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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



(classic OBE exit)


We do not experience the world, but mental models of the world.

      --Stephen LaBerge

2016-03-10 2:30 am

I'm helping Leslie Nielsen the COMEDIAN clean up after an event. We're in a basement room preparing to put his PING PONG TABLE away, but it seems a cat has had diarrhea on it. I hate to inform Mr. Nielsen that he has placed his hand in the mess while he was standing there pontificating. I wonder if the particle board table would be ruined by being hosed off.

As we continue, the number of assistants increases. TWO YOUNG JANITOR TYPES and Joe C. and I are carrying half of the pp table. As we walk, I try to grab dirty rags with a barely free hand, but miss one of them.

Then out of the blue, I JUMP UP INTO THE AIR while walking. I overestimate gravity and fly up all the way to the 2 x 4 rafters where I can feel my back rolling on the 2 x 4s. I do a full flip and land back on my feet somehow. Joe asks me if I do this all the time (land on my feet) and I say, "I tend to, when I ROLL TOO FAR." [!Keep reading!]

[Some sounds outside.] I hear a sound like the control knob on an American style washing machine so I figure Mr. Nielsen is washing the rags and the ping pong net and stuff. But then I WONDER out loud, "Do we even have a washing machine?" I'm able to picture the Philippines style washing machine we do have, with its cheap plastic control knob on the timer, and it seems odd that it would make the sound of an American washing machine timer knob the way they click in and out with a loud thunky sound. Then I start WONDERING what house I'm in, and [wake up. Remembered not to move, but wanted to record the dream, so didn't practice inductions.]

4:30 am

An INVENTOR hands me a cracker made out of cow brains. It tastes like mayonnaise which grosses me out, but I eat it and say "It's OK." Others don't agree.

5:40 am

[ Meditation and back to sleep /inductions in the breathing room.]

6:15 am

[Back to sleep upstairs because J. is downstairs and T. is sick in bed upstairs.]

[Several Awakenings later. Wearing blindfold.]

[1] Solid dynamic hypnagogic episode in which I believed I was OBE and wasn't sure, but proceeded with plan of action anyway--moving around downstairs, touching things to deepen , but did not resolve my vision or don't remember it well enough to describe it. At one point I did touch the red chair under the mirror, which was my target--I recall topsy turvy sensation and not having much control, but again this was definitely more than just hypnagogic images because I went into it and did stuff with my body.

[2] [This is one of those "get to know your dream body " episodes where I was unaware of being OBE till I woke up in the body and questioned what had just happened, then realized it was not a dream, but a more real experience involving dream body.] I found myself in a chair near the bed or in my house. So I'm in a chair aware of being naked [I don't sleep naked] and draping my boxer shorts over my privates and a ROYAL BLUE cloth over the boxers. [This is reminiscent of my blindfold which is just a piece of dark cloth folded over on itself and draped over my face and pinned down by the weight of my head. This works because I don't roll around when asleep. Anyway, I woke up from this thinking nothing of it for a few seconds and then realizing it is another in the "let's meet dream body" series, not a dream at all but an encounter of some importance in my quest for conscious OBE. Unlike earlier episodes in this series, I didn't have dual consciousness, I was fully aware in my dream body as myself and it was more vivid, in full daylight and in color, and lasted several seconds instead of just a quick on-and-off flash.]

[3] [I left my body with full consciousness again, for the second time in my life, after a dry spell of less than two weeks.]

Another of several Awakenings, T. is sick and sleeping next to me, but not in thrashing/kicking mode at present.

I'm lying on my right side when I wake up smoothly, aware of blindfold...

Me2: So what's that big round white light at the bottom and center of my darkened visual field?

Me1: Boring! Thats' just the light coming in past the blindfold by my nose.

Me2: What if it isn't?

Me1: I'll just open my eyes to check...

Me2: Don't do that!

Me1: Right, just in case it's really another boring hypnagogic hallucination, I'll go ahead and stare at it... [Notice the emerging agreement of the two voices.]

The light grows brighter and larger. I notice those buzzy sensations I often get when waking up out of the dream state... but where were they a few seconds ago? Ooh, they're growing more noticeable--wow, I'm vibrating! This is delicious! And there's the sounds! Getting louder... Oh no, my body is moving, rolling over to the left--that's bad--wait, no, that's me too! Rolling out ! I'm jumping on that train, this is the real thing! Yippee! Now calm down, calm down... [Good idea, but I forgot about my plan of action.]

Just drifting, maybe I should float this way or that [lose some lucidity due to not remembering my plan.] No sight, just pleasant fearless floating, bright featureless awareness [the Nowhere]. I recognize the need to do something definite, so I grab onto something which I see as a big horizontal brick-red iron pipe and I gently launch myself through the closed window into the space above the back yard. I just float around a little in ecstasy, [sightless except for a brief glimpse of the closed window that was not visually accurate.]

Focus waning, I don't fight it, I'm in the body now, recognize I should try to leave again, but excited and want to write this down. Ten or twenty minutes of mulling over the details wide awake and delirious with gratitude for this wonderful experience of freedom.

4:45 - 6:00 pm

[I spent two hours typing from my dream journal, will now meditate and then lie down in the breathing room for an hour or so, then breathwalking on court as it's getting dark.]

[Noticed that the Vibes and the Sounds seem louder, as if they've been freed up or made more accessible by this morning's OBE. I am convinced that the vibes/sounds brought on by breathing are the same as the ones experienced during/before/after OBE and when woken from a dream.]

[Huge ROTE-- where to start--Noticed that a key to getting over the "but I don't wanna breathe hard" hump is gratitude for the way it makes me feel. Realized I had something backward. It is not this practice that makes me "feel gratitude" and gratitude is not an emotion like other emotions. (I've stated elsewhere that all emotions stem from the primal emotion Fear.) It is not the practice that creates the gratitude. It is the gratitude--the ACT of gratitude--that creates the practice. Without the gratitude (a.k.a. simple appreciation or Noticing) there is no practice, no result.]

[Then the whole rest of the harmonics theory (Synfonemia) jumped out at me. Gratitude is an act, a force, not a feeling. It is a harmonic of awareness. It is SIXNESS. It is appreciation and welcome and gratitude. It is sociability. It is the opposite of fear, the cancellation wave of fear. It is the impulse to praise and worship and adore (when taken to an extreme).]

[The first four harmonics 1 through 4 are more basic. The next four harmonics, 5 through 8, are more human. 9ness is transcendence.]

[Sixness is devotion, loving sacrifice (the act, not the emotion), appreciation, passion, enjoyment, empathy. My greatest experience of 6ness was the music I heard in a dream being played by Stumped-No-More the Fearless Fiddler .]

[I apparently need a fresh plan of action since I didn't know what to do this morning when I left my body. My new plan is this:

1. Walk to the big mirror downstairs, touching everything along the way to deepen. 2. Dive into the mirror, remember to close eyes first if I have vision. 3. Emerge in Fiddletown and re-visit Stumped No More.]

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