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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.





We do not experience the world, but mental models of the world.

      --Stephen LaBerge


Scott B. and I have an evening visit and it is essential to the hanging-out process that we TRANSPORT two large, DIRTY-YELLOW-colored major appliances back and forth between our respective homes as support equipment for the event. This is not easy. Somehow he got the first piece to my place by himself, I find this INCONCEIVABLE. The house we end up at is not his, the owner is not around and we are there WITHOUT THE OWNER'S KNOWLEDGE.

[After waking I was able to do some Noticing and easily saw the Tunnel a few times which was pretty exciting, so it was hard to hold the view due to excitement.]

3:10-3:25 am


3:30 am

[Back to main bed with mask.]

[Went back to sleep very slowly, which resulted in a series of lucid dreams starting with the lucid Awakening in which I pushed myself out backwards through the Urumara. All these dreams were like walking through deep water, the atmosphere of lucidity was worklike vs. euphoric, but now that I'm awake I am plenty euphoric at having reached this point in my practice after fourteen months.]

[From the short meditation to the time I woke up, about two hours went by very slowly which is a surprise in itself. This indicates an unusual state of being since the precious last two hours of sleep always zip by so fast, I guess because I tend to sleep too deeply, but today was different. Something has been building up with three recent short lucid dreams. Three days ago I got re-interested in breathing again, and the excellent books of Ryan Hurd have inspired me to back off from anti-productive obsession and let some other interests back into my routine. For example, yesterday after an exhausting day in town that started with a lot of tooth grinding at the dentist in preparation for installing my first false teeth, I was about to collapse in front of the computer and try to catch up with my daily routine when T. put on a new movie I got for him, the pilot for a cable TV fantasy series called The Emerald City. I got a sudden urge to break my routine, turn off the computer and watch the movie with him. When we went to bed at 8:30, I worked on the lead blanket as described by Phase Evolution. As usual, it's hard to put that thing on my chest. This is actually good news, it means I'm going in the right direction with all this talk of things being blocked at the Urumara.]


It's daytime right out front of the house [real house where I live] and I've opened up the VALVE at the bottom of the big water tank where we catch rain water, but nothing comes out. This SEEMS ODD since it's been raining constantly for weeks and the tank is full. I WONDER if there's some kind of weird kind of air pocket or suction somewhere that won't allow anything to flow throught the valve [the Urumara]. I turn my back while complaining to someone about this problem, and when I turn back to the tank, the water's coming out just fine. I THINK THIS IS ALL STRANGE.


Breeze my roommate [SC] is keeping his big, long (14" x 3" diameter) plastic bags full of weed in a pile on the bed in plain sight and I decide there should be some attempt to get them out of sight so I put them in DARK BLUE tent pole nylon sacks and stuff those into a larger BLUE nylon sack in a coaxial configuration in hopes that they are less likely to be detected. Then I have a false awakening in the dream and I am bummed to realize I have not bothered to go to my pizza delivery job for about four days including the weekend, so I've no doubt been fired. I feel bad for smoking at home when I could have been having fun making money. At this point I am so deeply ashamed that I've disappointed my friend and boss Mike who has always treated me with respect that I start trying to claw my way out of the dream, which I do and manage to end the dream with a primitive kind of lucidity in this way.


I slog muggily out of the Nowhere, which I vaguely sense as a gray concrete City building, onto a wide sidewalk. The building is crenellated at the sidewalk level and just above it with huge blocky protuberances of concrete which form good-sized areas of shelter from the elements, which is good since it's pouring down rain. A near-solid waterfall sheets down [the Nowhere] from above off of a protruding balcony of some sort. I hear the water hitting the sidewalk in front of me and all is gray everywhere. I am lethargic, slow, taking one step at a time.

I walk down the sidewalk a short distance to the right. I am dressed in the garb of Limberluck--long heavy wool-lined coat--and I'm determined to incite a change of some kind, and my cause is duly noted on a sign I carry on a six-foot-long stick. But I am not at any protest rally at this moment, so I carry the sign upside-down and with the lettering turned away from the street so that only I will see it. No one else is around and there's no traffic in the street that I face, so I have no worries. I just DON'T FEEL LIKE BEING A PROTESTER right at the moment [Nubberzuck].

And I am lucid, but dead calm about it. I can't say exactly when or how it came about, but I am quite aware that I am in the Unworld. It's not that I'm unimpressed, more like there's a purposeful dampener on my mood to keep my mood perfectly level.

I have no place to go in this rain and since I am aware of being unworlded I decide to remain still and move my awareness from point to point on the crude concrete-sided building across the street. As I do this, I am no longer aware of any sheet of rain in front of me, I can see the concrete wall across the street from me clearly. It is featureless except for lines left by plywood sheets when it was formed. I move my eyes in a relaxed way from one part of the large gray wall to another and another and another. Then I feel satisfied with the experience and let it go.


"Making Friends with the Urumara"

In a clean, bright, uncluttered house [house = state of mind] with white plaster walls and wall-to-wall AQUA colored carpets I leave the hallway [the Tunnel] and enter a room through an open door [the Urumara] when I see my wife's caged bird at the back of the small room directly in line with the door. I am unaware of any other furniture etc.

Suddenly wondering why I--an animal lover of sorts--take so little (or no) interest in my wife's bird [true in real life], I decide to approach the cage. I talk to the bird, which is an AQUA and YELLOW parakeet with maybe a few other colors thrown in such as a red racing stripe under the wing or something. I tell the bird how nice it is. The door of its cage is open [the Urumara] so I put my finger in to stroke the bird and it bites me hard. It doesn't hurt much, but the bird is now attached to my finger, which I find somewhat alarming, so I pull the finger out and along with it the bird. I am surprised how soft and cuddly the bird is and around this time I become aware that I am having an unworlding experience, but again it is not a sudden or shocking realization, and again I remain dead calm and do not react at all, I just keep on with what I'm doing, retaining awareness lucidly and effortlessly throughout the balance of the dream. I put the bird back in the cage, and it barely fits through the door as it has expanded to 10-12 times it original size, it's now a soft, cuddly ball of fluff. I love the way it feels in my hand.

As soon as I get the bird back in its cage and wonder why my wife leaves the cage door open, an identical fat, feathery ball of aqua and yellow fluff is in my lap where I sit on the floor in front of the cage. I put this bird in the cage too, surprised at how clean the bird feels in my hand. I don't detect the feather ribs, or bugs, or boniness, these birds are super pleasant to the touch.

As soon as the bird is back in the cage, another copy is in my lap, so I repeat the action of stuffing it into the cage through the undersized cage door, and it happens one more time. With the four pretty fat birds now safely in the cage, a small white rabbit with black ears appears on the top left of the cage. I stroke its soft fur but find it has dirty-feeling bugs in its fur. As I stroke its black ears [the Nowhere] my vision disappears [and I gradually allow awareness of my body in the bed to reappear.]

[I was tempted to go back under for another shot at lucidity since I was on such a roll, but my wife told me to wake up before I got back to sleep about 5:40 or so. It's now 8:40 a.m. and I waited till now to write these dreams down since the memory was intact and sometimes I have to get other things done when I first wake up.]

[In regards to the last dream's symbology, it's obvious to me that I am now confronting the Urumara directly, with love and affection instead of fear. The whole dream was about going through the Urumara over and over, getting used to it, overcoming fear. I think the practice of mapping the Unworld (or my  Unworld if that's what it is) has literally catapulted me into the next phase of my practice.]

[I'd like to end this chapter by relating what I did to occupy my mind while the dentist was grinding away a large part of two perfectly good teeth yesterday morning so they can be used as anchors for my first-ever false teeth bridgework to slide onto. I had put this off for maybe six months because I hate having a dentist grinding away at my ivories. Who doesn't? But the lack of two front teeth was really bothering me so I made the plunge.]

[While the incessant grinding was going on, I Climbed the Beanstalk. Not the one I usually climb, although I went through that routine once or twice. I decided to go to my Treebard Farm where I am creating a fruit farm on a little lot I bought for my wife and child so I will have something to leave behind for T. when I am getting ready to unworld for the last time. At first I tried doing my favorite thing, which is burning brush in a big pile, and when the grinding got really intense, I switched to hacking down big bamboo poles, but that was too much like what was already going on. So I switched to climbing a huge, tall tree, and looking out over magnificent landscapes, canyons, mountains and forests. This was visioneering, not unworlding, I was just Climbing the Beanpole. I think that in an unworlding practice it is always beneficial to take advantage of these sorts of distracting experiences we are occasionally forced to endure, in the never-ending quest to learn how to relax no matter what. Twice-daily meditation is almost guaranteed to increase the frequency and duration of your unworldings.]

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