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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



(I assault the Dream Usher)

February 20, 2017

We do not experience the world, but mental models of the world.

      --Stephen LaBerge

2017-02-20 3:00 am

[Had a LUCID MOMENT earlier but no idea what it was about. Also last night during WILD session had a lucid Little Dream but woke at the same time as becoming lucid. No meditation . Back to bed now on back with mask to WILD.]

Cwahacoy / SC [ident = Alice from CHS] HANDS me a CASSETTE TAPE to listen to and the case is half broken off. This is such a precious gift from such a sweet lady, how can I show my appreciation ? I ask her if she wants one of my tapes and she says OK.

I search through my old tapes, first the top tray and then the bottom tray, for a TAPE THAT'S WORTHY OF HER FRIENDSHIP. Like that highly coveted Jon-Luc Ponty tape on the bottom tray that I haven't listened to in years [color dusty rose = Limberluck ]. Trouble is, anything good enough for my friend is also worth keeping. But I decide she's worth it, and give her the tape [typical of Limberluck to share what he has; also this is merging of 6ness with 8ness.]

[I wake up in bed, move very little , remember to close mouth and wait for saliva to flow so no drink of water is needed and never mind getting up to pee . Focus on the Nowhere and back to dream.]

Out in the yard, sunny daytime, big wood two-story AQUA house [Cwahacoy's color]. Party going on, casual, neighbors and stuff. I put a TAPE [see last dream] in a BOOMBOX .

The ID of a TWO-TONE BROWN DOG IS IN QUESTION. I LOOK MORE CLOSELY and see it's not a dog I know, but a larger dog like a pitbull-boxer mix or something.

A smaller dog is an object of concern [forget details] and a neighbor who's a guest at the party has put up a two-foot tall wire FENCE all over my yard, which I will now have to step over to GO FROM ONE PART OF THE YARD TO THE OTHER, the rest of my life. I decide I can deal with it and the fence is not that high [ the Urumara .] I go onto the front porch and I see that my meddlesome neighbor has installed LOCKS on all my doors too, which irks me at first, but I SEE I'M NOT LOCKED OUT, so I just go inside.

Another BOOMBOX inside is TUNED to a different station than the one outside, so I run the dial over all the way to the LEFT [ almost lucid ] and start SLOWLY CREEPING IT TO THE RIGHT and soon get both boomboxes to play the same station [they merge ].

I go into the big empty garage [ Projection Room ] and Smudgely is there. What a treat to see my little friend, she's a sight for sore eyes [a two-tone little brown dog, a close friend (real name Ho) who is a symbol of pointing out lucidity since she first came to me in a Big Dream I had the day she died.]

[This dream was all about the Urumara: locks, fences, etc. and not only full of dreamsigns and Personal Lucidity Objects, but even Smudgely herself, my guide in charge of dreamsigns.]

5:30 am

[Had to get out of bed when I was in vibrations --arms as usual--from waking up out of a LUCID dream and wanted to go back into it but decided to get up and write it down instead.]

"The Notary Customer from Hell"

At the POSTAL CENTER, the lobby [ Green Room ] is a big open space, color very light gray and dimly lit except back behind the counter where I am. There's only one customer, a young yuppie in nice clothes like an attorney. He is about six feet tall with dark hair and a roundish face.

The customer pays me in advance for WITNESSING SOMETHING and I get my JOURNAL out, then it turns out that what he expects me to notarize is a BLANK PIECE OF PAPER in a LIME GREEN pad of paper [the Nowhere: the customer is trying to introduce himself as the Dream Usher ]. The pad is a stack of paper about one inch thick glued together at the top edge. He flips through the top few sheets to show me that other notaries have stamped his blank pages and he fully expects me to do the same. I BECOME IRATE [as I always do when I meet the Dream Usher] and demand that he produce a proper document for me to notarize, but he insists that I do what he says.

I tell him I am going to write down exactly what happened in my journal for my own protection and he leaves for his own safety. Meanwhile, customers have come in and stacked up behind him, and now I'm not only upset about the notarization gone wrong, but also UNDER PRESSURE [the Urumara] at the same time from legit customers.

Mr. Murray [puts in a short cameo appearance as SC and] sternly but not unkindly tells me to STAY FOCUSED ON THE TASK AT HAND. A male customer [SC] sends me SYMPATHETIC VIBES.

My brother shows up and tries to be helpful since I am now very far behind with customers piling up and everybody has big stuff to package and ship. Bro jumps right in there weighing packages and displays his lack of training by reading #6 as "number six" instead of "six pounds" then corrects himself. I inform one customer that it will cost ten--no fifteen--no twenty dollars just to make a box for the large item she wants to ship, which appears to be an ELECTRIC PIANO KEYBOARD in a case. [Musical instrument = Personal Lucidity Object]

A conversation ensues between us two as I try to decide whether a long object will have to be packed in an oversized box thus charged at a higher rate. I am carefully measuring the box on the scale, having explained to the customer that it has to be put inside a larger box with 2 inches of foam peanuts all the way around it, calling out EXACT MEASUREMENTS "11 inches" etc. for Bro to write down. Then I realize the package will weigh so much --it's already 47 pounds--that the oversize restriction doesn't even enter into it.

[I wake up in vibrations--mostly arms--move a little, close mouth to generate saliva without panicky swallowing, tell the urge to pee to go away, and focus on Blaffinveigle and observing the Nowhere until a new dream forms . It worked!]

I'm back at the POSTAL CENTER and I KNOW I'M DREAMING. I'm not satisfied with my level of lucidity and a little upset about the complete lack of euphoria , but I decide to let go of the disappointment and dig into the dream, give it my all and see where it goes.

[I do not remember any of my oft-repeated injunctions to self such as look at hands, repeat affirmations, but] I do RECALL THAT I SHOULD DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL to catalyze the state. I realize that the evil notary customer from the previous dream is hibernating in some sort of high tech fluid INCUBATION DEVICE inside the BLACK CASE I have right here in front of me [earlier thought to be an electric piano] so I figure now's my chance to give that creep what he deserves [the bad guy is still the Dream Usher and now has the ID of the Green Ripper].

I aggressively rip the black case out of its carton and open it. Sure enough, the bad guy is in there, in the form of a pair of foot-long legs in the black slacks, plugged into a cubic black box replacing head and torso, with that plugged into the other half of the long box which is some sort of fluid circulating apparatus like an artificial kidney but for his black soul to flow through in order to reinvigorate itself.

I yank the bad guy out of his sockets and use his cubic head/torso to smash open the fluid circulation unit, happy that I am able to wreak vengeance on the man who ruined my previous dream [still unaware he is the Dream Usher trying to help me].

The apparatus splits open under my assault and I announce that I have found "the sink". I tip the large sheet metal sink up and spill the fluid contents out, losing the dream thread as I do so [and waking up in Vibes. Didn't have time to try going back to sleep. Note the fear that the Dream Usher still incites, I always want to rip him to shreds for some reason. This dream never developed past Level One lucidity. I knew I was dreaming but did not remember who I am, or displace the dream plot with an ascent to anything more real/realistic.]

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