awareness which cannot be damaged or killed and is not dependent on time's constraints; it exists independently of time completely. So matters of life after death and reincarnation are superfluous, irrelevant questions because awareness and infinity are the same thing. Thus, you are as dead as you are ever going to be. Life is a file that can be opened and closed, played, tweaked, fiddled around with, all for the sake of experience and entertainment. For every possible life or identity, there are infinite variations of it. In the face of eternity, the question eternal life itself is just a silly doubt, a fear that stifles our progress. Enjoying life is prerequisite to learning anything of use.

LIMBERLUCK is the personification of my 8ness dream body, my crown chakra, the 7th chakra or the 7th overtone of awareness. He appears in dreams as a happy-go-lucky, unattached wanderer who always has a few coins in his pocket and doesn't mind giving some away, while taking care to keep some in reserve. In dreams he often wakes up in a sleeping bag and ends up flying or the equivalent. In keeping with the theme of 8ness, he is expansive and relaxed. He has no worries.

LITERARY FRAUD Carlos Castaneda consistently asserted, on those rare occasions when he granted an interview, that his books were not fiction and not novels. Since, like the New Testament of the Christian bible, for example, his books are obviously not about the real world, I believe that what he was saying--without saying it in the up-front, straightforward manner which he obviously found distasteful--was that his books were non-fiction or as a student of Milton Erickson might put it, 'teaching tales' or even parables. I mean, he was born on Christmas, right? (Either that or he had a Messiah complex, since he stated on his immigration papers that he was born on Christmas.) Whatever the case might be, based on his not wanting to be pinned down as to the exact nature of his writing, I have created a new genre: the not-a-novel. Exactly what that is, well, your guess is as good as mine. What's most important is that we realize that he was not just laughing at us. He was a serious and incredibly intelligent philosopher. Who was also laughing at us. The main difference between his approach and mine is that Castaneda pretended to be serious but was joking, while I pretend to be joking, but I'm serious.

LITTLE SLEEPS or LS are also known as NLOBEs (non-lucid OBEs) or microsleeps. The practitioner uses Daytime Practices to learn how to go to sleep for just a few seconds and wake himself back up. By hovering near the borderline of sleep--the Urumara--he gets used to the territory and breaks down the fear barrier. I have renamed this practice Awakening since being able to go to sleep is of no consequence, whereas being able to wake yourself back up and knowing what to do when you wake up are of critical importance.

LIVING IN THE REALITY CHECK goes beyond just doing reality checks through the day, up to and including the purposeful act of changing your belief system to acknowledge and assume that you are always unworlded, and to start Noticing this as you go through your day. This is a whole chapter so don't get me started.

LOOSH is a word coined by Robert Monroe in reference to entities of an unknown nature which feed upon our excess emotional energy.

LOOSH RECEPTORS are ghosts and other two-dimensional entities which live in the Belief System Territories of the Unworld such as various versions of Heaven and Hell. These are not the souls of people, but reflections of their emotionalism, karma, obsessions, beliefs, suffering, evildoings, etc. Loosh receptors exist because these highly focused packets of useless endless loops of emotional energy need a place to be stored since energy is not destroyable. We humans are wave forms and our emotional outbursts are wave forms. We cannot store all our emotional excesses within us or we would melt, so they are projected away from us and trapped in specially designed resonators or wave filters which allow the loops to play over and over endlessly or until they play themselves out. Not that time really has much bearing on it, so if you run into someone stuck in an 18th-century-style heaven wearing 18th-century-style clothes and obsessively practicing an 18th-century religion, it's not that he's been there repeating his or her obsessive actions for 300 years. You as an unworlder have become unstuck from your own accustomed time zone and the 2D beings are not aware of time at all. Because of this they do not suffer. They have no depth. They seem real but their 3rd dimension has a thickness of zero. Which is to say, like everything in the universe, they are made out of energy. But they have no awareness of their own. If rescued by ghost busters or soul retrievers, it has no effect on them because the energy of the rescuing is just borrowed by the ghost till the retriever leaves, then the ghost goes back to what it was doing where it was doing it until it was perceived: nothing, nowhere.

LOVE sells soap. Love sells anything and everything that anyone might want to sell. Love sells books. You could sell stinky mud baths to a germ-o-phobe by using love to market it. All religions rely on love to market their machinery. Even gurus who otherwise have a lot of useful knowledge to share can't get people to listen to them unless they offer love. This is because individuals are not prone to listening. They don't want to absorb new information. We have a built-in resistance to new information. Like many children have a built-in resistance to taking a bath, humans don't want to learn something new if it means giving up a habit or changing their direction. Love is thus used to manipulate the masses to do something, whether it's something bad or something good. The concept of 'pure unconditional love' as reported by many near death experiencers and mystics, which supposedly radiates from oneness or the source or pure awareness, is actually an overreaction on the part of the emotionalistic recipient to what is really simply pure acceptance. Many humans have had to miss out on acceptance in their life in order to become motivated into becoming money-making machines against their better judgment. This is perfectly understandable, but no one wants to know it. That covers love as taught by religions and corporations; what about individuals? Most things that individuals call 'love' are really smarmed-over emotions such as guilt, pride, jealousy, clinging, etc. Love is obsessive over-use of 6ness which can be used as a tool (Noticing, appreciation, gratitude) or as a toy (love and other forms of self-indulgent emotionalism). I think I better stop now before someone who claims to love me unconditionally starts throwing rocks.

LS see Little Sleeps, NLOBE, Awakening.

LUCID (BECOMING) is what the dictionary says it is, in spite of unworlders' special use of the word to mean that you know you're dreaming. Lucidity practiced 24 hours a day is the ultimate goal of my practice, it comes in levels and layers, and plenty of lucidity exists in some so-called 'non-lucid' dreams. 'Becoming lucid' also refers to the waking experience of deciding to shut off the internal dialog and replacing it with Continuously Paying Attention. You're better off meditating than obsessing over whether or not you're 'getting lucid' in your dreams, because once you find yourself in a certain Magical Mindset, you can't help but get lucid all the time.

LUCID WAKING is the practice of waking up gradually, paying attention to the stages of waking, so that you can easily remain calm and still, focused on the Unworld, with eyes closed, and aware of the fact that we wake up in the Nowhere. From there the next step is anywhere, not necessarily waking in bed. This is the key to Chaining unworldings, also known as DEILD or the indirect technique. The only practical time to practice Lucid Waking is when you're awake, practicing Awakenings or microsleeps. If you wait till you're groggy and only practice at night, chances of learning to do this are more slim.

LUCIDITY is clarity and the ability of light to shine through filters so the perceiver knows what's going on, knows who he is, and generally acts like someone who is not asleep. All dreams are lucid unless the dreamer is not aware that he experienced the dream. Lucidity should be measured three-dimensionally by length, heighth, and depth, i.e. subjective time duration, vividness, and personal relevance, respectively. Unfortunately the perfectly useful word 'lucidity' has been co-opted by attempts to make unworlding sound scientific, due to the unfortunate need for scientists to earn a living in a capitalistic society, with the result that 'lucidity' has become a marketing slogan for books on how to 'become lucid' and this has convinced many competent dreamers that they can't get lucid unless they buy another book. If unworlders would recognize the existing lucidity of so-called ordinary dreams, they would get Officially Lucid a lot more often, but the black-and-white designations such as 'lucid' dream, 'non-lucid' dream, and 'pre-lucid' dream limit the unworlder and his expectations such that he does not appreciate his own lucidity. The act of becoming aware that you are dreaming should be renamed 'Official Lucidity', because waking up from an awesome dream... disappointed... is just wrong.

LUCIDITY CUES are either personal recurring themes or Personal Lucidity Objects which trigger lucidity because they're familiar to you, or General Lucidity Triggers, which are characteristics of unworlding experiences which tend to trigger lucidity. General Lucidity Triggers are such phenomena as close interactions with other dream characters, detailed conversations, exact words in human language, specific numbers, vivid details and anything you can look at for a long time without its disappearing or getting blurry or changing into something else. These sorts of solidity phenomena demonstrate an unusual clarity which could lead to lucidity.

LUCIDITY LEVELS are traditionally watered down to either black or white: lucid or not lucid, with pre-lucid tossed in for a bit of color. This medieval attitude should change as soon as possible. There are three gauges of lucidity, and all dreams are lucid. The only dream that's not lucid is one that's not remembered as having occurred. The three-dimensional guage of lucidity is based on height (vividness, detail, etc.), length (time duration as subjectively perceived during the dream), and depth (personal relevance to the dreamer). What people nowadays call 'lucidity' is just Official Lucidity: knowing who you are, knowing that you're dreaming, etc. Unfortunately, 'knowing that you're dreaming' is also a backwards realization since in fact all experiences including physical life are dreams, so by testing to see if we're 'dreaming,' we are actually temporarily perpetuating the odd notion that dreams are 'just' dreams and not actual experiences. When in fact all experiences are actual experiences; that's why we remember them.

LUCIDITY NAZIS are jaded experts--or sometimes loyal followers who are parroting jaded experts--who've taken it upon themselves to compile lists of things you must always do and things you must never do if you want to get unworlded. It's true that these statistical tendencies exist, though they may be more pertinent to our times than other times, like a language that keeps changing from area to area and from time to time, i.e. just a dialect not to be mistaken for the language itself. Using statistics to prescribe behavior is wrong in unworlding because trends are literally created out of thin air by people with big mouths who act like experts, and meanwhile, individuals are not statistically oriented but individually oriented. One good example of this is the odd notion that we are incapable of getting unworlded at bedtime, which isn't true. For example, some people including myself are more likely to experience direct or almost direct unworldings at bedtime, especially if they go to bed an hour or two early, whereas after the oft-prescribed six hours of sleep they are more likely to experience unworlding indirectly by waking up in a vibey state and Chaining back in. The Lucidity Nazis made the same 'mistakes' that all of us make, and it doesn't occur to them that these 'mistakes' might be an essential part of the learning process; if anything should be prescribed, it should be the mistakes!

MAGICAL MINDSET is not magical and it is not a guarantee. It is a hypothetical state of mind which--if it existed-- would in fact guarantee the desired results such as a coveted unworlding experience. It is the Unworld that seems magical and the guarantee is what makes the Magical Mindset hypothetical. We are positing a mindset which would never fail to get results, and further, that if you do get results, it means that you must have been in such a mindset, but that doesn't mean we know what that mindset was. But we can guess, based on experience.

MAINTAINING and DEEPENING--also called stabilization--are any methods used to make the unworlding experience longer and more vivid, detailed, and realistic. Most of the techniques involve engaging more of the 5+ senses including sense of motion, or other means of participating in the action including leaving the scene and creating a different one or changing some part of the scene or a dream character. The most obvious way to start deepening and maintaining once you realize you're unworlded is to start touching things, looking briefly at different parts of the scene, and according to the principle of Metsuke, keeping an even keel, not focusing too much on any one thing, and keeping a panoramic viewpoint.

MANIFESTATION is often instantaneous on the Unworld because it's the nature of untamed reality to just agree with us, reflecting back our expectations since there's no competition from competing reality systems. On the other hand, in consensus reality, the more people are involved in a belief or agreement about what's real, the less likely that any one individual will notice his thoughts creating his reality. The overtly solid nature of consensus reality is due to the fact that solidity and agreement are both reflections of 3ness. Earthville is an offshoot of the Unworld which resonates with (attracts) individuals who have not developed a harmonic, balanced internal system of cooperating among their various energy centers. Consensus reality gives such individuals time and space in which to learn gradually how their thoughts manifest their reality, while in the Unworld, instant manifestation traps people into loops of self-perpetuating reactionary behavior. The resident of a lower place in the Unworld might feel afraid, instantly see his fears manifested, thus find confirmation and support for his fears. This creates a feedback loop that's hard to break out of. In consensus reality, interaction with others softens one's beliefs so much that we never quite know what to think due to the influence of so many other people, resulting in a reality that doesn't change very quickly. This amounts to a learning experience for those who care to learn how manifestation works.

MANTRA is a word or phrase that you repeat over and over and/or at certain key moments. Its purpose is to focus the Attention and/or replace the internal dialog. I had a mantra for forty years which I repeated so long that it was just more Babble. Because of that I prefer to use a mantra with a specific meaning and use it for a specific purpose. In this application it can be powerful. During meditation I only repeat a mantra to refocus my Attention if I catch my mind wandering. But I never repeat a mantra if I don't feel like it. The notion that your mantra must be kept secret is just superstition. My favorite mantras are 'dream' and 'unbending intent'.

MAPPING THE UNWORLD is an individual process that can be used as an effective aid to building familiarity with recurringly visited places. Depending on the practitioner's interest in mapping out the environments available to him in his dreams and lucid unworldings, this practice can be of vast benefit. There's a tendency for non-mappers to accept whole-hog the maps of their favorite teacher, which could be guarded against. The map to the Unworld, on the other hand, can be drawn in broader, more general strokes, because it starts in our consensus reality. But once you're there, you should do us all a favor and try to find your Unworld instead of that of someone you read about. Remember that the map is not the ground, places are states of being, while real and physical are two different things.

MATIW stands for breathing More Air Than I Want. It is forbidden. Do not attempt this.

MEDITATION covers a great variety of practices that aim to train the attention in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. In unworlding it's beneficial to be able to focus on one thing or on nothing, to clear the mind and body of thoughts and emotions, to move energy around in the body, to Notice various sensations, to remain calm, among many other benefits to mind and body. For more information that is carefully researched and devoid of traditionalism, consult Advanced Yoga Practices whose founder Yogani is an anonymous American yogi with many years of experience and books sold at a reasonable price.

MERGING with a dream body or chakra is a matter of Intending to do so at a favorable moment. So-called 'leaving the body' is an example of merging with one or more of your dream bodies. In dreams, if you interact with a dream character and that character disappears, vaulting you into a different dream scene, this could be an example of your having merged with that dream character. Most dream characters are either two-dimensional images that get their energy from your interaction with them, or one of your dream bodies. When you merge with a dream body, you acquire its abilities. The easiest time to merge with a dream body, in my experience, is upon waking up motionless with eyes closed and trying to see with your eyes closed, which is the ultimate reality check since no physical motion is required. If you can see through your closed eyelids, you are already merged with transcendent dream bodies. Or look to one side and see if you or your visual field start to rotate in that direction. If so, you can Intend to roll 'out of the body' and possibly float free. In Awakenings following a little dream, or Awakenings accompanied by a Jerk, it's common to recall having just interacted with a dream body. These short interactions tend to include trading first-person perspective back-and-forth between you and a dream body, which is like ball practice in the merging game. In general, most people's lower three chakras are already merged into an entity called 'the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World' which is a simultaneous creation, moment-by-moment, of the real world, your conscious mind, and your physical body out of a single configuration or set of filters.

MEMORY is a reflection of 3ness, but humans tend to waste their limited energy on a different reflection of 3ness--attachment--while walking around in a trance of routine activity, doing and thinking what they're told to do and think. When this kind of routinary existence translates to the Unworld, what we have is a bunch of zombies wandering around in semi-comatose dreams unable to remember their own name or where they live. This is considered normal, but the generally increasing interest in developing lucidity during dreams will hopefully help to encourage people to develop more lucidity while awake on earth also.

METAPHYSICS was the science of the past and will be the science of the future. Currently it's being pushed underground by the religion we call 'science' due to the outbreak of capitalism brought on by overpopulation and the discovery of fossil fuels. When the fossil fuels are gone and the population of the human species returns to balanced levels, metaphysics will be waiting to re-ascend its place of honor within the structure of human belief systems.

METSUKE or 'soft eyes' is one of the cornerstones of unworlding practice, one of the Frawmbickly Acts. While learning to focus is crucial, it's just as important to learn how to balance focus with detachment, and that's what Metsuke is. Metsuke applies to all levels of unworlding practice, so here are two examples of Metsuke applying to different levels. When you're in the Tunnel and Noticing images, you may find yourself looking at a Screenshot, a clear image appearing steadily in a rectangular, circular, or otherwise bounded portion of your field of vision. You get excited and hone in on the image, which makes it disappear. It's usually possible to bring it back by backing off the excitement and looking at your whole field of vision equally. The reason you accidentally saw the Screenshot to begin with was that you accidentally balanced focus and detachment. Second example: you are obsessed with trying to unworld. You spend all your spare time practicing, reading books, watching YouTube gurus talk about how to do it, but you just can't do it. Finally you give up. And that night you get unworlded spontaneously without trying. That's Metsuke in action. Metsuke is the balancing of 6ness, so you might say it's the balancing of enthusiasm. Frank Kepple called it 'mild curiosity'. Castaneda talked about it all the time. In the peaceful martial art Aikido, the term Metsuke is used to mean 'soft eyes' or seeing panoramically. The physics behind this is simple: while your eyes see well only when they focus on something small, the mind can see everything in focus at once. This probably accounts for all the reports that the Unworld is realer than real. So when we try to see with our mind's eye in the same way we see with our physical eyes, we go blind. Simply revert to panoramic vision and the vision will often reappear immediately as long as you're also practicing Blaffinveigle not talking to yourself.

MILD is mnemonic-induced-lucid-dreaming. Mnemonic is pronouncable. The initial m is silent. But I'd rather say that MILD stands for memory-device-induced-lucid-dream. According to its discoverer, Stephen LaBerge, MILD is basically autosuggestion. It's another kind of Chaining. In MILD you Chain dream actions to waking suggestions and intentions to remember to do reality checks, remember to ask yourself if you're dreaming, remember to ask yourself, 'How did I get here????' etc. Basically, MILD is any means of training yourself to remember  to become lucid. This is 3ness, like all forms of Chaining.

MILESTONES in unworlding practice include your first conscious unworlding, getting lucid in a dream, your first direct unworlding from a conscious state, your first experience of Noticing or the Urumara or the Projection Room or the Nowhere, etc. In the bginning, every unworlding is a milestone.

MIND-ALTERING SUBSTANCES in my dreams indicate an impending trip through the Urumara, i.e. a plan or desire to move into a different state of mind. Just as a side note, real mind-altering substances in the physical world have no place in any unworlding practice, except to give you a goal--Quit!--so that you, instead of some chemical, can take charge of your state of mind. Marijuana in particular is a distinct no-no for 99% of unworlders who find that it destroys their dream recall inexorably, and their give-a-shitter as well.

MIND'S EYE is not limited to functioning when we think our body is asleep. It is another absolute, one of your dream bodies or chakras, in this case the so-called 3rd eye or brow chakra. The Mind's Eye is the 7th harmonic of awareness, and is also reflected by true intuition and wisdom, among other things, including the ability to see what's going on behind other things, the ability to unwrap ROTEs or bundled teachings, etc. A key to learning to see with the Mind's Eye is Metsuke, or the balance between focus and detachment. In terms of vision or dream vision, whether awake or asleep, in the body or out of it, the mind does not see mechanically like the eyes, by focusing on small things. The Mind's Eye or 7ness sees everything in focus at the same time, so in order to see properly in the Unworld, you have to look at everything at once, from a panoramic point of view. In a Screenshot for example, focusing on one part of the screen will make the shot disappear while defocusing in order to see the whole shot might bring it back into clear definition immediately.

MIRACLE OF EXISTENCE is another word for oneness or pure awareness. I first became acquainted intellectually with this topic as a small child bored in church trying to figure out what 'eternity' could possibly really mean. By now I'm sure it has something to do with the Moment.

MIRRORS in the Unworld are the Nowhere, i.e. portals to others states of consciousness which in turn are sometimes symbolized by other places in the Unworld. Looking into a mirror in a dream indicates a pre-lucid condition. Looking into a mirror is the first thing you should do the first time you get unworlded, according to unworlding coach Michael Raduga.

MIRUVOR is an energy food or energizing liquid nourishment from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. I accidentally adopted this term as a composite of 'mirror warrior' when I needed a name for the future self or higher self or ideal transcendant version of the practitioner. So in my books, Miruvor can have two meanings, depending on context.

MOMENT OF CHOICE is just the Moment itself, the only thing that exists, with emphasis on the fact that one cannot effectively make any decisions or change anything in times like the past and the future which don't actually exist. Each moment is a unique perspective of infinity or oneness, the fundamental of existence, the first harmonic of awareness, which is pure awareness itself. As a reflection of infinity, the Moment is also infinite. As a vehicle for the Attention of an individual, the Moment is no less than 9ness, the higher self.

MONEY is a reflection of 4ness. The pursuit of money as it is practiced in the physical world is an overuse of energy by the 4ness body, an imbalance of the solar plexus chakra. In a balanced condition, 4ness works out to be the use of value, hierarchy, system and order as a tool, not a toy. In the Unworld, hoarding is a bad sign and sharing is a good one.

MONKEY MIND We build a world for ourselves using the internal dialog as one of the tools. The internal dialog is also called the monkey mind in general, while the Babble of the human race as a whole is called the Froth. The ability to stop the internal dialog, an act which I call Blaffinveigle, is the most important skills a practitioner can learn.

MONROE INSTITUTE (THE) or TMI, founded by Bob Monroe for the purpose of selling his books, tapes, and seminars. A nice place to visit if you can afford it.

MONROE, ROBERT A. was a successful broadcasting executive and entrepreneur who used his social abilities and unique charisma and intelligence to become the modern godfather of unworlding and founder of TMI, The Monroe Institute, in Virginia, USA. His first book Journeys Out of the Body  broke new ground and updated the terminology and attitude toward non-physical experiences, while bringing unworlding out into the open. He obtained a patent for binaural beats which he called Hemi-Sync. He described the process of getting unworlded in terms of 'focus levels' and then extended further focus levels within the Unworld itself according to his experience and the experience of others. His second and third books are also classics in the field. Bob Monroe can never be replaced.

MOODWATCHING is a facet of spiritual materialism in which the misguided devotee is trying to make something of himself via spiritual materialism vs. wanting what he has, i.e. performing Nubberzuck. Next time you're in a bad mood and you're worried that it will affect your ability to unworld, try this. Instead of trying to force yourself into the bogus pretense of a useful mood, use the mood you have. Get pissed, you're pissed already so it should be easy; use your focused emotional energy to increase your level of determination. Basically we're trying to learn to stay awake through the transition into so-called sleep, so use the sublimated emotional energy to stay more focused, to care less about the distracting physical flotsam that you usually chatter to yourself about, to stay more motionless for Vac-U-Move, to pay better attention to What-Just-Happened, and to get a KOCCyer attitude about demonstrating some real Urumara tolerance. Moodwatching is an insidious disease of the new age religion which you must avoid at all costs. It's wrong to directly attack a bad mood, as it is worse than ineffective; the pretentious prosthetic mood can get you into all kinds of trouble and make people think you're a fruit bag.

MOSQUITOES are actually blood-powered drones placed here by the civilizations that existed on earth before the so-called advanced civilization that we are a part of. The Atlantean sorcerers with their long heads turned themselves into dolphins and whales because they knew the comet was coming and created mosquitoes to watch over us and report back to them telepathically as to the progress of our evolution. This information is derived from blood samples. When humanity dips below a certain level of intelligence, the dolphins and whales will just call the comet back. It's a drone too. By the way, have you ever noticed that mosquitoes will not fly between the two hands you extend in parallel with the intention of slapping them to death? This is because they're telepathic and know more about us than we know about ourselves.

MOTION is one of the 5+ senses, based on the sense of touch, as is smell, taste, hot/cold, and other senses. Learning to watch for any slight sense of motion is a good skill to nurture, since it can be built on to induce unworlding. A good way to get a glimpse of unphysical motion is to use What-Just-Happened during Daytime Practices, which includes bedtime practice if you go to bed early, before you're sleepy. If you pay Attention to the very recent past (fractions of a second), you will Notice things that already occurred, a lot of which will be examples of phantom wiggling, the Jerk, and other forms of dream body motion that you would not have noticed while they were occurring since they happened to one of your dream bodies which you were not completely merged with so you, as the 2-3-4 Mind, weren't paying Attention at the time but can still recall the event if you do it immediately. This is how we get acquainted with our dream bodies, thereby building solid confidence that they actually exist. Since we and our world are vibratory phenomena, its good news if a motion is followed by its opposite motion, back-and-forth like a pendulum. Take note of all kinds of motion in your dream journal and see that motion tends to break down into dualistic phenomena such as walking, wobbling back-and-forth, rocking, swinging, leaping up and down, flying around in circles, SOUND, etc.

MOUSE was one of the 'soul parts' I retrieved in the early 1990s when I was doing shamanic journeys to try and change my personality. Mouse is now the personification of my 7ness dream body, the brow chakra, the 3rd eye. What Mouse brings to the Soul Retinue is the ability to see what's going on below the surface. 7ness is about intuition and true wisdom. I might even have Mouse to thank for the fact that I gave up trying to change my personality, and the result has been better than a double lobotomy.

MUGGONS is the slightly poisonous herb mugwort. I recommend avoiding all substances including legal supplements and herbs that are supposed to help you get unworlded. Or go ahead and find out for yourself what happens when a practice which depends on Intent fizzles overnight because Intent gets traded in for smokable magic and a meditation patch.

MULTIDIMENSIONALITY is the notion that within infinity, especially given that infinity is inherently indivisible, once we paradoxically manage to split ourselves off into individuals (entities aware of their own existence), the nature of reality can be simultaneously measured in so many different ways that to most people it's not worth trying to figure out what's going on around them or why. This is why people are happy to drink any kool-aid offered them or at least let someone else stuff them full of predigested opinions, especially if the resulting belief system coincides to a major degree with the opinion systems of those around them who define their social standing. In fact, you and I live in utterly different universes which barely intersect at all. Your purple might be my yellow; my dog might be dreaming me into existence (which might explain why my dog sleeps all day), and there's no way to prove anything in the final analysis. I like to say that everything is a symbol of everything else, everything is equally unreal, and I subscribe to the notion that we live in a holographic universe and that most of the people you see around you, until you interact with them, are unaware of your existence and might actually be off shooting dice with leprechauns down in Sleepy Hollow, for all you know, unaware that they are even appearing in your reality system at all. And you don't know. And you won't.

NAME OF AUTHOR My aliases include Luther Rangeley, Luther Limberluck, Luther Limbolust, Gunther Germley, Unc, Uncle Buddy, Buddy, and currently I am using W. H. Early which stands for 'work hard early' but you can just call me Whirly which is the name of my higher self or future self. My legal name is Scott Robertson.

NARXING is an ever-present manifestation of 2ness or separation that comes into being when one first becomes aware of his existence as an individual and never goes away. To know you are an individual is to know that you are separate from absolutely everything else. This can generate quite a bit of sheer unabated panic, so most of humanity is trying to work this feeling off somehow. This explains why we aren't welcome in the Unworld at large for extended stays; we're too scared, too apt to lash out, we don't play well with others or even with ourselves. Narxing is the sense that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Narxing is also interpreted as fear and then fear is interpreted as every emotion that ever existed, good or bad. If an emotion is not due to fear or Narxing, it's not an emotion, but something else. Appreciation, for example, is not a dualistic emotion but a stand-alone positive or 6ness. But most of what people call 'love' is a reflection of fear.

NATURAL UNWORLDERS are few and far between. They are not to be confused with actively hallucinatory individuals who get unworlded without trying and sometimes without wanting to. People who aren't in control have some sort of imbalance or traumatic influence forcing them out of any useful and stable configuration. (Who in turn are not to be confused with advanced beings who can be found discarded in mental institutions because they are clearly unstuck in time and happy that way, but of no use to their families who find them a nuisance and an embarressment since they lack ambition and fear of authority.) Natural unworlders, on the other hand, are that way because of being unusually balanced individuals. One example is Robert Monroe who was an extremely capable human being. He was using himself as a test subject for experimentation with sleep learning tapes when his unworlding experiences began, so his experiences were not as spontaneous as he claimed, but he was unusually competent in unworlding as he was in this world. In general, unworlding is not an aberration, but a skill which is more easily learned by balanced, integrated, competent, perceptive, sophisticated, mature individuals than it is by people like me.

NEAL, BOB was a shoemaker about my grandfather's age who became obsessed with revolutionizing technology worldwide through the use of an air compressing engine that could fill an air tank with solar energy and without resistance from existing tank pressure. I inherited Neal's intentions from a friend of his, 18 years after his death, but had to figure out his theory since he never published it. See U.S. Patent 2030759 or my website It has long been my plan to go to the Library in the Unworld and study Neal's theory there, in hopes of getting more insight. At this time I've been working with a professional engineer on the topic for six years, but I gave my whole life to the general topic of compressed air as an energy medium at age 24, which was 38 years ago.

NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE --not just positive--makes the world go 'round, since it is twoness or duality that creates the world out of pure oneness or infinity. Trying to delete negativity from the world is a waste of energy and it will make you unable to get unworlded because impossible tasks tend to distract us from more realistic tasks like getting to know all seven of your dream bodies.

'NEGS' is possibly the worst choice of terminology in the history of the unworlding literature. Not only do these so-called negative entities have no power over us and no ability to damage us, as a matter of fact these entities are us. Doing battle with them just gives them more of (one's own) negative energy, resulting in a vicious self-perpetuating cycle in which you fear something, react to the fear with more fear, and the thing thus becomes more fearsome. All of this is just feedback of your fear to itself, with no other energy input, which forms a whirlpool of energy that can expand and suck you into it. These 'negs' are just two-dimensional images which have no awareness and no reality till you give them your energy by interacting with them. They are commonly encountered around the Urumara as reflections of your own built-in fears. The Dream Usher, I have found, often gets a hostile reaction from me which he/she has done nothing to deserve. But the conscious mind is a fear-fondling fool, and it can be a long, hard lesson to recognize fear as just energy and then to use the energy as a tool instead of using it as just another excuse for indulging in emotional excess. Believers in the dark arts and evil are literally just using Daddy's hammer to smash Mommy's china, instead of recognizing a useful tool--emotional energy--for what it is: the creator of our worlds. In the Unworld, please befriend the first 'neg' you see and ask it to teach you something about yourself that you need to know.

NEVERMIND (THE) refers to going placidly from dream to dream and not allowing the things of the physical world to get your goat. Including dream journals. If you wake up to pee, get a drink of water, write in your journal, feed the dogs, turn off the alarm clock, answer the phone and explain to your boss why you're already two hours late to work... whatever... don't let it grab your attention. Your attention is on the Unworld... keep it there.

NEW AGE is a marketing slogan popularized during the latter days of the peace and love movement. The New Age was ushered in by President Richard Nixon who personally ended the Vietnam War, sending the peace and love movement into a deep somnambulistic trance via the confusion technique, but unfortunately Nixon left office before he had time to wake the hippies up from their trance. Thus the zombified hippie movement devolved into the yuppie movement and Nixon got to be a best-selling author, which was all he ever wanted out of life.

NIGHTMARE There is no such thing as a nightmare. All unworldings are enjoyable. The scariest dreams I've every had are some of the most interesting to recollect later. The second half of the word 'urumara' is from the same root word as 'nightmare'. Most scary dreams are symbolic interpretations of resistance to going through the Urumara, i.e. changing one's state of mind.

NITPICKER AND POTWATCHER are the duplex 4ness dream body 2 + 2 = 2 x 2, the dichotomous duo, the personification of my 4ness dream body. They often appear before a lucid unworlding experience as a pair of workers in uniform for some trade, whether dressed as librarians, machinists, or odd job types. 'Nitpicker and Potwatcher' are just my personal names for my own duplex 4ness dream body, of course your 4ness dream body would not be named any such thing. If you think about it, nitpicking and potwatching--both obvious abuses of 4ness--are in competition; they're opposites. This creates an infighting state commonly known as 'perfectionism' or 'that anal twit at work who knows everything but no one can stand him'. With the knowledge of what unbalanced 4ness is like, you can use Blaffinveigle to improve the situation. In my dreams I've seen a new person start to appear: a single being who is a worker instead of a pair of them. I think this is the balanced 4ness body so I call him Potlicker because he got it right so he reaps the reward.

NLOBE means non-lucid OBE. I used to use it in my journal to differentiate from LS or little sleep. Now I just use Awakening for both.

NOT REALLY I only said this to confuse you.

NOT-A-NOVELS Carlos Castaneda consistently asserted, on those rare occasions when he granted an interview, that his books were not fiction and not novels. Since they are obviously not about the real world, like the New Testament of the Christian bible, for example, I believe what he was saying--without saying it in the up-front, straightforward manner which he obviously found distasteful--was that his books were non-fiction or as a student of Milton Erickson might put it, 'teaching tales' or even parables. Based on his not wanting to be pinned down as to the exact nature of his writing, I have created a new genre: the not-a-novel. Exactly what that is, well, your guess is as good as mine. What's most important is that we realize that he was not just laughing at us. He was a serious and incredibly intelligent philosopher. Who was also laughing at us. Robert Monroe is generally taken more seriously than Castaneda because he was a public personality, a wealthy broadcasting executive. But if you think his second two books are literally factual, then you haven't added up the number of pages--the experientially descriptive ones that aren't a marketing brochure for TMI or a philosophical exposition--and divided by the number of years covered by those pages. Monroe's descriptions are taken seriously by all, including me, but they are a short summary and expertly crafted. Personally, I'd rather read his dream journal and see what his Unworld experience was really like, instead of the version he concocted to present to the public.

NOTICING is balanced 6ness used as a tool. The 6th harmonic of awareness ranges from Noticing to obsession. Noticing is the skill that is involved in consciously transiting the Tunnel that leads from waking awareness to the Urumara. In order to begin Noticing, the practitioner practices Blaffinveigle--shutting down the internal dialog--and Paying Attention Continuously with his eyes closed. This discipline is called Forced Noticing. This results in the sighting of more-or-less vague images in the darkened visual field. Further down the Tunnel, there comes the experience of Spontaneous Noticing, and upon entering the Green Room, which is the last zone of activity before going through the Urumara, it's normal to see Screenshots wherein a portion of the visual field self-organizes into stable images. Once through the Urumara into the Projection Room proper, the practitioner is Beyond Noticing. He may be bombarded with all kinds of images, hearages, feelages, slippages, and the like as his physical sense apparatus gives way to the Unworld.

NOTIMEZONE is Robert Monroe's Focus 15 or Patricia Garfield's 'doubleness'. In altered settings of consciousness, we usually stray from the 'real' time zone which is just the usual settings of consciousness, including fourness which is time itself. Getting some lateral distance from our typical timeline or stream of memories and future expectations, we can see a larger-than-usual chunk of events as if it were a single moment or event (Metsuke). And in order to get that detached perspective of our usual timeline, we can wander through a variety of related timelines or parallel worlds. Since they're related (Chained), experiencing these different versions of reality at the same time results in our remembering more than one version of the same experience, and confusion as to whether something happened in the past, present, or future. The Notimezone also accounts for deja vu in which we remember a current experience even though we seem to be having the experience for the first time. See An Experiment with Time by J. W. Dunne.

NOWHERE (THE) The Nowhere is often called the Void, the 3D Blackness, and many other names. It is also called the heart chakra which in unworlding is the Dream Usher, your fiveness dream body, the fourth overtone or fourth chakra. It is the way out of the prison of Earthville existence. It is the intermediate state that leads to all other states, thus the glue that holds alternate realities together. The Nowhere is the door to anywhere, so it is the center of our being. As a state to be in, it is called the Nowhere. As a transitional state or a doorway from one state to another, it's called the Urumara. As a pumping mechanicism that sucks you from the Tunnel into the Unworld, or signals the end of an unworlding experience, it's called the heart chakra. As a dream character, it's personified as the Dream Usher. As a condition in which you are not fully unworlded or barely unworlded and not fully lucid because you're obsessing on pretty pictures and/or other energy sensations, it's called the Projection Room.

NOWHERE-AT-LARGE is a terminology that reflects the existence of many names for the Nowhere within my personal dogma: 5ness, the 5th harmonic of reality, the 4th overtone of awareness, the heart chakra, the door to anywhere, the Dream Usher, the Urumara, the Projection Room Proper. 'Nowhere-At-Large' refers to the vast portion of the infinitude of the Nowhere which is outside of the Projection Room. 'Projection Room Proper' refers to the discharge side of the Projection Room or heart chakra pump since it is in the Nowhere while the intake side of the Projection Room--the Green Room--is in the Tunnel, with the Urumara between the two sides of the Projection Room.

NREM SLEEP is an acronymical term for unworldings that take place in the Tunnel, i.e. when you haven't gone through the Urumara yet.

NUMEROLOGY was the source of the notion that reality has nine essential or elemental ingredients. As a young man I studied every numerology book I could find and strained out of the verbiage a sense of the common thread or essence of each of the nine digits. While I am not a true believer in numerology or astrology, I find that they are often a good way to start a conversation about personality types and the elementariness of certain concepts, and I think both systems have some validity in a holographic universe where everything is a symbol of everything else. Within an infinitely complex system of universes which function perfectly without the intervention of scientists, we are bound to run across some patterns of experience which science has yet to understand, appreciate, or otherwise acknowledge.

NUTRITION is largely a matter of ignoring the Food Pyramid and the 'balanced diet' mythology perpetrated by the status quo Anti-Science Board. My digestive system was nearly destroyed by many years of high-fiber diets. Vegetables and fruits won't kill you but grains will. We are not horses and we should not eat grains. We get most of our energy from fats. Meat, cheese, plain yogurt, butter, and eggs are 100% digestible. The dietary term 'fiber' literally means indigestible. It gives 'bulk' or 'roughage' to your stool because it's like eating wood. Your body can't digest it. It just makes your poop big. The bulk of the stool is supposed to be composed mainly of bacteria but the good bacteria in our bodies have been killed by keeping ourselves alive with antibiotics. In summary, a good diet consists of high fat, low fiber, and low carbohydrates. Do not eat processed foods, sugar, or anything with chemicals, artificial sweeteners, sugar, etc. Fruit juice is as bad as soft drinks. Do not eat dried fruits except olives. Read Fiber Menace by Konstantin Monastyrsky and look up Dr. Jason Fung on curing diabetes and obesity with diet and intermittent fasting. To lose weight, ignore calorie intake, exercise before breakfast, and eat only once or twice a day. Sugar is a white powder, addictive drug used by the Hoveltongue to control and stupify the masses. Before fasting read Fiber Menace.

OBSESSION with unworlding in the early stages can help cement the topic into your life as a permanent member of your personal priorities, but this is a beginner's crutch that will have to be overcome as you get some experience and come to terms with the fact that, when all is said and done, experience in the Unworld is just another memory. You might have to seek new forms of motivation in order to get good at unworlding. Impatience and obsession will soon become a stumbling block, a source of discouragement rather than a part of your motivational machine. Since unworlding is a direct result of finding yourself in the Magical Mindset, I would suggest that you enjoy the path and discover the path itself, develop confidence and a number of skills, continue to nurture other interests, and don't obsess over what you imagine your goal to be. That goal will change as time passes and as you accumulate experience. Obsession is a pouring of all your energy into 6ness, but lying just past the 6ness whirlpool is intuition and expansion, and that's where the path will take you if you learn to smell the roses while on the path. Otherwise, obsession will be happy to eat your soul alive, if that's what you want.

OBSTACLES and BARRIERS are manifestations of the Urumara either here in Earthville or in the Unworld. Overcoming them in any way will always change one's state of mind, so all teachers assign obstacles or challenges to overcome. In the Unworld, the Urumara is symbolized by any kind of thing to overcome, go through, climb over, crawl under, go around, etc.

OFFICIAL LUCIDITY is the popular notion that a lucid dream is a dream in which you realize you're dreaming. This is truly a milestone in unworlding practice but lucidity begins as the smallest seed of awareness, and this seed should be Noticed and expanded upon instead of setting up a false hurdle and auto-discouragement by dis-appreciating all your nominally non-lucid dreams.

OLD HAG SYNDROME refers to the tendency of conscious sleep paralysis to represent itself as an old hag or any other entity sitting on your chest making it hard to breath. This is caused by the fear of going to sleep, which in turn is caused by the conscious mind's automatically equating the act of going to sleep with death. This is due to the fact that the conscious mind has some control of breathing and swallowing when we're physical, but in order to go to sleep we have to give up all such control of semi-autonomous processes. The conscious mind thinks you will choke and drown in your own saliva and suffocate and forget to breathe if it's not there overseeing the process. Which is silly because when we are awake, the conscious mind does a lousy job of breathing anyway, being afraid of so many things that we go around holding our breath most of the time. These fears account for the fact that the Old Hag and other reflections of the Dream Usher are often treated with hostility. I know of one unworlding coach who has learned to counteract this fear by purposely breathing shallowly, so that his torso barely moves, when performing his inductions.


ORANGE is the color of 3ness, the 2nd chakra or 2nd overtone of awareness, the 3rd harmonic of reality.

OUTPOST SCOUT is someone who explores the fringes of the human experience because the stink at the center of nearly anything is nearly intolerable, whereas out here in the borderlands we can just call it 'fertilizer' and use it to spur more research and new ways of saying things that the Typicals are never gonna hear.

OVERTONE SINGING, HARMONIC CHANTING, or THROAT-WHISTLING is an ancient art form practiced in many cultures including especially the shamanic cultures of Tuva and Tibet in which the singer learns to share the acoustic energy of the fundamental tone with various harmonics or overtones, thus singing two notes at the same time. The best way to learn this art is to sing along with YouTube, although I learned it in a dream long before YouTube existed. Not that I'm any good at it, but it was a great dream.

OVERTONES are the same things as harmonics except that they're numbered differently. The 2nd harmonic is the first overtone, etc. Oneness is not an overtone since it is the fundamental. These two numbering systems also exist in acoustical harmonics. I retain this confusing mess of extra terminology because the two systems already exist in metaphysics. The harmonics of awareness correspond to the digits of traditional numerology and the overtones of awareness correspond to the traditional chakras.

PARADOX is bound into the laws of nature from the very get-go because oneness or infinity can't be divided up, but twoness is the dividing up of it as well as what creates what we think of as the world. I am not an expert on paradox, but then who is?

PARALLEL REALITIES are alternate worlds you assemble due to adjustments of your troovammickle caused by changes in the amount of energy used by your various dream bodies. Each person exists in infinite potential varieties and it only requires certain actions to merge with those people that you might be. A person, his mind, and his world are not three different things, they are three sides of the same coin.

PARTIAL SUCCESS is something that beginners often fail to grasp, appreciate, and collect. The collection of partial success builds confidence like nothing else can, and confidence is a key ingredient of Intent, the power to induce change such as altered states of awareness. The best way to collect partial success is to practice writing every single non-physical experience you have in your journal, night and day. Daytime practices of Beanpoles and Awakenings are essential for people who do not fall out of their body by accident, due to the fact that the 2-3-4 or conscious mind hoards physicality or attachment (3ness) as if it was made out of gold. If you wait till you're sleepy--craving deep unconsciousness--to want to get unworlded, you have waited too long and it might be too late.

PEE The urge to pee should not have so much power over us. Add in the usual disclaimers, blah blah blah, in case you have a real medical problem. This was the first thing I had to change when I started my practice, because I was in the habit of using pee breaks during the day to punctuate all my activities. In order to keep this habit from rearing its ugly head every time you wake up from a dream, REM state, or the most awesome unworlding you ever had, you have to train yourself to put other things ahead of your desire to take a whiz at the slightest provocation. The time to practice this is all day long. I don't mean go around bursting at the seams clutching at yourself and hopping up and down. But do practice not punctuating your daytime activities with pee breaks, and this will carry over into your nighttime activities. At least it did for me. The other thing you should do in this regard is to read Chapter 2 of Konstantin Monastyrsky's book Fiber Menace, 'Water Damage,' in which he debunks the myth that we need to actually drink 8 glasses of water per day. This is the right amount of water but we get most of this from our food. Unless you sweat a lot, that's too much water to drink in one day, it'll just wear out your kidneys. All the usual disclaimers etc. Why don't doctors have to add disclaimers to everything they say? Not because they know much about nutrition, as it is in general a topic they don't care much for. It's because they have really expensive insurance, and that's why your USA medical care establishment is out of sight expensive. Example: when I went to a urologist, the crusty old fart couldn't wait to get rid of me, but stuffed a camera in my urethra first so he could charge my state insurance policy for something expensive, then when I tried to bring up what was really troubling me: 'What if my constant need to pee is psychological?' he said, 'Well I can't help you with that...' and backed out the door. That creep didn't deserve to be called a doctor. When I finally got motivated to not pee so much, it was really easy, as described above. Even though, at my age, my prostate is as big as a basketball.

PERSONAL LUCIDITY OBJECTS (please note that the acronym PLO is already taken) are objects, characters, places, attributes such as a favorite color, and events that you personally tend to dream about recurringly. They tend to trigger lucidity or at least to attract your attention, often causing a pre-lucid condition, more vivid dream senses, and better dream recall. It's best to keep a solid version nearby so that when it's time for you to do a reality check, you can look to see if your Personal Lucidity Object is still there. In the latter usage, the term 'anchor' bas been used but this term is too general and used for several items in the unworlding arsenal. In the former usage, the term 'dreamsign' or 'lucidity cue' has been used.

PETTY TYRANT was Castaneda's injunction to practitioners to go out and find themselves a tormentor to drive the self-importance out of them. He thus colorfully reinvigorated the teaching of most gurus to subjugate the ego and sublimate into worthier pursuits the energy typically wasted by upholding the ego.

PHANTOM WIGGLE is a term coined by unworlding teacher and author Michael Raduga. When you are in any kind of altered state including an ordinary daydream, meditation, contemplation, relaxation of any kind, it's common to feel your body or a part of your body move. Unworlding practice trains you to pay Attention so you will Notice whether these motions are actually physical or not. A lot of time the motion would be impossible for the physical body to perform, in which case you have just encountered one of your dream bodies in the flesh, i.e. for real.

PHASE EVOLUTION is the best YouTube channel on unworlding. He and I don't share the same opinions about everything, but who could share all my opinions anyway? The creator of Phase Evolution, Sylvan Monroe or 'Mike' for short, is the most level-headed and sincere of the many people discussing lucid dreaming and astral projection on YouTube. His Phase Evolution group on Facebook is also one of the better groups online.

PHASE EXPERIENCE means the same thing as unworlding: an out-of-body experience or lucid dream. The terminology is from Michael Raduga, author of the best book of unworlding technique, The Phase. Not to be confused with 'phasing' which is a specific way of getting unworlded introduced by Robert Monroe, who first called it the 'quick switch'. He later changed this to 'phasing,' a term adopted by Frank Kepple and his admirers. Phasing is the act of unworlding simply, quickly, and directly, without all the lying still and not swallowing and going through sleep paralysis and other energy sensations like the Vibes. But Raduga's 'phase experience' is a general term for any unworlding.

PHYSICAL and REAL are not the same thing. Physicality is about 3ness, the 3rd dimension, solidity, connection to other things. Reality and realness are about oneness, which is pure awareness, the Moment.

PINK is one of my anchors because I was obsessed with finding rose quartz in beautiful mountain locations for several years during my 30s when I could still afford to keep a car running. In the early days of this phase of my unworlding practice (starting Nov. 2015) I focused on finding pink wherever I looked whenever I went to town, and this practice did overlap into my dream content, but has seldom, if ever, made me lucid. This is not for lack of effort on the part of my dream bodies, who show me the color regularly in odd ways that should make me lucid. In particular I'm always finding rose quartz in my dreams, but still waiting for this to clue me to the fact that I'm dreaming. Maybe tonight?

PIXIE DUST is the subject of my most long-standing research arm, so I should be an expert on it by now. Unfortunately, all I can say about it at this point is that pixie dust is the product of evaporating physical and mental stress. This evaporation process produces a bubble around the person's physical state which tends to counteract gravity. The technical name for this machinery is 'OmniStressEvap'. Updates will be forthcoming as more information becomes available.

PLACE-IS-STATE refers to the fact that in the Unworld, the places, buildings, and settings we find ourselves in reflect our state of awareness. Thus, recurring dream places reflect habitual parts of ourselves that we tend to revisit as individuals. Grandiose, beautiful places reflect transcendent states of awareness, etc. Trying to find something or some place in a dream often means that part of us is focused on finding a state--such as lucidity--but sometimes the goal is forgotten and the symbol takes its place in the dream plot. If a dream character is trying to help us find something or some place, or trying to help us remember anything, that person is one of our dream bodies offering to merge with us so we can become more lucid, more capable.

PLACEBO EFFECT is far from the bogus tool or scam that it is seen to be. It is in fact Intent, the power to change, the energy of 5ness. Invested with the Placebo Effect, any number of unworlding inductions work great a few times and then when the practitioner loses interest in them, when his enthusiasm flags, well forget it, Intent has moved on to something else. Because Intent is influenced by belief, it is important to change your beliefs as often as necessary. The mechanics of this system are still under investigation. For now I'd say, choose your beliefs carefully and milk the placebo effect for all you can get out of it instead of poo-pooing it. As for the effects of mugwort, binaural beats, gadgets, supplements, guided meditations, etc., I tend to avoid them most of the time so I can develop real skills without using anything as a crutch, but I test these things occasionally and find that most of these crutches including new induction techniques I'm excited about tend to work once or twice and then go limp.

PLAN OF ACTION which I prefer to call Intent Agenda is one or more specific things you hope to get accomplished next time you get unworlded. If you haven't had your first unworlding yet, your first agenda item should be to look into a mirror. I can't tell you why, or it would ruin my reason for saying it, but if you've already tried this, I will reveal the reason for making this your first act. Send me an email.

PLEASURE is a reflection of 6ness. Anything that's pleasurable, good or bad, can serve as the core of habituation.

POLITICS is an obsession, like religion, with the 6th harmonic of awareness which rules group activity and passion. In my opinion, politics is an overinvolvement with the 2-3-4 World which will tend to keep the practitioner from being able to use wisdom and relaxation to his advantage in learning how to unworld. In an infinite universe filled with infinite universes, all things are possible including the hysterical antics of people winning popularity contests then getting to set public policy. This is proof that we are living in a very large mental institution. The universe is not broken, and if it were, then politics would not be the solution.

PORTALS are identities or entities acting as viewports on infinity so that infinity or oneness can look upon itself. Portals are resonators which act as wave reflection filters by amplifying some wave forms and canceling others so that the identity formed in the filtering process, which is also a process of trapping energy, is unique to that resonator even though its source energy is the same pure awareness as everybody else's.

POTWATCHER AND NITPICKER are the duplex 4ness dream body 2 + 2 = 2 x 2, the dichotomous duo, the personification of my 4ness dream body. They often appear before a lucid unworlding experience as a pair of workers in uniform for some trade, whether dressed as librarians, machinists, or odd job types. 'Nitpicker and Potwatcher' are just my personal names for my own duplex 4ness dream body, of course your 4ness dream body would not be named any such thing.

POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE make the world go 'round--not just positive--since it is twoness or duality that creates the world out of pure oneness or infinity. Trying to delete negativity from the world is a waste of energy and it will make you unable to get unworlded because impossible tasks tend to distract us from more realistic tasks like getting to know all seven of your dream bodies.

PRE-LUCID DREAMS are about to get lucid if things go right. Pre-lucid dreams are marked by prominent or numerous Personal Lucidity Objects, vividness, details, attributes such as colors, unusual cognitive abilities, wondering, Noticing, questioning, interacting with dream characters in unusually meaningful, intense, or emotional ways. Transcendent symbols, ornate architecture, etc. It's up to the unworlder to be Continuously Paying Attention so that when the above-listed attributes start popping up, they grab his Attention and take him to a higher level of lucidity.

PROJECTION ROOM is a mechanical way of looking at the Nowhere or the Void since it consists of an intake room or the Green Room, followed by an exit of the Tunnel of non-lucidity through the moment of going to sleep or the Urumara, and into the outflow portion of the Projection Room proper. The Projection Room is thus the heart of the unworlding system since the pressure changes that take place in it not only force you to sleep and tell you where to go, but this is also the function of the Dream Usher and the Heart Chakra. The 5th harmonic of awareness is thus the dream machine. In the Projection Room's intake area a dream sometimes deposits the unworlder, awake but able to generate full-color, full-size images effortlessly for a long time.

PSEUDO-MEMORIES are past events dreamed up by the mind to explain an event that seems dreamlike or doesn't make sense. This happens routinely in so-called dreams but in fact all memories are pseudo-memories and all experiences are dreams.

QUICK SWITCH was the name first given by Robert Monroe to his ability to get unworlded instantly. It took many years for him to develop this sophistication in his practice. The quick switch was renamed 'phasing' by Frank Kepple and others, not to be confused with Michael Raduga's 'the phase' which means the same thing as 'unworlding': any OBE or lucid dream. While Monroe was the first to mention this technique, Kepple's description of it is much more complete. The problem is to retain continuous awareness of who you are throughout the lapse, so you don't get sucked right back to the Dayly Dreame as soon as you do remember who you are, i.e. become Officially Lucid. Noticing is the most important preparation for learning the quick switch. And of course you're deluding yourself if you think you're ever gonna get anywhere without doing regular Daytime Practices. We don't learn much during unconscious sleep. This practice is about merging the Earthville experience with the unworlding experience, not about trying to use one to deny the existence of the other. Phasing or the quick switch proves that the Dayly Dreame and the Unworld are separated by a very thin veil.

QUESTIONING dream content during the dream, wondering about any unworlding phenomena, taking an interest in details, examining anything closely, but not too closely (Metsuke), even asking dream characters for information or vice versa, are powerful indications of a pre-lucid state. Noting such indications in your dream journal is one reason for the dream journal to exist and also a good reason to re-read the dream journal regularly. Dream characters are you, they are your dream bodies trying to help you get what you want, so they will often help you approach or achieve lucidity by showing you odd things or engendering strange plot elements or appearing in an odd way, as a fogjogger. The more you Notice fogjoggers, the more powerful they become, and the more likely they are to make you lucid. While you're awake, you should take advantage of moments of strangeness during the day to do reality checks, since such moments are reality check receptacles when reality checks are unusually effective.

RACEMIND is the uncontrolled preoccupation of the 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World with itself. Another word for internal dialog or monkey mind.

RADIANCE is not to be emulated by human beings, who are embarrassingly lousy at it. I first discovered radiance in an unworlding where I wanted to meet my higher self, which would have been our second meeting. In our first meeting, he had appeared as a filthy old man rolling around in a pile of dirty rags, and the music he played was Radiance. In the second meeting, he was a very thick, very calm man in a white T-shirt who worked in a restaurant kitchen in Kansas. He came out to meet me since I'd managed to stay lucid so long and remember my Intent Agenda, and his skin had this faint orangey glow. His smile was so small it was almost just the hint of a smile. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye, and did not speak. I'm no expert on radiance, but I'm guessing that radiance is a quality of a harmonized Soul Retinue--which forms the higher self or future self--and that Radiance is the quality that generates euphoria in some of our unworldings. You will not find it by chasing it around.

RADUGA, MICHAEL is a Siberian unworlding teacher whose book The Phase is the only book that has ever helped me get unworlded. My term "unworlding" means the same as his term "phase experience".

RAMPA, LOBSANG was the pen name of an English plumber--Cyril Hoskin (1910–1981)--who wrote nineteen not-a-novels in which he claimed to be inhabited by the spirit of an exiled Tibetan monk and truck driver (a 'walk-in'). At one time I read all his books because I could only read Robert Monroe's Journeys Out of the Body  so many times. Fortunately there are now so many self-taught and highly skilled unworlders writing books that it's no longer necessary to read and re-read not-a-novels in search of information about unworlding.

REAL and PHYSICAL are not the same thing. Physicality is about 3ness, the 3rd dimension, solidity, connection to other things. Reality and realness are about oneness, which is pure awareness, the Moment.

REAL TIME ZONE or RTZ is Robert Bruce's terminology for Bob Monroe's 'Locale 1' which is a place in the Unworld that appears to be the same as the physical world where the unworlder's body is supposedly lying down in trance or sleep. Actually the unworlder takes his world with him by dissolving the Dayly Dreame or his typical physical world and assembling another one someplace else. All places are really states of mind or states of being. The parallel world theory makes a lot more sense than the notion that there is one real world. The real time zone is just a world that resembles the one you've learned to expect by long contact with Earthville. The two places never coincide exactly.

REALITY CHECKS or 'state checks' comprise a method of encouraging lucidity which is practiced during waking activities in hopes that it will become a habit. Then, if you should happen to conduct the same activity during a dream by force of habit, due to the nature of the check itself, doing it during a non-lucid dream should help you to realize that your are unworlded and become lucid. These checks consist of any activity which would give one answer if you turned out to be unworlded and a different answer if you turned out to be physical. The best reality check is trying to see through your closed eyelids and sleep mask, since it can be done without moving, and because of this, it can be used at the most auspicious of times, when one is most likely to be already unworlded without realizing it, and that is at the moment of waking or moments before. Trying to see through closed eyes is also an excellent progress check during the Direct induction or WILD, if you are having energy sensations and want to see how far along you are. In my experience, the two most effective reality checks have been 1 hopping into the air to see if I could fly, and 2 asking myself, 'Do I know how I got here?' because these are the checks I have remembered to repeat while in non-lucid dreams, which then became lucid because of my having done the check. Reality checks should be done at least a few times an hour, with enthusiasm and imagination, because mechanically-done, boring checks are worse than useless. It's also helpful to be alert for moments when you feel especially spontaneous, lively, enthusiastic, dreamy, light, etc. and plug a reality check into that moment. Such moments are called Reality Check Receptors because--unlike dead light bulb sockets--they will charge a reality check with useful energy. A bored, mechanically-done reality check is like a dead light bulb socket, it's a waste of energy, so if you're gonna do reality checks, get unbored first.

RECEPTION CENTER in Robert Monroe's books is a place in 'Focus 27' which is supposed to be a consensus reality vs. the belief system territories where people get trapped because they expect to go there when they die. Monroe's followers try to find dead people stuck in hauntings and belief system territories and talk them into transcending the behavior/belief loop they're stuck in. They try to take the retrieved spirit to the Reception Center where dead people are supposed to report in when they die. Due to the sophistication and appeal of Monroe's books, many people read them uncritically and accept them whole hog. In my opinion, the trapped spirits are not spirits of people, but images of events in people's lives which are brought to life by the retriever investing his Attention in them. When the retriever hauls the rescued image toward the Reception Center, many of them disappear. When one is successfully turned in at the front desk, the first thing that happens is that the retriever is sent away. In my opinion, the next thing that happens is that the whole thing disappears. Either that or the resuscitated image is also sent back where it came from, in which case a better name for the Reception Center would be the 'Reflection Center' since its purpose is to just send everybody back where they came from.

RED is the color of the first overtone of awareness, 2ness, the 2nd harmonic of reality, the 2ness dream body, which I personify as the Inventor since our emotions and senses as the internal Sound Current create the worlds by splitting indivisible infinity into identifiable parts.

RE-ENTRY is the experience of seeing or otherwise sensing your physical body as separate from you, and merging with the physical, often interpreted as being out-of-body and then entering it.

REFLECTIVE NATURE of the worlds is due to the fact that all entities and things have the same awareness or soul. In the Unworld, you tend to think things into existence. On Earthville, manifestation is like a thick tar compared to the Unworld. In consensus reality, it takes many people to stir the pot of belief, out of which Intent creates reality. The more solid a world is, the more individuals are involved in agreeing that world into existence.

REINCARNATION An incarnation has been interpreted as a mechanistic, linear unit in a succession of lives isolated to the use of a single, discrete entity. In a holographic universe and/or a wave function reality, this status quo interpretation of reincarnation needs to be replaced by a known vibratory function, and that function is resonance.

RELIGION is what happens when you dump all your energy into 6ness. Noticing is what happens when you get 6ness balanced and use it as a tool instead of a toy.

RELAXATION of mind and body is the pinnacle of achievement for the unworlder. It is a reflection of 8ness, the crown chakra, and thus it's the same thing as freedom and expansion. Once you've learned how to relax, the next step is to learn to relax no matter what. Be aware that when you tell yourself that you're ready for this latter stage, your Uppers are likely to let you have it. Waking up is not necessarily easy, so the quicker you get through the 'life is slow torture' phase of existence, the sooner you'll be a competent unworlder.

R.E.M. SLEEP is the portion of the sleep cycle which takes place after deeper sleep and just before waking up. It is a more consciously aware cycle so a lot of unworldings take place in this kind of sleep. It is named after the way eyes move around under the eyelids when in this state. During REM we are supposed to be in sleep paralysis. If I wake up in a REM state during a dream, my body is often in the Vibes and if I remain still physically and mentally I can hang out in the Projection Room experiencing intensely self-generating, full-color, life-size, dynamic images for up to 20 minutes or so. A better idea when waking up in the middle of REM would be to Just-Stand-Up before body awareness--i.e. the Dayly Dreame--re-establishes itself.

R.E.M. BREATH is a one second inhale followed immediately by one second exhale, slightly ragged breathing, accompanied by slow random motions of the eyes. This has never failed to put me to sleep.

R.E.M. REBOUND is unscheduled R.E.M. sleep that you get due to lack of sleep. Based on the notion that you need R.E.M. sleep for some reason, if you don't get it at the usual time--about every 90 minutes during a normal night's sleep of approximately 8 hours--then as soon as you lie down and go to sleep, sometimes including afternoon naps or anytime you experience the dire need to sleep right now, you could enter R.E.M. sleep immediately instead of first sleeping for 90, 90x2, 90x3, etc. minutes. Using sleep deprivation and/or altering normal sleep patterns is not a predictable method, thus not reliable, but it has been known to trigger lucidity and/or conscious experiences of sleep paralysis in spontaneous ways.

REMAIN STILL with eyes closed is what you should do when you wake up. You are waking up in the Nowhere, but we tend to assume we've woken up in our bed. This is just a habitual way of thinking. Often we wake up in a still-unworlded condition if we care to take advantage of this by rolling out, Chaining back in with FILD, or just laying there looking at images since, if you're still in REM, you're still in the Projection Room and able to see images effortlessly.

REMOTE MIND is a conglomeration of all our dream bodies above 4ness, therefore it includes fluidity or 5ness, Noticing or 6ness, intuition or 7ness, and 8ness which is expansion and freedom. The remote mind is thoroughly familiar with so-called enlightenment and the Unworld, since it and its constiuents live there permanently. It knows all, sees all, and remembers everything we have ever done or could have done or should have done. This entity has been referred to as the 'unconscious' or 'subconscious' mind, but these terms are inaccurate since the remote mind represents a more advanced form of awareness than the greedy, grabby conscious mind which tends to starve its superiors for energy.

REPLAY It was dreaming coach Patricia Garfield who first pointed out in her classic book Creative Dreaming that our dream scenes are often tinged by a sense of doubleness, the feeling that we have already done something and are now doing it again. This is probably the same thing as deja vu, and my guess is that when we dream, our parallel selves in the parallel worlds closest to us will be having very similar dreams. Sometimes a dreamer will remember more than one version of the same dream, making it impossible to record the dream in a logical time frame without cheating and imposing a narrative description. This just means we can and do dream more than one version of the same basic theme 'simultaneously,' although using time words to describe things that happen outside of time is kinda hopeless. Robert Monroe wrote about being given dream assignments in which he would be given a problem to solve in a dream, and each time he solved it wrong, his memory would be blanked temporarily and he would start over, repeating the lesson till he got it right. This sounds to me like he has forced a narrative description on what happens to all of us--basically a kind of deja vu in the Unworld--with his predilection for interpreting everything as schoolish in some way. My opinion is that doubleness and deja vu are just slippings out of time into a perspective that can view a timeline from outside. See J. W. Dunne. 2

RESONANCE is what happens in nature when waves or vibrations reflect and bounce back the way they came, if they bounce off a surface that's positioned such that the reflection and the original source wave have matching characteristics. If the two waves have mis-matched traits, they will cancel each other instead of resonating. Resonator configurations can be tuned to increase resonance while decreasing cancelation effects, and vice versa. Also called 'portal'. The myth of reincarnation is based on our ability to merge with other resonators than the usual Dayly Dreame that we squeeze our Attention into each time we wake up in bed. Since people can merge with individuals who are obviously different people, humanity invents and reinforces the perspective of reincarnation, but since we all have the same soul--pure awareness--we are actually all reincarnations of everybody.

RESISTANCE is a natural dualistic condition that pops up to complicate life whenever you try to get yourself or someone else to do something, especially something that would be good for them. The best source to study this phenomenon would be the pop-psychology books about the famous hypnotherapist and influential psychiatrist Milton Erickson M.D. The best place to start would be a book called My Voice Will Go With You. Another source for similar information would be the episode of the 1960s situation comedy The Munsters in which Herman tries to get his little boy Eddie to go to school by telling him to stay home. Naturally, Eddie says, "OK!" and stays home and that's where we have to bring in the notion of resistance to resistance.

REVERSE BLINKING is a method for putting yourself to sleep quickly and/or with your eyes partially open, which can sometimes result in experiencing REM atonia consciously, i.e. sleep paralysis. To do it, close your eyes when you lie down and blink them open periodically for a fraction of a second at about the same rate as if your eyes were open and periodically blinking closed. It's interesting to note that the blackness of the closed-eye period, as usual, is not black but a fertile ground for Noticing images.

RHIANNON was the queen of the Tylwyth Teg or 'Fair Folk' of ancient Welsh legend. When the man Pwyll saw her sauntering past on her horse every day, he pursued her with all his strength over and over, but could not catch her. When she finally stopped to let him catch up, she said he could go with her and be her prisoner husband in the Unworld but would never return to the world of man. He didn't think about it very long. See The Mabinogion. Rhiannon was Pwyll's 6ness dream body.

RHYFFMOG is the Rhythm in the Fog. If you start to strip away the Babble or the monkey mind or the internal dialog in layers, the first layer seems to be actual self-talk in words and singing or humming a tune over and over, etc. But under that are more layers, and the one I've been able to isolate is a sort of rhythmic thrumming which is a seeming self-organization that takes place in the energy behind the Babble, that energy being the Inner Sound Current which creates the worlds out of undifferentiated oneness. This self-organization will manifest differently depending on the observer's state of being. When you're almost ready to fall asleep it can manifest as Denormopia or illogical, disconnected thoughts. When you're in a Little Sleep, the Rhyffmog can manifest as hypnagogic phrases which are not mere noise; they express information in code which is meaningful to your dream bodies. When you're awake the Rhyffmog just manifests as the kinds of noises that distressed animals make when subject to the 'do or die' principles of psychotic humanity under the influence of overpopulation and capitalism, i.e. human language twisted to 'make money' so the animal doesn't starve. At one time, the purpose of music was to calm the savage beast, but this has been twisted to taming and domesticating said beast so that he can tell himself that he is enjoying his slavery. In unworldings, the Rhyffmog is released like pent-up joy juice to generate whole scenes, plots, casts of characters and even lifetimes that express the mystery of existence in ways not generally appreciated by the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World.

ROBERT A. MONROE was a successful broadcasting executive and entrepreneur who used his social abilities and unique charisma and intelligence to become the modern godfather of unworlding and founder of TMI, The Monroe Institute, in Virginia, USA. His first book Journeys Out of the Body broke new ground and updated the terminology and attitude toward non-physical experiences, while bringing unworlding out into the open. He obtained a patent for binaural beats which he called Hemi-Sync. He described the process of getting unworlded in terms of 'focus levels' and then extended further focus levels within the Unworld itself according to his experience and the experience of others. His second and third books are also classics in the field. Bob Monroe can never be replaced.

ROLLING OUT is one classic way of getting unworlded the OBE way, in which the unworlder feels like he is leaving his physical body. When this happened to me, I felt someone else rolling out of my body, got alarmed for a second, then realized I needed to merge with that someone else.

ROLLOVER SIGNAL during direct induction from a waking state is supposed to be a desire, all but painful, to roll over and go to sleep after a period of time devoted to not moving. This signal is real but probably of concern only to beginners. The terminology was probably invented by Nick Newport of Lucidology 101.

ROPE METHOD is an induction popularized by Robert Bruce in which you try to feel yourself climbing a rope that dangles from the ceiling above your body. The purpose of inductions like this is to not only induce the sense of motion that seems to help so much in creating an exit experience, but also to keep your mind awake by imagining something. Anything that especially causes transition-like motion such as up, down, through, over, or under could be used in custom-designed imaginings which I call 'Beanpoles' as in 'Climbing the Beanstalk'.

ROTE is a term introduced by Robert Monroe, an acronym for Related Organized Thought Energy. It refers to a bundle of information delivered instantaneously which the recipient can unravel later in order to get the details and digest them. In telepathic communications which are so common in the Unworld, ROTEs are routinely delivered to someone who is curious enough to seek answers too complex for a simple reply.

SCIENCE is useful in dealing with the solid world, the 2-3-4 World. But we have to remember that science has a context: human culture and belief systems. Capitalism, propaganda and commercialism, for example, are easily capable of twisting supposed science to their ends. When it comes to unworlding, a scientific mindset is not always completely useless, but we have to avoid using it as a religion because demanding proof of things can keep us from having experiences, and the point of unworlding is not proof, but experience. Skepticism has its place, but Earthville and its laws are an offshoot of reality, not the other way around. Due to the dissipation of the ancient religions' effect on us in these modern times, science has largely taken the place of religion, and the situation now exists that religious blind faith is the preferred approach of many bigoted people who are afraid of the unknown and thus go on the offensive when their version of science is perceived to be under attack. The good news is that science was the religion of the 20th century, and the 20th century is gone.

SCREEN USE is said by some to be a no-no in the hour or two before going to bed, based on a pseudo-scientific connection to theories about hypnagogia which are rooted in the realm of physical science. The problem with theories rooted in the realm of physical science is that they're rooted in the realm of physical science. Hypnagogic images are not about physical science; it's a different topic. I have had unworldings a few minutes after marathon 12-to-16-hour computer use. The correlation between screen use and unworlding needs a closer look with less superficial conclusions. For example, staring at a screen as such might have nothing to do with it. If using a computer or other screen device just before bed keeps you from getting unworlded, take a look at what state of mind you were in while staring at the screen. I could understand unworlding potential being chopped off by an unfocused or bored state of mind brought about by watching TV or you tube videos or aimlessly surfing or addictively playing video games, which would not be the same thing as an activity requiring focus which could be akin to meditation in some ways.

SCREENSHOT is a phenomenon of Spontaneous Noticing marked by the existence of a discrete screen on a portion of the visual field. The screen is filled by self-sustaining images which are well-defined and remain so as long as the observer retains the right balance of focus and detachment, or Metsuke. The Screenshot is a sighting of the Projection Room through the Urumara.

SEEING THROUGH SLEEP MASK is a uniquely useful reality check because you can do it without the slightest physical motion. The value in this is that if the test fails, indicating that you're still stuck in the physical setting, you have not moved your physical body in order to find this out, so you don't have to start over again like you might if you'd moved your body and found out it was your physical body. I have become lucid by spontaneously Noticing that I was able to see through something that was covering my face in a non-lucid dream and then realizing I was seeing through my sleep mask.

SELF-IMPORTANCE is a term popularized by Carlos Castaneda, and he was right: we waste so much energy trying to be right and trying to make everyone wrong that we have nothing left for unworlding. Learning how to get unworlded at will takes a lot of steady, prolonged effort for most people, and anyone can tell you that walking around with a chip on your shoulder, feeling offended at nearly everything that happens to you, is going to make you a slow learner in the unworlding game, to say the least. This is why some unworlding manuals like the Castaneda-esque Way of the Peaceful Warrior place so much emphasis on working hard to improve the self vs. working hard to prove that one is a victim of his circumstances.

SEMI-AUTONOMOUS PROCESSES such as breathing and swallowing become fully autonomous at the moment of transitioning to sleep. Because of this, the conscious mind sees control as life-saving and loss of control as life-threatening. So it thinks it will die when it goes to sleep. Therefore, the conscious mind goes into a short coma in order to go through the Urumara without wetting its pants, and then forgets to come out of the coma all the way, resulting in a dream life that is less lucid that it might be.

SEVEN (THE) refers to the seven dream bodies or chakras of the individual, also known as the Soul Retinue.

SEVEN OBSESSIONS OF THE HUMAN FORM are various ways to waste the kinds of awareness or Attentional energy available to the human as a being: 2ness can be an obsession with identity and emotion, 3ness can be an obsession with stability, connection or attachment, etc. Learning to use the harmonics of awareness as tools instead of toys is the antidote for their misuse and abuse, and as soon as one manages to escape the whirlpool of one obsession, the newly conserved energy becomes available for the next whirlpool upstream to suck him under with. Fortunately a final solution exists, which is nineness, the future self, the Miruvor, the warrior who has already fought the mirror and won. What this means, no one can rightly say. However, the complaining part is easy, so I can list the other obsessions: 4ness can be obsessive perfectionism; 5ness can be extreme instability; 6ness can be religious fanaticism or falling in love with anything; 7ness can be obsession with hidden knowledge and conspiracy facts; 8ness can be obsession with expansion and accumulation.

SHAMAN is a specific type of medicine man or woman who goes into the Unworld to seek healing and/or information for himself and others. The term should not be used in reference to all witches and medicine people generically. It should also not be used in reference to people who only imagine and pretend to go into the Unworld, especially if they're doing it for money.

SHAMAN DRUMS according to the system taught by Michael Harner use the same frequency as binaural beats--about 4 hz--to induce trance. I prefer them over binaural beats but like to add waterfall sounds since I don't like wearing ear plugs and the white noise covers other people's noise better than earplugs. But the best way to cover other's people's noise is to earnestly and devotedly decide, as often as necessary, that it's not your problem. As for using special vibrations to induce trance, I'm not a believer. It might help but it shouldn't be necessary, and if it does help, then who's to say it doesn't make you dependent on it instead of having a skill?

SHAMANIC JOURNEYS--as we learn from Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman's books--involve going into an altered state of consciousness in search of information and/or healing of some kind. These journeys can be done in a fully unworlded state but often they are done in what I call a state of visioneering in which one shuts off the internal dialog and watches images unfold into scenes and partial scenes which are supposed to have some meaning. Apparently the TMI program does not require that people become fully unworlded in order to experience valid altered states of consciousness, so TMI graduate Bruce Moen has written some books from the perspective of visioneering since he couldn't learn how to get fully unworlded. Personally, I find visioneering to be a blind alley, with doubts about the process accumulating out-of-control the longer I do it, so I don't do it anymore. I find it sends me off on a tangent of the sneaky, manipulative, selfish, emotionalistic, greedy conscious mind's choice.

SHAMANIC TUNNEL Michael Harner teaches that in shamanic journeys, one finds a tunnel, cave or some other kind of opening and goes through it into an altered state of consciousness. This is just another representation of the Urumara, the borderline between any two states of consciousness. Unfortunately new agers think in terms of shamanism lite and I call this visioneering, where the practitioner doesn't bother to learn how to get unworlded and just trusts his conscious mind--which is usually not asleep--to come up with the right answers. But in fact the conscious mind cannot be trusted because it stacks the deck to keep from having to give up the lion's share of your energy, which it tries to hoard for itself. Noticings take place in the Tunnel, which is a training zone, but fully unworlded should be the goal, whether you have a shamanic slant on your practice or not.

SILENT COMPANION or SC is a dream character or entity you meet in the Unworld comprised of an indeterminate conglomerate of your dream bodies. In non-lucid dreams, SC is rarely seen, but the unworlder has a sense of SC's presence. SC often takes on the persona of someone the practitioner knows but could be represented as a stranger or someone who is dreamed about and/or familiar in the dream scene, but unknown in the physical world.

SIMULTANEOUS LIVES make more sense than reincarnation since reincarnation depends on past and future lives but in reality there is only one Moment, so there cannot be lives lived in a series. In fact, there cannot be moments lived in a series; there is only one Moment. The very existence of infinity dictates infinite versions of everything and makes time a subsidiary viewpoint, not a foundation of reality. There can only be one foundation of reality, and that is awareness or infinity itself. Since past and future are imaginary, this life is imaginary, so how could any version of reincarnation be literally factual? But simultaneous lives seem more sensible than lives in a row, even though, literally speaking, since 'simultaneous' is a time word, it flags the concept it describes as invalid in terms of truly foundational reality. Reality/awareness/infinity controls time, not the other way around.

SIX HOURS SLEEP is a mythical prereqisite to getting unworlded and having more lucidity during an unworlding. This myth is being passed from expert to expert while each of these experts appears to think that the time he himself spent in defiance of this guideline as a beginner was wasted time. As a matter of fact, everything a beginner tries is part of his process and experts generally have been experts too long to know how to properly be a beginner. Beginners have to try what they are interested in trying, not follow statistical tendencies as if they were laws. It is a statistical tendency that more people get unworlded more frequently and with more lucidity after a period of restful sleep. At the same time, some people can only perform WILD, for example, at bedtime. The important point to remember is that what we, in the physical, interpret to be R.E.M. sleep is an excellent time to get unworlded with lucidity. Thus, it's possible to easily get unworlded at bedtime if you've been sleep deprived, because the R.E.M. state is right there waiting for you to close your eyes. But the notion that we can predict or know what is a good time to try something is wrong, even though a typical R.E.M. sleep cycle is 90 minutes long as the experts say. The best time to practice is when you're in the mood, when you feel motivated. This will always be true, and the naive beginner should not have his only motivation stunted by jaded rulemongers. One more thing to remember is that practice should be done with a detached attitude, because if you try too hard or want too much, you will just manifest trying and wanting, not unworlding. If practice of skills is done as a dry run, the practitioner will know what to do when he senses that spontaneous unworlding is imminent, and until that rare individual reaches expert stage, the vast majority of unworldings are spontaneous.

SLAMDUNK is a Beanpole exercise I'm trying to develop. So far it has worked once to pave the way for an unexpected Go-To-Sleep-Right induction including conscious sleep paralysis and a partial exit. The basic idea is to remain relaxed and in a detached mood, focused but not obsessed with results, while doing the Buzz Breath a la Wim Hof with breath-holdings between breathing cycles. During the holdings you repeat affirmations such as 'Retain awareness through the transitions to and from sleep,' but the Intent and mindset behind the affirmations is more important than the words. Get up to record little dreams during Awakenings. The idea is to relax completely in seconds and fall asleep unexpectedly later on while staying very close to the borderline of sleep. When unibody or Vibes kick in, lie perfectly still and lapse out for seconds. This is what has worked for me so far and the method is subject to improvement upon further testing.

SLEEP APNEA is a modern belief that we can snore ourselves to death. This disease was invented the same day as the cure. When I researched it on the internet, I found that over 3/4 of those posting on the topic felt that from their experience, the cure is a scam of the medical industry, i.e. the right arm of the insurance industry.

SLEEP CYCLE is the length of time between dips into REM sleep, on the average, for most people. It is thought that most people have deeper sleep and less REM during the earlier part of the nightly sleep period, with the REM periods between sleep cycles coming closer together and lasting longer after four to six hours of rejuvenating sleep.

SLEEP PARALYSIS is the conscious experience of REM atonia which paralyzes or partially paralyzes the physical body during REM sleep so that dreams will not by physically acted out. That's from the perspective of science and the physical world. In reality, sleep paralysis is a function of the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World not quite existing when its energy is given to other dream bodies for use in the Unworld. Either way you look at it, sleep paralysis is one of the energy sensations experienced during the transition zone from the 2-3-4 World to the Unworld, i.e. part of the Urumara. Like the other energy sensations, not everyone consciously experiences REM atonia since the Urumara is often slid through quickly while the 2-3-4 Mind is completely unconscious.

SLIMMING DOWN the 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World is a process of tricking the conscious mind into letting go of some parts of its identity, attachments, and priorities so the Uppers can use this hoarded energy to help the conscious mind get what it thinks it wants to be: unworlded. In case you'd also like to lose weight physically while you're at it, the key to this is to exercise before breakfast and don't eat carbohydrates or snacks. For more information, see the work of Dr. Jason Fung on intermittent fasting and curing obesity and diabetes with high-fat, low-carb diets. But before you do that, read Fiber Menace, by Konstantin Monastyrsky.

SMUDGELY is a composite of my dream bodies who was first introduced to me in a pre-lucid dream on Aug. 29, 2016 in a dream I called 'New Eyes'. Her color is generally two or more tones of brown. She was a shy little dog named Ho who died on the aforementioned date. Ho was a hairless (mangy) dog at my neighbor's house in the Philippines who had a weird, gravelly bark. She used to sneak past me to get to my papaya shells, since I ate a papaya every morning for breakfast and she was stalking my compost pit. She would take one papaya shell, sneak home with it and eat it skin and all, then sneak back for the other half. I started leaving whole papayas for her when I had some to spare, and she gradually became my friend. When she got over the mange, she had beautiful two-tone hair with patches of white. She looked like a fox. During her life she had one child who lived, and that dog had two children who lived, both of whom now live with me. In 'New Eyes' my wife was painting a piano pink, which I barely noticed, then a beautiful young woman got me to look into her eyes, which sent me outside for a breath of fresh air. A storm was brewing, there was a very strange, ghostly sound, and something was coming out of a big white pipe in a hole in the ground. Something was being pushed out of the big pipe by some relentless force: a brown dog who spoke to me telepathically and said her name was Smudgely. The next day I learned that Ho had died. In my dreams, Smudgely appears as anything brown or anything canine. Since brown is the color formed by mixing other colors, it's safe to say that she is a composite of various other of my dream bodies such as 3ness (orange) and 5ness (green), but you can get brown by mixing just about anything if you add enough anythings. It is Smudgely's task to make me lucid by forcing me to look at odd stuff, i.e. Fogjoggers. Smudgely appeared in the first lucid dream I had during this phase of my practice which started in Nov. 2015.

SNAKE in dreams and visions is a universal symbol for kundalini, the power available to the higher self when the hoarded energy of the lower chakras is allowed to rise to the upper chakras. Learning how to unworld is the same thing. The Serpent of the Bible giving the power of intuition and wisdom to humans is the same thing, but you have to realize that the correct interpretation is that of the Gnostics: the spiteful, prideful, angry, jealous demanding god of the One-God religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) is actually an offshoot of the real universal energy, while this world, the creation of this Jealous God (the Demiurgos), is a mental institution for those who need to seek wisdom before they will be able to play well with others in the Unworld at large.

SORCERY as interpreted by Carlos Castaneda differed according to which book he was writing, and I don't define my practice or beliefs in his terms, although I find his philosophies interesting. There are some factions observed in society which are drawn to dark mystical arts involving manipulation and control of others, doing psychic battle, and there are some factions observed within unworlding which believe in so-called 'negs' or negative entities. I have no interest in any of this. I stopped reading fantasy novels when it became obvious to me that real life is a fantasy and that the underlying reality consists of what lies beyond and beneath this illusion we are living in. There will always be something titillating about the notion of coming into control of reality, but I doubt that this ability would be interesting enough to motivate most people for very long. Controlling unworlding experiences to me seems like the least interesting part of this practice. Nonetheless, the promise of gaining the use of certain tools attracts a kind of magical aura to it and there will always be a certain attractiveness to words like 'sorcery' and 'magic' even though I put no stock in any notions of an actual dark side of the Unworld being at war with any light side. I reject any notion that any part of our core reality is actually evil, nefarious or dangerous. Or happy and good, waiting for us to evolve into Its ever-loving arms. To me, it seems that the real nature of existence should be so much more interesting and subtle than that, eternally waiting to be discovered. That's sorcery.

SOUL RETINUE is your collection of dream bodies. For each of your seven chakras or overtones of awareness, you have a dream body. Most dream characters are your dream bodies trying to get your attention so you can merge with them and thus have their abilities. Besides the Seven, there are composite dream bodies such as the conscious mind or the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World which is comprised mostly of the 2ness, 3ness, and 4ness dream bodies. The Silent Companion or SC is a composite of the dream bodies which your Attention is neither merged with nor experiencing as a separate dream character at the present time. SC is not often seen, heard, or directly involved in the dream plot, but is commonly sensed as a presence or partially fleshed-out dream character. The remote mind is a composite of the top four dream bodies--5ness, 6ness, 7ness, and 8ness--a.k.a. your subconscious mind. The Uppers is a composite of your 6ness, 7ness, and 8ness dream bodies. The Dream Usher or 5ness dream body is your heart chakra, the center of your being, the Nowhere, and is in a class by itself. The Dream Usher is pure Intent. The Body of Air or the Miruvor is your higher self, your future self, and is a composite of all seven dream bodies merged and cooperating with each other. The fully functioning Miruvor is free to go anywhere and do anything in the Unworld. I like to name my dream bodies. My higher self, for example, is named Whirly. At the present time I do not think that spirit guides are any different from our dream bodies and I don't see any reason to consider entities outside of myself to be qualified to guide me. I don't believe that we're deficient in that way when the Seven merge with each other to form the Body of Air. We are only powerless as long as the 2-3-4 tries to do the work of the Seven. Oneness is not separable into bodies, and as oneness we are all the same pure awareness.

SOUL RETRIEVAL or 'self soul retrieval' is a shamanic practice which seekers often misinterpret to be a form of psychotherapy. In reality, the first step in unworlding practice is to drop obsession with emotional issues and move on. The role of the shaman or medicine man in this process is to send signals to the seeker's dream bodies that the illness or problem has served its purpose and it is now OK to move on. In other words, the shaman is an expert at rounding up the Placebo Effect and putting it to good use. The best shamans can literally perform true healing of physical and mental problems because the Placebo Effect--i.e. the Intent--is more effective than most chemicals passed off as medicine by the current capitalistic faction passing itself off as the medical industry. As for the term 'soul retrieval' itself, TMI graduates have adopted the term based on material in Bob Monroe's last two books, to refer to the practice of finding lost souls in the Unworld who are stuck in their belief systems or in traumatic loops of some kind, and rescuing them to transfer them to the TMI belief system instead. The situation as I see it is that one's beliefs and karma are two-dimensional reflections which have no awareness as we know it, do not suffer in their supposed hells, and until the retriever interacts with them, they are just static 2-D reflections. The Focus 27 Reception Center which TMI graduates believe in is in fact a reflection center which robotically receives both retriever and retrievee and sends them both back where they came from, unchanged. In order to progress in unworlding, you have to realize that it is awareness that is infinite and eternal; the individual is just a tape which can be played by awareness for its own entertainment. So trying to fix yourself or anyone else is the ultimate waste of time, but go ahead and try, if that's what you're a-gonna do anyways.

SOUND CURRENT, INNER SOUND CURRENT or 'the Sounds' are considered tinnitus by the medical establishment, so some unworlders recommend not paying attention to them, because always being distracted by the Sounds could become an annoying habit like not being able to stop yawning (now don't start!). The Sounds are always there. They are usually covered up by other sounds. They are the sound made by 2ness creating the world on an ongoing basis. To me, they sound like a high-pitched electrical sizzle. As a child with insomnia, I learned how to hear the Sounds as a cacaphony of people all talking at the same time, none of the words distinguishable. When I could make this happen, I knew I would be asleep soon. So the Sounds are one of the constants in our world which we rarely notice except in the transition zone between waking and sleeping, the Urumara. The OM of ancient tradition is the same thing as the Inner Sound Current which turns infinite awareness into the limited perception we call 'the world'. In Sikhism, the same can be said for their 'one God' slogan Eck Ong Kaar  which translates literally as 'oneness sounding form' into existence. The singer Snatum Kaur has a beautiful song called 'Ek Ong Kaar'. A religious organization built around unworlding was named Eckankar, which is the same thing spelled differently. Nada Yoga is a contemplation practice in which the meditator can eventually turn the Sounds into any manner of noise or music. In practice, if you Notice the Sounds suddenly getting stronger, you are close to the Urumara, so pay attention.

SPACETIME is a science-of-religion buzzword based on the notion that physical reality has three dimensions of space and a fourth dimension of time. This isn't bad for an educated guess, but here are the facts. Dimensionality is threeness. For example, a two-dimensional image is not 2ness; it's a 3D image with a depth of zero. Fourness has time as one of its reflections but time is not a dimension. Fourness includes oneness, twoness, and threeness, but it is not a dimension; it's the antidote for threeness or dimensionality. Fourness has an infinite number of reflections because it's a harmonic of infinity, and time is only one of them: one we experience with 4ness turned up a ways. Obsession with 4ness leads to the need to evaluate, control, use, and manipulate the environment, to categorize everything and place everything in a hierarchy. Balanced 4ness is when it's used as a tool for putting things into a useful order or arrangement rather than to start wars.

SPAZUMNESIA is a resonance or 3ness phenomenon in which one remembers an experience that took place in State of Mind Q only as long as he is in State of Mind Q. As soon as he leaves that state of mind, amnesia asserts itself. In this way a vividly experienced experience can become permanently lost literally in seconds. This is why it's important to jump out of bed and write things down as soon as you wake up. I find that the more fearsome an experience--especially the overtly physical or possibly vestibular act of squeezing through the Urumara--the more likely it is experienced routinely, but rarely remembered. Overcoming Spazumnesia is largely a matter of performing Daytime Practices daily and setting and resetting the Intent Agenda to remember this sort of thing.

SPFORILDEWITT is the template of a whole class of things. Every class of things is alive and has a Spforildewitt which stores the traits that make it different from other classes of things. Contrary to what's believed by the primitive scientists of today, the human genome doesn't store the template of either the species or the individual, except in regards to manufacturing the right proteins and amino acids for the body's needs. I don't know what that means, but the point is that the gene as a determiner of behavior is a case of they got the wrong guy but then they wouldn't let him go. The human form is an example of a Spforildewitt. Oak trees have an Oak Tree Spforildewitt. Peyote has a Spforildewitt which Castaneda called Mescalito. The Spforildewitt is inherited from the past and is a species-wide or cultural-wide filter or template which expresses habitual tendencies which can change over time. Since time is not a fixed thing, in one parallel universe the Spforildewitt of the brontosaurus species will be different than it is in another parallel reality. Contrast the Spforildewitt with the Troovammickle, which is the specific template of an individual such as you or I or my dog. This concept corresponds roughly with the 'vegetative soul' as perceived by Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas. Modern mechanistic assumptions such as the deification of genes exist in lieu of scientific theories because Christian scientists of the 17th century hoped to steal everything of a non-physical nature from nature and give it to God. See the work of Rupert Murdoch on morphic resonance for more information.

SPINAL PRANAYAMA BREATHING is an ancient meditation practice based on lifting energy from the lower chakras to the Uppers. I learned how to do it from a booklet published by Yogani of Advanced Yoga Practices. I practice this type of breathing for five minutes before most meditation sessions.

SPIRAL is one of the universal symbols of the Urumara, the entrance to the Unworld, defining a Tunnel or portal to another state of being. Oddly enough, the word 'spiral' comes from the Latin word 'spira' which means 'coil' which suggests a snake, while the word 'spirit' comes from the Latin word. I don't know if this is just a coincidence, but I doubt it. A spiral, vortex or helix is a vibrational phenomenon complete with a frequency like any other vibration. The trigonometry describing spirals is essentially the same as that describing vibrations. The reason that movies about altered states of consciousness always have special effects based on spiralling light-shows is that Hollywood art directors are insane, or else they're druggies, so they been there done that.

SPIRITUAL MATERIALISM is based on the notion that the universe is broken and you and I have to fix it by somehow fixing ourselves. In order to find out what is broken about us as individuals, we have to study and meditate and get counseled and stuff, and do all kinds of spiritual practices and love the assholes we hate and buy the best smelling incense or better yet import it directly from Nepal ourselves and sell it down at the local New age bookstore for a 300% profit to people who are even more spiritual than us. For each act of forgiveness, for example, or for each minute extra that we meditate, or for each extra dollar we spend on spirituality books and lessons, we get extra points in the big spirituality book in the sky, as recorded by God, who was elected God due to having a longer beard and a bigger penis than anyone else. Before God was elected God, he was called Santa Claus. You can read about Santa Claus in the first four books of the New Testament. See also 'SPIRITUALITY'.

SPIRITUALITY is the percentage of alcohol that is in beer. I recommend barleywine stout, such as Big Foot Ale, because it has not only the highest possible amount of alcohol that will fit in one bottle of beer, but also it has enough hops in it to get you nice and relaxed if the alcohol doesn't do the job, or if you could only afford to buy one bottle. PS, 'spirituality' also refers to an unfortunate condition in which the bearer of the burden of spirituality expects himself to be better in some way that he is never able to pin down, except that when he does get it all figured out, he is generally about to make a huge fool out of himself.

SSILD or senses-induced-lucid-dream is a method of unworlding taught by an online entity called CosmicIron. The basic idea is to lie down, close your eyes, pay attention to your three main senses--vision, hearing, and touch--in several short cycles and then in several longer cycles, then roll over and go to sleep quickly. Betty Erickson used to use a similar method to put the master hypnotist Milton Erickson's clients into a receptive state of mind just before their session with him. CosmicIron claimed 100% success rate with this method but it's possible that he invented this method the same week he became 100% successful with his unworlding attempts, and the two events' co-occurence is unrelated. My experience is that it does put me into an altered state quickly, but due to my personal configuration it puts me to sleep too quickly. I'm not giving it a thumbs down yet, because I used to have the same problem with isolation tanks, so I will try it again. But so far I prefer DEILD which chains dream content to dream content, and FILD which chains motion of the dream body to intended-but-unfulfilled motion of the physical body. SSILD chains sensory awareness in the dream state to awareness in the induction state. It's also possible that CosmicIron, who disappeared and never came back when people on the internet were rude to him, was just looking for a testbed for the placebo effect since his dissertation on SSILD was so convincingly written that it could have sent any number of people straight to the Unworld before they made it to their beds

ST. JOSEPH OF CUPERTINO Stephen was the religious name given to the monk Giuseppe of Copertino who later became known as the flying monk St. Joseph of Cupertino who performed more miracles than any other saint in history, and tended to fly into the air during ecstatic trance so often that he had to be moved from town to town to keep curiosity seekers from overrunning his home. When Stephen came to me in a dream just before I had my first conscious exit to the Unworld, I had a picture of St. Joseph on my wall, but did not make the connection at the time because I had not yet read The Man Who Could Fly: St. Joseph of Copertino and the Mystery of Levitation. St. Joe was also the patron saint of idiots and mouth breathers. Please refer to the entry for 'idiot' and the entry for 'Boccaperta'.

STALKERS in the world of Carlos Castaneda's sorcery teachings are practitioners who learn to escape from Earthville by working within Earthville social systems to develop mastery, whereas conversely, 'dreamers' are practitioners who learn how to escape Earthville by unworlding. Unfortunately the term 'stalker' was adopted by the Hoveltongue in its drive during recent decades to convince us that there is a 'stalker' hiding behind every tree, because it benefits the insurance and psychiatry industries--not to mention the home alarm industry--for everyone to be afraid of their own shadow. This modern propaganda buzzword refers to a person who is obsessed with another person and thus 'stalks' them, learning their habits and following them around. It's a side effect of allowing one's government and media to act like hoverparents and then believing all the threats they invent for us to be afraid of. Castaneda's prior term is unrelated. A stalker in Castaneda's world would be stalking his own freedom.

STEEPNESS in the Unworld, if headed uphill, represents the Urumara as a barrier or obstacle to getting into the next state of mind. If headed downhill, steepness is an effortless and maybe even uncontrollable acceleration into the next state through the Urumara. This acceleration is fueled by the heart chakra or Projection Room which acts like a pump to yank you out of one state and squirt you out into another.

STEPHEN was the religious name given to the monk Giuseppe of Copertino who later became known as the flying monk St. Joseph of Cupertino who performed more miracles than any other saint in history, and tended to fly into the air during ecstatic trance so often that he had to be moved from town to town to keep curiosity seekers from overrunning his home. When Stephen came to me in a dream just before I had my first conscious exit to the Unworld, I had a picture of St. Joseph on my wall, but did not make the connection at the time because I had not yet read The Man Who Could Fly: St. Joseph of Copertino and the Mystery of Levitation. St. Joe was also the patron saint of idiots and mouth breathers. Please refer to the entry for 'idiot' and the entry for 'Boccaperta'.

STUMPED-NO-MORE is another name for Whirly, my higher self, my 9ness dream body or body of air. Other names include Tiger and Stephen who is Saint Joseph of Copertino. This personage first appeared to me in 1980 in the most transcendent dream of my life. I found him by following the most incredible, undescribable music. The rest of the story is told from time to time throughout my writings.

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is an artificial construct in philosophy and psychology that can be used to pin one's belief system on, whatever one's beliefs happen to be. The perfect application of this is when your beliefs are ridiculous, unbelievable, incredible, obviously stupid, or correct but beyond the scope of the conversation. Since nothing is beyond the scope of this conversation, I'll tell you what the subconscious really is. While the so-called 'conscious mind' is comprised in general of the 2ness, 3ness, and 4ness dream bodies, the subconscious mind, which should be called the Remote Mind, is comprised of the 5ness, 6ness, 7ness and 8ness dream bodies. The difference between the Uppers and the Remote Mind is that the 5ness body--the Dream Usher--is not one of the Uppers. The Dream Usher moderates energy exchange between the upper and lower chakras or dream bodies, thus occupying a category of one.

SUBLIMATING DISTRACTION is a powerful technique which literally invests energy you had planned to waste on emotional excess or any kind of animalistic indulgence into a very good chance of getting unworlded due to the fact that you bothered to use the energy to do something useful instead of throwing a tantrum or whatever indulgence you had planned. Since we are trying to escape from a planet-sized mental institution and not some airy-fairy, fuzzy-wuzzy paradise crawling with wish-granting genies competing to deliver unto us whatever we want out of life on a silver platter, it does not behoove us to get pissed about things we can't control. Environmental noise is a perfect example. If the neighbors are still cackling in the yard at 2 a.m., who am I to care? My self-importance is being challenged, so I must rise to the challenge and envision them as a gaggle of goblins or a nest of fairies or a herd of pink unicorns, whatever it takes, to strip the significance from potential distractions. Distraction is you distracting yourself, so don't do it. In my dream journal I can trace some of my milestone experiences to the decision to sublimate distractions. I live in a noisy Asian village where happy noise all night long is considered perfectly acceptable, while unhappy noise--even from the righteously wronged--is an offense punishable by physical brutality. So I have no choice but to sublimate distraction regularly.

SUCTION OF SLEEP is the power of the heart chakra or the Dream Usher, the Nowhere, trying to pull you through the Urumara into the Unworld. It is pointless to resist. This is a self-powered process, so if you get too close to the Urumara you will fall in. This is why we speak of 'falling' asleep. The heart chakra is a double valve pump like the physical heart, with the Green Room or intake chamber and the Projection Room proper or discharge chamber. The Suction of Sleep is thus fiveness or the power to get altered, personified as a machine that pumps your Attention from one state to another through an acceleration nozzle, the Urumara.

SUSPENDED ATTENTION is my word for Focus 10 or Mind-Awake-Body-Asleep. This term is in reference to the way that the desired state of mind is both attached/focused and detached/released, in other words a balance point or sweet spot where the mind gains access to altered states of consciousness rather freely. Suspended Attention is an application of Metsuke or balanced 3ness, i.e. the balance between focus and detachment. One important key to Suspended Attention is to experience without evaluating progress.

SWALLOW REFLEX causes consternation to some if they think too much about not moving while trying to force themselves out of their body. The method of laying absolutely still is good for those who can do it, so here's what I do to avoid the need to swallow. First, and most importantly, do not dwell on it. Remind yourself that you don't think about swallowing at all till you think you can't or shouldn't, for example when the dentist puts her hand in your mouth, suddenly you're aware of the perceived need to swallow, afraid of drowning on your own saliva. Like breathing, swallowing is a semi-autonomous bodily function which the conscious mind is afraid of releasing control of. Some find that propping the head up on extra pillows keeps saliva from pooling up in the place where we feel we must swallow it or else choke on it. My favorite thing to do it to maintain a slight tension in the jaw so the mouth doesn't hang open, the lips don't actually part. This is done not by trying to hold the mouth closed as such, but by glomming your tongue onto the roof of your mouth and holding it there. This leaves no place for saliva to pool up noticably. It doesn't matter if your mouth comes open after you go to sleep. The problem is psychological, and is related to the choking panic that wakes some people up when trying to do microsleeps. Try to distract yourself from the problem completely by thinking of a different body part, as there is no problem at all as long as you don't dwell on it. Swallowing is not forbidden, slight movements are not a problem, obsession with physical problems is the problem. When you wake up with a dry mouth thinking that you absolutely must get a drink of water, it's better to just close your mouth. Saliva will flow and you can Chain right back to the Unworld if your bed is not on fire.

SYNFONEMIA is the shorthand name for the whole theory involving the harmonics of awareness.

TECHNIQUE or method for getting unworlded is a hall of mirrors, a house of cards. You are already unworlded, so whatever technique or Methodless Method happens to put you into the Magical Mindset--a state where unworlding into a different world is guaranteed--that's the method of the day. There's no way to know what technique will work, when it will work, or for who. Since it is Intent that creates evolving circumstances and the conscious mind has no access to Intent, we have to work with ways of indirectly influencing mindset since circumstances in the physical world have no direct effect on non-physical events. The way to influence Intent is to choose beliefs that get the right results more often than other beliefs. While all beliefs may be considered equal, the Placebo Effect itself is the salad dressing of the gods, it fuels Intent as directly as anything, so do not pooh-pooh the Placebo Effect; the proper care and feeding of the Placebo Effect will help you choose beliefs and techniques that tend to get what you want lined up in Intent.

THIRD EYE or the brow chakra, like all things chakra, needs to be examined freshly, in the context of actual experience, while most of the traditions surrounding it (and especially most of the YouTube offerings about it) can safely be ignored. The third eye is the energy center or overtone of awareness which rules intuition, seeing behind things to their true cause and meaning, real wisdom, etc. I personify my third eye or 7ness dream body or 6th overtone of awareness as Mouse, who has been able to induce desired phenomena by the sound of her voice, for example, in a dream. In Noticing sessions I have experienced the attempted opening of an eye which was not either of my physical eyes, with bright light streaming into it, an experience which was aborted both times because I mistakenly thought my physical eye was accidentally coming open, so closed it. Before realizing that bright light does not stream in through a dark sleeping mask. I'm hoping that this experience will try me out again, as it happened two days in a row.

THUMB-CIRCLING is my word for an elementary tactile imaging exercise described in Robert Bruce's book Astral Dynamics. I think these sorts of exercises have no inherent power, but if practiced with enthusiasm and with Intent engaged, they tend to give interesting results the first few times and then either go dead or turn into a blind alley of interesting but useless phenomena. Another possible way of looking at this is to compare it to FILD in which a slight motion is intended by the physical mind while going to sleep, but not carried out. With the result being that the motion is carried out by the dream body instead. I highly recommend putting a lot more time and effort into Robert Bruce's tactile imaging than I have done, and then let me know what I'm missing.

TIGER is the earliest of several personifications I have had for my Higher Self or Future Self, my Miruvor, my Body of Air, my vehicle to freedom. Tiger was my power animal when I was into shamanic journeys. When I started having actual lucid dreams, I gave up playing Indian and have only rarely dipped into new age pretentiousness ever since. In fact, I stopped doing shamanic journeys the first time I actually got close enough to the Projection Room to see into it vs. visioneering which is somewhere between Forced Noticing and Spontaneous Noticing--or was so for me. I'm not putting down people who are good shamans, but for me the pseudo-culturalistic shamanic trappings and the ever-present danger of falling into committing Attempted Psychology on myself were no longer worth the extra trouble once I experienced real unworldings in the form of lucid dreams. But Tiger is still with me, appearing just before some of my best unworldings.

TIME is one of many reflections of 4ness, the 4th harmonic of awareness, the 3rd chakra, the 3rd overtone of reality, the color yellow. Other reflections or attempted descriptions of 4ness include order, system, organization, hierarchy, status, class, money, value, logic, reason and the like. While memory or 3ness relies on chaining separate things together, 4ness is the antidote for 3ness and helps us survive the onslaught of memories by providing structure and framework for prioritizing the infinite details that would cluster unordered if not for the gift of 4ness. Of course then we need an antidote for 4ness, which is 5ness or change.

TIME'S CONSTRAINTS are rules inherent in a timebound existence. Since time is fourness, and not the be-all and end-all of the universe, nor even the only way of expressing 4ness, it's possible to experience timelessness and relative timelessness by turning 4ness down from the screeching level it is normally kept at in the 2-3-4 Body/Mind/World.

TIMELINE SMUDGING is a simple method for training yourself to dream of the future. All you do is act out the previous night's dreams while you're awake the following day. If you dream of sitting on a green car, then the next day you find a green car and sit on it. If you keep doing this, you start dreaming of the future and spending large amounts of waking time in a deja vu state. Read the whole article here: I know this is possible because I've dreamed of the future before, unquestionably so. And deja vu is clearly a state wherein you are anomolously remembering having done something before. See also An Experiment with Time by J. W. Dunne, available free at

TMI is The Monroe Institute, founded by Bob Monroe for the purpose of selling his books, tapes, and seminars.

TMIte is someone who assumes that Robert Monroe's interpretation of reality are correct, and by extension, treats TMI (the Monroe Institute) as a church that disseminates correct beliefs. By the way, I love Bob Monroe, TMI and TMItes, but I am no longer a TMIte myself. Having unworlding experiences of my own cured me of wanting to be Bob Monroe.

TRANSCENDENCE is the act of climbing across or somehow managing to get through, over, under or around what had once been a barrier or hurdle or stumbling block. There's volitional action involved, so transcendence is not a state of mind that you get by rubbing a pink unicorn's hindquarters. 'Transcend' comes from the same root as 'ascend' and 'descend'. Take descend for example. It doesn't mean fall down the mountain; there's effort involved.

TRANSITION ZONE is a word I use for the Urumara when I don't want to be accused of making up new terminology. One reason we need a term for this is that people keep talking about "sleep paralysis" as if sleep paralysis were the only thing going on in this zone. Actually there are a number of other energy sensations including the Vibes, the Intruder Alert, the Inner Sounds and other aurages, all kinds of images, feelages, slippages and pullages, not to mention the Vertigo and other energy sensations. We have to realize that there is such a thing as the borderline of sleep, the transition zone... the Urumara... so that people's various negative opinions about sleep paralysis and the study and attainment of sleep paralysis can stop pushing this whole topic to the side for fear of starting flame wars among the differently-opinionated.

TOUCHING EVERYTHING or palpating as termed by Michael Raduga, is said to be a method of stabilizing the unworlded state. This works better for some than for others. The key ingredient is participation with the 5+ senses in the setting, or leaving the setting to create another scene.

TRIALS OF THE MIRUVOR are tests set up by the Dream Usher to determine whether the 2-3-4 or conscious mind is ready for certain key experiences that can be had in the course of an unworlding re-education. These trials include the Fear Test, the Distraction Test, the Self-Pity Test, and many others. This is a most powerful technique since it's initiated by the Remote Mind with the permission of the conscious mind. Ignoring the test is considered bad form, but it's done all the time since we often deny having given the Uppers permission to make our life difficult.

TROOVAMMICKLE is a template, pattern, or filter through which the human form expresses itself. The Troovammickle takes in human energy from the Spforildewitt--the template that makes us human in general--and outputs an individual. The Troovammickle is inviolable, you will always be you, although patterns of expressing one's basic Troovammickle can be altered. And the individual is just a file, just a Troovammickle. The energy expressing itself through humans is infinity or pure awareness, which is not bound by forms or filters or templates.

TUNNEL (THE) leads from the 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World to the Urumara. Dreaming and even lucid dreaming can take place in the Tunnel, but most commonly it is the location of non-REM dreams which are mostly comprised of thoughts constructing a little plot around themselves, vs. a visually vivid dream with sights and sounds and characters. The Tunnel is the route to the Unworld so it is generally traversed by anyone headed that way including practitioners trying to get unworlded from a waking state. In this sense, the Tunnel starts out after the internal dialog is shut off, continues into Forced Noticing, and finishes with Spontaneous Noticing, which leads directly to the Urumara. The Nowhere drives the whole process by accelerating the Practitioner through the Tunnel. Due to the power of the Nowhere, transit of the Tunnel can take place instantaneously with any or all of the above steps not experienced, and due to the fear of the 2-3-4 Mind of the Urumara, it can go into a coma at any point along the transit and remember nothing until waking up, generally in a stupor, in a non-lucid dream.

TV created the universe in the 1950s. I didn't used to literally believe this, but I said it enough times that it started to sound reasonably true.

TYPICALS are individuals who uncritically accept the pronouncements of the Collective Average, or a considerable segment of it, authorizing their society and culture to determine what is factual. These folks are not interested in freedom; they enjoy being slaves. It's pointless to argue with them. Related to the term 'neurotypical' except that the term 'neurotypical' is fallacious, since it imbues the human brain and genetic makeup with the creation of personality, which is just plain ridiculous.

UNIBODY is a sensation that occurred repeatedly during the time when I first started to enter the Vibes from a fully waking state. It seemed that instead of a complex body with jillions of nerve endings sending me miscellaneous unrelated messages, the whole body seemed to suddenly become galvanized as a single nerve ending or an undifferentiated electrical sensation of body-ness. Relaxing into and through this sensation gave me my second WILD.

UNKNOWN (THE) is... heck, I don't know. Let me know when you get it figured out and I'll give you partial credit.

UNWORLDING is a general term that includes everything that takes place in places that are not supposed to really exist according to status quo reality; the unprovable side of life. I usually use unworlding, the Unworld, unworlded etc. to refer to what people have been calling out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams, but the category is meant to be more general than that. It should especially include non-lucid dreams, spontaneous visions, and all kinds of altered states of consciousness. But deep down in its innermost meaning, this term means what it says: to dissolve the world.

UNWORLDING LESSON is an ordinary or so-called non-lucid dream used by your Remote Mind to give you relevant experience in the Unworld.

UPPERS (THE) are a conglomeration of the 6ness, 7ness, and 8ness dream bodies. The Dream Usher or the 5ness dream body tries to get the 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World to stop monopolizing all your energy so some of that energy can be redistributed to the Uppers. Of course capitalism is modeled on the greed of the conscious mind, which has created the physical world as a place for it to try and grab everything for itself, and meanwhile the Uppers wait patiently for you to figure out that real and physical are two different things. Since they've transcended time (4ness), no matter how long you make them wait, the Uppers will still be waiting patiently for you to pass some of the normally monopolized energy of the 2-3-4 Mind to them so they can help you get unworlded.

UPSLIDING is a freeing up of the mindset by a decision to change one's belief system, which opens up your energy to a greater range of possibilities. For example, some teach that sex is bad for the practice. I have the distinct pleasure of having proven this wrong on several occasions. But if you believe that sex will prevent you from getting unworlded, the emotional funk you are putting yourself into will probably keep you from getting unworlded. Typically, upsliding involves rejecting a belief system or a belief and moving on joyfully into a bigger world.

URUM, in the Visayan or Bisaya language of the Philippines, refers to a dream in which you can't run away from trouble and can't shout for help either. This is an experience of sleep paralyis (conscious experience of REM atonia) in the Unworld, commonly in non-lucid dreams and nightmares. Filipinos believe that the urum can kill you, so if you are trying to run or shout in your dream, someone will wake you up, thinking they are saving your life. It goes back to the fact that the conscious mind doesn't know the difference between going through the transition zone (going to sleep) and dying.

URUMARA (THE) The Urumara is the doorway to the Unworld, or to a different state within the Unworld, or back to the physical world, thus the Urumara is a part of the Nowhere. It can also be described as the borderline between waking and sleeping, the moment when you go to sleep. So if you happen to be going in or out of REM sleep, the Urumara can include conscious sleep paralysis. It could be considered an experience of entering the Nowhere as a door, cliff, hurdle, obstacle, or barrier. Since it's a reflection of the Nowhere, going through, over or under it will cause a change in your state of awareness.

VAC-U-MOVE is one of the Frawmbickly Acts. It involves not moving the physical body for as long as possible. This will cause phantom wiggles, the Jerk, i.e. sensed motion of the dream bodies other than the 2-3-4 or physical body, because it's true what they say: nature abhors a vacuum. The motion of the other bodies somewhat out of phase with the 2-3-4 body can be sensed at any time, but generally will not be clearly sensed until the 2-3-4 is relaxed and held completely motionless for an extended period of time. This practice quickly builds confidence that the upper dream bodies actually exist, which is important in learning unworlding.

VALIDATION refers to proving that the Unworld is the physical world. (Do not use the words 'real' and 'physical' as synonyms.) Since all worlds including the physical worlds are created by the imaginative flights of pure awareness split among infinite numbers of apparent witnesses or individuals, it's rare that validation is accomplished. The reason is that in order to land in a part of the Unworld at large that closely matches the world you know in Earthville, you have to know what you're doing. This is why adepts can impress their students with amazing feats of bilocation and premonition: they are competent Tuners. They not only know how to land in the Unworld, they know how to land where they want. The problem with most beginning unworlders wanting validation is that it's a thousand times harder than just getting unworlded to a random location. The good news is that your Uppers--your upper dream bodies or chakras--know what they're doing. They take you where you need to go, so pay attention and learn something from where you do happen to end up. Forget validation, it's a waste of energy.

VALUE is a reflection of 4ness, because it is an ordering, a arrangement of measurements into a hierarchy with levels that relate to each other in a specific pattern such as higher to lower, later to earlier, etc. An obsession with 4ness can reflect as the tendency to evaluate and criticize too much instead of experiencing spontaneously and fluidly. This is humanity's current predicatment. Fluidity is 5ness, the antidote for 4ness. In order for 5ness to have the energy it needs, 4ness can't be allowed to hog all the energy trying to perfect things, put the whole universe in order, and control details that don't matter. Even time, the classic human experience of 4ness, is a valuation ranging in supposed distance from the Moment. Of course it goes without saying that all values are relative and depend on a point-of-view, just as morals depend on a cultural position. As such values are illusional; while spuriously defining our reality for us, they also lead us into blind alleys.

VEHICLE such as car, truck, bike, airplane, UFO, skateboard, feet, etc. are various symbolic experiences of the unworlder's ability to get somewhere. The ultimate Vehicle of Attention is the Moment, also known as the Moment of Choice. So your ability to steer and stop and accelerate and repair the Vehicle stay awake and deal with passengers in your dreams and other unworldings is a transparent gauge of your ability to deal with the Moment. The Moment is the Soul Retinue in its ideal harmonized form, the future self. (Consider the two meanings of the word 'coach'.) An unworlding experience often starts with a vehicle such as a body or a car because in order to get unworlded, the unworlder has just gone somewhere: to the Unworld.

VERASPECT is the Frawmbickly Act of choosing to believe that the world you perceive is created by awareness filtered through your personal filters. It thus becomes impossible for someone to do something to you and you become responsible for everything that happens in the universe. Whether or not this is true is of no consequence. Whether or not you choose to act as if it's true makes all the difference in the world. This has nothing to do with feeling guilty or paying for the mistakes of others. It has everything to do with establishing the kind of mindset and mood that can serve as a productive springboard for your unworlding practice. The world might be created by the way you assumed it into existence, but that does not make the world your problem or your fault. Responsibility is the ability to respond, and the ability to relax no matter what happens depends on not making excuses or blaming anything on anybody.

VERTIGO (THE) is an energy sensation of internal expansion that takes place when you merge with the Uppers and as them, feel yourself receiving the energy that had been hoarded by you as the 2-3-4 body which had kept the 2-3-4 rooted in Earthville. The Vertigo is you receiving energy from yourself. It is a very real 'physical' sensation.

VIBES or the vibrations are one of the energy sensations that sometimes accompany the route to or from the Unworld. Experiencing the Vibes should not be your goal, but they are harmless. They feel as real as any physical experience, but they take place as an interaction among your energy centers (chakras, dream bodies.) The vibes can be very rough, like a freight train is going through your bedroom. I usually feel a mellow version of the Vibes when awakening from a dream.

VIGIL in the Catholic country where I live is a practice wherein a dead person is embalmed and then brought back to the house in a coffin with a clear lid. For nine days and nights it's open house, church services are performed every day, snacks are served, and residents of the house follow a special diet. On day ten, a big pork feast is held and the body is finally buried after a Catholic funeral. Several dump trucks and flat-bed trucks are used to carry all the neighbors and relatives to the church and then to the burial site. It is customary to not get emotional till the funeral but there are naturally exceptions to this rule.

VILD as suggested by Peter Harrison, or Visualization-Induced-Lucid-Dream, is a lucidity incubation method whereby you visualize an exact dream scene, the simpler the better, in which a friend appears in the dream and asks you to perform a reality check. My dream scene was to kiss a mirror on the floor when I saw a girl in the mirror. My friends didn't show up but I became Officially Lucid anyway. Unfortunately the sound of kissing the blanket made me wake up. I was able to Chain back in, and kiss the blanket again, but the girl still didn't show up.

VIOLET is the color of the 8ness dream body, the 7th chakra or crown chakra.

VISAYAN or Bisaya is the language of a large part of the Philippines where I live, having abandoned the U.S. when I was 48 years old. I am the author of the free online book Advanced Bisaya for Beginners. Foreign words that inject themselves into my unworldings from time to time are generally of the Visayan language.

VOICE OF IDIOSSIFICATION, IDIOSSIFIER is my conscious mind, the 2-3-4 Mind, the trickster trying to maintain its beloved status quo by getting me to not bother to actually do my practice. The 2-3-4 Mind hoards all available energy in order to keep the physical world from crumbling under its own weight. The Voice of Idiossification lies to me so I will not take steps to attain my freedom from the prison of physicality. If I listen to the Idiossifier, most of my energy will be wasted watching YouTube videos about other unworlders, or reading books, and by that time there will be no time left over to do my practice. While 'Idiossifier' is the correct terminology for the purveyor of these dastardly lies, the willing recipient of the misinformation is correctly termed 'Idiossitard' or 'Idiot' for short. All based on extensive personal experience of watching the conscious mind lie to the conscious mind while my remote mind patiently sits by waiting for me to get over my love affair with what I think of as my 'self', but which is actually the slog within which my real self is stuck.

VROOMBELLERATE is to change your Troovammickle. A Troovammickle is a configuration, generally an arrangement of your habitual way of being that's held in place by routine and inertia. The Miruvorning Vroombelleration is the change in your configuration that allows you to merge all of your dream bodies or chakras into a single being capable of doing anything and going anywhere, the higher self or Miruvor.

WAKE-UP-RIGHT is my new terminology for what used to be called 'Raduga's indirect method,' Chaining, or DEILD (Dream-Exit-Induced-Lucid-Dream). In short, if you wake up slowly and get up quickly, you are unworlded. Waking up right involves remaining still mentally and physically, keeping the eyes closed, and waking up so gradually that you have the choice of unworlding into the Unworld or into the Dayle Dreame. If you Just-Stand-Up early enough in the waking process, you are already unworlded and there is no other methodology needed. You can also learn how to go from dream to dream in this way, or Chaining, bypassing the trip through your astral bedroom.

WAKING UP IN BED is a delusional experience that we repeat time after time without ever seeming to get it: we are in the Nowhere, the 3D blackness, probably vibrating noticably if we would bother to pay Attention, and able to easily go anywhere we want in the Unworld. But not willing to try. People who think they have insomnia are especially prone to this delusion, often lying around in a mental construct of their bed when already unworlded, having never tried to roll out or just get up and go somewhere else. This underscores the importance of remaining motionless with eyes closed when you wake up, and it has been suggested that straining the brain or other simple techniques can help you, upon waking, to do something more interesting than stretch, yawn, scratch your butt and start obsessing about your morning coffee and donuts.

WALK-IN is a new-age myth in which a troubled or dis-spirited soul is able to leave its body permanently and be replaced by a more advanced and capable soul who is in dire need of a body and doesn't want to go through being a baby again via the old-age myth of reincarnation. The walk-in process has enabled thousands of unhappy people to believe that they are possessed by Albert Einstein, Paul Revere or Tammy Wynette, while providing plenty of hope to readers of the walk-in authors, and as the corporate publishing houses know only so well, hope sells books.

WAVE is a phenomenon that reflects 2ness, in fact waveness is one of the better descriptions of 2ness as a basic element of reality. In physical form, just about everything if not everything has been described as a wave or cycle. Waves have two parts or peaks, above and below equilibrium. Before there was a wave, there was equilibrium or stillness. Due to some input of energy, stillness reflects and propagates a disturbance or wave but underlying all waveness, stillness will eventually be restored.

WBTB or WAKE BACK TO BED is a strategy of unworlders in which they break up their normal sleeping time into two or more periods. This helps the conscious mind to find its correct niche. It increases the likelihood of lucidity upon going back to sleep. It interrupts the normal sleep routine which increases the likelihood of a conscious trip through the Urumara and/or conscious experience of sleep paralysis. The awake period between sleep periods is also a convenient and fitting time to record dreams and meditate. The modern notion of sleeping eight hours at a time is just that, a modern notion. It's a comatose experience compared to natural sleep patterns which were gradually forgotten with the advent of artificial lighting. A caveman who slept like us would have been eaten in his sleep. This is one reason that cavemen heard and saw gods, fairies, and unicorns while we think their myths are made up. Any disciplined alternation of waking and sleeping will help prepare you for lucidity in the Unworld. If you're nodding out, sit in a chair and record each awakening. If you're wide awake, meditate. If it's 3:00 a.m., stay up for ten more minutes while you write down your Intent Agenda in your dream journal for the umpteenth time. If you just had a Jerk and recall meeting your dream body or feeling a phantom wiggle or seeing some tiny vision, get out of bed and write it down. By interrupting your typical sleeping habits, you will provide refreshing entertainment to your dream bodies and envigorate them with energy normally wasted on sluggish, deeply unconscious sleep.

WHAT-JUST-HAPPENED is a reality check that will help your practice in many ways. During Awakenings or microsleep practice, upon Awakening from a little lapse into sleep, if you ask yourself What-Just-Happened, you might recall an interaction with one of your dream bodies. Upon Awakening from any amount of sleep, if you immediately ask yourself What-Just-Happened, you're more likely to remember more details of your dreams at this moment than any later time, even seconds later. During day-to-day activities you should always wonder if you are awake or dreaming, questioning your setting to see if it is realistic or absurd in any way. How did I get here? What was I just doing? Where am I going next? Is everything in place? In my experience, I commonly become lucid in dreams when I suddenly realize I don't know how I got here. I learned this style of reality-checking from dreaming coach Robert Waggoner.

WHIRLPOOL is a characterization of the chakra, or overtone of awareness, as a trap or temporary prison. As we progress from learning to learning, we escape one trap by balancing the talents of that harmonic against overuse or underuse, but the act of escaping a whirlpool lands us in the next whirlpool. The final whirlpool is 8ness, so having balanced 8ness which is relaxation, harmony, generosity, freedom, there's nothing left to do but fly free in the body of air, which is 9ness.

WHIRLY is one of the names of my higher self or future self, my Body of Air, my Miruvor, my nineness dream body, my ride to freedom. Also called Tiger, Stephen, St. Joseph of Cupertino, and Stumped-No-More the Fearless Fiddler. He is very quiet and perfectly calm, but his music is unforgettable, to say the least.

WILD or wake-induced-lucid-dreaming is the same thing as the direct method of phasing as termed by Michael Raduga. WILD is when you get unworlded from a waking state, while in contrast, for example, DILD is getting unworlded from a non-lucid dream state and DEILD--Raduga's indirect method--is getting unworlded from a dream exit, or having just woken up in the REM state. WILD or the direct exit technique takes longer to learn for most people than the other unworlding techniques but the basic skills are the same, it's the starting place that's different. As with any other starting-place, mindset takes precedence over method. Once it's mastered, WILD is the easiest and most natural method since it doesn't rely on chance as much as getting unworlded from the dream state. Those who have taken the trouble to learn WILD usually find it the most reliable place to start from, while many also report that the experience is more vivid and satisfying. Like most or all of the techniques, WILD is said to more likely get results if practiced after some restful sleep instead of at bedtime. However, my first WILD took place ten minutes after I lay down, on a night when my body was subject to REM rebound due to sleep deprivation. I have seldom practiced WILD when I am supposed to--in the wee hours--because I find it easier to achieve the right balance of sleepfulness and wakefulness if I go to bed early than if I wake up early. But most important is consistency and enthusiasm.

YAWN, FLOATING The Floating Yawn is a phenomenon that has happened to me twice that I know of, and I've read about it in one or two places. It is a curious sensation, one of the energy sensations involved in going through the Urumara, and it might be what some people call the Vertigo, when energy is handed off from the lower dream bodies to the Uppers during the transition to the Unworld. I actually invented the term 'Floating Yawn' back in the 1970s when my main topic of interest for a time was 'coming on' to a substance which was legal until 1967: LSD. I don't know if these various things are related but they seem to be.

YELLOW is the color of 4ness, order, value, hierarchy, work, framework, system, the third chakra or the third overtone of awareness.