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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



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Synfonemia: The Elements of Awareness

They say we create our reality with our thoughts. If so, then there must be elements of thought, basic notions which power up our consciousness and create complex thoughts as combinations of a few elements. Elements are building blocks which can't be broken down, such as the chemical elements. Just as water is comprised of the elements hydrogen and oxygen, what if Conceptual Notion X is comprised of elements?

Forty years ago I set out to discover and imagine what the elements of awareness might be. The result is a theory of everything which I call Synfonemia. This is my belief system. I hope to see it bounced off the noodles of other imaginative people so that together we might create belief systems of the future, assuming that the belief systems of 2000-3000 years ago are no longer serving their purpose.

In my way of thinking, the way to start is to posit a fundamental and some harmonics, just as is done in acoustic science. The fundamental would be infinity, awareness, existence, the Tao, the universe, God, the source, that sort of thing. As an infinite, unlimited, all-inclusive, undefinable everythingness and nothingness, the fundamental would be called oneness, with its overtones or harmonics called twoness, threeness, etc. By seeking out common threads in a variety of philosophical and metaphysical writing, and thinking through what basic notions seem to comprise the human format, I have arrived at what I believe is a set of harmonics. I call them the elements of awareness, the basics of reality, the harmonics of existence, the overtones of infinity, the chakras, the dream bodies, etc.

I assigned a harmonic to each digit except zero. Harmonics are also called overtones, but as such they are numbered differently, because the fundamental or first harmonic is not an overtone. The first overtone is the second harmonic, etc. The final or ninth harmonic, also called the 8th overtone, is a special case, what I'm calling the 8th chakra. Something metaphysics seems to have missed. The first seven overtones are the seven chakras. Each of the eight overtones is also one of your dream bodies. The first harmonic, oneness, is not a dream body since it's infinity and infinity can't be described as a body. The last harmonic, 9ness--or the 8th chakra--is a synthesis of the Seven when they're in balance. When they're not in balance, 9ness could be considered the future self or higher self.

Without any pretense at being an objective researcher, let me just state that when I study the philosophies of worthy others, I find the conclusions listed below embedded in them, but willy-nilly. The purpose of Synfonemia is to keep the knowledge and do something about the willy and the nilly.

More terminology and synonyms will be introduced later, but for now, here are the basic meanings and some synonyms for the elements of human existence:

The Harmonics of Awareness

HarmonicDream BodyOvertoneChakra & ColorGloss MeaningSynonyms
1st harmonicinfinity, energy......... awareness, reality, existencethe source of everything, the Tao
2nd harmonic2ness dream body1st overtoneroot chakrared duality, separation, identity2ness+3ness+4ness = conscious mind
3nd harmonic3ness dream body2nd overtonebelly chakraorange connection, attachment, continuity
4nd harmonic4ness dream body3rd overtonesolar plexus chakrayellow system, order, time
5nd harmonic5ness dream body4th overtoneheart chakragreen change, flow, intentDream Usher, the Nowhere
6nd harmonic6ness dream body5rd overtonethroat chakraaqua noticing, appreciation, interest6ness+7ness+8ness = remote mind
7nd harmonic7ness dream body6th overtonebrow chakrablue intuition, knowledge, insight3rd eye
8th harmonic8ness dream body7th overtonecrown chakraviolet expansion, freedom, relaxationthe out door
9th harmonichigher self, future self8th overtonechakras balancedwhite synthesis, harmony, balancethe miruvor, escape velocity, the Ride
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