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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



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Mapping the Ways to the Unworld

Robert Monroe gave us the Focus levels that we might expect to pass through while transitioning from this world to the Unworld. He explained these levels briefly in his book Ultimate Journey and at greater length in materials published by The Monroe Institute. Unworlding coach Frank Kepple explained Monroe's Focus levels in some detail. Monroe's contribution was to objectively pencil-in the relevant zones along the way to the Unworld. He did not live long enough to objectively map out the Unworld itself, but his basic focus levels describing the way there are useful. My contribution is to rename his zones more descriptively and appealingly, giving them the pzazz they deserve.

As for the Unworld itself, experience of it is so subjective that it might defy mapping, except as regards the individual unworlder working with his own map. Frank Kepple's version is more interesting than Monroe's but I intend to outdo them both if I find that the Unworld corresponds closely to my unified theory of everything, Synfonemia.

The following correspondences exist between Monroe's most basic Focus levels and my Map to the Unworld. I've added a few categories named by . Carlos Castaneda (CC)

Timespace > Earthville

Internal Dialog (CC) > The Froth

Focus 3 > Forced Noticing

Focus10 > Spontaneous Noticing

Focus 12 > The Projection Room

Focus 21 > The Nowhere

Earthville or the human form (CC) is the physical reality we experience in typical waking consciousness.

The Froth is a state of mind which keeps us tied to Earthville. The Froth consists of talking to yourself, worrying, thinking about the past and the future, etc. Commonly called the monkey mind or the Babble.

The Tunnel is made up of Noticing and ends at the Urumara.

Forced Noticing is the first step out of the Froth into the Tunnel. When you disengage the internal dialog and close your eyes, there's something there, and it's not your eyelids.

Spontaneous Noticing is when the images on the mental screen take on some life of their own. Generally there will be dips forward into Beyond Noticing and backward into Forced Noticing. This part of the Tunnel is two steps forward, one step back, so just keep Noticing.

The Urumara is the exit from the Tunnel into the Projection Room proper. It is the borderline of sleep, an intense transition zone which is always there but some practitioners rarely experience it consciously. It includes various energy sensations such as sleep paralysis, vibrations, auditory hallucinations, visitors from the Unworld, weight on the chest, loud heartbeat, heat, roaring sounds, vertigo, etc., all or none of which might be experienced variously by different people and on different occasions. In dreams the Urumara is represented by doors, obstacles, barriers, cliffs, or anything that can symbolize the effort involved in making serious transitions. Each trip through the Urumara alters the unworlder's state of mind. Like all the other zones, this one is multidimensional, not linear, so--for example--you could go through the Urumara over and over, increasing your state of awareness each time. Or you could go through it and then turn around and go backward, increasing and then decreasing your state of awareness, over and over. In and out of lucidity for example.

The Projection Room is Beyond Noticing and has two parts. The first part is the Green Room, which is before the Urumara and still in the Tunnel. This is a place where visions become distinct but are limited to visual, eye-closed hallucinations. Just past the Urumara and out of the Tunnel is the Projection Room proper where visions are full screen and self-sustaining. The Urumara is the dividing line between the Green Room and the Projection Room proper, thus is part of the Projection Room experience. Other senses are engaged with the Unworld in the Projection Room proper, including hearing, smell, taste, motion, etc.

The Nowhere is often called the void, the 3D blackness, and many other names. The Urumara and the Projection Room proper are part of the Nowhere, and the transit through the Tunnel and out of it into the Unworld is powered by the Nowhere, which is also the heart chakra. The Nowhere occurs as a transition zone between any two states. It's three dimensional, but since it can have a thickness of zero, unworlders can pass through it without noticing it. Often when we think we're lying in bed with our eyes closed--especially when waking up from a dream--we are really in the Nowhere, which is the gateway to anywhere in the Unworld or back into your usual physical reality.

Representing states of being as places is never completely accurate, but no map ever is. The fact that our dreams tend to symbolize states of being as places tells me that I'm not far off from a naturalistic description that unworlders will find useful.

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