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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



Modern science is based on the principle, 'Give us one free miracle, and we'll explain the rest.' And the one free miracle is the appearance of all the matter and energy in the universe, and all the laws that govern it, from nothing, in a single instant [the Big Bang].

       --Terrence McKenna

Synfonemia states that what we experience as a reality has its own waveform of reality but is based on a truly basicmost reality that can't be described. This basic source is oneness, and if you've been in the philosophy business for a while, I don't have to desribe oneness for you. The most popular definition of oneness is that it can't be described, so let's leave it at that and just list some of its many inadequate names: Tao, Brahman, universe, infinity, reality, existence, awareness, consciousness, Source, the Fundamental, energy, etc.

Each of these descriptions is useful from time to time, though never a perfect description. I like to say that pure awareness is the source, reality is infinity, consciousness is the source of reality, etc. These mix-and-match descriptions are more to the point than the several book-length, infinitely boring descriptions of the Tao that I read many years ago which were 300-page descriptions of the indescribable. Let's face it: this infinity thing needs to be experienced, not read about. But since they put so many hours in a day and so many years in a life, I'm been trying for about 30 or 40 years to base a theory of everything on the existence of a Fundamental which is awareness or oneness which gives birth to vibration which is twoness. Twoness gives birth to the human form, we get trapped in it when we're born, and we escape from it when we die or transcend it or whatever happens. In the meantime, the harmonics of awareness, such as twoness, create the world we experience.

Since awareness creating experience is kind of an obvious given to anyone who isn't hopelessly stuck on the 'brain' model of reality--in which science believes with blind faith (based on no evidence) that the brain somehow magically creates awareness--it seems to me that there should be basic elements of reality or experience which are formed out of the basic energy of awareness and which we learn to express or reflect as we develop. As a species and as individuals, human beings learn to see the world differently according to which element they're stuck at in a hierarchy of basic elements that create reality, analogously to the way basic chemical elements create chemical compounds. For example, hydrogen and oxygen don't break down into more basic elements, because as chemicals go, they're as basic as chemicals can get. From the same two elements, you can create water or hydrogen peroxide, depending on the configuration. A theory of everything is supposed to posit what is the most basic element that anything could be made out of including sub-atomic particles, the greatest dead-end of modern science. The notion that we have to find smaller and smaller things that can be physically detected is going to get more and more expensive and then it's going to stall out, if it hasn't already. Experience i.e. reality is made of awareness, so it stands to reason that awareness and thought are the building blocks of reality as we humans experience it. Assuming that matter is more basic than awareness will always bottom out halfway to Nowhere.

For the elements of reality, I use the analogy of harmonics since ancient philosophies describe the Creative Source as a primal sound current and modern physics describes everything as a wave (so I'm told). Even quantum mechanics describes 'particles' or bits of matter as a collapse of a probability wave function. Which is far enough down that particular abstract rabbit hole, but leave it to science to figure out a way to describe what should be the simplest way of viewing reality without letting non-scientists into the club. Point being, if everything is a wave, a frequency, then where are the harmonics? I say that the wave is the first overtone of reality or infinity, which is the second harmonic of awareness. (Remember that reality, experience, infinity, awareness, the Source, etc. are all just imperfect descriptions of the same basic energy.) Twoness is 'waveness'. Duality. Separation.

One thing that 19th century Theosophy, new age spiritual thought, and modern science all grudgingly agree with each other on: everything is about waves and frequencies. I believe that quantum mechanics has even discussed harmonics, unlike other philosophies, but if I were to find that discussion in a scientific paper, I doubt I would understand it. But as a retired piano tuner, I understand the nature and reality of harmonics fairly well. If everything is waves, then harmonics can't possibly be left out of a theory of everything. So I'm declaring harmonics the building blocks of the human world, the world of human perception, and labeling them with imperfect descriptions based on the elements of human thought.

So what are the basic thoughts? They have to be irreducibles, like hydrogen and oxygen and the other chemical elements. Oneness is easy: just find the most irreducible thought. It seems to be 'existence,' whose irreducibility is demonstrated by circular definitions in any dictionary you care to consult. Existence is being. OK, so look up 'being'. Being is existence. Case closed: this is an irreducible concept. And modern philosophers too numerous to list, as well as many quantum physicists and other scientists such as Robert Lanza, Peter Russell, Tom Campbell and Rupert Murdoch, are sure that awareness is the basic energy of existence. So I predict that someday the dictionary's circular definition will include energy, infinity and awareness as equals of being and existence.

If you don't know anything at all about harmonics, a quick study of basic musical acoustics should get you started if the next paragraph isn't enough information.

A tone has a frequency which is heard as a pitch, a sound which seems subjectively higher or lower. For example, middle C has a fixed frequency. The most interesting thing I learned as a beginning piano tuner was that middle C has many sounds hidden inside it, not just the frequency corresponding to middle C. If middle C vibrates at the fundamental or first harmonic of X cycles per second, then the frequency of its second harmonic is X times 2. Its third harmonic is X times 3, and so on for the other harmonics. These are all real sounds but we subjectively think we're only hearing the fundamental vibration X. Each harmonic has a certain relative volume, and the resulting waveform of the various harmonics adds up to a certain tonal quality. So the respective volumes of the different harmonics in a flute and an oboe will be determined by a different configuration in relative volume or loudness of the various audible harmonics. This happens because the energy that causes the note to sound, such as a finger plucking a string, is expressed or reflected differently by different instruments, different materials, different plucking styles, and different environments where the sound finds itself. A waveform ends up delivering part of its energy to the fundamental but the balance of its energy to the overtones. So to make one harmonic louder, energy has to be borrowed from a different harmonic.

Unlike acoustic harmonics, the harmonics of awareness are hierarchical. They start with the very most basic possible form of awareness--pure awareness or oneness--and build on each other. So twoness, as a form of awareness, includes the notion of oneness or pure awareness, but it's about something else. Twoness can be described as separation and threeness can be described as joining. Separation (2ness) includes a pre-existing notion of wholeness or oneness or indivisibility. Joining (3ness) includes a pre-existing notion of separate parts (2ness). Fourness is order or time or arrangement, it includes the notion of separate things (2ness) joining or communicating somehow (3ness). Fiveness can be called change or flow or detachment (etc.) It includes the notion of order (4ness). What's being changed (5ness)? The order or arrangement (4ness) of things (2ness). The harmonics of awareness continue up through the numbers but in my way of thinking, once you temporarily or permanently master the use of twoness through eightness, you synthesize a body that can go post-human consciously, so we'll stick to the human form for now since that's what unworlding is concerned with devising a method of escaping from.

Traditionally these energy centers or elements of existence or harmonics of awareness have been portrayed as whirling whirlpools of energy or chakras arranged up and down the human spine. Vortices are wavelike. They have frequencies; they're described with the same trigonometry formulas as waves. There could be any number of chakras, but in modern times we've settled for seven main ones, probably to match the seven colors of the visible spectrum, and I concur with this since most humans see seven separate colors in the rainbow. The seven chakras match the seven overtones, twoness through eightness, which are the first through the seventh overtones. An overtone is a harmonic above the fundamental so for example, 8ness is the 7th overtone and the 8th harmonic. This double numbering system is also used in music. In Synfonemia, the overtone numbering matches the seven-chakra system and the harmonics numbering matches the numerology system with its nine digits. The fundamental harmonic of awareness is not wavelike so I say that oneness is featurelessness or raw existence, twoness is waveness, threeness is dimensionality, fourness is ordering structures like time, etc. Nineness at the top, like oneness at the bottom, is outside of the human form or the chakra/overtone hierarchy. I consider the chakras to be dream bodies which we meet in unworldings, since the harmonic can be personified as a dream character and personally merged with, thus sharing first person perspective. Nineness is the higher self or future self, a synthesis of all seven dream bodies and their particular talents and abilities.

Experts on the chakras and raising kundalini say the kundalini rests at the base of the spine coiled 3-1/2 times, and when awakened, spreads its energy throughout all seven chakras, energizing the upper chakras to a degree that the average human is not accustomed to. If you look at the illustration of seven chakras at the bottom of this page, you'll instantly see the significance of the number 3-1/2 in a seven-chakra system. Unworlders who know what they're talking about--and have nothing to sell--say the experiences of getting unworlded and rising kundalini are about the same thing or of the same variety of thing. Unworlders who sell books and courses will say they're two different things so they can sell twice as many books.

In general, humans remain chained to physical life by keeping all their energy tied up in the lowest three overtones of existence or chakras. Where you put your energy determines what kind of world your awareness will assemble. A central chakra, the heart chakra or the fiveness body, the Dream Usher, guards the Urumara which is the door from any state of being to any other state of being. We have to pass fear tests to raise the kundalini on purpose, which just means to let the conscious mind become aware of the Unworld where the upper three chakras live. The heart chakra, like the heart that it's named after, is literally a pump, taking energy from the 2-3-4 Mind/Body/World or the lower three chakras/overtones and pumping it uphill to the Uppers, which represent the Remote Mind which modern science calls the unconscious or subconscious mind. The Uppers live in the Unworld and the 2-3-4 lives in a place called the Earthville Mental Institution because the conscious mind doesn't think the Unworld really exists and doesn't realize that Earthville is just a little offshoot of a greater reality. To put it simply, we have to overcome the need to hoard all of our energy in the lower chakras in order to activate the upper chakras and taste freedom from restrictive reality zones.

While the 2-3-4 thrives on harmonics of awareness that reflect such basic energy forms as duality, emotion, attachment, memory, time, and order, fiveness acts as moderator between these lower chakras and the upper chakras, so it's called the center of our being in addition to its many other names including the old hag that sits on your chest making it hard to breathe when you try to get unworlded consciously. Mankind has arrived at the point in the development of human consciousness--though some humans are far behind this point--where we are desperately obsessed with time and value. The species as a whole might someday move beyond this point, but only individuals can make this happen, by passing their own energy on to their own heart chakra, the Dream Usher, and allowing their own upper dream bodies to teach them how the Unworld works. I doubt that any such evangelical need exists, since the universe is not broken.

Eventually, the purpose of this path is to harmonize all seven dream bodies, which forms a body of air or Miruvor, the future self which uses each of the Seven as a tool not a toy, not an obsession or vehicle for greed. Once the Miruvor forms, due to a synthesis of this new body or Ride to Anywhere, also known as the sustained ability to ride the Moment, the individual is free as long as he holds the Miruvor in its functioning formation as the Body of Air. This can last micro-seconds or eternities, depending on the individual. When the Body of Air falls apart, the Body of Meat is always there to reconstitute itself in the Dayly Dreame and the Uppers are still there to help guide us to the next attempt to get unworlded.

In this general way, I hope to show that unworlding is the key to everything and the way out of hell on earth.


Like musical terminology, there are two numbering systems. Oneness through nineness are the harmonics of reality or existence or awareness or infinity. Twoness through eightness are the overtones of reality or existence or awareness or infinity. The overtones can also be called chakras or dream bodies. The Body of Air is the ultimate human achievement, merging the physical world and dream world into a single coherent experience of reality as an individual.

The Body of Meat is a composite of twoness, threeness, and fourness which hogs all of the file's energy in order to sustain its existence. 'File' is just another way to spell 'life'. Oneness is the single existing soul, the only thing that has eternal life, so if the file that awareness chooses to experience develops the ability to experience its existence continuously outside the Earthville wildlife habitat, it may continue to exist as an individual in the Unworld without a physical body. Those who lose at this 'Flying Air Game' are closed files but undamaged awareness, returned for recycling and eternal life as reflections of the Whole.

Oneness: infinite pure awareness, existence, reality, the source, the Tao, the fundamental

Twoness: 1st overtone or root chakra, breath, creation, invention, identity, emotion, parents, desire, lust

Threeness: 2nd overtone or belly chakra, attachments, memory, likeness, siblings

Fourness: 3rd overtone or solar plexus chakra, values, pattern, system, framework, time, work

Fiveness: 4th overtone or heart chakra, change, flow, Intent, the Dream Usher, the void, transition to altered states of being

Sixness: 5th overtone or throat chakra, Noticing, appreciation, gratitude, interest, enthusiasm, group activity, religion, obsession, coupling

Sevenness: 6th overtone or brow chakra, 3rd eye, intuition, wisdom, discernment

Eightness: 7th overtone or crown chakra, expansion, freedom, relaxation

As the chart shows, the pinnacle of human success is relaxation, because its achievement includes being able to use the chakras below it as tools, in balanced ways, and in harmony with each other.

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