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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



(achieving agenda items one lesson at a time)

December 18-29, 2017

We do not experience the world, but mental models of the world.

      --Stephen LaBerge

[By now I've noticably started to just insert so-called interpretations of dream people and events into otherwise perfectly good sentences since I'm no longer writing for an audience but for myself and to show my dream bodies that I am Noticing their participation in my unworldings at all levels of lucidity including so-called 'non-lucid' dreams. Readability is not enhanced but my dream bodies don't care, they read my mind, the Intent behind my words. Trouble with not writing stuff down is that they see an empty journal and they read it as an empty Intent. They see a journal written for some imagined online fan base and assume it's none of their business. So first things first.]

December 18-29, 2017

2017-12-18 8:45 pm

[Wake up slow. Get up fast. Just Get Up. Lie down in a dream, get up in the Unworld. Give the Dream Usher a gift. When he unwraps it, I will know what the gift is. When I sense Denormopia, open eyes in the Urumara. Just Get Up. When I'm in Sleep Paralysis, tell the Dream Usher to pull me out. Just Get Up. JUST GET UP.]

9:05 pm

[AWK1] Heard the POP-BANG for the first time, instantly recalled hearing it many times before, and realized it is the sound people talk about hearing when going back into or out of the Urumara--I just never Noticed it before.

2017-12-19 12:43 am

"I Never Got Anything Homemade to Work"

I'm watching myself as a 3-year-old child run up a hill to say something to his parents and I can hear him talking to himself in his mind. He's going up a steep sandy hill and takes a LEFT at the top to go to his parents who are sitting there at a fold-out picnic table with other people. In his mind I can hear his words to himself: "be consoled" and "self... s_____" Then I go over "be consoled" and WONDER if "take comfort" would be more realistic for a small child.

I'm in the car with my family. My dad is driving, present time--he's 90 years old--and I'm to his RIGHT. Karen and Mama are there in back seat and maybe the others. [The feeling of their presence is realistic vs. just dream characters]. He starts to panic when in the far LEFT passing lane on the freeway, veering LEFT AND RIGHT. I say, "You're over-steering." He says I can steer if I want and Mama objects as do I. I say I'll steer when I'm sitting in the driver's seat.

He's heading up a steep off-ramp toward a sign at top saying which way to go. Someone's WONDERING aloud which way we should go and after confirming we're going to GREENHORN [or Green-something], I point out that the sign says to take a RIGHT. As we approach the lecture hall where we're headed later in the dark, I inform the others that I've sat through her lecture already five times--she is Mouse--tall and blonde--straight, short hair--I think it must have been free for students to attend. I'm with Soul Retinue in a dark place including SC who's an older man, and a younger man who's Dream Usher. I've GIVEN DREAM USHER/ HEART CHAKRA a piece of galvanized iron pipe fitting that I carry around in my pocket and he's examining it. I point out that the two HOLES REPRESENT THE MAIN BLOOD VESSELS THAT ENTER AND LEAVE THE HEART--one is bigger than the other. I show I show him where the heart goes right next to them. We're talking about George Heaton's air car. The two flanges at tip of the two parallel pipes where flow takes a RIGHT angle turn and pipe attaches to the heart have a black rubber washer/gasket firmly seated in the flange and out of each hole falls a paper shim as used in PIANOS under the keys. The heart represents an air compressor. He's asking me questions about my experiments and I say, "I never got anything homemade to work." He and I agree that anything that functions as an air compressor would have to be "finely ground" to close tolerances. [Added note: see Chained Content "finely ground" the night I became 0fficially Lucid 12/26/2017.] He's going like, "Yeah,... back in 1951 or '52.." and I WONDER how he guessed the time approximate range correctly and wake up in the Dayly Dreame slowly, becoming lucid first but not getting up fast enough. [I should have jumped up robotically as soon as I realized it was a dream, but I waited instead for my awareness of the physical to reconstitute me in my bed. DO NOT WAIT FOR SURENESS THAT YOU ARE WHO YOU SUSPECT YOU MIGHT BE. YOU WANT TO JUST GET UP AT THE SLIGHTEST NUDGE FROM LUCIDITY AND MORE LUCIDITY WILL FOLLOW AS YOU LEAP FROM YOUR BED INTO THE UNWORLD.]

[JUST GET UP. Wake up slow--get up fast--JUST GET UP.]

1:13 am

[Back to bed.]

1:20 am

[After one series of Buzz Breaths I started to transition to sleep and suddenly recalled an earlier experience this night of waking from a dream and Chaining back into another. As soon as I woke back up in one second the vividness of this recall instantly faded but it was something about] a grid of large dots in rows and columns with me wondering if I would be able to go right into a dream from there or not.

1:24 am

[Back to bed for more Buzz Breaths.]

1:38 am

In the Rhyffmog I'm composing a poetic explanation of specific stuff that's on my mind including the last line "I been by the smile that's a blinding fire." Wake up in Dayly Dreame and forget to reconstitute the Unworld in my bed. Remember to Just Get Up. Also what woke me was the beginning notes of "Raureif" by the overtone chanting group Stimmhorn. More Buzz Breaths.]

1:47 am

[After one series of Buzz Breaths I was in a darkish episode where I went behind a counter-top and Mouse is on my LEFT saying telepathically, "I was just going to laboriously tear this down," referring to a built-in cabinet of wooden shelves very close to each other as if for filing thin sheets. The shelves are the colors of the rainbow. I start to repeat to myself, "I was just going to labo--" and remembered who I am but [completely forgot to Just Get Up. So here's the drill AGAIN:]

[Just Get Up. Wake Up Slow. Get up fast. Just Get Up. Don't think about it, just do it. Just Get Up. Lie down in a dream, stand up in the Unworld. JUST GET UP.]

1:52 am

[Back to bed. More Buzz Breaths.]

2:00 am

[AWK] I feel energy sensations due to the Buzz Breath and then someone taps twice on a curtained window pane to my LEFT--the Urumara--which is very meaningful to me. I say, "I can feel the coincidences building up," but fail to realize who/where I am. As I'm mulling over this, I do realize who I am, but fail to Just Get Up without thinking about it. I Have to Remember to Just Get Up Robotically.

2:04 am

[Back to bed. More Buzz Breaths.]

2:10 am

[AWK] I'm walking bent over with a candle stuck to my chest and pointing at the sidewalk, but not lit, just melted on bottom and thereby stuck to my shirt. "Spawning gate." Remembered who I am but forgot to Just Get Up.

2:12 am

Back to bed. More Buzz Breaths.

3:55 am

In a dark and dirty concrete Tunnel with three sections partially partitioned off from each other by walls. I'm in the square section on the RIGHT with my Soul Retinue waiting for a sweet buko shake--smoothy-like drink--to be made. Finally my number is called--08--along with several other numbers so we go to get our drinks. I take one sip and Mouse scolds me--she's an old woman who made and served the drinks--they're in a brighter area behind the Urumara counter--all is darkish and eraserheadhish--Mouse says my drink-- ENERGY DRINK--is very large so I have to go find a container big enough to put it in, like a Big Gulp size.

I go through the Urumara opening into the next two areas with KK as Mouse cursing that cheap bastard Empoy because he won't buy the things he needs to run his business like a business. I work up into a very angry state. The middle room in Empoy's Tunnel is a Convenience Store with lots of suitable containers that are already being used. So I go to the last place and it's a fiery, hot, scary place.

5:30 am

[The Awakenings session I did at 2:00 a.m. had a remarkable effect. I have rarely remembered so many dreams and all took place between 4:00-5:30 a.m., i.e. this is ONE sleep cycle.]

"Trying to Fuse Your Two Wires Down There"

The Boss is an evil little man in a suit with an evil plan that involves taking all that Styrofoam down to the basement in the elevator and doing something evil with it. I'm doing his bidding by getting all the pieces of Styrofoam loaded into the elevator which is made easier when a block of Styrofoam gets lodged in the Urumara door which holds the door from auto-closing. An inspector/Dream Usher shows up and I have to get everything inside before it exposes our diabolical plot. The Boss i.e. 3ness is engaged in hoarding: trying to keep the Dream Usher from getting and sharing energy with the Uppers. I manage to get everything in and get the Urumara closed.

I'm at an exhibit booth THE PROJECTION ROOM with small tables and my Attention is drawn to two BOOKS made by A. about a secret fascination with Superman. They're made with color photocopies on a black background--the Nowhere--and look cheaply but neatly done. I excuse her for being cheap because she doesn't have money to do professional work.

I WAKE UP IN TT AND A.'S FLATBED TRUCK with TT and A. to my LEFT and S. lodged between A. and me. S. and I have FALLEN ASLEEP with our mouths open on each others' cheeks and I feel so close to Cwahacoy/S. that I pretend to be asleep still so I can hold that position. The accidental touch of our faces is a non-sexual thrill of closeness/acceptance and Cwahacoy has appeared to me in this way to make me experience that our love for each other (for ourselves) starts as an energy of a specific kind which is not of a sexual nature. I am very careful not to move a muscle or else A. will assume I'm making out with S.

In the Dream Usher's place, he's posing as KS--Indonesian looking. He's sitting on the floor cross-legged when Nitpicker and Potwatcher show up as a long-haired and bearded small delivery boy and his partner. They are very stoic and businesslike. They have a cardboard box full of supplies including rope which they loudly and unceremoniously dump on a wooden chair and leave without greeting as if too busy to bother with pleasantries. KS is thinking out loud about whether to record another video right now which he does start but then Dream Usher as Romche barges in and plops down on the floor to my LEFT right on top of a plastic model village DREAM MAP that KS had been making which was covered by a thin piece of plywood which Romche sat on. I could hear KS's work crunching under Romche's large weight. I explain to R that he should not have sat on KS's model village. KS stops his recording.

[Bright place but vague plot.]

I'm going somewhere in the company of STEPHEN/ WHIRLY my higher self, a tall blond man in a long black coat who has a cardboard box full of clothes or dirty laundry. I notice that my new long BLUE jeans are saturated with water so I inform Mouse who is just inside an Urumara door in a VILLAGE OF SAND-COLORED STRUCTURES--she's an old woman--that I'm going to put on the big guy's clothes MERGE WITH STEPHEN to absorb the water. [Much Chained Content to come.]

The old woman Mouse is DRIVING US UP an ARC-SHAPED BRIDGE--very bright day--the bridge has four lanes for four different kinds of CONVEYANCE or transit rails. At the peak of the bridge I see an Urumara obstacle in the form of a circling carnivalesque bright YELLOW metal joyride thingy. The cars go in a LOOP within the far LEFT lane and the loop ends at the PEAK coming up from the other way. Our open transit car is in the second lane from the left. I'm at the leading front left corner in this open thing and the loopy YELLOW carnival ride cars have a big ARCH over each car and they SPIN AROUND. The entire left lane past the peak of the bridge is filled with this loopy carnival ride and I'm afraid I'll get smacked in the face by one of the tall yellow arcs as it spins around if Mouse doesn't stop the car.

She does stop the car and Stephen and I get out and cross the empty lane to our LEFT and go over to the bridge railing. Stephen is to my RIGHT all the time. He is tall and blond wearing a LONG DIRTY WHITE COAT and androgynous, with shiny golden hair piled up on his head in a SWIRLY beehive pile of hair. He pees over the edge. When we return to the conveyance, Mouse asks what we were doing and Stephen says, "I was trying to fuse your two wires down there." MERGING.

We WALK DOWN THE WAY WE CAME on the LEFT sidewalk which is now on the RIGHT since we're going back the other way. Stephen has split up into the THREE STOOGES. Curly/Whirly is clowning around dressed in the LONG COAT, the other Stooges are SC. He is throwing his disc-shaped hat CROWN CHAKRA into the air making puns about BREAKING THE WEATHER [lately I've been referring to fate's mad twitches and life's ups and downs and ins and outs as 'just weather'.] I look up into the bright sky where he's tossing his hat and see spirals of thick white lines with the spirals' diameter about 11 inches wide. They are several, and appear to have broken off from a single spiral into shards of spirals. They are slowly floating down. I merge with Curly who is obviously Whirly/Stephen and now I'm throwing the hat to myself and catching it, my lucidity hat. This takes as much skill as flying, it is a magical series of acrobatic skillful and extremely playful spontaneous maneuvers which makes me very lucid but not Officially Lucid. This is a Big Dream, as it always is when Curly represents my higher self Whirly.

I'm IN A BED with the Three Stooges in a shabby room with subdued lighting. I'm at the head of the bed and Cwahacoy is lying on her back just below me. Moe is below her and is aggressively mashing her big soft breasts around. She has big dark nipples. She is slender and cute-ugly, not pretty like a model, and streetsy. Brown hair in a beehive. Moe is really doing a number on her breasts, with that highly focused, intensely determined look on his face. Seems more comical than sexual, but if nothing else, it holds my attention. Cwahacoy doesn't seem to be liking it or hating it either way, as if just doing her job. (Mouse and Cwahacoy merged.)

I'm in Alexa's bedroom [my favorite version of Cwahacoy] and she's lying in the middle of the bed, very realistic, and asleep. Subdued lighting, clean place. She is Cwahacoy as always. The Cwahacoy from the previous scene is now a 4-foot-tall plastic doll in a box. Still has big dark nipples. The box is in my LEFT HAND as I cautiously lay down on the LEFT edge of Alexa's bed. She puts her ankle over mine in her sleep, muttering something, sultry and sexy but also innocent. As usual the crush of a lifetime. She wakes up and asks me what that thing is in my LEFT HAND and I bark that it's nothing, my tone of voice meant to indicate contempt for the doll thing but I worry I have accidentally been misconstrued as having contempt for her, Alexa. I remember who I am and wake in the Dayly Dreame, forgetting to Just Get Up. [It took two hours to write up these dreams--worth every minute.]

2:35 pm

[Lying down for Awakenings/SlamDunk breathing. Total confidence. I know what to do.]

2:51 pm

[AWK1] Dream Usher THROWS ME THE BASKETBALL [re: recent Chained Content, see main dream journal] and I intercept it with my RIGHT foot, then wake up in the Dayly Dreame and forget to Just Get Up.

3:09 pm

[Was repeating, "Go to sleep right, Wake up Right," when...]

[AWK2] LOL means "long on laughs" with the visual being a stainless steel pizza-dough-making table with a single big dent in the heavy steel that makes you wonder how that dent got there.

3:17 pm

[AWK3] Reached up to the RIGHT with Intent and touched an X inside a circle. At that moment, a phantom wiggle of RIGHT HAND rotating back and forth several degrees very quickly like a vibration. Not my physical hand, this was a perfectly regular and very fast vibration.

3:27 pm

[AWK4] A Texan is speaking about the death of Bob Neal "in Roswell" (Bob's legal birth name was Russell). He says "Everyone was saddened."

11:05 pm

[To bed.]

[Remember to open eyes when almost asleep. Transition to sleep--don't FALL to sleep. Wake up slow, Get up Fast, Just Get Up. Record all dreams. Do Awakenings halfway through the night. Lie down in the dream and get up in the next dream. Give the Dream Usher a gift and watch him open it. JUST--GET--UP. GIFT TO DREAM USHER. WATCH HIM OPEN IT.]

2017-12-20 12:45 am

[No dreams recalled. Back to bed.]

1:52 am

[No dreams recalled. Back to bed.]

5:18 am

[Aiming for that one Big Dream tonight. Remember a few snippets but just thought dreams with no visual. Shooting for something else tonight. Back to bed.]

7:26 am

In Kansas, same place as before just South of the LIBRARY headed north on a snow-covered road/TUNNEL using my Intent to get the little BLUE Toyota to move forward. It stalls and won't start up again till I get my Metsuke adjusted.

2017-12-21 2:15 am

[To bed very late. One liter of beer earlier in the evening.]

10:55 pm

[To bed.]

[Will use SlamDunk to stay awake while I go to sleep. Very sleepy. The idea is to create a tension between two states: very sleepy and very determined to retain awareness.]

2017-12-22 5:40 am

[Slept non-stop all night. Had dreams but only recent snippets recalled.]

Driving bus headlong from main road TUNNEL off to the RIGHT into a road that drops DOWN from the road instead of connecting on the level. Tropical place. Did this twice. [Skip to end.] Hear a pig when in house and open front DOOR/URUMARA to see a greased pig, large, on front porch. It tries to push its way into the house but I try to push the door shut against its weight. Pig = 2-3-4. Door = Urumara. "Is there a pig out here?"

5:50 am

[Back to bed.]

8:07 am

[Woken by J. shouting, will try to sleep longer. Choline bitartrate.]

In a hardware store merging with Mouse by hugging her frantically, she gently pulls away and says something about how I really like hugging. She stands up straight and I say, You're really tall. She gets TALLER AND TALLER till she's two feet taller than me. Same face as before when I thought she was Cwahacoy. This version of Mouse is actually Mouse merged with Cwahacoy.

9:15 am

[Breathing I went into the vibrations, waited too long to record it, but it was a FIRST OF SOME KIND. Was able to go in and out of the vibrations over the course of about 20 minutes, lying in bed. This is the Unibody sensation. By shutting down the internal dialog, I was able to generate scenes fleetingly and lapsed several times including one sighting of my dream body backing away in jerky vibratory motions of the whole body as if jumping backwards an inch at a time several jumps per second. Also had one phantom wiggle of the whole right forearm. Don't know if the choline did this, I think it was the breathing. Felt totally awake but breathing could still cause me to lapse.]

9:45 pm

[To bed. Not much time but enough time to get unworlded. Unibody = Vibes, get there again. JUST GET UP.]

11:30 pm

It's dark and T. is telling me Rat! Rat! but at first I thought he was afraid of a spider because I knew he had seen something and I could see a big black splotch on the wall. I'd been thinking of hitting the splotch with whatever I happened to have in my hands--some metal scissors--but I don't want to try that with a rat so I go through the Urumara i.e. turn on the light.

She's gone--Mouse? SC--Charlene?-- and I see there's a box with white saltines and whole wheat crackers in it. I wonder why the rat hasn't been in there in the dark and I look carefully for rat turds before I give some to T. and take some for myself. While looking I find an old cloth wallet with paper money in it that has the name Jose Silva printed on it so I think Mexican money. [JS is former mayor of our town]. I know the money was left there carelessly by a careless ex-roommate so I say to SC--a male roommate--something about "your friend". WHILE PLANNING TO KEEP THE MONEY. It's only about 5 or 10 dollars but I can use it and what's-his-name isn't coming back.

11:45 pm

[Back to bed.]

6:00 am

Playing notes on a PIANO. They're sounding way too weak so I look inside and there are several newish-looking paint brushes blocking the strings so I take them out plotting to KEEP THEM. Along comes the professor in charge of the department and suggests something. Details forgotten.

In an apartment where Mark is staying with me I notice he's not using the kabo properly so I offer to teach him how to clean his butt right without toilet paper and I tell him when using water you get cleaner than when using TP.


[Details forgotten.]

A lawyer is consulted and he runs out into the city street TUNNEL. He's about TEN FEET TALL. Saying something about something under his fingernails.


Something about Kathleen D. appearing out of a group of other women [After the wedding later that morning a woman with the same name as my wife was introduced to me--she looked like Kathleen--and then from behind her there appeared her twin. There are two of them. Distant relatives of J.]

2:45-4:10 pm

[Lying down for Awakenings.]

2017-12-24 2:00 am

[To bed.]

[Lie down in a dream and Just Get Up in the Unworld. Just Get Up. Wake up slow, get up fast. Just Get Up. Retain awareness through the transition to sleep.]

6:15 am

"Yeah KS Killed Himself"

[Recorded two days late, mostly forgotten.]

The professor's little shrunken head is under a sapling. I hide it under a low wooden bench to my LEFT. It is STEPHEN with short beard and light brown hair. It falls down into a slot in the ground full of metal grates and complicated equipment. I'm in a basement apartment visiting guys--there's media involvement--landlord complains about the power bill [Uppers teaching about energy conservation]. I check the bill. Something about a plate of GREEN FROG legs/DREAM USHER. "How did you know" someone was thinking of suicide [2-3-4] "Yeah KS Killed himself" I see the Dream Usher seated from waist down painting another layer of drab GREEN on his baggy jeans which are stiff with layers of green paint already. Wake up in the Dayly Dreame, forgot to Just Get Up.

6:35 am

[Back to bed.]

[Remember to spot the Dream Usher seconds before the dream ends. Lie down in the dream and wake up in the Unworld. JUST GET UP. Wake up slow, get up fast, Just Get Up.]

8:45 am

[Woke up by J.]

10:10 pm

[To bed. One liter beer. Watching Firefly sci-fi series with T. Lie down in dream and pretend to go to sleep. Stand up in the Unworld and give the Dream Usher a gift. When he opens it see what it is.]


[In a longer dream which I forgot since I didn't get up to write it down--letting the Idiossifier lie to me, telling me I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep.] I'm running down a NARROW PATH/TUNNEL in a FAMILIAR ROCK GARDEN. Aware of being in the FAMILIAR "North Glenwood" part of Dreamtown rising behind the Hotel Colorado. [Wake with headache from beer, take headache tablet containing caffeine.]


Traversing back and forth a familiar gravel road in the forest, flat road on top of the Ridge. I see it from the side stretching from LEFT to RIGHT--the TIMESMUDGE-- DOUBLENESS and FAMILIARITY = Dream Deja Vu.


I'm out in the garden, bright and sunny. Walking toward the house. House = physical body i.e. "the place where I live". This explains all the dreams about invading someone else's house--this is the experience of merging with other people's Troovammickles. On my LEFT I pass a bush like a ROSE bush that's been TRIMMED WAY BACK. I make note of this, recalling that the bush was quite a grapplesome nuisance in the past [Re: various pursuits that fatten the 2-3-4 and solidify the physical imprisonment experience].

Through the Urumara inside the house I'm hovering at the borderline in my DREAM BED cleaning my ear with a swab. I am AMAZED over and over how much warm, wet, liquidy earwax I am removing with swab after swab and very close to Official Lucidity. I am placing the used swabs on the EDGE OF THE BED. When I SLOWLY WAKE in the Dayly Dreame in the Vibes, but still forget to Just Get Up. Wanting to take advantage of the lucidity I Chain back to sleep without getting up to record dreams.]

2017-12-25 early a.m.

"Be a Kitty Somewhere Else"

Loading up my pipe planning to smoke some mugwort (in the dream).

Fuzzy, barely remembered, something about a SWEATSHIRT with hood and confusion as to whether it's mine. Lucidity increases as I gaze into the Nowhere which becomes a light brown piece of heavy cardboard lining the floor of a laptop computer's insides. I point out to SC that a tiny bug like an almost invisible ant is walking around on the cardboard. As I focus more, get more lucid, more bugs appear till there are many of them.

I'm LYING IN BED when Bebing appears but morphs into Barb M. with her ORANGE RED HAIR and PINK face. She's very serious--really Mouse and/or Tiger--trying to get me to remember what she's showing me: a heavy gray sweatshirt with the left arm removed and an ORANGE and white lightweight patterned cotton cloth in its place. I become much more lucid as I instantly RECOGNIZE the sweatshirt from the previous scene and Mouse tries to explain that it's hers, not mine. I respond [details forgotten.]

I'm outside at the Freedom House, bright, sunny, relatively lucid, going from the Eagle's Nest/trailer area toward the main house. Mouse exits the main house looking like Sunny [Barb and Sunny look similar especially the thick wavy hair, but Sunny has dark brown hair, not red.] As I approach her, I gradually rise into the air and merge with Limberluck. I say to her jokingly, "You keep getting shorter."

[Notice the recurring theme of unusual tallness lately, this is a Fogjogger.]

I go through the Urumara and linger there LAUGHING with flashes of ecstatic lucidity. The spontaneous laughter felt so good I tried to laugh some more, but faking it isn't the same. For a second I'm aware of being in my bed and I assume I missed my chance to Just Get Up so I Chain back to the dream.

I'm in the house with the Dream Usher who is a young man with thick dark hair and also SC is there. I have a stack of old spiral notebooks MY DREAM JOURNAL on top of an old brown clipboard which I RECALL having procured at a thrift shop or garage sale for ten cents. I wanted the clipboard, and the old notebooks came along as a package deal. I say, "There's a lot of blank paper in these notebooks that I can use," then I proceed to prove myself wrong by flipping through notebook after notebook only to find that each page is covered on one side by writing on one side like I do my dream journals. I reject the notion of writing on the blank back sides. As I find each notebook already well used, I toss it to the side and say, "That one gets tossed," or something to that effect for each one I toss out. Then as I'm getting ready to toss another one, I happen to see the word "Pwyll" and instantly become ecstatic, much more lucid, and with a gasp of AMAZEMENT I see the notebooks are a complete study of the WELSH LANGUAGE. I explain to my companions that Pwyll is the husband of Rhiannon the Queen of the Unworld and merge with them. I am now shedding tears of joy in between REMEMBERING TO LAUGH so no one will mistake my tears for anything but the ecstatic state I am in.

Tiger appears as a HUGE ORANGE CAT and nuzzles me. I hug the cat passionately and rub his fur. Then I start worrying about bugs and tell him cats aren't allowed on the BED and tell him, "Go be a kitty somewhere else."

I go through the Urumara/door into the next room. I walk past a large wooden table on my LEFT which is really the Nowhere and stretched out on it is Tiger seen as the same orange cat but normal sized. I WONDER how the cat could be in two places at once and wake up in the Dayly Dreame, forgetting to Just Get Up.

9:05 pm

[To bed. Tonight's plan: Hovering near the Urumara in order to stretch out the length of time I have in order to REMEMBER WHO I AM and JUST GET UP. T. is using the computer at the foot of my bed, he's the ramp timer to keep me from sleeping deeply.]

[In the Unworld I will lie down so my dream bed and my physical bed merge. I will Just Get Up and walk through the Urumara into the Library where I will give the Dream Usher a gift and watch him open it. Then I'll meet Whirly and he'll take me where I most need to go depending on what I'm ready for. The Uppers are in charge and I'm happy in advance for all their assistance. Lie down in a dream, just get up, walk through the Urumara into the Library. Give something to the Dream Usher, watch him open it. Meet Whirly, go with him. **JUST GET UP!!!]

[**That final JUST GET UP in the notebook has a double border around it filled with Xs. As I did this decorating last night the importance of the SlamDunk technique came to mind, which is that the routine of writing things in the dream journal and going through the motions of repeating affirmations in bed has no significance with nothing behind it. As I wrote in a Facebook post on the phasing group last night before I gave the computer over to T. who was itching to play video games, you have to approach the setting of intentions before sleep the same way you approach the setting of intentions before crossing a busy highway. It's not casual or routine; how much Attention you pay while setting your intentions does make all the difference. That's what was going through my mind as I doodled borders and decorations around that phrase JUST GET UP. See illustration end of chapter.]

9:47 pm

[AWK1] Loud pop right side of head. "May I have the code sir?"

[re: SlamDunk method--the technique is to intend--while breathing with the internal dialog all the way shut off--the SAME THING that you're getting ready to SAY as an affirmation during the breath holding. This occurred to me and I put it to practice and it then occurred to me that this is why the SlamDunk method worked when it gave me my 2nd-ever direct exit.]

10:05 pm

[AWK2] First speaker: "You were born right here on post." Response from second speaker, speaking about his identity/Troovammickle in the third person: "It's a gentleman, in the mind-role of human."

2017-12-26 1:15 am

[No dream recalled. Back to bed. Just Get Up.]

5:38 am

[After ignoring some previous dreams I had to force myself out of bed to record this earlier one partially remembered.]

In a brightly-lit store, Mouse as a serious middle-aged woman customer with wavy brown hair in a LONG, SMUDGELY -BROWN COAT points to a certain kind of coffee and says to me that it's the kind she likes--"Brown Coffee". This is the ENERGY DRINK which Mouse so often offers me when needed, so I buy it. It's in a cardboard tube about 13" long and 2" in diameter. I put it in the front Tunnel-pocket of my HOODED SWEATSHIRT and ride my bike for home, eager to try the coffee. I'm afraid I lost it by letting it fall out of my pocket sideways, so I check and it's still there. I chew up one of the dark-roasted coffee beans. It's not as TASTY as I would have thought. When I manage to get the beans ground up somehow after first flipping out upon realizing that I probably don't own a grinder anymore, it's not as tasty as I thought it would be and I think it's because the beans are barely GROUND UP. [Details forgot.]

5:44 am

[Back to bed.]

6:59 am

[Wearing my lucidity hat, a long dry spell has ended with a long series of Chained-content anxiety dreams ending in a short but intense spell of Official Lucidity which I wasted when a panic to remember my Intent Agenda was solved by Cwahacoy showing up as a make-out partner. Most parts of the Intent Agenda were carried out symbolically during the prior dream sequences before Official Lucidity swept me off my feet.]

[The Intent Agenda was to give the Dream Usher a gift, watch him open it, and then go to the Library, find my higher self/future self Whirly/Stephen/Tiger/Stumped-No-More and have him take me where I most need to go. Instead the whole dream took place in the Library and I became Officially Lucid after I went outside, having not recognized Cwahacoy or my higher self Whirly/Stephen when he appeared and OPENED UP all the computers, with which I was trying to RECORD the earlier part of the dream in a series of Chained-content episodes.]

"I'm Lucy"

[I'm at the Library, again fulfilling a long-held Agenda item. I experience several versions of the same basic plot in which I'm working at computers and experience various distractions and obstacles. My xmas gift from my mom in the Dayly Dreame was a new computer. I'm expecting a reluctant computer technician to invade my home today, or else fail to show up, so I'm stressed about that.]

[Various positions within the Library are described below from the perspective of standing in the center of the large main room and looking toward the back wall.]

I'm aware that I live with Mouse but I mistake her for my mom. She'd be proud of me if I tell her that I quit smoking MJ, so maybe I should tell her. Maybe not.

I'm in a semi-darkish LEFT corner of the Library with the Library's back wall two feet in front of me, working at a computer. Cwahacoy gradually appears in front of me as an attractive young woman in a blazing BLUE little frilly dress. She's lying on her side on the work table right in front of me, and more of her keeps encroaching till I can't ignore her any longer. She's got her elbow on the table and her head propped up on her hand. She has strawberry blonde, full but stringy-looking hair like the evil woman Saffron in the Firefly sci-fi series, but her body type and face is more like Kari from the hot springs. She has a lot of PINK freckles and pale skin. I tell her I like her freckles and she struggles to the ground, in some kind of distress, and when she leans back and says, "I've been at it for three hours," I see the nature of her distress because her dress is so short that when she leans back I can see she has no underwear on. I feel there must be a way for me to take advantage of her if only I wasn't so polite, if only I knew what to say or do, but I lack the spontaneity required to respond appropriately to the situation and while quibbling with myself whether or not I'm being propositioned and what to do about it, I wake up in another part of the Library and set about to "record my dream" on another computer. The subsequent scenes are all thwarted attempts to record my dream, but I quickly lose track of this and forget what it was I wanted to do.

I'm at the back end of a narrow Tunnel filled with computer stations, about half a dozen of them side by side. This is also along the back wall of the Library but on the RIGHT. The computer screens face the back wall so when you sit at one, your back is to the wall.

I'm in a hurry to record my dream before I forget it. The computer isn't really working right and after a while SC shows up as an anonymous young woman trying to start using the computer right next to mine, but my stuff is spread out all over the place so I figure I should slim down my footprint on this table i.e. slim down the energy usage of the 2-3-4 conscious mind. I set about stuffing things into my small dark GREEN backpack including an important small electronic device which slides out of the lower small pocket a few times because I forgot to zip up the pocket, which ODDLY has its zipper on the SIDE OF THE POCKET enabling things to easily fall out of it. I'm LOOKING FOR MY HANDKERCHIEF and reject the first two I pick up off the cluttered narrow table before I find one I accept as mine.

SC speaks a single line in reference to the girl I dreamed about: "So River really got to you." I know she's referring to the freckled blonde girl in the blue dress. [Also, in the Dayly Dreame, "River" is another character on Firefly which I just watched with T. as a xmas vacation late-night activity. Renting the movie from YouTube also used up all our gigabytes for the month. Which I didn't know at the time but while I was going to bed T. was disconnected and didn't wake me up to tell me. We will be without internet for over two weeks which is a big deal and well worth a premonitional anxiety dream.]

I move to a relaxing area where more computers are at small tables scattered around an open area. I realize or decide that I don't have with me what I need in order to do what I need to do, whatever that is.

I'm back in another narrow small Tunnel-like room working at the Library computers which are next to each other in a row. This one is in the Secret Room, an extension of the previous Tunnel-like computer area that extends into an area separate from the large square main floor of the Library.

Seems to me like Library patrons are disappearing from here one person at a time as technicians invade, finally pushing me out reluctantly. I am angry about being treated this way. Whirly appears as a supervising technician, a serious older man in a long-sleeved white shirt and glasses and very short white hair. He has a big panel of electronics circuitry in his hands, ready to install. The panel is shiny and white--the Nowhere. Concrete rubble is everywhere. The technicians have OPENED UP all the computers. I'm outta here, through the Urumara.

I'm standing outside looking through the Nowhere, a big plate glass window, at the devastation in the Tunnel. Behind me is a muddy slope downward in a Construction Zone, nothing growing, disturbed earth. One man inside--Whirly who now appears as Stephen--is now my enemy. He did this to me.

I'm overcome with hostility and suspicion. PEOPLE MIGHT TAKE MY STUFF, I HAVE TO GO FIND MY STUFF. I'm outside the front entrance of the Library looking for trouble. There's my stuff over there.

Oh no, someone broke my GUITAR--there's kids hanging around--I'm sobbing in frustration as I shout at the kids, "Who broke my guitar? Who broke my guitar?" I will wrap those now-useless guitar strings around the neck of whoever did this to me. I'm also aware that my guitar seems too short and it's two-tone Smudgely brown. I look at the kids carefully and single out one boy with blond hair who's wearing a light BLUE-GRAY jacket and his friend with dark hair, they seem to stand out and for some reason I'm sure they did it. I am going to get revenge on those two/Nitpicker and Potwatcher. But where did they go?

I'll find those two. There's the blond ringleader, I recognize his light blue-gray jacket. I'd like to bash his head in right now just for acting innocent, his friend is right next to him. They and others are standing around looking out over a frozen lake. It's winter and cold, overcast and bright. I rush down an Urumara ramp section of sidewalk, there they are on my RIGHT, but just in time I see that my target is really a child-sized little old lady with short curly white hair and her little old lady friend, and I'm shocked that I almost beat up a couple of little old lady midgets. I am extremely grateful that I didn't hit the poor woman or say anything to her. Self-control is obviously my only friend today.

I walk away to my LEFT. The frozen lake is to my RIGHT. People are milling about all over the place. One very small person is a sock puppet, his head is made of a big white open-weave sock. That's ODD...

I remember who I am. I say, "I'm lucid!" I get excited and manage to keep it in check somewhat. Knowing that I should do something quick, I say, "I'll just riiiiise up into the air..." arms raised, eyes closed, but nothing happens and I don't want to struggle with it. I realize it's not important to fly, open my eyes, the scene hasn't changed. It's still the bright winter scene with people walking around.

The Library is to my back, the lake to my right, but all that is forgotten because here comes Cwahacoy! A beautiful young woman with long, straight black hair and wide cheeks [a cross between the picture of Cwahacoy that I photoshopped onto a picture of a Navajo blanket, and Phoebe Cates, a teen heartthrob of the 1980s.] She's wearing a matching winter hat and coat edged in white fur like a Santa Claus hat and coat but light blue-gray instead of red. She has perfect olive skin, big black eyes looking straight into me, a little smile meant just for me. I'm well aware that I'm headed for a distraction and will lose track of my Intent Agenda if I'm not careful, so I vow to only detour this way quickly.

We walk up to each other and stop face to face, inches from each other. I tell her, "I'm lucid," and I think it would be clever if she would respond by saying, "I'm Lucy." She barely has time to say this before I start smashing my mouth onto hers. She responds favorably and as we're making out I rub my crotch on hers. I say, "You're so soft and pretty, I want to [censored]." Then I'm overwhelmed with doubt as to how this is proceeding, this is not what I wanted to do with my Official Lucidity. The doubt takes over and the scene goes dark. I'm very disappointed and wake up in the Dayly Dreame only semi-determined to try again. I've been in bed ten hours and no doubt am too excited to go back to sleep for another shot at it.

[Blue-gray is a lucidity color for me and I've identified it as Cwahacoy's color or my personal version of the color aqua or cyan which is supposed to be like the color turquoise, but it's appeared over and over for me as my sixness color, a light bluish gray.]

[This was another SlamDunk success, DILD came out of it instead of WILD but who's complaining? I just want my internet connection back and my computer fixed and if I can't be a computer nut anymore then I can still be a dreamer so who really cares about computers and websites anyway?]

4:00-5:00 pm


8:00 pm

[To bed.]

[Remember to touch taste smell see hear when Officially Lucid. I just realized I shouldn't have closed my eyes during last night's Officially Lucid make-out session because I thought I'd woken up in bed due to the darkness. I should have lay down or walked, one or the other. The Library was right there and I forgot to walk through the Urumara into the Library where Whirly was waiting for me after the Dream Usher had already shown me what was inside stuff--all Intent Agenda items. So anyhow, I will now practice more SlamDunk of the new Congruent Breathing SlamDunk method wherein I wordlessly intend--while breathing--the same thing that I wordfully intend while holding the breath. It worked last night and I hereby request and require my higher self to let me have it--whatever I'm ready to take on--because it's mine and I want it. Wake up slow, Get Up Fast. Just Get Up.]

9:17 pm

[AWK2] Just lay it right down, set it right down on the sand--on the dirt--and--See? It disappeared!

9:58 pm

[AWK3] "If you make amends you can go home now, or you can do it later."

[AWK4] [Intense phantom wiggle.] In current position but standing up, three pieces of laundry land on the floor, one dark/black boxers lands between my feet. I pick them up with my toes and my feet swivel very fast in sync with each other back and forth several times, vibratorily.

10:20 pm

[AWK5] "We can't change it but we can change its name, starting with U's..."

[AWK6] A huge rock formation as tall as a mountain, rectangular with top corners rounded off. Animals--large herds of some kind of mammal--run down the mountain in seconds and I wake with a Jerk.

2017-12-27 4:15 am

Cwahacoy (not present) looks like Ailyn (S.'s aunt who was T.'s favorite live-in babysitter when he was a baby) but her name is Julie S. (Same surname as KS who appeared a night or two ago). She's best friends with JM my first wife and we live in Albuquerque. "We" refers to T., me, DR, maybe BK and Karen. T. is Mark but I'm about late teens or so. Really my Soul Retinue in disguise. DR has left for work without saying goodbye which he's been doing lately which concerns me and I think it's too late for him to try to make me mature and calloused by using tough love. We're late for school and I'm driving. T. is dragging his feet. I walk through a bright kitchen and look at the clock which says 8:31 and I announce that we're one minute late already, meaning late leaving. Mouse as BK is in the room as SC. I hurry through a series of three contiguous chakras /large square rooms that comprise the place we call home, getting doors locked and remembering to grab some KEYS but when I return to the main part of the house I see the keys on the kitchen counter almost covered by a newspaper and scold myself for grabbing the wrong keys earlier. I rush T. and Karen (SC) out the door shouting GoGoGo! when T. wants to stop and play superfluously with screen-door latches.

Driving, I imagine getting to class 15 minutes late and thumping books down on my desk during lecture--there's a special name for doing this. I see a billboard that talks to me in my head about Albuquerque being one strange place. The billboard PROJECTION ROOM looks like Japanese bizarre anime with patches of fire-engine RED. A voice is talking in plain English about the Indonesian origin of the surname S (see KS above) while I watch in the Projection Room as the narrator lecturing spells the words out in a strange script. The first root word mentioned is spelled "Seramr" and pronounced "serAHM" then a series of similar words are spelled out and pronounced with definitions including one that means something like "a church with too many people in it."

4:35 am

[Back to bed. Will do SlamDunk.]

[Remember to Just Get Up. Wake Up Slow. Get Up Fast. Just Get Up.]

4:54 am

[AWK1] Man's voice being purposely geeky to get Attention. "'Scuse me... 'Scuse me... 'SCUSE me... Mickey Mouse can always find the body parts." [This is Dream Usher informing me that the Uppers are accessible to him not me since I'd just rolled over to go to sleep, thinking I could not get focused due to pseudo hunger. Drank water and ate saltines.]

4:58 am

[Back to bed.]

6:35 am

Dream Usher shows up with an envelope and two pieces of mail. One's addressed to Breeze. I say, "I know this one, he's my best friend." Dream Usher smirks knowingly, says nothing, and spreads the printed matter open. We're standing at a high table in the Wooden House. The unfolded brochure is highlighted in YELLOW in various places. I say, "Oh I see, you're using this." Breeze and friends SOUL RETINUE show up. There's a pot party. I have my own weed but maybe if I wait patiently, the one with the stuff will share with me. It doesn't work. He hands it to someone else again. I put my HAND down and act disinterested, look away, and find a joint in my hand: METSUKE. Where did it come from? I smoke most of it and it's having no affect on me. I think I'll just give it up.

6:45 am

[Back to bed. Just Get Up. Lie down and pretend to sleep. Just Get Up.]

8:00 am

[One dream not recorded, forgotten.]

9:00 am

[AWK] Small chorus of voices, bright and cheery like a commercial jingle, "The computer time of life!" [The meaning of this is clear. My Soul Retinue is making fun of me for giving computer projects all my Attention at the expense of my practice.]

3:15-3:55 pm


7:45 pm

[To bed.]

[I plan to meet me entire Soul Retinue tonight in an Officially Lucid trip to the Library on foot and we will talk about my future as Whirly.]

[Just lie down in a dream and get up in the Urumara pointed at the Unworld. SlamDunk here I come.]

10:00 pm

[AWK] "...and that would be: we all made a taxi today."

11:35 am

"There's Only One Thing You Need to See"

The Inventor my 2ness dream body shows up at my Family Inn where I live with my Soul Retinue [whom I mistake for my father, my stepmother, and various step-siblings and siblings including some who don't exist in the Dayly Dreame.]

[The early part of the dream is not recalled well but it seems like the Inventor was peeking and poking around my awareness trying to get my Attention, I finally started to RECOGNIZE him properly from moment to moment at which time the dream took off and became much more coherent, developing a strong lucidity, visual character and a sense of story-line, place, setting, and order. The last thing I remember before drifting off to sleep is vibrations and the Inner Sound Current. I'd have to say that the Vibes have been sneaking up on me a little bit at a time because I am not afraid of them so sometimes I barely notice them which is probably good.]

The Inventor is visiting me and we're conducting our interview in various rooms of the Family Inn which is a comfortable old stone house, two-story, not spacious or huge but not cramped. Furnished in light colors with a big stone fireplace downstairs and an L-SHAPED bright BLUE couch in an L-SHAPED sitting room downstairs where the last part of the meeting is joined by my Soul Retinue posing as my family.

The Inventor is a nerdy and somewhat lonely, childish man who suspects people of stealing from him and expects people to understand and appreciate his unique point-of-view without his having to bother much with establishing rapport with them. He is sober and clean-shaven, fleshy face, light brown hair combed over premature baldness, age about 40+. Glasses, beige/gray nondescript button-down shirt and slacks. Perfectly oval face and round chin; pale. I keep looking at his face AND ASKING MYSELF IF IT'S STILL THE SAME PERSON.

At first he's just talking about his invention which he says dates back to 1887 and showing me a BROCHURE ON SLICK WHITE PAPER full of unsubstantiated claims. He's come to me because he respects my work on air cars and wants me to know he has something that works that's in my line of interest. He seems both bright and aloof, quarrelsome but in a quiet way. Persnickety without being unfriendly. Friendly without any trace of intimacy.

We go up the Urumara STAIRS and I'm asking him about his invention when he increases my lucidity considerably by telling me that the invention is in my hand VIBRATING all by itself like some kind of energy sponge absorbing energy from the atmosphere. I'm pleasantly surprised to find he isn't just making this up.

The invention in my RIGHT HAND is a round drum-like device neatly made of wood and leather, about 5" diameter x 2.5" thick, it's partly hollow with air inside and a 1/2" diameter hole in the bottom and a thin brown leather diaphragm stretched tightly over the top over a hard surface that it's touching but not glued to so it's free to move except where it's attached around its perimeter by being neatly pinched into a groove comprised of parts fitting together with a close tolerance during assembly. The flat bottom is the same varnished blond hardwood as the sides. At times the top pulls out with accordion pleats. I remark that the reason it's vibrating air out through the bottom hole is that my finger is partially blocking the air that's trying to exit. The device is tuned this way such that blocking the hole to the right degree intensifies the pulsations of the exiting air. Somehow it is drawing air into itself and pushing air out of itself through only one hole with no obvious moving parts anywhere to be seen, though the diaphragm on top is obviously part of its secret. The Inventor is insistent that I acknowledge that the device will put air into a higher pressure all by itself and I don't disagree. I'm putting on the confident airs of the known expert and he is the outsider, confident but alone, who seeks my acknowledgment. I agree that the device can somehow be put into a circuit to provide a gradually increasing pressure in a series of pipes.

At the big stone fireplace downstairs I have something analogous and just as good to show him. The large mantelpiece three feet deep by five feet long is cluttered with Charlene's knick-knacks, all about the same size, all made from blond wood. I toy with him by asking him to pick out the one device on the mantel that is an air machine with special properties like his invention. He's not finding it, so I say, "There's only one thing you need to see," by way of letting him know the other things are just useless knick-knacks. Finally I show it to him. It's a special bellows about 7" long and 3" wide that opens up about 10". It also has vibrating pressure AUGMENTING properties and earlier I'd tried to think of the word "augmentor" in the dream but came up with "amplifier" [at the time, which I rejected as the wrong word but couldn't think of the right one. The word I'd been searching for came to me while recording this.] He is reasonably impressed with my invention/we merge.

My family has gradually filled the L-shaped room through its back entrance while we were merging and going through the Urumara. The Inventor is no longer there as a separate person as such, but has become SC. Karen is there looking like a teenager with her two teenage sons, one of whom looks a little like Mark as a teenager with longish hair and sculptured lips. He's wearing a medium-BLUE windbreaker and they're sitting on a BLUE L-shaped couch so they are Mouse. I figure they came in the back entrance since I didn't see them come in through the small bright dining room adjoining the small living room with stone fireplace.

Charlene is talking animatedly about the man and his invention. My dad is his usual wordlessly disapproving, pretending-to-be-kind-and-tolerant, paranoid self. While Charlene chatters, I hold the slick brochure in my hand--the Projection Room. As I look at an outline of an odd shape on the paper, it fills with PURPLE colored lines and when I don't like the lines, they disappear and other lines take their place.

I wake up slowly but forget to Just Get Up. This was a Big Dream.

2017-12-28 12:41 am [Back to bed.]

5:30 am

Watching a show which goes from screen to personal, produced by mean women who I find fearsome. Content is huge, extremely fat naked women going down slides and stuff. AZ/Mouse appears and there is a CIRCLE OF FEMALES (SC) and AZ is one of them. I'm not happy to see her, but she's friendly. One of the mean women/Mouse produces a big joint and a small roach and offers them to me and I say, "Why, so you can take my picture and blackmail me?" She thinks that's a pretty good idea so while I smoke all in huge, long tokes, she tries to take my picture with a cigarette lighter. The women around me remark that I can take any amount of smoke WITHOUT CHOKING.

Someone mentions gathering rocks from a nearby sandy hill.

A playhouse for children has been made from huge slabs of broken-up cement block walls, the slabs leaning against each other dangerously to hold each other up, the children underneath the slabs which somehow form a huge tent. I'm running on top of the slabs in the sunlight hoping my weight doesn't cause them all to fall down like dominoes and crush all the children.

Inside the cement tent. The children seem normal but kinda reserved.

Outside, a CIRCLE OF CHILDREN is running in a circle with one of the old woman leaders/Mouse chasing them on a gas-powered 4-wheeler. I think this is very dangerous. I merge with Mouse and drive the machine into the center of the circle so the children won't get run down.

5:53 am

[Back to bed. JUST GET UP--Lie down in a dream and pretend to go to sleep, then stand up, walk through the Urumara to the Library, meet all the Soul Retinue and let Whirly advise me as per my exact current needs and the future of my self.]

8:00 am

T. is climbing ON THE CEILING and I tell him to get down. I'm LYING DOWN directly below him and he just DROPS STRAIGHT DOWN ONTO MY CHEST giving me quite a shock but surprisingly I'm not hurt. He doesn't appear as T. but as SC or a blob of energy . [Currently I have chest pain in left side. Sure this was Dream Usher taking me someplace.]

In the same room I've rigged up something ON THE CEILING that's triggered by pulling on a string that extends from it in two directions. To my RIGHT the string passes over a four-foot-long fluorescent light fixture before descending to the ground. My Soul Retinue is there as T. and friends. T. and friends are there as SC but one, the Dream Usher, is bigger than the others. He's pulling on the string that passes over the LIGHT and I'm afraid he's going to break the light--i.e. ruin the lucidity I so carefully rigged up--so I scold him and show him the right way of achieving the objective (going through the Urumara) by climbing up a ladder after only half WONDERING how a ladder appeared under the light. [Chained Content--this is where T. fell from the ceiling in the prior episode.] I'm climbing up becoming more lucid and lapse through the Urumara.

I'm outside in a crude wooden building like a woodshed or something when I notice a very strange thing--up on a shelf that appears to lead off to the Secret Place, a frog and a turtle are trying to bite each other. As I watch, the argument gets more fierce but neither of them seem to have what it takes to pierce the other's skin.

Looking closer, I WONDER if one is really a SNAKE, and then a foot-long fierce-looking lizard extricates itself from the writhing GREEN mass. Well that's not a snake either, but what's that? Finally I see it--the tail end of a huge snake 3" in diameter. The way its green and brown body is pointed, its head must be... right behind MY HEAD, inches away from me! "Oh shit!" and I wake up in the Dayly Dreame forgetting to Just Get Up.

1:55-3:15 pm

[Lying down for Awakenings, not too hot, no one home.]

5:25 pm


8:35 pm

[To bed. SlamDunk. The breath is the key as well as the Intent.]

[Lie down in the dream and pretend to go to sleep, then Just Get Up and walk through the Urumara to the Library where I will meet my whole Soul Retinue and we will merge into one body, Whirly.]

[Wake up slow, Get up Fast, Just Get Up.]

11:04 pm

[Had an urge to not get up to record a dream, now the dream is forgotten.]

2017-12-29 12:38 am

T. was watching Lord of the Rings on the new computer past the agreed-on time limit and J. was waking up every 30 minutes or so to tell him to go to bed, waking me up each time. Each time I told myself to keep quiet and not get emotional or snap at her. Thus I conserved energy for what came later--a partial exit and an extremely lucid Big Dream. Went to sleep using Buzz Breath.


I wake up still breathing in a very dark but happy lucid place--the Nowhere, the 3D Blackness tinged with purple. Continuing to breathe I go directly into the Vibes. I'm lying on my right side and almost on my stomach. As I relax more I can feel myself begin to rise into the air butt first. I hear J. move in her bed which stops it and I go back to sleep. Should have got up then to record it but that's all I can remember.

3:50 am

I exit a building--my body--and hang around behind it desiring to go through the Urumara into the Nowhere which is represented by a fence with a GREEN LAWN past it. I realize the fence has a large gap under it due to a sunken area of muddy earth and I hesitate briefly since the ground is so wet, but I decide to go for it.

On the GREEN LAWN on the other side I start picking up trash and placing it in one pile starting with a LIME GREEN plastic bag. Everything is wet. Mouse walks by and I mention the possibility of a cleanup campaign. She doesn't say much/we merge.

Upstairs in the next building I'm in the Tunnel corridor. I go into an office place that IDs as the Postal Center to wash my hands. Just inside the frosted glass door Urumara I turn LEFT into a short dead-end Tunnel/corridor, semi-dark which ends at a sink where a very FAMILIAR man--Whirly with white hair and a disc-shaped hat--is washing his hands. I TRY TO REMEMBER where we've met but give up as I go through the Urumara into the Tunnel/corridor. I figure whoever he is, it's probably OK that he's in the Postal Center when it's supposed to be closed.

Ahead of me in the corridor is the Boss/Jim Brant/my 3ness dream body in a flannel shirt with bright RED and black checkers about 3" square. The red indicates he is merged with 2ness the Inventor. He's talking to someone else and ignoring me. The image is very stable, relatively lucid. I think he might be ignoring me and relax about it, I don't care. I am Limberluck and Mouse merged. I think about jokingly calling him Sir Jim, lighthearted. The other man SC disappear/they merge and Jim turns his Attention to me. I greet him as Sir Jim and he's very friendly.

We go through the Urumara together and we're outside in North Stockton WALKING leisurely down the sidewalk in neighborhoods far north of the Postal Center. He says something like, So you're planning to stay here from now on, and I say yes. Looking at all the friendly multi-colored old wood houses in the neighborhood we're passing through, I explain that as I consider the many places I've lived in my life as a semi-transient person, I could mentally go through each place and give each one a score as to what kind of memories come up in me as I walk through that place. I am very lucid right now but not Officially Lucid. I go on to say that "I ENJOYED working for you at the Postal Center. I ENJOYED throwing newspapers in people's yards for you." Lucidity fades as he says something I don't quite catch about not getting newspapers wet on wet lawns, but I don't quite catch it, just go along with it, letting it slide. It sounds like he might be criticizing me but I don't care. Then he stops walking when we're in front of a huge house set back from the street with piles of bare earth forming undulating waves going from LEFT TO RIGHT between where we stand and the house, about 20 feet from us. With his HAND he TRACES IN THE AIR THE UP-DOWN OF THE UNDULATIONS. I have the feeling he's going to tell me that this is now where he lives, his new house. [The Dayly Dreame reassembles itself and I forget to Just Get Up. In the Vibes I mull over the dream for ten minutes before getting up to record it.]

4:40 am

[Back to bed. Time to get * unworlded* ***JUST GET UP***]

[The doodling above worked--like last time two days ago when doodling in the dream journal with Intent helped get me Officially Lucid. See illustration at end of chapter.]

5:18 am

[Doodling in the dream journal works: got lucid again.]

[Mouse has a new name: "Hawkeye".]

[Went back to sleep using Buzz Breath and SlamDunk, being careful to use Congruent Intention Wim Hof breath-holding. Strong experience of the Inner Sound Current whenever I got really determined to breathe myself into an altered state of mind.]

"I'm Still Lucid and I'm Still Going Somewhere"

I'm at the Postal Center--a very realistic version--working alone. Jim Brant/the Boss/my 3ness dream body is the owner, but he's not there much. The phone rings and it's Mouse--I imagine Mrs. Waters although I can't remember her name at the time--but she assumes I know who she is and just asks me to check her mailbox without saying who she is. I ask her what box number and she says "My name's Hawkeye." [Recall the HAWK experience once when I started meditating after not meditating for a long time.] I tell her I still need her box number because "I've been gone for a long time," and I'm thinking it's been about two years since I worked there. She won't speak so I say, "I'll look it up." I set the receiver down on the counter and start looking through cards, but the file is a mess and badly alphabetized, if at all.

A man has placed a single plastic flipper on the counter to be mailed while still filling out address slips on the side counter, so I look for a padded envelope to put it in since it's not fragile. I grab a padded envelope and set it on the counter but then do a double-take, Noticing that it's all torn up with the dark GRAY stuffing/NOWHERE coming out of it. I look for another envelope, and the pickings in the cupboard are extremely slim. There's only one other padded envelope the right size and it's torn up too. I stand up and start a list on a scrap of paper. I can see that Jim is no longer interested in the Postal Center and I am needed there. I am definitely back in it and I feel a surge of enthusiasm. I merge with the BOSS/my 2ness dream body. I'm taking over. Stability is my middle name.

I decide I should put Mrs. Hawkeye on hold instead of leaving the phone loose on the counter, but I push the wrong button and accidentally hang up on her. I decide it doesn't matter: Boss, Mouse, and Limberluck have all merged in quick succession and I become Officially Lucid in a completely calm and collected way. I instantly know what to do and do it: I intend to leave the dream scene WALKING as per my Intent Agenda.

But it's not quite that simple. I impressively know I have to stay calm and to do that I stare at the floor as I walk out, wanting no distractions, but not thinking thus, I just do it automatically as if programmed in advance. The door from the employee area behind the counter to the customer area is blocked by a large sheet of Nowhere/thin plywood leaning against the door, but I go through the Urumara anyway, not letting the blockage effect me. I am very pleased with myself and as I stride toward the main Urumara/door I proudly say to myself, "I'm still lucid and I'm still going somewhere."

The customer who is the Dream Usher is still at the side counter filling out address slips. He's big and portly, wearing a dark GRAY jacket and big baggy GRAY pants. He has curly dark GRAY hair with a little bit of salt and pepper in it. On a lark since I'm Officially Lucid, I decide I can do anything I want without repercussions, so I reach over and pinch him on the butt. This wakes me in the Dayly Dreame [and I forget to get up--I woke up too fast. I should have Just Got Up the very instant that the scene faded. I did remember to "give the Dream Usher something" as per my Intent Agenda--a pinch on the butt. Note what he gave me--one flipper. Enough conveyance power to make me swim around in circles?]

6:00 am

[It's Friday. I have to go to the farm before it gets hot. I'm glad they canceled my internet, maybe I can get caught up on life. Maybe not having internet is what broke my dry spell so magnificently with two Officially Lucid dreams in two days as well as a number of Big Dreams and lots of Chained Content as well as other goodies.]

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