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I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.

      --Mark Twain

Stop me! I can't quit laughing, it's too funny.

There's this detritus building up within the Earthville Mental Institution, and it has a name. Its name is 'the OBE community' or the 'lucid dreaming community' or as I would simplify it if I cared to adopt this cumbersome beast into my framework: 'the unworlding community'.

Brothers and sisters, boys and girls, friends and enemies, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but someone's gotta do it: we get unworlded one idiot at a time. There is no RAPTURE waiting in the wings to take us all to heaven in a tour bus. There is no New Age on the flip side of the Mayan Calendar just like there was no New Age on the front side of the dang thing. It's just you. That's what you came here for. That's the game. Just little old you. That self-proclaimed expert on that forum or facebook group just wants your idolatry, he's just collecting LIKES, same as everyone else. Like you, he should turn his computer off and practice his practice. Every minute spent seeking answers from books and online groups and websites is a minute you could be learning a skill by doing what you already know how to do. Being aware of... being aware of being aware. What else is there to know how to do in a universe made of pure awareness?

But there's always this ridiculous noise bearing down on us from the elders in this supposed 'OBE/lucid dream community,' a community which exists only as a delusion unto itself. The noise goes something like this: 'Listen to my words of wisdom. I will teach you, because you don't know how. It is so very technical...'

Nobody teaches anybody how to get unworlded. You already know how. You get unworlded once per Moment. The so-called teachers are just sending you into the labyrinth of methodology where you could get lost until years are no more.

'Pssst! Over here! I have the real truth over here! Reality is really this! Reality is really that!'

Don't you listen. Reality is right in front of you. Open your eyes. It's all one long continuous dream. The dream never ends. It never began and it never will end. The OBE gurus would have us compartmentalize our perfectly amazing, incredible, and inconceivable unworlding experiences into real vs. imagined. It's the exact same unpremeditated con game that science junkies have been running on us for three hundred years. They must think we're stupid. OK, so we are stupid. We're idiots, one and all, or we wouldn't be here. Right?

What have you been doing ever since you can remember?


What else?

Fretting about it.

What else?

Not much. It pretty much boils down to experiencing and fretting about it. That's why we're unworlded here on Earthville instead of unworlded in the Unworld at large. We create this place by worrying about it.

All this worrying makes us tired. We collapse into bed at night because a whirlpool of energy is an exhausting place to be stuck, and we dream of magical things which we don't want to think about in the morning because it's so disappointing to wake up each day and realize it was just a dream. I really can't fly, I really can't make love to anyone I want, I really can't ride my tricycle on the ceiling.


'Hey you, get over here, let me teach you the difference between your crappy lucid dreams and real reality in the real astral plane!'

Yeah, right. Tell me another one.

Does it occur to anyone that what we see is what we get?

Once upon a time you were a wee wisp of weather. You blew into a whirlpool of energy called Earthville and got stuck there. Being stuck in Earthville amounts to believing in birth and death. What is the cause of death? Life! Get over it.

We are dreaming. We have always been dreaming. There is no before or after the dream; there's only memory capacity, beliefs and expectations, the claptrap of existence as an individual which obscures our vision. What you don't know about your own experience before your memories begin... could fill the universe. And it does.

The religionists want to make dogma out of enlightenment.

'Here, climb this rope.'

'Wait for the vibrations.'

'It's just a lucid dream, you have yet to properly leave your body.'

'Your third eye is calcified.'

Bite me!

Well I guess that's what makes them the experts and us the idiots, no? Hahahahaha! Don't be fooled. I've been a beginner for almost 62 years by Earthville reckoning standards (which I doubt are accurate) and I'm getting better at being a beginner every day. I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't know about you, but I'm already unworlded. We are weather, wandering. And the seriosos want us to stop, sit in one place, and be miserably disciplined about it. Don't you listen. Wandering is what we do. Weather never stops changing. All we have to do in order to become unmiserable about being weather is to stop despising weather.

I'll tell you what methodology is good for: it's good for fixing you. What does 'fixing' mean? Look it up. It means being stuck in one place. Attached. Immobile. Rigid. Easily broken and lost. Before the Age of Machines, 'fix it' meant 'keep it from moving'. During the Age of Machines, 'fix it' came to mean 'repair it' because machines, unlike the universe, are always broken.

The universe is not broken. You are the universe. You are pure awareness experiencing itself. There is no out-of-body because there is no body. There is no out-of-happy because there is no happy. The attitude of the Miruvor is that he has always just arrived and is always moving on. This is the end of days and the beginning of a coherent Dream Plan. The plan is No Plan. The Happy is happy now and never mind the details.

Here in Earthville we can stay and die and lose, or we can play and learn and win. What are we supposed to be learning? How to use the human form--which we've managed to get stuck in--as a vehicle of freedom. The first human delusion to overcome is duality. Underneath it all, there is only pure awareness. At the base of reality, there is no life and death, no night and day, no good and bad. Learning to tell one thing from another is a tool. All that black-vs.-white 'really real' nonsense is just an indulgence, an addiction, an obsession with 2ness. When weather blew you out of oneness into Earthville, you lost anonymity and gained choice. Choice is the heaviest weight, because when you connect the dots, choice is Weight Itself. Gravity is 3ness, solidity, attachment. Values and time are 4ness. Use these tools as tools, don't mistake them for 'the real reality'. We don't need a real reality; infinity works just fine without our fretting and stewing about it.

Giving up is a prerequisite to escaping the trap of physicality. You give up what you're hanging onto, so the Dream Usher can do your work for you, which is what the Dream Usher is for. Until you give unto the Dream Usher what the physical is unable to comprehend and deal with, you'll be running in circles looking for reality. Reality is everything you experience, awake or asleep. The goal is to merge waking and sleeping realities, to crush the realities together into one reality, to blend black with white and find freedom in the shades of gray.

The average human believes with all its heart and soul and brain and spleen and kneecap that real is real and dream is dream. The crazy person is not so sure. He really experiences talking to fairies and gnomes, or fighting demons or whatever he spends his crazy time doing. To avoid being distracted from our real reality, we stuff people like that into crazy suits in crazy houses and give them crazy medicine to make them unaware, often barely capable of getting out of a chair. It frightens us so much to be confronted with the horrible truth: we are not all alike. That's the basis of the human form. It can be transformed into the Moment of Choice: the Ride outta here.

It's all just weather, boys and girls. The weather never stops changing. The ever-changing Dream Usher incorporates likeness, structure, and distinctions--3ness, 4ness, and 2ness--but doesn't get stuck on them. The Dream Usher is you, it's the next stop--5ness--it's what you become when you stop watching the clock. Depending on what you become willing to leave behind, the Dream Usher can distribute the conserved energy to your Uppers who live in the Unworld and are itching to help you realize that you already live there with them, but in a state of blurred Attention.

Are you aware that there's nothing to go after? No happiness to chase? No results to be concerned about? Actually you are aware of this. Just strip away the burgeoning bluster of bullshit and you are well aware that happiness is chasing you, so when you waste your energy chasing it... the poor thing can hardly keep up, can it?

Intopia is a place called YOU. It's a magical mindset, a dwelling place that never sits still, a recreational vehicle or bicycle or flying dragon that you ride from dream to dream to dream. It's all a dream, there's nothing for you to do but to respond with equanimity to everything that comes up. It's just weather, so deal with it. It will change, it couldn't stop changing if it wanted to. It's weather.

You are already unworlded.







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