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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.





We do not experience the world, but mental models of the world.

      --Stephen LaBerge

[Added note: I'm still being strict with myself and omitting the previous few days' material that led up to each full unworlding. This is really hard because the buildup to the Magical Mindset that causes unworlding is as good as the unworlding that results from it, but where do I draw the line? Here is the shortened buildup, from that day only. --ed.]

2017-02-02 1:15 am

[My papa's 90th birthday.]

A special shower head [the Inner Sound Current] that emits dream environment, the whole thing, from the sand on the ground to the clouds in the sky.


In Kansas, showing my mom [ SC ] a huge old wooden WHITE house from the outside. I say, "Wow, look at the Dutch house." Then I start counting the windows and floors trying to guess how many bedrooms it has. I purposely underestimate, assuming that some bedrooms will have two windows. Guessing the house is at least 4 bedrooms wide by 5 bedrooms long, that's at least 1200--no 120--bedrooms per floor, and with ten floors or more, that's something like 12,000 rooms. Something like that [Ramshackle house has changed a lot. It had always before been rotten, creepy, scary, and secret. And I haven't visited it in a dream in a long time.]


Two homeless guys named Amyl and Nitrate have left the house they'd been squatting in and moved to another part of town. I'm looking up in the ceiling of a closet at some fancy house wiring I'd done with the landlady [SC] and explaining that we can't just run two wires to their new location since "that would be a LONG wire." [Nitpicker and Potwatcher.]

[Woke up and was lying in bed going over the dream when:]

I'm talking to a tweaky shaved-head Forest Ranger who shows me a pair of stainless steel angle irons and says people don't know what they are for close to the Rest area rest rooms. I remark you mean people don't know they're for the irrigation ditches. The guy says that those two homeless guys [Amyl and Nitrate or whatever their names were--really Nitpicker and Potwatcher] had collected some empty tin cans and grown weed in them and "it was pretty good."

3:00 am

Talking to the librarian about researching a certain well-known phrase [now forgotten] when [the alarm clock wakes me to meditate.]

3:20 am

[Meditation. Tried chair but moved to bed because of mosquitos--wide awake--enjoyed but not exciting--lay on back with mask.]

5:00 am

[Just had an awesome lucid dream, which morphed out of a longer dream with a composite of Rose F, KK, and MS as Cwahacoy .]

[The below dream morphed into a lucid unworlding. Note the high focus on porcelain at the end, my merging with Cwahacoy right after she says, "Toxic," then as both of us we see the huge cockroach. That's when the porcelain-- the Nowhere --became the dream.]

In a large room with many anonymous people standing in a big circle around the room's perimeter, Rose F separates herself from the circle and advances.

Cwahacoy and I are together in an apartment and for a while it's Melissa S. [SC] and then it's KK [more vividly] with some confusion as it seems MS is also there but in another room. [It's 1:00 pm as I write this, so I've forgotten most of the details.]

This is the Commerce Street house in Stockton. MS is in a room TO THE LEFT of the bathroom but unseen. I am irritated with her for leaving the tub running and not supervising it. A dark GREEN throw rug or carpet sample about 3 ft x 4 ft is on a surface adjacent to the top of the tub to the tub's LEFT, and the rightmost 1/3 of the rug dangles down into the tub. I'm irritated by this because I [nonsensically] think the water in the tub is pee and it's getting the rug dirty. I push the door shut with my foot in irritation. [The green rug is the Nowhere . Pushing the door-- the Urumara --changes the scene.]

KK is in the tub on her hands and knees scrubbing it. The tub is empty and very dirty, as if not cleaned in years. She has a MASK over her mouth and nose. I badly want to help because I like the look of the clean WHITE PORCELAIN [the Nowhere] that her action is revealing, but she says clearly and sternly, in regards to the cleaning agent that she's using, "This is very toxic!"

[KK is now unseen/SC or we've merged .]

I hear a FAMILIAR RATTLING SOUND and at the end of the tub up on the right edge countertop just past the tub is "The biggest cockroach I've ever seen!" It's two-tone light drab brown and beige, and multi-tier. The various body parts are at different levels. It's facing away from us. It's about ten inches long and six inches high with the large 2-tone wings 4 inches higher than the body, and other intricate body parts coming off of it in different places.

[This morphs now into a WHITE VOID, THE NOWHERE, from which emerges the lucid dream. The porcelain that dominated the non-lucid dream--the Nowhere--became the lucid portion of the dream.]

In a bright, smooth room, a man is sitting casually cross-legged on the floor, but I don't notice him or anything else till he speaks in a slightly high voice, "What could be done to speed up reality?" He is a few feet TO MY LEFT and about six feet in front of me. I am not aware of having a body or of not having a body. [He looks a little like me but no glasses. Shorter, fatter, balder, and his voice is HIGHER. Is this my higher self ?]

I ask what he means by that and he says it has something to do with the true nature of money, what money really is . Another man pipes up in response, indicating that he's interested in that topic, and beginning a soliloquy on it. This man is also sitting casually cross-legged in a smooth, shiny featureless room. I can sense walls and ceilings and a stairway behind me going up to my right [ 360 degree vision .] It's all gleamy as if cast from a single piece of porcelain [see the non-lucid dream that became this one]. I sense other people in the room also seated the same way, but don't see them.

The second man is Japanese, about six feet tall, moderately thin, and has gray streaks in his hair. His hair is gelled into a point rising six inches above his scalp. [That's the crown chakra which cues me to merge with Limberluck!] I think to myself, Pitting these two against each other in philosophical debate should keep both of them busy for awhile. The second man is facing me about eight feet away. Not being interested in the academic argument, I fade into a revery and become conscious of having a body. I'm standing with legs rigid, torso leaning forward quite a bit, but not bent over all the way, arms above my head like wings, [and I just remembered how my last dream ended--with a psychedelic cockroach and its crazy appendages extending off of its body at odd angles] and my hands bent down pointing at the floor. I think nothing of this ODD posture, but by increasing the tension of the pose and Paying Attention to the place where my feet touch the floor, I am able to push the floor and the bottoms of my feet apart about two inches. I am looking right at my feet when I do this and ignoring everything else around me. I find this ability pretty interesting and I tell myself to keep doing it and practice more (not in so many words), when suddenly it occurs to me that this is more than just a delicious feeling [Magical Mindset] and a cool thing to be able to do, it's a lucid dream!

I deal with the decision to detach from the dream plot [the other dream characters merged into my awareness.] Now in a pure WHITE NOWHERE, I float backward into the air and start to feel an immediate approach of physical consciousness, so I quickly clap my hands to focus the unworlded state, and it works. I'm fully aware in the white Nowhere floating around in the area perceived before as a room, smoothly and easily rolling and tumbling from ceiling to floor, from wall to wall, but able to turn and control my movements before hitting any surface. I don't see these surfaces, but I act as if they were there, confining my smooth, moderately slow motion to the area perceived earlier as a room. I say to myself Thank God! and remember to stay calm. I wonder if maybe I shouldn't start on my Intent Agenda , but the flying seems good enough for now, and it feels really delicious. My body is a buzzing energetic sensation which I thoroughly enjoy as I float and tumble spontaneously around the room. After about a minute, I gradually become aware of lying in bed with my eyes closed. I consider trying for another dream, since I still feel the energy Vibes sizzling, but decide to get up and record this while it's fresh in my mind.

3:40-4:00 pm

[Lying down with shaman drum/waterfall sounds to practice the gravity blanket and Awakenings .]

3:51 pm

[AWK] At the University, a guard sees I've returned and raises quite a fuss after all his warnings. At no time am I quite certain he isn't joking. [This was one of the most extended Little Sleeps ever.] There was a woman [SC] there taking my side, but I wasn't too concerned about that either. [Limberluck.]

4:10 pm

[Several Awakenings, remembering to wake up calmly with minimum of gasping but forgot to ask myself What Just Happened .]

[Remember Intent Agenda is to repeat, "I love this place," as I slowly move from place to place touching things.]

4:45 pm

[According to Michael Winn, I am right to ignore the naysayers who tell me not to try anything before six hours' sleep .]

8:00 pm

[To bed, will practice Gravity Blanket and when lucid I will repeat the affirmation, "I love this place" and move around slowly touching everything.]

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