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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.

      --Dalai Lama XIV

We read and write books like this because we want out.

If you want a malleable reality, or--in anticipation of the real thing--even a reasonable open-door policy at the prison of your choice, then the trick is to feed the right amount of energy to all seven dream bodies to make good your midnight ride to freedom. Being a reflection of oneness itself, you are infinite, but as an individual stuck with a personality, you only have access to part of your infinite resources at any given time. So any extremes have to be avoided as you parcel out your limited supply of energy to the seven people who make up your being. These seven dream bodies or chakras are the 2nd through the 8th harmonics of awareness, and to match the chakra numbering system they can be called the seven overtones of awareness. The overtones of awareness are the same thing as the harmonics of awareness without the first harmonic--which is the fundamental, so it can't be an overtone--and the ninth harmonic, which is the body of air, which forms spontaneously from the seven chakras whenever they're working in balance with each other. So, while the chakras represent parts of us, the unknown eighth chakra is 9ness: the whole body. Your body is created by the cooperative effort of your seven chakras, and the reason your body is so dense--which means both 'stupid' and 'solid'--is that your lower chakras hog all the energy. All you need in order to change your body into a body of air is an adjustment.

I don't want to use the term 'chakra' very much because there is so much traditional mumbo-jumbo attached to the word, most of which is useless. It's more interesting and relevant to our purposes to realize that the people we meet in our dreams, and the people we are in our dreams, are usually one or more of our seven chakras, which I like to call dream bodies since that's how we routinely experience them, instead of as 'chakras,' whatever those are. It is essential to become able to merge with these dream bodies from either the waking or the dream state when the opportunity presents itself, and the information in this book will help you develop the attitude and personality of someone who is ready and able to do just that. Fortunately, merging with one's own selves is natural, not a matter of trying harder and harder, but a matter of being yourself and walking around obstacles.

If you want a malleable reality, you need a malleable personality. I call that personality the IMP, which stands for instantly malleable personality. Beware the urge to try and change yourself into someone else other than who you are, based on what I am about to say. Self-improvement is impossible since we are what we are, we change all the time anyway based on nearly infinite and ever-changing influences, and we literally cannot focus on what we need to be ready and able to do in any watched-for magical moment of choice if we are caught brooding about what's wrong with us or trying to control the massive flux that is the self. The universe is not broken, and neither are you. You don't need to be fixed.

Nor am I about to launch into a diatribe on the necessity for eschewing negativity. How you feel is not something you should try hard to control, it's something you accept and work with. Wrestle with, if necessary. Accomplishing that is not a matter of changing who you are so that you will become a master of the universe in the future. It's a matter of relaxing, right now, no matter what. Big breath, another, what a relief. What we are after is malleability NOW, not a new set of rules. Let that sink in. Becoming fluid vs. mastering some set of rules--that's adaptability vs. obedience--they're almost opposite concepts.

There is a progression in this practice of learning to become a capable unworlder, although it's not a progression of self-improvement, trying to see how beautiful everything is, eating the right foods, thinking the right thoughts, or building a pious image on Facebook. Those restrictive obsessions are for people who are embroiled in physicality, the 2-3-4 mind. We who would unworld seek balance in each aspect of our being, and fortunately there are only seven main aspects of our being to get into balance. When we escape the whirlpool of one core element of reality, we escape into the whirlpool of the next. But there is a final whirlpool beyond which the human form becomes a tool instead of a prison, a vehicle for free exploration of the universe. That whirlpool is the seventh and last dream body, also known as 8ness, the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, the color violet, the seventh overtone of awareness. The IMP: an instantly malleable personality. When the IMP is in balance, all the other chakras are in balance to make that happen, and the result is the instantaneous synthesis of the mysterious and little-known eighth chakra, the body of air.

My IMP is called Limberluck. I dream through his eyes fairly often, though not often enough. Limberluck is a happy-go-lucky, unattached wanderer. He is curious about everything without caring too much about anything. He is naturally happy because he never asks himself whether he is happy; he's too busy enjoying himself to wonder whether or not he is happy. He has no needs. He always has a little money and is always eager to spend it, happy to share it, but when in balance he'll always keep some for himself. He is relaxed. He doesn't know what it's like to feel guilty. He doesn't seek satisfaction; he assumes it, and goes from there. He can fly, and loves to show off this skill to anyone who happens to be around to witness it. Or just for fun, to no one at all. He can be recognized by the way he dresses, so recently with a lot of focus on my dream life, I have taken to looking in mirrors when people treat me oddly in a dream, and a couple times this has led to a change in attitude due to noticing my casual mode of dress, and even lucidity (remembering who I am). In other words, if someone gives me a funny look and I run over to the nearest mirror to see what their problem is, I might say to myself, 'OK, no problem,' merge with Limberluck, and fly around for a while.

8ness can be described as relaxation, expansion, freedom, etc. Its prerequisites as a building block of reality are all the other overtones: duality, attachment, order, change, appreciation, and knowing. We don't literally live in one mode and then suddenly graduate to the next. Everything is two steps forward, one step back, because who we used to be has intertia to drag us back, however each mode or overtone has built into it a familiarity with each preceding overtone. So what does it mean to balance all seven dream bodies? Since it doesn't refer to literally progressing through a linear program of self-improvement, exactly.

It means to balance the seven dream bodies with each other in terms of each body's energy usage. For example, if you give all your energy to 6ness you might think you're in some kind of religious ecstasy, but you'll be easy to topple, lacking balance. 8ness is relaxation and freedom; it is also cooperation. Those three words--relaxation, freedom, and cooperation--are attempts to describe the same core state. The same element of reality from different perspectives. The same harmonic of awareness. And then grok this: 8ness needs no antidote. Why would it? Once we find a kernel of peace, what's there to fix? And oddly enough, we find peace by quitting the fixing game. You won't learn the final lesson of becoming the Instantly Malleable Personality by forcing. Last words of Buddha: 'I give up.'

Believe it or not, in a world created by awareness, the notion of cooperation, relaxation, and freedom is in fact a basic facet of being. By which I mean that physicists, when they finally get the big picture, will trade in their particle accelerators for yoga mats. Not only that, but 8ness is the highest attainable state before one spontaneously takes that quantum leap into another place, which I call the body of air or the future self or the Miruvor.

But how do we know the right amount of energy to give each dream body? Simple. Give them all the same. You have access to a finite amount of energy at any given time, so just split it up seven ways and parcel it out.

Yeah but, how do you do that? That sounds really hard!

It's simple. 8ness encompasses the other notions that precede it. If you can relax no matter what, then you are at the threshold of freedom, because when you put this ability to practice, all your aspects are already in balance, or you would find it impossible to relax for some reason. We don't want to set out to adjust the environment so that there will be no more reasons to be unable to relax; manipulating one's environment is the slow, painful, impossible way to learn unworlding. The fast way is to just plain evict these reasons from your mind, ignore any potential distractions and annoyances in your environment, and unworld the right way, with power. As yourself.

If you practice relaxing no matter what consistently enough, you eventually will spontaneously merge with the body of air and fly or whatever you want. This is why so many people say you have to meditate or you won't be able to unworld. But practicing some meditation technique is not in itself the point. The point is to balance emotion, attachment, time, flow, enjoyment, and wisdom. This is done by relaxing no matter what, which is a matter of robbing from pools of energy usually monopolized by emotion, attachment, and order, generally expressed as a noisy 2-3-4 mind, and distributing the excesses thus captured for recycling among all seven dream bodies. It's not that any of the dream bodies including 2ness, 3ness, and 4ness are bad or wrong, but extreme monopolization of your limited energy by any one of them will keep you from being able to merge with 8ness, the ability to relax no matter what, your instantly malleable personality. To merge with the body of air, you have to bring yourself along with all your innate abilities. This is easier than it sounds since it's just a matter of relaxing, no matter what.

This isn't done by thinking about it. It's done throughout the day as challenges present themselves. It's done in the practice when you lie down and close your eyes and give your 5+ senses something unique to pay attention to. If you can't do it, you won't unworld. But that's OK. That's why it's so nice here in prison. Have some chocolate ice cream instead, and make sure you enjoy it.

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