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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



Whether you do or whether you don't,
whether you will or whether you won't,
whether you're cold or whether you're hot,
we're gonna have weather, whether or not.

      --Wendell Hall, "We're Gonna Have Weather," 1925

The earlier it is in the day, the better this works.

The Voice of Idiossification is the world's greatest moodwatcher. As soon as it Notices a bit of gloom anywhere in your mood, it will try to use one of its magic spells to ruin your day. Magic spells like "I'm depressed," or "That really pisses me off," or "Those dirty bastards, how dare they do this to me." There are endless variations, no need to catalog them.

My Miruvor has already fought the Idiossifier and won, so let's just ask him what he would do in a situation like this. "Hey Whirly! What do I do when faced with the choice of letting some perfectly good excuse to have a bad day..."

"CUT IF OFF NOW AND DON'T LOOK BACK!" shouts Whirly. But he might not say it twice, know what I mean? Freedom of choice is all in support of you smearing mud in your face as long as you care to do so. That's why the Earthville Mental Institution isn't shutting down anytime soon.

This attitude toward emotional self-indulgence of "just chop it off and burn the stump so it doesn't bleed" is neither positive thinking nor psychology nor self-improvement nor any other tutti-frutti New Age psychobabble. It's what people used to do to get through the day before self-indulgence became so fashionable. Average people couldn't always afford fashion. Of course nowadays because of mass media, people who can't afford fashion are obsessed with what they can't afford. Poor people sit around talking about money all day. In days gone by (even before my time) people were obsessed with getting the crops in so they would have enough food and firewood to make it through the winter. Anyone who didn't do his part, you'd maybe put a bullet between his feet and tell him to dance to the next county. Nowadays it's about having a good enough computer to run Grand Theft Auto, or how many likes you get on Facebook. Poor people are either addicted to drugs or to the internet. Fortunately there are exceptions, but not nearly enough of them. Most of the exceptions are located outside of the United States, today's demo model of how empires rot from within.

This chapter should have been entitled "How to Break Free of the Three Rs". The three Rs used to be reading, writing and 'rithmetic, but thanks to the complete dissolution of the last vestiges of sanity within the human form due to capitalism and scientific progress, we have a whole new set of 3Rs to contend with, and they are evil. Which means very, very bad.




Routine used to keep us alive. Now it kills us.

Rigidity used to keep society functioning. Society is already dead and still functioning as a zombie society.

Righteousness used to be a link between your intentions and your habits. We don't have intentions anymore because the commercial value of our habits is our only way to evaluate anything. We have transcended the human form to become mere consumers: store dummies and clothes horses. Religion is a thing of the past, in many civilized places, thank goodness, but nothing useful has yet taken its place, so people are just wandering around looking for ways to keep their bankers, lawyers, mortgage salesmen and insurance peddlers from starving to death in their big houses up on the hill. Without actual values to get excited about, being right is more or less expressed these days by road rage, hating total idiots online, and making sure your cubicle is not an embarrassment.

We can do better, boys and girls, which is why I'm trying to establish unworlding as the cure for politics, the cure for the love of money, the cure for religion, and the cure for psychology. The way to improve the human form is to escape from it. Believe me, the dang thing serves a purpose. It keeps us wankers from trashing the rest of the universe with our idiocy. It's a big step in your unworlding practice when you can replace righteousness--which is no longer about religion or philosophy either one, so it's degraded to the point where it's about blaming and pointing the finger--with the simple knowledge that everyone on earth including yourself is batshit crazy or we wouldn't be here at all.

Naturally I'm just childishly exaggerating to get Attention, a trait of mine which was explained to me by a psychologist long ago when the world was young. The psychologist was reading to me from a test result that he wouldn't let me read for myself even though it was my test results about me. Little did he realize in his myopic condition that the paper he was selectively reading from had flopped over right in front of my eyes and I was reading off of it upside down. It said I was the most intelligent ('highest IQ') patient who'd ever gone through his treatment. I could instantly see why he didn't want me to read that swill. If I'm so smart why aren't I made out of gold?

I've labored through the long decades since that time to get my bad habits whittled down to routine, rigidity, and righteousness, so that psychologists would stop slandering me, and I'll be darned if those three Rs aren't still keeping me a prisoner here on Nuthouse Earth. Well, that and chocolate.

The Troovammickle is a configuration that defines the individual. There is some question in my mind, since I still have many ROTEs to unravel, just how potentially flexible this configuration is. Obviously it has its own qualities up next to the Spforildewitt, the configuration of the entire human form. As for cultures and families--the filters between the human form and the individual--most of the time we don't have to worry about that any more, as the irreversible mixing of cultures together with the raising of children by household appliances has made everything we care about equally unacceptable in many parts of the Unworld.

But it's really the Troovammickle that concerns us because that's the filter that defines us as individuals and it's the individual that gets unworlded. The problem with the Troovammickle that keeps us from getting unworlded is not that it exists. You wouldn't exist as an individual if you didn't have an identity. That identity just needs to be slimmed down, the stresses and rigid routines within it need to be evaporated if not downright vaporized, and the resulting fluid fog floating above your unconscious carcass is thus made available as pixie dust or whatever you want to call it for your Uppers to use as needed to help you learn your way around the Unworld. The goal is for you to someday be those Uppers by permanently merging with them, but it takes practice to break out of a rigid Troovammickle that's been pushed this way and that your whole life by family, culture, and the overall human form, for the profit of the family, culture, and humanity, when in fact you as an individual will never escape the Earthville system till you start looking out for Number One.

Nevertheless, change and self-improvement are best taken in small doses or you might just embarrass yourself with the kind of delusional role-playing indulged in by compulsive change-bots, when you could just as well be enjoying life and not rocking your own boat to the point where you make yourself dizzy. And ascetism has its place: in the distant past. Few people who grew up in front of televisions and computers are remotely capable of extreme self-discipline, unless motivated by obscene amounts of money. Fortunately, getting unworlded is way easier than the old-time mystics made it out to be. Remember, in the days of the true saints and mystics, people who didn't work hard tended to starve and/or be eaten, depending on skin color. Asceticism meant something to people from that background. That's why this unworlding site exists: to help us worm and squirm our way through all the blustering bullshit of the experts and pronouncementizers and figure out what really matters so that an unworlding practice can have maximum effect with the greatest efficiency.

Just ask yourself why, in the days while I was writing this chapter, I had two lucid dreams and one partial OBE exit, i.e. three Officially Lucid unworlding experiences which ended a 6-1/2-week-long dry spell. Hmmmm..... (that's the sound of you wondering.)

What I started out to say was that rigidity of the Troovammickle prevents the lining up of your energies, all aiming toward a single set of compatible goals. It prevents your productive singular focus on unworlding from getting lined up in Intent. With family pulling you one way, culture pulling you another, job pulling you another, debt pulling you another, religion pulling you another, psychology pulling you another, your dog pulling you another, you wonder why it's so hard to get unworlded. It's not. It's easy to get unworlded. It's hard to break the tethers that keep pulling on you. The way to break the tethers properly isn't to cut them, but to relax them. Rigidity keeps you from adapting to the changing push and pull of the weather. Rigidity is just complaining that your plans had been ruined, your routine had been crushed by circumstances beyond your control, and there's nothing you can do about it because you don't have the fluidity to adapt and get unworlded anyway. When the dream characters and plots of the Dayly Dreame pull on you and you resist by pulling and pushing back, that's just fighting back with tension and stress, a waste of fluid energy in turbulence that hurts yourself and probably annoys those who have to put up with you.

Most people can't just leave all that family and friend stuff behind, but there's a reason cult leaders expect you to. You have to give your all to the cult. People can become very one-pointed that way, so their families hire professional deprogrammers to get them out of the cult. You don't want to drink the kool-aid. If your family doesn't notice your relative absence from the kneeler facing the human form, it's much better, because then they won't hire a deprogrammer to rescue you from your unworlding practice. You have to have a fluid relationship with the world, treating annoying distractions as part of your meditation. Over and over I find that when I say, "I will not let this bother me or get me upset," I get a milestone unworlding experience that very night. The sublimated distraction is conserved energy. But if I say, "You're bothering me," to my child or my spouse or my roommate, I'm guaranteed to continue the dry spell till I get off my high horse, because being on a high horse pulls on you. It's hard to get unworlded when you know you've been acting like a schmuck.

Focus is great but if you drink the kool-aid, then focus is all you have. Obsession is just another trap. Metsuke is of utmost importance when you're unworlded or getting that way. Last night I successfully practiced Metsuke--the balance of focus and detachment--by staring at the floor while I walked through the Urumara. The door was blocked so I didn't look at it, I looked at the floor and just kept walking. Once through the obstacle effortlessly, I crowed about that, "I'm still lucid and I'm still going somewhere," at which point I was indulging. I reached over to give the Dream Usher a pinch on the butt--because I'm lucid, because I can--and that ended the experience.

Equanimity is everything. My practice nowadays consists mainly of mood work. Not moodwatching. Not forcing myself into some supposedly desirable mood or out of some malingering mindset. The magical mindset Intopia guarantees progress in unworlding practice, but it isn't accessible by the machinations of the conscious mind. It's the domain of 8ness, the crown chakra. The pinnacle of achievement in mood work is relaxing instantly, no matter what. With that accomplished, there's no mood to worry about. Thus the right mood is attained with effort, but without striving: no mood.

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