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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



(false awakening)

February 11, 2017

We do not experience the world, but mental models of the world.

      --Stephen LaBerge

2017-02-11 7:00 am

"Excuse Me, Can I Write on Your Shirt?"

Here at Manggahan (dream version), I hear a loud sound [ EKONGKAR = INNER SOUNDS ] like a nearby helicopter and there it is, flying three feet off the ground. It's MAROON-colored and crazy, wild, the pilot is obviously a scarrorist. People are being chased around and I shout at them to get down, get under something. The helicopter comes back for another turn around the house as if to force everyone to leave. He flies between two buildings [the Tunnel] in front of me and I can't believe he is so daring, this is certainly a violation . I shout for T. to get down, get under something. [Flee back into the Tunnel, backwards through the Urumara .]

Then some bad guys appear with pistols. Black hair. They occupy the building on the right. I'm worried about T., but I see all the children are filing out of the main house on my left into a MAROON BUS [the Tunnel] to the left of the house. I'm still under an old chicken coop [hiding in the Tunnel].

Someone hollers, "LOOK, IT'S A TORNADO !" I think, "That's IMPOSSIBLE," and CRAWL OUT [the Urumara] and LOOK AT THE SKY, which is roiling with dark clouds [the Nowhere ]. Suddenly a huge FLYING MACHINE appears, a rectangular WHITE craft with several helicopter-like rotors. The insignia is USA red/white/blue. I immediately BECOME LUCID AND JUMP UP AND DOWN SCREAMING, "I'M DREAMING! I'M DREAMING! I'M DREAMING!" three times but then I notice that I didn't start flying, so I realize I got too excited and woke myself up, and look for a place to sit down and write my dream down [ false awakening .]

I go over to a large wall-less roofed area filled with long wooden tables and benches where many people are sitting. At the edge of the long building there's a short length of bench that's not occupied, so I sit there, but the wrong way, with my back to the table. A young girl appears in front of me with a disapproving look and I Notice a gold plastic purse in the dust at my feet, so I say Excuse me, this must be your seat, and get up.

At a different table [for some reason because of the position next to an end wall in a large roofed open space, this part IDs as the Depot in the "Ballerina, Tennessee" dream where I was looking for a map and ended up watching blue images on a white wall ] some teenage boys are sitting and there's an empty place on their bench, so I sit down and decide to write my dream on some flimsy YELLOW table napkins. I have a stack of napkins in my hand as I reach FOR NO REASON across and down the table katty-corner, toward a dude sitting there. He says thanks and takes my napkins. I know he's joking and say Excuse me, those are my napkins, and I take them back. On the table in front of me is a VERY LONG WHITE SHEET of paper [the Nowhere] so I place a yellow napkin on it and start writing, "There was this guy..." and then I see I'm writing on a little scrap of napkin and decide THIS IS RIDICULOUS, I have to go find a nice big piece of white paper.

I stand up, then I ask the dude right across from me [ SC ] if I can write on the long white paper that's on the table , as I turn it over and see it's a voting ballot. I know he will say no and he does. Then I see that the dude to my left is wearing a BRIGHT WHITE T-SHIRT and I say, "Can I write on your shirt?" and he says no. [I have the dry, detached humor of Limberluck .]

I wander around looking for some nice white paper [the Nowhere] and spot a good-sized PHOTOCOPY MACHINE. I think I should just grab some reject photocopies and write on the backs of them. I'm in a cluttered, darkish, officelike area. A church secretary appears on my right, graying short hair and slim, pants suit, I KNOW HER and have worked with her in the past, so I feel guilty for not first acknowledging our acquaintance before launching into my request. I had been about to grab some photocopies from the out tray at the left of the machine, feeling certain they are rejects, so I ask the woman if those copies are in fact rejects that I could have, but she curtly indicates that she will be the one to get some paper for me. She says, "Excuse me," and passes in front of me and off TO THE LEFT to get my paper somewhere else. I WONDER HOW she is going to NAVIGATE ALL THE CLUTTER [the Urumara] and I [wake up. When a dream character goes through the Urumara it is I, the dreamer, going through the Urumara, which means a change in state will be the result, such as waking up. The woman appears to be the same person from the Awakening of 2/6/2017 3:57 pm.]

[This dream and the one before it were both about the Urumara and/or about my opinions and feeling about the Urumara. Notice there is a forcing to the LEFT in both dreams: 1) the house on the right is occupied by scarrorists so the children exit into a maroon bus (the Tunnel) on the left. 2) I hand the yellow napkins to the dude on my left for no reason and then take them back. 3) The woman won't let me have the paper I want and sets off through an obstacle course of clutter on my left which I had considered impenetrable. 4) See earlier dream below which had this forcing left as its entire theme.]

[As per my Intent Agenda , these dreams are all about finding the Urumara and experiencing it from all sides. What's happening is that I'm being urged to go through the Urumara or back through it or both.]

[I wore my Limberluck hat while recording dreams. Have started to wonder whether I should possibly be trying to have funny dreams instead of lucid ones? Are they not the same thing? I am so happy to have Muggons back. Remembered several times last night before bed to look at the star in my rose quartz ball. And when showing it to T. and SaySay I felt sure this was worth a dozen reality checks. Added note: after more experience with muggons I'm sure it would most likely be my enthusiastic mindset regarding muggons (mugwort) which assisted in triggering lucidity, as it has had no apparent effect after the first few times I tried it. --ed.]

[My mistakes when I became lucid were 1) got too excited and 2) forgot to rub hands which I should do before trying to fly. Stick with boring deepening techniques.]

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