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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as "out-of-body-experience," "astral travel," "lucid dreaming," "phasing," "the quick switch," etc.

earth, god got bored on zeroeth day


The map is not the ground, that's why the ground doesn't have all those helpful lines and words on it.

      --W. H. Early


UNWORLDING by W. H. Early ...beginner since 1970

If you read all the intros first, you'll be able to skip around and read the chapters in any order. There's a context-sensitive glossary so you don't have to memorize the new terminology.


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In this section we explore, explode and deplore the popular myths which breathe life into the notion that getting unworlded is incredibly difficult.

If something would be easier than you think if you could only stop thinking it's hard, what's so hard about thinking it might be easier than you think?

What would we do without reality? In a world where everyone except you and I seem to have gone stark, raving mad, if you don't re-educate yourself, someone will do it for you.

How to find a non-place that really exists where you wrongly think you've never been when everyone's telling you you're crazy.

If thoughts create reality as we know it, then what are the most basic thoughts underlying our reality? Here is my theory of everything, which--if it's either true or useful--should lead to unworlding techniques which, unlike most unworlding techniques, don't keep you from getting unworlded.

Legend has it that you get out of something what you put into it. Here is where your effort and hard work should be concentrated.

You are forbidden to read this section or to attempt the exercises discussed therein. Enjoy your lungs and don't be an idiot. If you decide to breathe More Air Than You Want, that's not my problem.

Carlos Castaneda reinvented himself every time he opened his mouth. Here we experiment with reinventing Carlos Castaneda.

Videos by W. H. Early

The lighter side of idiocy.

Milestone Journal

Whenever I get a really lucid experience that lasts more than three seconds, I get to put on my lucidity hat and type up a section of my dream journal going back one or two days with the lucid unworlding as its climax.

Dream Journal

My whole entire dream journal--as I get around to typing it up--with all but a few of the most embarrassing parts yanked out by the roots and the rest of it left intact.

Just Look at Pictures

For the Sesame Street generation and them which followed thereupon... no reading or thinking allowed. Brought to you by the letter...

Links, Reviews, Bibliography

I present herewith many sources of information that I consider to be better than average, along with more personal opinions than you could shake a stick at.

Glossary & Abbreviations

The highlighted words throughout the text of this website make it unnecessary to ever look at this page, but you may want to read it anyway since my stuff is so entertaining to read.


Someday this will be a search page. For now it's just an older copy of the Glossary.

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