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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



(ecstatic lucid dream)

February 14, 2017

We do not experience the world, but mental models of the world.

      --Stephen LaBerge

2017-02-13 2:00 am

"Limberluck's Triumphant Return"

3:00 am

[Woke up an hour ago from a Limberluck dream that was so good that it inspired the introduction to my new utube show. IOW I woke up as Limberluck. This has the same muggons quality as my last night's dream and was full of lucidity cues and dream landmarks including a guitar (my real one--or T.'s) and a realistic GV based on real places and streets). It also ends with an angry Dream Usher refusing to let me stay the night in his house. It also places Limberluck in shelter under eaves in a sudden rainstorm like the lucid dream he recently starred in.]

In a meeting room with a clubbish comfortable warm night feel in GV, I am audience, along with several others, to a rather appealing singles dating meetup club for people who don't know how to get a date or don't dig the dating scene. The way it works is that people stand in a rectangle and when someone is talking about himself, anyone who finds that person attractive and would like to meet him or her privately raises their hand and keeps it up as long as they continue to like the person in the hot seat. When he's finished talking, he or she chooses one of the people with a raised hand as his next date.

There are some people in the group who I knew in high school including Barb M., Brian S., and Shelley G. from jr hi. I feel bad for ignoring Barb but she looks miserable and has a nasty outbreak of teen acne around the mouth and chin and I don't want to get involved.

After the meeting, everyone's gone but me and the man in charge [SC]. I ask if he's got a flyer about the group that I can take with me to study because I'd like to join the group later. I tell him I've just got to town and "I want to find a job before I start a new relationship unless a new relationship finds me first."

He gives me a flyer and I see that Brian has written me a note in the bottom left margin in which he says twice that he loves me [Brian is an artist with a long white beard.]

We accept a ride in the back of a pickup that's full of stuff including a shelf unit at the back of the pickup bed with the shelves disposed vertically and facing the back. We slide into adjacent shelves and hang on for dear life. I have to cling to the shelf with my HANDS, one of which won't cling because it has some kind of slime, grease or lotion on it. I complain to my companion that the driver is going too fast. In my mind I change that, he's just starting too suddenly. I try to imagine being able to see well enough to tell the driver when to let me out. I'm trying to get to a place out on Rough-n-Ready Hwy where I lived before, though it's no longer owned by Marcia and Dave. I try to imagine getting the landlord out of bed to ask him if I can rent the place again, but hold off paying till tomorrow. The plan seems unsound.

I'm riding in the front passenger seat with Dave G. and he's upset with me. I tell him he can let me out anywhere he wants. Then I decide I should be more creative so I put my HANDS on his big cheeks and look him in the eye and tell him that if he's angry with me for any reason, I am truly sorry. At first I'm just trying to keep my ride, but as I keep talking I feel some sort of rift between us being soothed over and I am glad I said these things to him.

I go outside. It's a nice quiet night in GV--Ridge Road area--but it's starting to rain so I seek shelter under a wide eave, thinking to kill some time playing my GUITAR.

Instead I start walking up a steep hill in an alley between buildings and house which goes up [the Tunnel] to Ridge Road. A young woman with blonde hair is walking slightly ahead of me. [She idents as the woman who wanted to date me and introduced herself to me after a NLP seminar where I'd read my poem.] Cwahacoy is aware of my presence as we climb the steep hill and she keeps looking over her shoulder at me nervously. I wonder if she'd be less nervous if I were to walk in front of her and she suddenly becomes friendly.

We sit down together on a level spot where a wide sidewalk crosses the hill we're climbing and runs over to some apartments. She points out that my GUITAR is getting dirty and scratched and says, "You might want to invest in a case for it," and I reply that I have other priorities right now. The guitar is looming in front of me BLACK AND SHINY [the Nowhere]. I start playing "Alice's Restaurant" for her, [clearly seeing and hearing the notes--muggons is amazing]. A man comes out of the apartment down the way and demands to know what I think I'm doing. I tell him I'm playing "Alice's Restaurant" for those chickens over there. [Limberluck's dry yet harmless sense of humor.]

The man's name is Larry [see recent dream where the Dream Usher is called Larry] and we know each other since I've lived with him before. He is small and very tightly wound with curly hair combed straight back over his head [picture Larry of the Three Stooges with hair slicked back--this is the Dream Usher with his usual hair, but light brownish gray]. I ask him if I can stay the night with him and he refuses angrily [Dream Usher often appears at the end of dreams and I'm always intimidated by him. This time as Limberluck I take it in stride but the dream still ends. I wake up sleeping with my knees up, same as last night--I never sleep that way--and adding to the dream semi-awake, but I don't remember that part. Didn't want the dream to end.]

4:08 am

[apple juice]

4:10 am


4:30 am

[Dream bed mask.]

5:30 am

[No dreams recalled, wanted to sleep more.]

3:05-4:45 pm

[Lying down dream bed, mask, drum/waterfall sounds.]

3:34 pm

[Easy to go to sleep but windy, and long curtain keeps slapping me awake so will try again now with curtains clipped in place. Before I fell asleep I thought I noticed unusually grand hypnagogics such as a huge circle above me up in the sky rotating.]

9:00 pm

[Showed my star rose quartz to T. To bed. WILD now. No B6, no muggons. No juice.]

2017-02-14 3:10 am

[Turned off alarm did not meditate.]

4:10 am

"Cwahacoy's Valentines Day Gift to Limberluck"

[I get to wear my Limberluck hat, I had a lucid dream. Maybe Rich is Rich2150x the utube OBE guru? I don't know anyone named Rich except...]

I'm in a passenger seat, driver is SC, daytime. I see Rich's BLUE car [same darkish off-blue as the clipboard folder I keep my dream journal in]. We're in a large open space like in the middle of a big empty parking lot and Rich is driving by on the street. I tell the driver to drive up next to Rich's car pointing to the LEFT so I can shout at him through our open windows. Rich's car is in the near lane of an emptyish wide city street going to the right. The driver is reluctant, peevish, or skeptical of my motive, but complies. When our cars are adjacent but headed opposite directions I say, "I know a guy named Rich who's a genius! A genius!" and we're gone. Before this, SC had told me that Rich has just won a race with this car due to his design or invention of a gizmo in the engine. Rich shows us the engine [vague].

I'm in Kansas, downtown on foot still daytime, looking in a shop window with enthusiastic desire when something clicks and I realize I'm looking at a player piano repair shop. I go in to relive briefly my past passionate pursuit and to meet the man who's doing the work.

Inside I look at three PLAYER PIANOS lined up, all small and eccentric, when the owner comes in, a smallish man with short white hair [Whirly] and a work apron. He starts to work SILENTLY [Whirly] and I feel a bit conspicuous since he's kinda only tentatively friendly [Whirly] and doesn't seem to want his time wasted [Whirly wastes neither energy nor words] by a casual visitor.

I can't decide whether I would want to work for him or not, but decide it would be a good idea to set the stage just in case, so I try to start a conversation. I tell him the job he's working on looks troublesome and he agrees almost wordlessly [Whirly] so I fill in the thought for him by listing the most difficult brands of player piano to work on: "Gulbransen, Schultz..." so he will know my interest is more than casual. Then I feel he accepts me as a compatriot. [This was a test of my level of awareness as the information I gave was physically true based on physical experience and physical memories, showing a truly pre-lucid level of awareness.]

Then Rich shows up wearing a T-shirt the same color BLUE as my dream journal folder. [Mouse. Mouse is 7ness, the 3rd eye, intuition, wisdom, the color blue. Did I not call him a "genius"? Also realized (later when typing this) that "Rich" could mean the true wealth that is wisdom/information/intuition.] I start to ask him why he's there and then realize it's because he has an antique mechanical MUSICAL INSTRUMENT there being serviced. It isn't going too well, he's trying to do the work himself with the old man's help [Mouse trying to merge into Whirly so I will become lucid.] I mention that our mutual friend told me he (Rich) had won the race and Rich says something like Yeah I came in 3rd with 2 honorable mentions.

I'm in a large bright interior room of the piano shop, SWEEPING, and I GO OUT into the FRONT ROOM where the old man is and he says, "Oh you're using that broom?" and I look at what's in my HAND. I see I've brought the old shortened broom from home [real broom that I use to sweep the dog hair off the front porch each morning] and he HANDS ME HIS NICER BROOM [also real--the one I use inside the house.]

Going through the large bright inner shop again, I LEAVE THROUGH THE BACK DOOR [the Urumara] with a small stainless steel measuring cup in my right HAND, full to the brim with thick BLUE paint the color of my DREAM JOURNAL FOLDER. I feel the proprietor's EYES ON ME as I leave [we merge] and I WONDER WHAT MAKES ME THINK [lucidity increases] I can take off with his cup. The dream plot dissolves as I see a variety of LARGE SURFACES PAINTED THAT COLOR [the Nowhere] and think about how much I LIKE THAT COLOR.

I'm in a big BANK, ornate, old-fashioned, SOMETHING DISAGREEABLE HAPPENS and I decide to LEAVE OUT THE DOOR in the LEFT end of the LONG, NARROW LOBBY [the Tunnel]. The color tones are golden-brown marble. Just before I exit, I pass a rectangular machine on my right made of sheet metal like a free-standing aircon. It's five feet wide, six feet tall, and fifteen inches deep, color off-yellowish, greenish tan aka dirty old appliance gold YELLOW. A long door running along the top of the machine is hinged down and open. This seems to be for access so ADJUSTMENTS CAN BE MADE. [An aborted attempt to approach the Urumara resulting in a turn-around but re-approach is now set to take place after some attitude adjustments.]

Outside it's daytime, but DARK due to having just rained. The building I'm leaving is ELEVATED FROM THE STREET so a twelve-foot-long embankment or ramp of concrete surrounds the building going down to the street. At the bottom is a three-foot-wide gutter full of nasty-looking mud [the Urumara]. I slide by floating quickly with gravity assist on a thin layer of air or water down the emBANKment and at the exact BORDER between bankment and gutter, I encounter Sherry [Cwahacoy] in a time warp and even though I'm sliding quickly down a steep embankment, I have time for a very eventful moment of undefinable passion with her--she is sensed fully but not seen--I'm overwhelmed with affection and I recall [falsely] getting her to move to Kansas [we merge] and I say "I LOVE HER" as I FLY over the forgotten mud-filled gutter [the Urumara] and on the other side I say my intended affirmation "I LOVE THIS PLACE!" and soar into a BEIGE VOID, lucid, feeling a hootin'-hollerin' ecstasy building up in me, and just in the nick of time, I remember to stay calm and clap my hands to catalyze the lucidity.

This causes the upward uncontrolled flight to stop and I begin floating gently toward the ground, still in a 3D beige void or haze. I peer through the haze as I approach the ground, finally seeing some bare tree branches as fractal patterns, and upon arriving back outside the bank, outside the bank building I am fully in my Limberluck persona and I can see again. I am ecstatic, calm, lucid, [but unaware of any plan of action] as I play and cavort. For example, I make up silly tunes with nonsense syllables and levitate quickly from a standing position to a reclining position with my head up in an elbow prop on the edge of a large SIDEWALK PLANTER.

I decide to slide down the embankment again in order to pump up my flagging lucidity, but at the top of the embankment at the side door out of the bank where I'd exited earlier [the Urumara from the dream side], a young woman stands with some other unseen people [Cwahacoy and my other dream bodies. She resembles Sherry a little but this doesn't occur to me, as she is smaller built.] She has medium-dark hair and is slender, wearing a medium-dark-GREEN [the Nowhere] solid-color T-shirt, [so she is 5ness (green/the Nowhere) merged with 6ness (Cwahacoy)]. She says I can feel her breasts, and I can see her nipples through the soft green cotton of her T-shirt. I waste no time in getting this accomplished, then she says, "OK stop," and I say, "I'm not finished," [Limberluck's dry yet hopefully harmless sense of humor]. She says, "OK," and I say, "Will you marry me?" and she says, "No." [We won't re-merge. The scene goes dark and I'm vaguely aware of being in bed and as I gradually allow myself to wake up, I'm vibrating, arms tingling, high as a kite.]

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