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UNWORLDING... the art form formerly known as 'out of body experience,' 'astral travel,' 'lucid dreaming,' 'phasing,' 'the quick switch,' etc.



Actually, nothing IS divisible by zero.

      --Lewis Carroll (channeled)

It occurred to me just yesterday that the key to time travel is in the very simple formula for velocity: distance divided by time equals speed.  For example, in the common English expression, "But Officer, I was only going X miles per hour," the word 'per' means 'divided by.' So 'miles per hour' means 'distance divided by time'.

Now we all know that you can't divide by zero, and we all know that science has come nowhere near inventing a time machine. Guess what? We--you and I--just did. We just invented a time machine.

The fact that you can't divide by zero matches up perfectly with the fact that you can't travel through time. They match up so perfectly that it can be expressed mathematically:

X/0 = undefined

distance/0 = time travel

So what is this new time machine that we've just invented?


Going through the Urumara/0 time = phasing.

Phasing  is defined here as per Monroe / Kepple (not Raduga; what he calls 'phasing' has been changed by me to 'unworlding'.)

Phasing is passing through the Urumara in zero time, which involves no Vibes, no paralysis, no energy sensations of any kind, although I've found this varies because almost  zero and absolute  zero give different results. The time I phased most lucidly, I felt butterflies in my stomach when I went through the Urumara by jumping off a mountain, and that was about it for energy sensations. This is the Vertigo, the feeling of energy passing en masse  from your 2-3-4 to your Uppers.

Back in Kepple's time, which was about fifteen years ago, he was using the term '3D blackness' for what's now usually called the void, which I call the Nowhere. I've experienced the Nowhere as a 3D blackness with a thickness of zero, and it's been duly demonstrated to me that this is a time machine. People showed me how they could put something through the Nowhere and it would end up in yesterday or tomorrow.

The Urumara is just a hole in the Nowhere, a portal between any two states of being. If this hole in the 3D blackness has zero thickness, like the image on your computer screen, then it takes no time to go through it. But you can also spend a lot of time in the void if you want, implying that its thickness is variable. Naturally. Why else would it be called the 3D void?

All of which implies that the third dimension of the Nowhere or its portly version the portal itself, is actually time. And, since time is 4ness or the fourth harmonic of awareness, this makes it the 3rd overtone  of awareness--since the first harmonic is the fundamental and thus not an overtone--and thus time is the third chakra. And I already knew that.

But I didn't grok the last part--what you might call the second proof--till I wrote down the first part. That's how these ROTE chapters are delivered. I sometimes don't have a punch line till I write down the first part. I don't remember dream A till I pick up my pen or start writing down dream B. Happens all the time.

In another dream or Unworlding Lesson about the Urumara, I was shown a portal mechanism and allowed to practice using it several times. I was shown that when you go through the Urumara, you also choose whether to have that with  amnesia or without .

All dreams--I mean Unworlding Lessons --are unworldings: so-called out-of-body experiences or lucid whatchamacallits. This is the only time machine anyone is ever gonna need.

Science isn't gonna last long enough to catch up with the truth.

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