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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



Before I could say anything else he told me I should relax, but not fall asleep, and be in a state of awareness for as long as I could. He said that the "bed of strings" was made exclusively to allow a warrior to arrive at a certain state of peace and well-being.

In a dramatic tone don Juan stated that well-being was a condition one had to groom, a condition one had to become acquainted with in order to seek it.

"You don't know what well-being is, because you have never experienced it," he said.

I disagreed with him. But he continued arguing that well-being was an achievement one had to deliberately seek. He said that the only thing I knew how to seek was a sense of disorientation, ill-being, and confusion.

He laughed mockingly and assured me that in order to accomplish the feat of making myself miserable I had to work in a most intense fashion, and that it was absurd I had never realized I could work just the same in making myself complete and strong.

"The trick is in what one emphasizes," he said. "We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."

I closed my eyes and relaxed again and began to feel I was floating; for a short while it was as if I were actually moving through space, like a leaf. Although it was utterly pleasurable, the feeling somehow reminded me of times when I had become sick and dizzy and would experience a sensation of spinning. I thought perhaps I had eaten something bad.

I heard don Juan talking to me but I did not really make an effort to listen. I was trying to make a mental inventory of all the things I had eaten that day, but I could not become interested in it. It did not seem to matter.

"Watch the way the sunlight changes," he said.

His voice was clear. I thought it was like water, fluid and warm.

The sky was totally free of clouds towards the west and the sunlight was spectacular. Perhaps the fact that don Juan was cueing me made the yellowish glow of the afternoon sun truly magnificent.

"Let that glow kindle you," don Juan said. "Before the sun goes down today you must be perfectly calm and restored, because tomorrow or the day after, you are going to learn not-doing."

"Learn not doing what?" I asked.

"Never mind now," he said. "Wait until we are in those lava mountains."

He pointed to some distant jagged, dark, menacing-looking peaks towards the north.

      --Carlos Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan

In order to destroy the monopoly of the 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World on the finite energy that's available to an individual, that individual will develop an arsenal of tactics aimed seemingly against his own self. He will at times become confused as to whether he is at war against himself, when he is really at war against the habits and routines that he clings to. This confusion is a natural part of the process, as there is no such thing as strictly forward progress. Like my mama said at my third wedding, "It's two steps forward and one step back." We get caught in whirlpools of wasted energy all the time.

But this chapter is about the forward march and how to get unstuck. This chapter is not so much about tolerating the relapses. But tolerating the expected relapses is a prerequisite, because if little failures become a big problem then you aren't accomplishing or learning anything; you're just wallowing in fear-based emotions such as guilt, shame, inadequacy and all those other energy-wasting, self-indulgent, excuse-generating reasons to wallow like a pig in the luxurious slime of emotional excess. Before you can get unstuck, you have to recognize the slime that you are stuck in. Self-contempt never got anyone anywhere; it needs to be nipped in the bud and not enthroned by perpetual self-analysis.

In this chapter I will introduce the concept of the Miruvor or mirror warrior. The purpose of the Miruvor, as a concept, is to differentiate between the practitioner's current habits and abilities versus the habits and abilities he holds as his ideal, his goal. The practicioner is not trying to change into the Miruvor. The Miruvor already inhabits present time as the future self, and has already succeeded in everything, because he/she is beyond time's constraints. You could meet him/her in a dream, for example. The practitioner holds a mental image of the Miruvor as his goal. In this way you can consider the ideal without constantly telling yourself, "You should do this, you should stop doing that." Such talk just creates resistance. So I talk about the practitioner, and I talk about the Miruvor. The Miruvor is the ideal, the future self, but like everything, the Miruvor only exists in the Moment. In terms of Synfonemia, the Miruvor is a synthesis of all seven dream bodies and their individual talents. In terms of going somewhere, the Miruvor is the vehicle that's able to get there.

In these days of comfort, the notion that life is hard, and supposed to be hard, has been lost somewhere. Nowadays, life is supposed to be easy. This is why the world is overpopulated with useless people and people whose greatest aspiration is to become as useless as possible as soon as possible. Fortunately there are also people who want to escape this trap. At this point of my struggle, one application to unworlding is that until I can endure the apparent discomfort of remaining aware while attempting to transit the Tunnel out of the human form, thus detuning the Dayly Dreame, i.e. disassembling the 'real' world, I will not have the skill I want. The problem is to endure the apparent discomfort of experiencing the Urumara consciously. In order to accomplish this, I am developing several indirect avenues of attack, in an effort to break the stranglehold of the 2-3-4 on my Attention and allow the Uppers into the 2-3-4 World in much the same way that my ultimate goal is to bring the 2-3-4 consciously into the Unworld. None of the practices I am about to present are new to me or to you. The purpose of this chapter is to bring them together under one roof: the Frawmbickle, also known as the Frawmbickly Act.

Elsewhere I focus on the Frumbessle, which is the opposite of the Frawmbickle. Frumbesslors are addicted to their routines. Frawmbicklors are addicted to the effort required to break through to freedom. Both sets of activities rely on the dopamine rush of the anticipation of pleasure. The Frumbesslor has given up trying to accomplish anything new, and instead tries to luxuriate in the freedom to stay where he is. The Frawmbicklor bathes in the unpredictable, subtle, but ultimately more substantial sensations that come with trying harder, pushing beyond, and going somewhere new. Either path takes equal work, generates equal discomfort, and ends in death, i.e. the end of the file called 'life'. There is no moral judgment about one being better than the other. No heaven or hell awaits anyone. No one and no act is purely one way or the other.

And the Miruvor chose Frawmbickling and stuck with that decision; that's why he can unworld at will.

The elements of the Frawmbickle are actions which combine to Gralthify the Miruvorning Vroombelleration, which is the event that takes place involving the loss of the human form in such a permanent way that the practitioner is no longer a practitioner but a Miruvor: someone who is no longer hindered by reality but drives around in it. This can be interpreted in so many ways that many books could be written about it, so I will probably write many books.

Vroombelleration means "to change the Troovammickle". This is a shorthand description of the goal since the Troovammickle itself--the individual's basic identity at the abstract, root level--cannot be changed, but the way the Troovammickle is expressed in a day-to-day way can and must be changed or the result is automatically Frumbessledom: inertia. So the Miruvorning Vroombelleration just refers to the moment when things finally click and all the efforts of the practitioner finally amount to a real transformation of--not the person--but the person's abilities. We do not waste our time trying to change the person, when what we are after is actually to learn a set of skills. In this case, the more effective path is not the way that looks easy, but the goal of learning the needed skills while not aiming to fiddle with the person's character. Considering that all is well in terms of the quality of your own character is a safe starting place, because no matter who you are, tackling character change directly will start you crawling around the world the long way to get to the room you're already in.

Since gralthy means "gathering and rallying of one's energy", gralthification is a building up of energy, and to Gralthify a Miruvorning Vroombelleration is to succeed at becoming a Miruvor. To succeed in putting together the higher self, the Freedom Ride, the future you. This is the goal of the practitioner who expects to someday be able to unworld at will, go where he wants in the Unworld, and not come back till he wants to. The trick is to carry this goal around without letting it sap your strength by putting you off the Moment where you need to be. As usual, Metsuke—the balancing of focus and detachment--is part of a successful practice.

Here's a list of things that come to mind as I envision themes for possible future chapters in support of this chapter:

--Building the Magical Mindset which guarantees you will get unworlded. This cannot be done directly, nor can it be faked, so the Frawmbickly Acts are used to push your mood and mindset in that general direction. The result--which you should not embarrass yourself by actively or directly aiming for--is the ability to fly due to the spontaneous bubbling of laughter from the inside out.

--Nubberzuck, wanting what you have.

--Veraspect, accepting responsibility for your entire world whether you truly created it yourself or not.

--Dream Journal, recording every detail for reasons covered elsewhere. If you don't need to do this, and can get unworlded at will, you should be writing this book, not reading it.

--Blaffinveigle, dissolving the Froth or the Babble, also known as the monkey mind or the internal dialog; Blaffinveigle includes:
----negative Blaffinveigle, a direct attempt to stop the internal dialog;
----neutral Blaffinveigle, avoid grasping at or averting from the circumstances of life;
----positive Blaffinveigle, Noticing that only the Moment exists; there is no past or future.

--MATIW, breathing more air than I want, alters the basic energy intake system and the basic energy exhaust system at the same time, but I find it's impossible to do this well with the body in a pre-diabetic state due to the standard modern eating habit of preferring sugar, carbohydrates, and caffeine to food. It was possible when I was younger but them days are gone. Food for energy is basically fat such as cheese, butter, plain yogurt and meats. Eating fat doesn't make you fat any more than eating turnips turns you into a turnip. Do not eat any grains, ideally. The high-fiber diet will kill you, especially whole grains. Fruit is OK in moderation, but fruit juices are as bad as soda.

I learned about eating a proper diet the hard way, after a lifetime of believing the airy-fairy notions taught by health food quacks and Hoveltongue doctors. Grains had become my main staple, with the result that I had to eat five or more times a day in order to avoid hypoglycemic fits. It all came to a head when I'd been practicing Breathwalking at dusk for over a year-and-a-half, but due to hypoglycemia, I was forced to start eating still another extra meal first before walking. It was the impossibility of performing MATIW in a near-diabetic state that prompted me to get serious about eating a high-fat, low carbohydrate diet and giving up coffee forever, because ideally the only thing I should have to do in order to change my body of meat into a body of air is to breathe more air than I want. Eating mostly oatmeal, dried fruits, and whole wheat bread had made it impossible for me to breathe deeply without getting dizzy and weak. I recommend learning this lesson while you are young. Be aware that the health food industry and the doctors are in it for the money.

Finally, I have to add that it has recently come to my Attention that the artist variously known as the Miruvor, higher self, future self, nineness dream body, etc. has still another name, and a revealing one at that: the Moment. Also known as the Moment of Choice since only in the Moment can we do anything about anything. In spite of the infinite power of Intent, only during the Moment can Intent do its thing, which is literally to create reality.

So if nothing else in this chapter makes sense, just remember the punch line: ride the Moment, because nothing else is going anywhere.

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