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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



(first DILD in nine months)


We do not experience the world, but mental models of the world.

      --Stephen LaBerge

2016-08-18 3:00 am

DIGGING CRYSTALS with Joe and Nicole. He goes home and we can't get in because she doesn't know his password. Don M. wants to know how he got a claim in the National Park and she says he made an adjustment. [Lots of details forgotten. Very abstract.]

[Going back to sleep, will meditate at 4:00. Suction of Sleep .]

4:00-5:30 am

[Meditation outside on terrace. First session in new regime. I had stopped meditating after the first assault due to cynicism which took a lot of effort to set aside.]

5:30 am

[Dozed through 1-1/2 hour meditation but OK because many Awakenings. No dreams or visions recalled except one, extremely vivid.]

[NLOBE] I'm meditating outside on the terrace when a big beautiful hawk soars slowly and majestically from left to right about 15 feet in front of me and a few feet above me, then it turns and heads straight towards me. I see it in perfect detail. I meet its eye and realize it's coming straight for my head. I reflexively put my clasped hands up to shield my face, [and wake up.]

[This was an exquisite vision, unlike many NLOBEs it was extremely vivid and I did not have to ask myself what just happened when I woke up. It was so detailed and realistic that I was shocked to wake up and realize that it was "just a dream" . When I think about it, I get shivers up my back.]

[This is one of my dream bodies coming home.]

12:30 pm

[Typing dream journal, getting Suction of Sleep, will take a break with mask using shaman drums at waterfall sounds. Intent is to see my dream bodies as a group, my Soul Retinue. Using chair, not bed. ]

12:50 pm

[Had a big hypnagogic twitch of right hand. Upon looking back at it, I was sure that this was non-physical. The motion was big--12 to 14 inches--and my hands were dangling down, I would have known if it was physical, and I did of course at first assume it was real. Too hot. Have a slight headache from working outside, so will try to stay awake now and type some more. Some hypnagogic words were forgotten because too sluggish to write them down.]

3:15 pm

[Before that, typing dream journal lying down with mask listening to the waterfall and shamanic drum sounds. I intend to meet all my dream bodies at once.]

Small rushing river, smooth rounded tall cliffs both sides, no way down here but to swim, jump, or fly. Swimming along in the rapid current, small waterfalls joining the channel all along the way.


A face flashes into view: cherubic, ageless, chubby face, androgynous adult, impish smile, auburn hair. Male.


Teenage girl, white skin, dark brown ponytail, profile, little smile.


My wife J., no visual, impression of walking up to her in anger.


[NLOBE] The little dog Ho just put her right front paw on my left foot and then removed it.


A large cage made of sturdy black netting with holes 2 to 3 inches across, comes up out of a mine pit like an elevator car. I try to open a door to get in, assuming my meeting is to be in there, but it's all so black and I can't see the entities lurking inside. Can't find the door. They're too dark, I let it slip away horizontally into the dark, but not before a 3-foot-tall, slimy, impish character escapes the cage somehow and runs off TO MY LEFT.


With my body asleep I did meet with a group of people, but no details recalled.

5:05 pm

[Stopped. Good meditation at end, body asleep lightly off and on.]

8:45 pm

[To bed.]

9:35 pm

[Here is my new improved better rope trick . I've been practicing a better induction/visualization/tactilization with the two handles on the ceiling above the bed, not a rope. I put a big round hole in the roof between the handles so I don't have to push my head through the roof. Now when I pull my body up and put my head up above the house, I instantly see a scene of varying content and detail. In spite of generally dark scenes with not a lot of detail, I seem to be having a hard time doing this more than a few times before I disappear somewhere and wake up a little later. This last time, I was awoken by a large movement of my right hand. I was quite aware, immediately, without having to question it, that this was a phantom wiggle, not a physical movement. My right arm made a hypnagogic jerk to the left about 12 inches, which of course woke me up. Not that I was asleep, but I'm getting closer to being conscious, not quite there yet, but I've been working on maintaining a KOCCy attitude. Sure something will happen soon. Earlier today, I almost had a counter revolution going with wheels inside wheels, but each one turning the opposite direction to the prior one. Also during the shamanic session at one point I was swimming along in a self-generating chasm with water at the bottom of it, when I remembered to add the sense of touch. So I felt the water slapping my face, etc., and then I reached my two arms out and touched the rock walls on either side of me because it was a very narrow chasm. I used the contact to propel me faster than I could swim, and I went too fast and disappeared from the scene.]

[Going back to bed now to experiment with the two handles and the manhole some more. Recall my earlier intuition that RW was trying to show/tell that I should be using a system of visualization or tactilization that I'm really good at. Well, pull-ups are tactilely simpler than rope climbing, because you don't have a rope between your legs as you go up, with all your classmates and the PE teacher standing down there watching you rub yourself with the rope saying things like, "That dork can't catch a ball, but he sure can climb a rope like nobody's business." I was good at climbing ropes and doing chin-ups as a child, so I know this from experience. Now I am also good at hypnagogic imaging, so presto chango magic. This could be my custom exit. Generate the feeling of motion by pulling myself up, then generate images by putting my head through the hole. It also has the shamanic tunnel in it. Then going down, up and down is the in and out induction; each time you go back down, you go deeper into the experience. MPE told me what this is called, fractional graduated induction. That's four things that this induction has going for it (for me personally):

1. sense of motion
2. fractional graduated induction (up and down over and over)
3. shamanic hole/tunnel to enter
4. I'm good at pullups--thus confidence; I'm good at hypnagogic images and tactilization--more confidence.

10:00 pm

[Back to bed for more manhole head-pokings.]

2016-08-19 3:00 am

[Will meditate on terrace, then sleep with mask on dream bed.]

4:15 am

[To sleep in dream bed after many awakenings. Alarm set for 4:30 when my wife wants to get up. Telling myself it only takes two minutes to have a phase experience, so I have time for seven of them...]

A man is asking me if I wasn't (forgot what) in regards to a small cardboard box I am toying with in my hands. It's about 3 inches long, just a box for spare parts. Whatever's in it is BLUE. LAUGHTER BUBBLES OUT OF ME. THIS IS A TRULY MAGICAL EXPERIENCE. THE LAUGHTER JUST BUBBLES AND BUBBLES.


[Finally a lucid dream:]

Summer day. Outside in a friendly green neighborhood in Kansas with big green trees lining the street. Two-story old wooden houses. Two young women exit the house next door on my RIGHT and I head that way to see who they are and meet them.

But I change my mind and decide to have a phase experience instead!

I rise into the air with LAUGHTER BUBBLING OUT OF ME. I push more laughter out and I rise higher. I laugh all the way to an upper window and go inside the house. The upper room is warm and loving, otherwise nearly empty, but filled with a good feeling . Wood floor, a foam pad and red sleeping bag on the floor as if I've just moved in. I carefully stack two empty cardboard boxes by the wall. I love this old house. What came in those boxes was really special. I sit on my bed on the floor and my dog Ira visits me. She's pure white in the dream, which is wrong, she should be black. I move her off my bed and she makes a whiny sound like she's hurt.

[The dog is one of my guides, yesterday in my shamanic session she appeared as the dog Ho who lives next door. At which time she looked like Ho. Ho is Ira's grandmother and she's very sick, has a bad cough and might die. She is a shy little dog who I befriended years ago by giving her papaya shells after scooping out the flesh, because she was sneaking past me with my papaya shells that she was stealing out of my compost one at a time, and tiptoeing home with them. Ira's mother is Ho's only living offspring, and our three young dogs are all Ho's grandkids and great grandkids.]

[Yesterday MPE told me in an email that my advice to him had got him out of a relatively sparse dry spell and back to his normal regularity of OBE activity. This made my day. This is awesome since he's my favorite Utube OBE speaker.]

[Added note (June 2017): my neighbor's dog Ho had in fact died that day and nobody told me. She soon came to me in a nearly lucid dream in which she told me her name was Smudgely. She is a guide whose mission is to get me lucid by showing me odd things. She is a personification of the Dream Usher. Well I guess I should say dogification of the Dream Usher, my 5ness dream body or heart chakra. Just the other day she helped me have my first WILD or direct exit. --ed.]

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