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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



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The Frawmbickly Acts

Assuming that the typical beginning unworlder--who does not find it easy and natural to get unworlded at will--would like to do something differently, here are some different things he can do. These acts are called Frawmbickly  because they aren't Frumbessly. A Frumbessle is a routine action and a Frawmbickle is a non-routine action.

I use this acronym to remember the nine or so Frawmbickly Acts: 1BCAVNMB9

1. Keep a dream journal. This trains you to care about unworlding experiences, and therefore to automatically look for and recall them.

B. Blaffinveigle comes in positive, negative, and neutral. Negative Blaffinveigle is to stop the internal dialog: transcend the Froth. This is also called deep meditation. Neutral Blaffinveigle is to neither grasp at things nor be averted by them. Positive Blaffinveigle is to constantly remind yourself that there is no such thing as the past or the future, and then to silently observe the resulting changes to your state of being.

C. Chaining or Continuously Paying Attention applies to all levels of experience. One version is the 'dream-exit induced lucid dream' or DEILD. Another application is 'all day awareness' or ADA, which I've renamed Continuously Paying Attention, which amounts to paying Attention with all 5+ senses to what's going on in and around you. Another is 'fingerwiggling induced lucid dreaming' or FILD. A chain or continuity of attention from one state to the other is the key.

A. Awakenings are given special emphasis, whether it's an awakening from a dream at night or from a lapse into sleep during Daytime Practices. This is the time to ask yourself 'What Just Happened?' Also called microsleeps. Daytime Practice is the key to learning how to linger at the borderline of sleep, which is where the action is.

V. Veraspect is to assume that you create your universe and someone else creates his universe. This avoids all kinds of problems which might otherwise sap our energy due to the heavy-handed influence of self-importance. Vac-U-Move is based on the notion that if you don't move your physical body, you'll be able to notice the movements of your dream bodies including phantom wiggles and hypnagogic twitches.

N. Nubberzuck means 'want what you have'. A mindset is not magical without it. This is an essential attitude to nurture no matter how ambitious you are, whether your goal is to learn a skill such as unworlding or give up a habit such as smoking. Anything hard has to be tackled from a position of... well, not whining.

M. Metsuke or soft eyes applies at all levels of unworlding. It is the balance between focus and detachment. It's the reason people often have a spontaneous unworlding, after a period of frustration, as soon as they stop trying obsessively. It's the phenomenon of losing a vision when you focus too hard on it. It's a way of looking at things panoramically, instead of obsessing over details.

B. The Breath of Flight is a continuous style of breathing which put me into an altered state for a month back in 1980, which included my first conscious unworlding.

9. Denormopia is the phenomenon you'll notice as you lie in bed waiting for sleep, when unconnected and illogical thoughts start passing through your mind like clouds unconnected to you... and suddenly without warning, you're asleep. Gone. Learning to notice unconnected thoughts as you lie still will clue you in to the encroaching onset of sleep. A most desirable skill so you can put on the brakes and linger at the borderline of sleep, instead of being accelerated through the Urumara with your conscious mind looking the other way.

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